15 Confessions Of People Who Walked In On Something They Wish They Didn't

Life can be weird at times, and sometimes, we run into some bizarre situations that we never really expect to be in, although we know that people are all different and into more unusual things than we are. But it can still come as quite a shock when we walk in on someone else’s private moments.

Has that ever happened to you? You’re innocently coming home only to walk in on someone doing something that they probably shouldn’t be doing -- or at least not doing in in a place where they can be exposed. We’re not talking about walking in on finding your spouse cheating, though that’s certainly not a fun experience either. We're talking about the moments in life that can never be unseen. A situation where you walk in, coffee in hand, ready to relax at the end of the day, only to walk in on an exorcism, a dominatrix, or even a weird-looking cheerleader. You cover your eyes, but it’s too late. Oh, it’s just too late! You've seen more than you ever wanted to see in your life. We’ve probably all been there at least one point in our lives.

We have those stories for you. Some of them are shocking and disgusting, while others are just plain hilarious. Maybe you can relate to some of these poor souls who have just seen too much in their lives.

Check out these confessions from people who walked in on something they really wish they hadn't.

15 Parents Getting Lucky

Yes, as much as we don’t like to admit it, parents still get lucky. The best we could hope for is to not walk in on them. But this hospital worker wasn't so lucky when he walked in on some parents doing the deed. “I worked in a children’s cancer unit. I went into a room at like 3 am. The lights were on. The kid was in bed, fast asleep. Mom was on her knees next to the bed getting drilled from behind by dad. I figured the 3 am meds could wait until 3:30. Those kids could be in the hospital for weeks or even months at a time. Almost all of them had their parents with them 24/7. Parents have needs as well” (Thought Catalog). We couldn’t agree more. Hopefully, the child didn’t wake up at any point, or he would've been traumatized as well.

14 A Cheerleader You Never Expected to See

Well, that’s certainly something you don’t see every day, but hopefully, he at least shaved first. “I walked into the men’s room at the 9:30 club in DC a few months ago, just before a concert. Before me, as I entered, stood a rather large man with [a] scruffy beard adjusting his wig in front of the mirror. He had just donned a cheerleader outfit, complete with skirt, knee-high socks and pom-poms, and was stuffing his jeans (that I guess he wore into the club) into a pink tote bag. We stared at each other for a moment, nodded to each other, and went about our business” (Thought Catalog). These two had no need to have the talk. They understood each other completely. We would've loved to see that outfit! At the very least, it would've made for a good laugh.

13 Turned on By Snoring

When you’re at work at a mental hospital, this is probably the last thing that you would expect to deal with. When a patient got out of his room he went looking for trouble and almost gave one worker the surprise of his life. “Two of us worked overnight shift in a group home for men with mental health issues. One night, during 12 am headcount, I couldn’t find one of the men. Eventually, my coworker found the missing guy in one of the other men’s rooms, “walking his dog” over his snoring open mouth. My coworker didn’t let him finish” (Thought Catalog). Well, we're certainly happy that he didn’t let him finish. If he had, the guy would've gotten quite the unwelcome surprise, one he wouldn’t soon forget. That’s not the kind of thing that you'll easily forget.

12 His Friends' Ménage à Trois

A ménage à trois can be a shocking thing to walk in on, especially if you had no idea that your friends were hooking up. “It was four in the morning after a long party, and I thought I was the only one up. I went to lock up the house. As I was walking towards the basement door, I heard some weird sounds. I opened the door, and to my astonishment, before my eyes lay three of my friends completely naked, going at it. Two dudes, one girl. And I could not make this stuff up, Marvin Gaye's 'Let’s Get It On' was playing on speakers. I was stunned. I closed the door and walked away. I lit up a cigarette, took a few drags, then I just burst out laughing. My two guy friends came out to talk to me, telling me that they would rather that I see this than anyone else. My other friend (the girl) couldn’t look me in the eye for a while” (Thought Catalog).

11 Disgracing Dairy Queen

You never know who you're going to meet when you walk into a public washroom. In this case, this poor person walked into a bathroom at Dairy Queen and saw a very strange situation. “I used to work at a Dairy Queen, and my job was to come in, clean the store, and leave. One day, I walk up to the women’s bathroom door to give it a nice scrub down; the door was cracked, and I did the typical courtesy knock and opened the door. In the bathroom waiting for me was this woman sitting on the toilet, and she had her son pissing into the toilet THROUGH HER LEGS” (Reddit)! We don’t have any idea what was going on there, but he probably ran out of there real fast. We know we sure would've gotten out of there fast.

10 Parents Doing the Deed

We hate to admit it, but sometimes, our parents have pretty healthy sex lives, and there’s nothing we can do about it. That means that we can potentially walk in on them doing the deed. This poor girl seemed to walk in on everyone having sex, and she was probably scarred for life because of it. She needs to maybe call ahead to see if anyone is home first, and that might help her situation a little more. “I came home early from school one day to find my parents screwing on the kitchen counter… that was VERY awkward for me, but they didn’t notice me, and to this day, I’m pretty sure they don’t know. I also walked in on my little brother giving his girlfriend oral at 6 am after she’d snuck into his room the night before to sleep with him” (Thought Catalog).

9 That Time We Had Women Slaves

Imagine how great it would be to have someone fanning you while you're having a few drinks with your friends. But that’s not reality. Who on earth would even fan you? In this case, these guys had it made. This is probably one of the more bizarre situations that we've ever heard, and you'd probably agree with that as well. This roommate walked in on something you would expect to see on the Greek Isles a long time ago. “One of my roommates walked into our apartment to find me and my other roommate sitting on the couch drinking cheap bourbon while two topless, sh!tfaced, blonde girls fanned us with 7-foot-long palm fronds. It was an interesting night” (Reddit). It’s a pretty hilarious situation, and it’s so bizarre that these boys would have a couple of naked girls fan them as if they were royalty.

8 Poop-Eating Contest

This disgusting story could happen to anyone! “While visiting a family friend across the street, I had the urge to use the restroom. I saw the door was wide open, so I assumed it was vacant. I strolled in only to find our family friend’s 3-year-old child propped up on his elbows on the toilet seat eating what I thought was a large candy bar. I assumed it was a candy bar because he had “chocolate” all over his face and hands. Knowing that he often got into things, I went and alerted my mom that Bradley had gotten a hold of a 'candy bar' in the bathroom. She looked at me like, 'What?' She processed it for a few seconds, freaked, and ran to the bathroom while screaming for Bradley’s mother. After first entering the bathroom, my mom immediately started dry heaving, which only became more violent after she got wind of the smell. With no regard for getting smeared with poo, she scooped him up to clean him in the bathtub, only to see the half-eaten evidence. How she didn’t vomit, I do not know. So, she sat him on the bathroom sink and washed him there. At this point, Bradley’s mother ran in, immediately pulling a 180 to the kitchen sink to vomit. Apparently, his uncle had taken a dump, and the turd hadn’t taken the initial voyage down after he [had] flushed” (Reddit).

7 Snorting at Work

That’s probably the worst thing that you could do at work. You could be landing yourself in the unemployment office. Maybe they were just depressed to be working in a seafood restaurant. “I worked at a seafood restaurant in high school, and my shift was ending. There was a locker room where we stored our jackets and such, and I went in to collect my stuff. As I entered, the manager and two waiters were snorting cocaine on a wooden bench. They all stopped and looked at me with horrified expressions. I must have given them one heck of a look because they all looked very scared and upset that they had been caught. I went to my locker to get my stuff, and they all offered me money not to report the incident to anyone. I had no intention of speaking of it but took the $100 and left” (Thought Catalog).

6 Just Like Apple Pie

We all just loved that hilarious scene in American Pie where Jim Levenstein took that warm apple pie and satisfied himself with it. We all thought that it was hilarious, but we really didn’t believe it, right? Guys don’t actually do these things. You may think those things only happen in the movies, but you would be dead wrong. This guy took his business to a personal location, and he used lard instead of apple pie. “I worked in restaurants for many years. We thought we had a mouse issue. The mystery of the holes appearing in the boxes of lard was solved when the Kitchen Manager walked in on an employee banging one with tumultuous fervor” (Reddit). Why do people choose to do these things at work instead of waiting until they get home? It’s so bizarre to do that at work!

5 Unknown Lady of the Night

This guy didn’t care that he was flooding the whole hotel as long as he was getting lucky. “I work in a hotel. One night, we get a complaint from a guest that there is a water leak coming through the light fixture in his bathroom. That only means one thing – someone has flooded the toilet or the bathtub on the floor directly above the room with the leak. Me [sic] and one of the engineers head up to the room above. We knock. Nothing. We knock again. Nothing. We do the swat-team-about-to-kick-your-door-in knock. Nothing. We try to telephone the room. Nothing. Come to find out, the selectively deaf guest in the upper floor is banging a lady of the night in the bathtub, and had left the water running. There was easily an inch of standing water on the bathroom floor, and it had already soaked through to the hallway carpet. To make the scene even more comical, it looked as if they intentionally flung items of clothing in every possible direction as they disrobed. There was a sock draped over the TV. A bra hanging from the lamp. The pièce de résistance was her soaked panties literally stuck to the bathroom wall, presumably via the massive amount of condensation that had built up” (Reddit).

4 Fancy Shoe Fetish

We've heard about shoe fetishes, but this dirty story is taking it up a notch for sure. “I worked at a department store a while back. It was around closing time; I had just finished counting down the register and went to look for my friend that worked in the shoe department because we would ritually walk to our cars together. I didn’t see him, so I walked into the storage area in the back of the shoe dept. and saw him in between those huge shoe racks. At first, I thought he was fishing for something in his pocket… but I walk up to get a closer look, and he was touching himself and releasing into a woman’s high heel shoe! I didn’t know what to say or do at the moment, so I backed out of the back room and started walking away. He came to me later and told me that he liked the feeling of leather and was rubbing himself on the shoe because he was extra sensitive and could 'feel' the texture better” (Thought Catalog).

3 Crocodile Fight

Steve Irwin was a legend when he was alive and had a special relationship with crocodiles. His death was tragic, but he left behind a legacy in his children who have carried on his work. This wasn’t exactly a “walking in on” incident but this guy saw something that was pretty hilarious, and we love the story. This guy saw some pretty awesome costumes, and it would be hard to unsee this little situation. “Didn’t exactly 'walk in' on it, but I once saw a group of guys dressed as Steve Irwin and a guy dressed as a crocodile get into an actual fight. It made my day” (Thought Catalog). We’re a little jealous that we didn’t see these guys who were dressed like crocodiles following a fake Steve Irwin around. These guys are awesome, and we have to give them credit for their creativity.

2 My First Exorcism

Helping out at a Christian camp can be a wonderful experience. Not only do you get to be around people who follow the same faith that you do, but you also get to help others in need. You can guide children to follow the Lord, and at the end of the summer, you feel as if you've done a good deed. Unfortunately for this poor camp counselor, he walked in on something that probably terrified him to the bone. There are just some things that we should never have to see, and an exorcism is one of them. “I used to work at a Christian boot camp when I was a teenager. I once walked into an exorcism” (Reddit). We can’t even imagine what that would be like or why it was even happening at a camp. Do people become possessed while at summer camp?

1 The Dominatrix Got Him

Now, this professor liked things kinky, and one of her students caught her in the act. “I was in my junior year of college and living in an apartment with three other people. One of them had gotten a girlfriend recently, but none of the roommates had gotten to meet her yet. One night, I heard music in my friend’s room and think, 'Perfect, he’s smoking. I’ll grab my shit and get in there.' Well, he wasn’t smoking; he was banging his new girlfriend, who was my high school Spanish teacher from a town three hours away. The weird thing was that he was blindfolded and tied to the bed, hands to the posts, feet behind his head. The girl was pegging him with a giant dildo, dressed in all leather, and whipping him. The look on her face when she saw one of her former students walk in was priceless” (Thought Catalog).

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