15 Confessions From Tom Cruise’s Ex-Wives

No one has seen more horrible and jaw-dropping things than Tom Cruise's ex-wives.

Tom Cruise has been an endless source of scandal and celebrity news. He has been a topic of tabloids and water cooler conversation since his explosion into the lime light in the 1980’s. First it was whispers about the promising young man in Endless Love (1981) and The Outsiders (1983). After that it was endless discussion of his first real spike in fame which, of course, would be in Top Gun (1986). At this point he was 24 and was seen as a philandering superstar. Every girl wanted him.

A year later in 1987 Tom Cruise would marry Mimi Rogers, who would introduce Tom Cruise to Scientology via marriage counselling for… Would you guess cheating? Mimi Rogers was 6 years Tom's Senior and would immediately spark tabloid headlines. People thought Tom's days were soon over. But they really, really weren’t. Tom Cruise reportedly demanded Nicole Kidman on the set of Days of Thunder (1990), where definitely no cheating happened. Anyway, Tom Cruise divorced Mimi Rogers and marry Nicole Kidman in 1990. This superstar marriage lasted a decade before a weird divorce in 2001. After taking a 5-year hiatus from marriage, Tom reportedly held auditions for his next wife under the guise of a Mission Impossible casting call. Here he would meet Katie Holmes, which of course came with its own set of headlines. So what’s happened since his weird marriages? Well, in 2 out of 3 cases the children have been reported not to talk to at least one parent. And the wives? Today we look at 15 confessions from Tom Cruise’s ex-wives.

15 Mimi Rogers Confesses Tom's Cheating Caused The Divorce


Tom Cruise has been known and seen for at least 30 years as a cheating player. So it’s really no shock to anyone that the reason for Mimi and Tom's marriage to end was his cheating. What’s interesting is not only that Mimi pretty much outright confessed this, but also this very cheating is what introduced Tom Cruise to Scientology in the first place. Apparently on the set of Days of Thunder, Mimi showed up to the set on a scheduled visit where Nicole and Tom were Netflix and chilling at the guest house the actors were shacked up in.

Mimi reportedly demanded to go to marriage counselling, but the twist is that Mimi’s dad was a Scientologist way back in 1951 and Mimi was born in 1956. It stands to reason she was essentially born into Scientology. And so fate would have it. Tom Cruise went to a Church of Scientology to get marriage counselling, and was introduced to the scandalous organization.

14 Mimi Refuses To Confess To Leaving Scientology


One of the main reasons we mentioned Mimi being born into Scientology is because it becomes important for this part. It has sort of become a hobby among some publications to find unexpected celebrities and stars that are somehow involved in, or associated to Scientology. Notable examples being John Travolta and surprising examples include Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, who would donate $10,000,000 to Scientology, twice her annual salary.

But Tom Cruise is the crème de la crème of celebrity Scientologists. So with Mimi's father being part of the old guard, and having an ex-husband as the poster child for the organization, it’s no wonder she’s stayed so tight-lipped about her associated with them. Though it should be noted that while there doesn’t seem to be any public record of Mimi Rogers leaving Scientology, or even her stance on them, the church itself refers to her as a “former member.”

13 Nicole Kidman Admits To Being A “Star By Association”


I think it’s not only safe, but fair to say that Nicole Kidman is one of the greatest actresses of our generation. She’s as classy in real life as she comes across in every one of her roles. She has a wide range of ability starring in a huge range of films: thrillers like The Others, more sophisticated movies like The Hours and Cold Mountain. In short, her filmography is eclectic. But did she only get this far by association to Tom “Crazy Eyes” Cruise?

We don’t think so, but she does. In an interview with Glamour Mag she says, “I felt I became a star only by association, I thought, ‘I don’t deserve to be here.’” But the confession has a bit of a darker undertone which gives light into the controlling nature of her and Tom’s relationship. She continues, “I felt it was my job to put on a beautiful dress and to be seen and not heard.”

12 Nicole Kidman Confesses Divorce Furthered Her Acting Career


Not really the one to mope around after a divorce, in the wake of the emotional duress of the divorce and the reported estrangement from her kids, Nicole funnelled that energy into her acting. It’s clear by her filmography as well. In the 3-year stretch towards the end of their marriage, Nicole starred in a crisp 6 movies, which is pretty decent work. But in the 3 years following the divorce that number would be raised to 9. Not any 9 movies either. There was The Others, Dogville, Cold Mountain and most notably, The Hours where she took home the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role. She would also be nominated for Moulin Rouge the previous year.

When asked by Daily Mail about that time in her life, Nicole commented, “I was running from my life at that time, I wasn’t able to handle the reality of it and as an actor you have this wonderful thing where you can go and get lost in somebody else’s life.” We can all agree that this is a really cogent way to take in something as difficult as divorce and possible child estrangement.

11 Nicole Kidman Confesses She Still Loves Tom Cruise


We’re going to be pretty straightforward about the fact that the word "love" can have a fluid definition. It changes not only from person to person and relationship to relationship, but it also has a tendency in changing its context over the course of time. You love an old dog you’ve had all its life differently than you loved it when it was a puppy, and hopefully you love your significant others in a very different way than that.

That being said, here is the context Nicole Kidman decided to say it in 2006, the same year she married Keith Urban: “But [Tom] was lovely to me. And I loved him. I still love him.” She goes on saying later, “I feel enormous love for whoever my children’s birth parents are.” This is a stance that’s hard to argue with. It seems if Tom Cruise has one thing in common between his wives; they’re classy and diplomatic when it comes to speaking on the relationship.

10 Nicole Kidman’s Diplomatic Confessions


Like Mimi Rogers, Nicole has a way of speaking without speaking. A great example of this is that in interviews she almost always maintains that her relationship with the kids she adopted with Tom Cruise is good. While Connor and Bella Cruise are devout Scientologists, there’s conflicting information regarding the nature of their relationship with their mom. In Nicole Kidman's Emmy speech for Big Little Lies, she omitted them, which outraged people. But it’s not hard to wonder why she might strategically omit them. After all, in Leah Remini’s Going Clear, a documentary that deep-dives into the weird and corrupt nature of Scientology she reports that they said "our mom is an SP."

An SP is Scientologist lingo for someone who is against the church and should be shunned. And though they have said that they have a strong relationship with their mom recently, their doctrine also dictates that they “treat SPs nicely to their face, but always remember that they’re dangerous.”

9 Katie Holmes Admits To Rules After Divorce

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Of course, this is Tom’s most famous ex-wife. This is a sort of sad way of remembering her, since Katie Holmes had a promising career before being embarrassed by Tom Cruise. Like when he literally dragged her on stage on the Oprah Winfrey Show, or would go on uneducated tirades about women’s health and medicine. Like the time he said women should take vitamins after pregnancy instead of postpartum anti-depressants, which stems from Scientologist rhetoric.

This has been covered a million times before, but it’s really hard to get over the bizarre nature of the requests. It’s been widely reported that Katie Holmes had a couple of strange rules uncovered during the divorce such as “no public dating after divorce” and “silence during labor.” If the first rule didn’t cause you to turn your head, the second almost certainly did.

8 Katie And Tom Admit Katie Divorced To Protect Children


Earlier it was mentioned that each of the kids from Tom Cruise’s 3 marriages seem to have a strained relationship with at least one of the parents. In the case of Nicole Kidman and Tom, it seems that the strain is with their mother.

It makes total sense that after watching this unfurl with Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes was armed for divorce. She called Tom while he was in the middle of doing a stunt, and made sure the divorce had iron-clad agreements that would protect Suri from the church. In part of the 36-page deposition of the court transcript, Cruise is quoted saying, “You know, I, I find it very offensive. There is no need to protect my daughter from my religion.” And when press about if Katie had ever indicated that she might leave to protect Suri from the church, one of the assertions was “yes.”

7 Sources Confesses Tom Cruise Made Katie Holmes Write Weekly Confessions

via: businessinsider

This claim has all the air of mystery you could want. It comes from one unnamed source who claims that even tiny infractions were cause for Tom to blow up. On one hand, it’s an unnamed source, and things don’t get much more dubious than that. But on the other, it’s not as though Brooke Shields was about to go on the record and spout celebrity gossip.

The source says, “Katie has to confess to something as minor as forgetting to tell him she has met with a friend,” says a source. “If she commits a transgression against the moral code of their marriage, she has to tell Tom in writing, giving full details of the time and place and what happened.” The same source goes on to mention that the confessions are “as laid out by the Scientology code.”

6 Katie Holmes Confesses She’s Happier After The Marriage


I mean, can you blame the poor woman? She had to live in what we can only assume was a dungeon with Tom Cruise for 6 years. And just look at her filmography. After marrying Tom Cruise in 2006, she literally stops appearing in movies for 2 years. Then she shows up in a single movie and a single episode of cable TV before disappearing for another 2.

However, after what Mike Rinder, Scientologist's former Chief Media Strategist dubbed "Katie’s brilliant divorce" in 2012, it seems that she was finally allowed to leave and live her own life. Between 2013 and 2015 Katie Holmes would show up in 8 movies and a show. Katie is currently lined up for being in the all-female Ocean’s 8 as well as starring beside Patrick Stewart in The Gift, both of which are slated in post-production.

5 Nicole Kidman Admits To Harsh HBO Set


We’re going to take a quick break from talking so exhaustively about their relationship. Instead we’re going to be talking about other intimate relationship actors and actresses have to have, and that’s the one with their director. If you haven’t seen the HBO series Big Little Lies, it’s a murder mystery and drama about 3 families in upper class rural suburbia.

Without spoiling too much, Nicole Kidman’s character Celeste Wright finds herself in what is easily the most harrowing and abusive relationship. And that means there are harrowing scenes. She recounts what being on set was like, There was one point when [director Jean-Marc Vallee] wanted to go back and reshoot me being slammed into the wardrobe because it wasn’t hard enough. I’m like, ‘I’ve got bruises because of how hard it was, so I can’t believe that it didn’t read that way.’” It’s clear she was committed to the character and wanted to spread awareness about the nature of abusive relationships in a real light. It might cause one to wonder what experience she had there.

4 Mimi Rogers Confesses To Being Less Famous Than Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise is in a special place as an actor in terms of fame. Not only does he have uber masculine movies like Top Gun and Mission: Impossible under his belt, but he has a litany of comedy, drama, rom-coms, and even a thriller or two in the way of Collateral and Minority Report. So he’s generationally famous, and demographically famous. You know his name, your mom knows his name, your grandma knows his name and she only listens to Elvis records.

Now quickly name 3 things Mimi Rogers has been in. For those of you having trouble (and really no one blames you at all) she has been in the schlocky horror film Ginger Snaps and Lost in Space, and comedy Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. And while some who crave superstardom may see this as a downside, Mimi has another confession regarding this.

3 Mimi Confesses She Doesn’t Mind Being Less Famous


So how would you feel being interviewed, you’ve had a career filled with scandal, and being less famous than your younger husband and tabloid speculation toward Scientology, and the interviewer asks what you think of being less famous? How does anyone really respond to that? This was pretty much the position Mimi Rogers found herself in in an interview with Telegraph. And the way she responded was a wonderful expression of her plainspoken personality. “I’m comfortable with my level of fame,” she shrugs. “I don't want the kind of attention that Tom and Nicole get. You lose too much of your privacy."

In interviews Mimi comes across as a dry, witty and plainspoken woman who keeps only the thinnest veil on her diplomacy. You can practically see her rolling her eyes, or smirking at the question. She’s remarkably comfortable with who she is. When asked about the divorce she says, “Tom was seriously thinking of becoming a monk… And he thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument.” You see what we mean?

2 Mimi Rogers Confesses She Didn’t Mean To Embarrass Tom With Sultry Photoshoot


This isn’t such a scandalous act these days as much as it is a riveting one. I mean, no one’s going to click something faster than exclusive Emma Watson modelling shots. But it’s not as though we really have that shock of “Oh my god, look at what Hillary Duff is doing!” anymore. So keep that in mind when shortly after the divorce of Tom and Mimi, Mimi ends up doing a photoshoot, and a photoshoot for a very famous magazine at that.

But again, classy and down to earth as usual, Mimi’s response to this could basically be summed up to “I’ll do whatever I want.” Apparently this famous magazine had been after her for years, and honestly, you can’t really blame them. After handing over full approval over the shoot to Mimi, and she says it was a good experience: “It was done in a tasteful way, and since I knew that I wanted to have children soon, I thought it might be nice to have a permanent record of my body in its prime."

1 Mimi Rogers Confesses With What She Doesn’t Say


Being the admittedly blunt personality that she is, it’s a wonder she has stayed as diplomatic as she has concerning her and Tom Cruise’s marriage, or Scientology as a whole. Nonetheless when looking through interviews with her, she almost always keeps to the high road. At the same time she seems to struggle with this, as it seems that being outspoken is her natural way of being. When asked about Tom and Nicole Kidman’s new relationship, she repeatedly said, “I wish them both the best.” It's like if she said anything else it would be a torrent of all the weird horrifying things we’ve come to expect from Tom Cruise.

And is it any wonder she’s stayed so tight-lipped about Scientology? Marty Rathbun, a former higher-up in Scientology, has been the issue of smear campaigns and harassment. The LAPD has been turned away from the front gates of the International Center of Scientology when responding to distress calls. So in the cases of Nicole and Mimi, it seems that safe is better than sorry.

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