15 Confessions Of High Schoolers Whose Teachers Got Them Pregnant

It’s shocking how we still hear about teachers sleeping with students, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue that's going away anytime soon. Parents are often left helpless in these situations because they send their kids to school, trusting that they're safe in the hands of the teachers. If it’s a private school, that means that the parents are paying large sums of money for their children to get a higher education, so the last thing that they want to hear is that a teacher took advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, there are a lot of teachers out there who are more than willing to take advantage of their positions. It’s scary when you take into account that you can’t even trust the people who are around your children for at least six hours a day.

Parents want their children to prepare for the future ahead of them, and usually, that doesn’t include having sex and possibly getting pregnant. These days, parents are getting a lot more than they bargained for from the education system -- and not in a good way. It’s pretty sad because this is a problem that seems to have been going on since the dawn of time. We see a lot of teachers and students in the media these days for their indiscretions, but not even all of them are reported. Some stay hidden and are never discovered. If you think you've heard them all, you couldn’t be more wrong. We've discovered confessions of students who got pregnant when they slept with their teachers. These are undiscovered situations where teachers got it on with their students and then found out a baby was on the way.

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15 The Secret Pregnancy

Not only is it terrifying to think that a teacher could become involved with our children, but it’s even worse to think that our daughters could become pregnant. “My secret? I’m a senior in high school and [have] been pregnant twice in three years. One miscarriage and one abortion. Nobody knows. Not my family or friends. What is worse? I got pregnant by my Science teacher; he’s so hot. He wasn’t okay with me keeping the babies, though” (Reddit). Not once, but twice, this girl was impregnated by her teacher. Does he not have a sense of making sure that she’s at least protected properly so that she doesn’t continuously get pregnant. The poor girl is having to get rid of her child multiple times, and she should really be focusing on being a young girl in high school. How do these girls get mixed up with their teachers?

14 Impregnated Three Times By Teacher

It’s sad to think that a child could repeatedly get pregnant and that none of the authority figures in her life have any idea. This girl needs desperate help and doesn’t seem to have any lifeline. The teacher honestly needs to get his head checked. “I secretly dated my teacher and got pregnant, not once but three times. I wasn’t allowed to keep any of them because he would have gone to jail. We haven’t broken up because he loves me” (Reddit). We can’t believe this girl thinks that she's in love. A guy in love wouldn’t continue to put her in danger. Multiple abortions can easily lead to reproductive issues, not to mention, danger to the woman during surgery. It’s tragic. We hope that the parents will become aware of the situation so the girl can get the help that she needs.

13 The Teacher Got Pregnant

Sometimes, it’s the teacher who gets herself in trouble; we’ve certainly seen that in the news. A teacher gets involved with a male student; then lo and behold, she ends up pregnant. You would think an adult would have a little more sense to make sure she was protected. Alexandria was 24 years old when she hooked up with a male student. Yes, you read that correctly. It hit the news, of course, and shocked everyone. If it wasn’t bad enough that she got involved with the student, she also got pregnant. Talk about an awkward situation. And she certainly can’t depend on him to help her financially or emotionally to raise that child. Sounds like a sick situation. And it just gets worse -- the parents were apparently aware of the situation and condoned it. She got five years in prison.

12 She Chose Not to Keep the Baby

Kailyn Lowry pregnancy Teen Mom Credit: MTV

We can’t blame anyone who ends up in this situation and then decides not to keep the baby. It’s just sad that someone could be in such a situation in the first place. “This is my freshman year of high school, and I’m already pregnant. The father is one of my teachers. My mom wants me to keep the baby and continue through high school. She doesn’t know who the father is. I can’t be a mom and go to high school. I decided an abortion was the best choice” (Whisper). We feel so bad for this girl. She seems completely clueless, and we think the rest of her high school years are going to be just as confusing and messed up. She needs to avoid the teacher at all costs. She’s way too young to be pregnant, and she’s obviously not protected.

11 A Scandal Ruins a Marriage

We're deeply disturbed by the idea that a guy would leave his wife for one of his students. We can’t imagine why anyone would do that. What would you even have in common with a young girl? To leave a marriage and then start a whole new life with a student is disturbing. Unfortunately, it happens more than we'd like to admit. “When I was in high school, I got involved with my teacher who was married at the time. His wife would get fired up because he had all his students on his Facebook page. We were involved for my entire senior year, and when I graduated, he was no longer my teacher, so he left his wife, and we got together. It’s a good thing, too, because I became pregnant pretty quickly” (Reddit). This is definitely a rare situation.

10 Bad Thoughts

Imagine having an affair with a student who's mentally disturbed. Did the teacher prey on her because he saw a vulnerable girl who would be easily manipulated? That’s a scary thought indeed but certainly a common one. “I had suicidal thoughts all through middle school. That was until I started spending time with my teacher. We started sleeping together. He saved me. I attempted two times in high school, but then I got pregnant by my teacher. I stayed alive for my man and my new baby. I had to keep the secret of who the father was until I became legal. I don’t feel guilty because I don’t have suicidal thoughts anymore” (Whisper). We're glad that the girl no longer feels the need to end her life, but we don’t like the fact that her teacher took advantage of the situation.

9 The Student's to Blame

It’s deplorable to think that a teacher could blame the student for an affair they had -- or worse, for her becoming pregnant. But this teacher is doing just that. “My student seduced me. I was caught during one of my weakest moments, and she used it to her advantage. Now, I have to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. I met the girl at a dancer’s club. How was I supposed to resist my student in an environment like that? She’s to blame” (Whisper). The teacher claimed that he had been wooed with emails and texts and that he had been forced to give up. The teacher was immediately fired from his job in this case, and we’re not sure if he’s going to be involved in the raising of the child. It’s sickening that an adult would blame a student for his “weak moments.” What's wrong with people?

8 She Wasn’t Really His Student

This teacher thought that he was slick by waiting to sleep with a student until she wasn’t his student. He justified that the act became okay when she wasn’t in his class any longer. “I taught a class that wasn’t in a formal school or for credit, so it doesn’t count, right? I got it on in the janitor’s room multiple times with this hot girl and I don’t regret it for one minute. Technically she wasn’t a student, so it’s okay, right? We did it multiple times, and the next thing I know, she’s knocked up” (Reddit). This guy is just grasping at straws to justify what he did. He also went on to say that, of course, he was the one who was seduced and not the other way around. This guy's just too sleazy. Now, he needs to deal with the unplanned pregnancy.

7 Her Language Teacher

He met his student when she tried to enroll in his Spanish class. The problem was that the class was already filled. Poor girl. So, this “kind” teacher decided to offer the girl one-on-one lessons, and she got more than she bargained for. This would clearly be frowned upon, but we suppose it’s no different than tutoring. “We got along great and started hanging out even when we weren’t studying. One night, alcohol happened, and we ended up making out. A week later, we slept together. We dated for about six months, and then she told me that she was pregnant. It wasn’t exactly the news I wanted to hear considering I had recently been transferred out of town” (Reddit). Maybe he was the one that got more than he bargained for. We're dying to know if he stayed in town to be with the girl or if he decided to leave anyway. There was no mention of love in his confession.

6 Trying to Graduate First

Many indiscretions are often hidden in the hopes that the teacher doesn’t go to jail. In some cases, the teacher falls in love with the student, not that we condone that at all. “I’m a senior in high school and 26 weeks pregnant. My teacher is the father, and we don’t want anyone to know that we have been sleeping together. I love him, and I don’t want him to get into trouble. None of my classmates even know; I’ve been wearing baggy shirts to hide my pregnancy. I want to graduate without any of them finding out” (Whisper). It’s always surprising to us how people manage to hide their pregnancies for so long. You would think it would be impossible, but it’s happened so often. Some women have even given birth to children without their family or friends knowing about it. In this case, the girl just wants to get out of school so that her teacher doesn’t pay the consequences of his actions.

5 She Convinced People That He Wasn’t the Father

One girl was getting a lot of action. Not only did she have a boyfriend, but she was also fooling around with her teacher. When she found out that she was pregnant, she didn’t want her affair with her teacher to be exposed, so she told her boyfriend that he was the father. We’re not sure if she actually knew who was really the father, but she wasn’t taking any chances. “In high school, I had sex with my teacher multiple times, and I ended up pregnant. I convinced everyone that it was my boyfriend’s child even though the timeline was off. He still thinks that the baby is his even though I’m sure it isn’t” (Reddit). She's one scandalous girl, and we wonder where the teacher ended up in all this. Does she still see him, or did they end things after the pregnancy?

4 Decided to Keep It

This girl is very young, way too young to be having sex with her teacher, so he really should've known better. Now, she's pregnant and unsure of her choices. “I had sex with my teacher, and now, I’m eight weeks pregnant. I’m a freshman, but I can’t go through with an abortion. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it” (Whisper). The teacher had no business being with the girl, and now, he's changed her life forever. There’s a chance that she may have to drop out of school now. She sounds scared, so chances are, the teacher ended the affair and isn't helping her with the situation. She may be too embarrassed to want to expose her teacher or tell anyone what happened. We feel really bad for her because she’s got a hard road ahead of her.

3 He Went to Jail

Finally! This certainly doesn’t happen as often as it should. Teachers preying on students should be punished to the full extent of the law. In this case, the teacher felt that he was in love with his student, and when the affair was exposed, he went to jail. “I dated my teacher for two years in high school; we were in love. We couldn’t be together because he was married and had children. He left his wife after I graduated and even got us an apartment to live in. I was pregnant at the time, but his wife told my parents about what [had] happened. He was fired from his job, lost his teaching license, and went to jail. Not exactly the ending that I was hoping for” (Reddit). Yikes, talk about a nightmare. But these are the consequences of these kinds of choices. We wonder if she’s “waiting” for him.

2 He Used to Write Her Papers

Awww, now isn’t that sweet? We suppose it was the least that he could do. “I dated my teacher for two years in high school. I was the one that initiated it. He was easily twice my age, and in his defense, he did try to resist me at first. It was beneficial to me because he actually wrote my final paper in a college-level summer class I took at a local and prestigious University. I broke up with him after I graduated high school, and he went ballistic. I later found out that I was pregnant, but I ended the pregnancy” (Reddit). It sounds like the teacher was more invested in the relationship than she was. He sounded like he was devastated by the breakup, and she may have just been using him to get into a great university, though they did date for a long time. Two years is a long time to date someone you're just using, but stranger things have happened.

1 All’s Fair in Love and War

A love affair with a student that included adoption and a divorce. You won’t even believe this confession. “I slept with a teacher while a junior in high school; he was only 24. I got pregnant but gave the baby up for adoption to him and his wife. She didn’t know it was his. Ten years later, we are married for five years, and our son still thinks I’m his stepmom” (Whisper). Wow, there are no words for this story. What are the chances that the couple was looking to adopt around the time that this teacher impregnated his student? Or did the teacher just convince his wife to adopt a supposed random baby from one of his students? It’s so bizarre, and she must've been really ticked off when he left her to move on with a student who had given them their adopted child. We have to wonder if the new couple intends on telling their son that she is really the mother.

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