15 Whisper Confessions From Men Who Only Date Pregnant Women

The lengths that some of these men will go just to be with a pregnant woman are truly crazy.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It is the gift of life and it should be celebrated, but some guys seem to be taking that too far. As a pregnant woman, you may have noticed that you are suddenly getting more attention from men then you did in the past, and while you might think that they are just being polite because you are so obviously pregnant, it turns out that they could be having much deeper thoughts about you than you realize. I know what you're thinking: "That’s crazy, what man could possibly want my huge stomach and swollen body?” Well, apparently a lot of men would. In fact, there are men out there who won't date anyone who is not pregnant.

We have all heard of some pretty crazy obsessions in the past. We all know about people who are attracted to feet. So would it really be that surprising to learn that there are loads of men out there who actually have a pregnancy obsession? We're not sure if it’s that beautiful pregnancy glow, that round pregnant belly, or just the idea of impregnation itself that gets these men so excited, but apparently a lot of them refuse to even date anyone who is not pregnant. In this article you will read 15 confessions from some of those men. Some of these men seem very shallow and others seem almost as if they have an uncontrollable addiction. It is truly crazy the lengths that some of these men will go just to be with a pregnant woman.

15 Houston, We Have A Problem


The fact that this guy confesses that his longest relationship was seven months long might suggest that he has commitment issues, which really is not that uncommon among men. We could leave it at that and say that he just has some commitment issues, but apparently it's a lot more than that, because he says every girl that he has ever dated was pregnant. Maybe it's sort of like a fetish for him or something, but I bet that all of those women are furious. Putting time into being with someone and building a relationship with them while you are pregnant is not easy, and then to just be ditched the moment that you go into labor is infuriating. This guy is a user and I think it's safe to say that karma will definitely catch up to him eventually, and yes, he definitely does have a problem. Maybe he should get some counselling.

14 Stalker


This man says that he stalks pregnancy chat rooms in order to find single pregnant ladies. He seems kind of like a predator, if you ask me. We can only assume what he means by saying that they make him feel good, but judging by the replies that were attached to this Whisper confession, he has a serious obsession with pregnant women. Whenever he has had a long day at work, he comes home, logs onto a chat room for pregnant women, and just waits for one of them to talk to him. I don't know what kind of pregnant woman would fall for this, though, because if you are in a chat room specifically for pregnancy then there is no reason for a man to be on there, trying to chat up the ladies. I'm sure that comes off as creepy to most of the women on there; I know that most people would never fall for it.

13 Beautiful


This guy is certainly right about one thing. Pregnant women are beautiful; they are growing a life and that is the most beautiful thing ever. It is a good thing that he finds them beautiful and that they make him feel good, but the fact that he said that he will never date someone who is not pregnant is not good. This means that he, like all the other guys on this list, probably leaves once it is time to have the baby. This means that he is missing out on the most beautiful part of the experience: giving life. Maybe that is all he needs to do, just stick around long enough to watch one birth, perhaps that will change the way sees women, and he won't use them as much anymore. At least this guy is not as bad as some other men you will see in this article, though.

12 She's Super Freaky


I don't know about anyone else, but when I was pregnant, the last thing that I thought about was getting freaky. So, I don't know where he is finding all of these freaky pregnant women, unless there is some underground chat room for casual hookups with expectant women. This Whisper user confessed that pregnant women are the freakiest girls you will ever meet, which I really do have a hard time believing, and he confessed that is why he prefers them over anyone else. I honestly was not aware that so many men have a pregnancy fixation. It’s hard to understand, because typically when a woman is pregnant, she tends to feel less desirable due to her changing and expanding body, not to mention the fact that she is usually very sore and swollen by that point, and just not in the mood at all. This is especially true for women who are really far along.

11 High Standards


This guy probably has the highest standards i have ever seen. Not only does his ideal woman have to be 5’5” and blonde, but she also has to be pregnant. That is a lot to look for in a woman and something tells me that he does not find women that often because of his ridiculously high standards. The fact that he added “Yum” at the end just makes him sound downright creepy, and I highly doubt that pregnant women do things that non-pregnant women will. This guy better be amazingly good looking for everything that he is asking for because I cannot possibly imagine an average Joe looking guy having such standards for his women. Let's be honest. How many women do you think he will meet in his lifetime who are 5'5” tall, blonde, and pregnant? My guess is not many at all. Perhaps he should start dating girls that aren't pregnant and find one that he can have his own baby with.

10 I'm Not Ready


This man is correct about one thing: pregnant women usually do have more drive in the last trimester of pregnancy, although we are not really sure as to why and this is not true for all pregnant women, just most of them. Still, hooking up with a pregnant woman and making her think that you are interested and giving her a false hope that you will be there for her through one of the toughest yet most beautiful times of her life is wrong on so many levels. How does this guy think that these women will feel when they go into the delivery room alone and upset and afraid to do this because they thought that they would have someone there with them, only to be left down because he just simply “wasn't ready for all of that?" My guess is that he did not think about what this would do to them, but rather that he is very selfish and only thinking about himself.

9 Shallow


Hooking up with a pregnant woman who is already six months along and then admitting that you probably will not want her anymore when she gives birth, unless she gets pregnant right away again, is one of the most messed-up things that a guy can do. If that is how he feels then she is probably better off without him anyway. I mean, seriously, what is with these guys that think that it is perfectly okay to just hook up with pregnant women and then leave whenever they feel like it? I feel horrible for these poor women, unless of course they agreed to a no strings attached relationship until the baby arrives, then that was their choice and that is okay. I cannot believe that this man has had three pregnant girlfriends. It seems like a little too much work and effort for a little bedroom fun, if you ask me.

8 In The Pregnancy World


If pregnant women are talking about you amongst themselves, warning other pregnant women of your predatory ways, then I think it's safe to say that you should probably stop what you are doing. Perhaps they will all band together and he will never land himself another pregnancy hookup again, but I doubt that this will happen as not all pregnant women talk to one another and the odds are that he lives in a very populated city where there are loads of women and plenty of them finding out that they are pregnant every day. I wonder if this bad reputation is one that he wants, because if he knows that his actions are giving him this reputation, then why else would he continue doing what he is doing? Not to mention, many of these expectant women probably think he’s in it for the long haul, only to find out he wants the belly and not the baby. What he is doing is pretty cruel.

7 Excitement


I would have to say that it seems like these men find these pregnant woman so easily. I wonder if this guy is doing the deed with these pregnant women, or he just wants them in his bed to just be there. When I was eight months along, I did not want to be bothered with men at all. This Whisper user said that pregnant chicks are so hot, and that he actually wants a nice big 8 month pregnant woman in bed with him. I really don’t know what he, or any of these men, personally find appealing about a woman that far along, especially since at this point women can become so cranky. Also, do these pregnant women have their baby daddies as well or are they looking for someone that will help them raise their child? It’s like that episode of Two and a Half Men where Alan was completely attracted to that pregnant chick.

6 Living The Life


I think that this guy’s definition of “living the life” and other people's definitions are completely different. This is what we would call a player; he is dating four women, ALL of whom are pregnant, and none of those babies are his. Or at least, he says that they are not his. I feel bad for the women that he is seeing, thinking that they are the only ones when really they are being lied to and cheated on. I don't see how he finds this so hot. I mean, he even admitted that it is a lot to juggle, which is true. I cannot imagine how he could possibly manage seeing four girls at once. I wonder what his plans are once these women have their babies. Does he plan on staying and attempting to raise all four children without any of them finding out about each other or, does he plan on leaving all four of them when they go to in labor? Either way, he is a total jerk and doesn't deserve even one of those women.

5 Blocked


This guy is just screwed up on so many levels. Why would any man want to get with a pregnant woman who is most likely ready to pop, just to leave her if she loses the baby or gives birth. That guy is definitely a player, if I do say so myself. To make it even worse he confessed that he always changes his number or blocks them afterward. Something is wrong with this guy, or is this like a typical male thing? If this is a normal guy thing, I would have to say that I – as well as other women – will most likely be giving up on the male gender. Changing his phone number seems like a lot of work just to give a girl the cold shoulder. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gave up trying to remember his own phone number since he seems to change it pretty frequently. Perhaps he would be better off just playing The Sims and hitting on virtual pregnant women who have no emotions instead.

4 Baby Mammas


This guy says that he has about eight baby moms because he loves the idea of knocking up women, staying with them while they are pregnant and then leaving as soon as labor sets in. First of all, what do you mean you have “about eight baby mammas?” Is this guy so shallow that he doesn't even know how many women he has knocked up and so he has to make a guess about it? This is pathetic and I feel bad for all the women and children involved and it truly amazes me that people like this man actually exist. If I were a man, I could not imagine knowing that there were kids of mine out there and not being there for them. The joke is on him, though, because if all of those women decide to take him for child support, which they definitely should, then he is never going to have a single penny to his name. That would be sweet karma.

3 You're So Needy


This Whisper user goes on to say that pregnant women are so needy that they will hop into bed with you any chance that they get as long as you promise them that you will be there for the long haul. He confesses that he is out of the way before the baby arrives, though, and that he pretty much just lies to them throughout the pregnancy in order to get in their pants. He is basically saying that pregnant women are easy. This guy seems like a total jerk. He is the kind of guy that gives a bad name to the rest of the male population, which mostly consists of men who are really just trying to find a woman to spend the rest of their lives with. I am sure that there is an easier way to get into a girl’s pants and that he doesn't have to prey on pregnant women to get some. I mean, there are women all over the internet looking for a casual hookup.

2 A Nice Round Belly


This man says that pregnant women turn him on so much that he refuses to date anyone who does not have a nice round pregnant belly. He then says, all creepily, “mmh,” as if his Whisper confession was not already weird enough. I wonder if he knows that he does not have to wait for a pregnant woman to date someone with a “nice round belly.” He could find a woman like that with no issue. He could date a woman who is not pregnant that he could actually try to build a relationship with. Unless, of course, it is not just the belly that turns him on, and he is actually into the idea of the woman being pregnant and gets off on the fact that he is lying to her and won't be sticking around for long. In that case, he is a total pig and does not deserve to be with anyone ever again.

1 It's All I Think About


This Whisper user goes on to confess that pregnant women excite him so much that he doesn't even care if they are his family because he still finds them very attractive. This is so gross. He also says that it is literally all that he thinks about, which actually kind of makes it sound like a bit of an addiction and maybe he could benefit from some counselling. We all like different things when it comes to who we are attracted to and for this man it just happens to be that big pregnant belly and that beautiful glow. It sounds like it might control his life a bit since he thinks about it so much. It is pretty horrendous that he would think about a family in that way. I wonder if he’s in one the states where that is the complete norm?

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