15 Confessions From People Who Converted To Being Amish

Despite what you may think, outsiders know little about the Amish lifestyle. You may speak Pennsylvania Dutch, you may have an Amish friend, you may even buy friendship bread every other weekend from Annie Byler. But let’s get real. All we really know, we’ve read from books or learned from television. But do you really think that Amish Mafia and Breaking Amish are 100% accurate? Wouldn’t you like to hear some confessions from people who actually became Amish? This isn’t some groomed and polished version of the Amish life. These are confessions from people who know the outside internet-obsessed world and chose to convert to Amish. These confessions are raw and aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. The whole reason Whisper was created was so that we could anonymously relate to people and let our deepest, darkest thoughts out.

The Amish do their best to keep their life private. But that doesn’t mean that it stays private. There will always be those traitors who share things that were meant to be kept behind closed doors, like these fifteen people here. They are such traitors that they used their smart phones they weren’t supposed to have to get on Whisper and share them. What effort for such a dirty thing to do. But we can’t do anything about them. All we can do is enjoy these Whisper confessions from these people who joined the Amish way of life, and lived to tell the tale.

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15 Promiscuous Amish

via: Whisper

You’d just assume that all Amish women are innocent and never think about dirty deeds. But we’ve heard time and time again that there are Amish women who seem to throw themselves at men. The idea of it is surprising, but if you think about it, it makes sense. The whole purpose of an Amish woman in most cases is to get married and have babies. You can’t say that this is a sad existence if all you wanted was to have kids. But if you’re doing it to gain worth, that’s truly tragic.

I’m sure that not all communities are like this, but in general, they are taught that you’re not a real woman unless you marry young and have at least a handful of kids. It’s heartbreaking to see that they can’t be single and feel like they mean something to someone.

14 Amish Supremacy

via: Whisper

Amish people in general seem to be kind to “Englischers.” That is, as far as general acquaintances go. But they don’t often have anything to do with them outside of business (if that). In fact, most people who convert claim to be treated differently just because they weren’t born into the faith. Again, I know that some Amish communities and individuals welcome outsiders with open arms. But in general, there’s an underlying tension between them: a sort of “family comes first” type of thing.

This makes no sense because those born into it don’t choose it. Whereas those who convert actually 100% chose to live that life. So, if anything, they are worth more simply because there is no questioning whether or not they want to be there. They are more loyal than most Amish teens, that’s for sure. And yet, if an Amish person had to choose between someone born into the faith and someone who joined as an adult, do we really have to guess who they’d side with?

13 That’s Love

via: Whisper

I can’t tell if this is sweet or just really deceptive. He converted for her, but still lives much like he is an Englischer. So, does he really love her but is addicted to the English lifestyle, or is he just playing around? I’m guessing he really loves her but is having trouble adjusting to her way of life. Why else would he have joined the church and married her? Just for kicks? I doubt it. Amish girls aren’t always naïve. She’d probably catch on before it went that far. Unless… she got pregnant, of course. Who knows. The confession is a bit vague and leaves you wanting the bigger story.

Hopefully either she leaves with him or he learns to take her lifestyle seriously, or they may have some major problems down the road. Because an Amish woman and a non-Amish man can’t have a normal relationship together.

12 Who Is Complaining?

via: Whisper

Can you believe that he even noticed the reason behind this? From what I’ve heard, men dream of women like this. But… they do not want someone who has never felt loved or wanted. You can feel nothing but sorrow when someone you loved has spent one moment of their life feeling like that. I know this man hurts for what his wife has gone through. But I also know he appreciates her enthusiasm, albeit wishing the circumstances behind their reasoning were different.

I believe in this couple, regardless. I think that they have a lot to show each other about love. It may take time, but their relationship will be better than anyone else’s in the community. He obviously shows her respect like she’s never seen, and she shows him passion he never thought a girl could possible show. If only celebrity couples were this sweet.

11 Male Supremacy

via: Whisper

Male supremacy is everywhere, even in the Amish world. Perhaps even worse in this case, because in the outside world, we're allowed to fight for our own rights. We can start petitions, complain to higher ups, and talk to like minds on the internet. As for the Amish, they are never allowed to complain. If they say one word to their own mother, they are told to forgive. Well, there’s only so much you can forgive before you decide it’s not worth it.

This exact reason is why so many Amish women leave the Amish way of life. They swear off degrading Amish men and want someone who will treat them as an equal. That, and they really want to try out Snapchat. All kidding aside, we all remember the “model” from Breaking Amish and the way she acted when she was free at last. I imagine she’s not the only one.

10 It Happens With Amish Too

via: Whisper

We’ve had hundreds of women who have “escaped” tell us that they were abused. But that just means there are thousands still there, wishing they knew someone who would help them out. Again, these people can’t even go to their own mothers. One woman who escaped the Amish community she was in said that she once told her mother of a mol*station, only to be told, “forgive them and move on,” as if her body was worth absolutely nothing.

This happens everywhere, but it really makes you tear up to hear how helpless these women are. Most of the time, nothing is done about it because no one knows. But these girls are trapped. They have no way to get out of their situation. Anything you can’t tell your own mother as a child is something that should not be happening. This is the most twisted thing I’ve read.

9 Get Yourself An Amish Girl

via: Whisper

This man didn’t say that he was Amish, but in some replies, he hinted that he was Amish, but raised as an Englischer. It’s unlikely that it was the other way around with his wife. Regardless, this man swears that Amish women are the way to go. Others, not so much. There were replies to this whisper saying that it’s ridiculous to want a servant instead of a friend for a wife. And it absolutely is. However, if he treats her as good as she treats him, then I’d say it’s all good. Nothing wrong with treating your man like a king so long as he treats her like a queen. Am I right?

That aside, if you don’t believe this type of woman exists, then maybe you’re looking in the wrong parts of town… or in the wrong community. Get yourself an Amish girl and she will rock your world!

8 Some Best Friend

via: Whisper

Is she really your best friend if she won’t support you on your decisions? She may not condone them, but she could at least promise to still talk to you. Saying she won’t write to you is kind of the same as completely shunning you, since that’s your only form of communication. In the end, does this really matter? You found out what kind of friend she was: a bad one. So, ditch her and hold your head high as you start your new life. You can expect some warnings, but a shunning from your modern friends seems a bit ironic, don’t you think?

Maybe this girl can go make some nice, sweet Amish friends that will accept her as she is. I can only hope that she isn’t seen as an outsider from both sides. That would be a tragedy!

7 Always A Year

via: Whisper

Why do people always prepare to become Amish for an entire year? What are they going to do to prepare? Watch a lot of Netflix and play video games until 3:00 AM? This is puzzling, because you’ve had your whole life to not be Amish; why wait an entire year before joining the church? You’d think that after you make that decision, you’ll be super psyched to get started. Unless you’re joining for someone, then I understand why you would wait so long. You’d tell them, “Just give me a year to wrap my mind around this.”

In that case, go for it. But most of the time, they just want to show their electronics (like in this case) just how much they care before leaving them for good. Silly, yes. Common, also yes. As long as I can have pizza, tacos, and sneak in a little handheld gaming, it should be fine. Let’s do it!

6 Saving Up For The Big Move

via: Whisper

This type of waiting makes sense. At first… then you wonder how much it costs to become Amish? What do you need to buy? A horse, buggy, and farmhouse? That would cost quite a bit. If you want a nice buggy, it’s going to be a good $10,000. Though you can likely get a used one for a third of that. As for horses, you’ll want a team that will last so that will set you back a few thousand. And a house, well, we all know how much houses cost. Even if you want a cozy old farmhouse, it isn’t going to be cheap.

It’s nice to see someone making sense about waiting. The thing is… what kind of job are they interviewing for? A T-Mobile employee? A Hooters waitress? Planned Parenthood receptionist? Could this be the most ironic money saving journey in history? Not likely, but that would be quite the story.

5 Is That The Same Thing?

via: Whisper

How confusing. I’m guessing that this girl has told her family that she doesn’t want to become Jewish despite being born into the Jewish faith. So, whenever she says she’s changing religions, she’ll hear, “If you can become Amish, why can’t you become Jewish?”

This is what peer pressure looks like. This is why people hate family reunions. Because you have family that cares, then you have family that wants nothing but to have something to gossip about. This girl has family that is surely dying to pressure her into becoming Jewish. But all she wants is to join the Amish. The Jewish faith in general isn’t that much different than any other religion’s. As for the Amish, well, you can bet that it’s an experience that will change your life forever. But just try telling her family that. Anyone can all of a sudden decide they are Jewish. But it takes a process to join the Amish.

4 Following Through With That Threat?

via: Whisper

This makes so much sense! This mother is so worried for her family that she claims she is converting to Amish. How in the world is she going to get teens to go with her? With threats or bribes? If it’s bribes, I can’t imagine anything that teenagers would find appealing in the Amish world. Maybe the schooling and the prospect of not going to high school anymore. But aside from that, there is nothing for the average teen to want after.

I’m not sure this woman went through with her idea. But it’s a good theory. Kids are exposed to far too much, far too young these days. So, becoming Amish isn’t that farfetched if you want to get away from these tainted ideas. However it may be a little harsh. I mean, they will be giving up 99% of who they are and will need to learn who they can be without outside influences. Tough.

3 You Just Tell Them… And Get Off Whisper

via: Whisper

How do you tell your family something about your life? Tell them and deal with the reaction! You can’t live your life trying to please someone else or you’ll age faster than you’d ever hope to. So your best bet is to just tell everyone like it is and hope they will accept it. If they try to talk you out of it, so be it. You can listen to them, but they should also listen to you. Let them know that you don’t want to hurt them and that you love them. But this is not about them, it’s about you.

This guy is afraid to tell his parents he wants to become Amish. It’s not like he’s joining a gang, right? It could be so much worse.

2 Because It’s Strange

via: Whisper

I wonder… well, have you ever considered that maybe people think it’s strange because it is? Doesn’t mean anything is wrong with it, but hey, they will miss you and they know what you are giving up. Reverse the roles and you’ll find you’ll have a similar reaction. It’s a personal decision, but don’t expect anyone to pat you on the back. Do what you want and move on, seriously. Everyone I’ve seen expects everyone to support, condone, and applaud every decision they make. If you think that everyone should, then you aren’t doing what you’re doing for the right reasons. Or even because you want to.

Stop trying to impress people (especially by becoming Amish) and live your own life. But I give her this. People can never be happy for you or react with a positive attitude if they are unhappy themselves.

1 Deleting All Apps, But Not Whisper?

via: Whisper

This girl claims to be deleting all of her social media sites to convert, but it seems she’s spending her time on Whisper regardless of this. You’d think that she’d start deleting all of her online accounts and get rid of that smartphone. But nope, people seem to like to pick and choose. Social media is full of drama and stress, so if course it’s the first to go. As for Whisper, you’re anonymous, so who cares, right? Do you think she’s going to keep Whisper after she converts or give it up directly before?

Who knows! What we do know is that she needs to stop telling Whisper that she’s converting and start researching what she needs to know before she has to give up her phone for good. But hey, at least she stopped using Tinder, right? Can’t meet any Amish on there!

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