16 Confessions From Life On The Street

Life on the streets can be tough. It's a place where there are often high levels of poverty, desperation, and violence. But it's also a place where some pretty shocking and hilarious things can happen. These things can remind you that even in the roughest neighborhoods, you can still find humor in some of the things that happen. Walking down the street, especially in sketchier neighborhoods, can be like watching a movie unfold. You're never sure what's going to happen next, and some of these things can stick with us for the rest of our lives. The best part about this is that almost everyone has a funny story from things they've witnessed on the street, and the internet is full of these stories.

Reddit users often confess the things they've witnessed, and this is great source for a few laughs when you're feeling down. People have confessed to seeing people fight over vacuum cleaners. One person found a way to shut down the house party next door in a pretty hilarious way. And another person saw a Dominoes delivery car get its tires stolen in the middle of the street. There are countless examples of these things happening, and at least one of them will make you chuckle, guaranteed.


12 Baby Mama Fighting With The Father Of Her Children

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Many of you probably remember the Maury Povich show, and it was one of the most hilarious things on television. This was a show that centered around a very simple premise. Three or more people would come on the show, and try to figure out was the real father or mother of the child in question. It was dramatic, it was hilarious, and it was great entertainment. But people often forget that things like this happen all the time in real life. One person walked into a fast food place in a rough area, and he witnessed a real life version of the Maury show happen right before his eyes:

"I walked into this spot to get some food once and this man was ordering food at the counter. I watched this woman walk in, with two kids, and call out this guy for being their father. In the middle of this place with about 20 something people in it who all dropped back and were ripping into this dude. It was like watching a live Maury episode happen right in front of my face."

11 Two Homeless Guys Have An Ninja Karate Fight

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Living on the street can be a terrible thing, but the worst part about it is the sheer levels of desperation. Being homeless and having no money can lead you to do desperate things sometimes. Well as it turns out, South Korea has its fair share of homeless men, although they're a little different to ones in the West. One Reddit user admits that he saw two homeless men in Seoul having an epic Karate fight, and it went on for 6 minutes:

"I was in Korea and saw two seemingly homeless men have a throw down, no holds barred, full-out karate fight on a sidewalk in Seoul. It was about 5 AM, we were drunk, they were drunk and craziness was in the air. It all started with them yelling at each other and quickly escalated when one of them did a standing high kick to the other guys head. It was instant ninja fight time and for about 5 or 6 minutes me and my friends were witness to countless kicks, spinning, really the whole nine yards. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Nobody believed us when we met up with our other friends the next night, but we know it happened and we know it was awesome."

Two People Fighting Over Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

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Sometimes life on the street can be tough. Living in a bad neighborhood can sometimes be a fight for survival, and if you don't toughen up, you're not going to last long. On the other hand, sometimes it's best just to keep to yourself and try not to get involved in anything crazy. But even if you keep your head down, you're bound to witness some crazy fights happening. Some can be disturbing, but others can be downright hilarious. One Reddit user confesses to witnessing two people fighting over vacuum cleaner attachments, and apparently this was all started when one of them stole a single shoe:

"Lived in the hood in college. Not the worst, but the funniest thing I ever saw was a fight between two [kids from the street] about one of them stealing the other one's vacuum attachments in retaliation for the first one stealing a shoe. Just one shoe. Then they started throwing clumps of lawn at each other. One of my roommates had to break it up because the clumps of lawn were being thrown 'way too close' to his car."

10 White Guy Ventures Into Compton...

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Compton is probably the neighborhood which has the worst reputation in the world. Even people from other parts of the world know that it's probably not the best place in the world to go sightseeing. Well, it seems like one Australian guy never got the message, and found himself wandering around the streets of Compton late one night. But, to everyone's surprise, it went much better than expected:

"I live in Australia and my brother in law went to America and stopped by LA. He was wondering around Compton at night by himself. He's as white as they come so he steps into a bar that was pretty much entirely populated by black men. He said it was like stepping into one of those bars in a western where is goes quiet and every one just looks at you. He realized he messed up and asked for directions but got no response. He's Australian and has the typical accent so he excuses himself and says he'll leave. One of the guys stops him and asks where his accent is from. He says he's Australian and every guy just lit up and welcomed him to the bar and they asked him to join them. They bought him drinks all night and drove him around Compton. He said it was a very unusual experience."

9 Herbert The Creep From Family Guy In Real Life

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Sometimes, the characters we see in our favorite TV shows and cartoons have a knack for showing up in real life. After all, many of the best characters are at least in part based on real people. But it's always shocking when you see someone who is totally and completely identical to the people you see on TV. That's exactly what happened to one Reddit user and he was marching through the city with his high school marching band. Needless to say, he was a little creeped out when he saw a real-life version of Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy:

"I was in the marching band in high school and we would march in the town Christmas parade. Every few blocks we would stand still and play in that spot along the parade route. One time when we stopped there was an old man in the crowd eating marshmallows. He shakily stretched out his hand, offering me a half eaten one saying slowly, in a voice like Herbert the pervert from family guy, 'Would you like a bite of this?' I politely declined and stared straight ahead until we started moving again."

8 Why You Should Never Use Public Restrooms

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A lot of people have a fear of using public restrooms. Many would rather hold it in instead of going in a public place. While some would dismiss this as ridiculous and paranoid, there are some true horror stories out there. And one Reddit story will probably make most of us think twice before using a public restroom. Whether this was a prank, some crazy person, or something even more bizarre, we'll probably never know. But the story itself is pretty incredible...

"I went into a public restroom that was in the middle of town, all was normal until I sat down to do my business. The stall next to me started to sound like some people were in there [getting intimate], I could hear male and female panting. Then all of a sudden I could hear a recorder being played, you know like the ones we all played in elementary school. No actual song, just random notes. After a minute of that I decided maybe I should go ahead and go ahead and hold it in until I find another bathroom. On my way to the door I started to hear a piano being played, and this was before iPods were even out so I'm not sure what the hell was going on in that stall."

7 Homeless Man Doesn't Like Cake

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One thing that is unavoidable on the streets is the fact that there are a lot of homeless people. It's hard not to feel sorry for them, and many people give them change or food. You never really know what that person went through. You never know, if things had turned out differently, that might have been you in that situation. It's always tempting to try to do something to help these homeless people, but as one Reddit user confesses, that doesn't always go to plan:

"When I finish work I often buy myself a pastry. They generally come in packs of two, and not wanting to be greedy I give the extra to any homeless people I see in the city. I walk up to one scruffy looking man and say, 'Ee ah, do you want this cake, mate?' (my accent) without warning he snatches it out of my hand and says, 'All I think about all day is s*x!' I am shocked and back off a bit and realize this man is seriously high. Here is the worst bit: He opens up my cake box, looks at my delicious Danish bun with almonds, makes a sound like it is gross (this guy has snot on his face and sleeps in alleyway) and then throws it to his dog!"

How To Get Rid Of An Annoying House Party Next Door

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One thing that anyone will tell you about living in a rough neighborhood is that it can get really loud. If it's not someone blaring music from their car, it's a group of teenagers having a massive house party next door. But what if someone you cared about really wanted some peace and quiet? How would you make that noise go away? One Reddit user confesses that he used a slightly unorthodox method that involved calling the police from a payphone and falsely reporting a stabbing at the house party that was making too much noise. Obviously this is completely against the law, but it did the job done of silencing the party, and his sick girlfriend could get some rest without all that noise.

He confesses, "My girlfriend was really sick and couldn't stand the massive house party next door, so I went to a payphone and reported a stabbing. They poured out like rats on a sinking ship and in five minutes the block was cleared."

The Dominoes Delivery Car Had Its Tires Stolen

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Dominoes pizza is an awesome alternative for dinner if you just don't feel like cooking. Their delivery system is one of the best and most widespread, and it's a first choice for many people, whether they live in a rough neighborhood or a rich area. Dominoes recently introduced a brand new type of car specifically designed for delivering pizza. It's much smaller than the average car, and was designed to carry pizzas all over town. Well, as you might be aware, some people in rough neighborhoods steal tires right off parked cars. And one Reddit user confesses that he once saw a group of people stealing a set of tires right off one of these newer delivery cars. But here's the crazy part – it was while the car was parked in the Dominoes parking lot:

"I've seen one of the Dominoes delivery cars (you know, the tiny car) getting the tires stolen right off of it. It was still in the parking lot of the Dominoes."

Most Random "Drive-By" Ever

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The so-called "drive-by" has become synonymous with bad areas, and it's one of the most dangerous things about living in these rough neighborhoods. Many people have died from these situations, and it's definitely something that needs to stop. So when a Reddit user was waiting for a bus and a car pulled up, he feared the worst. But what happened next stunned him. These men didn't commit the average drive-by. It was something much stranger and much more confusing. By the end of it, the guy waiting for the bus was not injured, but he was more bewildered than ever before:

"One time I was sitting and waiting for the bus with my friend, and some guys drove by, poked their heads out of their car and just screamed obscenities at us. What made it even weirder was that they were all wearing baby masks. After that, they did a loop around the block to drive past us again, but that time they threw a ton of pens at us. Like... an unusual amount of pens to have in a car. Maybe 60+ pens."

6 He Waited For The Cops For 45 Minutes

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When you live in a bad neighborhood, you're going to have a few run-ins with the cops. It's just unavoidable. Cops who are tasked with patrolling these areas pretty much assume that everyone is up to no good, and you'll be pulled over even if you did nothing wrong. So when an innocent person gets pulled over, they generally want to abide by the law. Well, when this Reddit user got pulled over, the cop had to leave to chase another suspect. He was gone for 45 minutes, and the guy just sat in his car, waiting. It was the smart thing to do, but a crowd gathered and laughed at him for staying around when he could have left:

"I got pulled over once a few blocks away from my house. The cop approached my car, asked me for my license and registration then said, 'Hold on" and ran off and started chasing a known drug dealer/crack head on foot. Two hood kids were sitting on their porch laughing at how stupid I was for not driving off after the cop left. They proceeded to call their friends and eventually there was about 20 aged 6-10 year old kids pointing and laughing at me for sticking around, saying things like, 'Hey man, look how stupid this fool is... the popo left and he's still sitting there.'"


5 Old Lady Thought She Was Feeding Cats... 

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One of the worst parts about life on the streets is all the animals. You wouldn't believe how much wildlife there is the big cities. Usually you don't see anything during the day, but when the sun goes down, all manner of foul creatures come out. These can be raccoons, skunks, bats, and of course, rats. Rats have been living in cities since the first cities were built, and we've just grown to accept them. But one Reddit user tells a story of an old lady who used to feed what she thought were cats in a dead-end alley. But of course, they weren't really cats:

"Behind my childhood home was an empty lot, kind of like a dead end alley. One of the old Polish ladies would happily throw food scraps all over the alley every night to feed the stray cats. She didn't believe my dad when he told her there were no cats eating the food, until one night he shone a bright light across the lot and hundreds of tiny glowing rat eyes glowed back."

4 Drunk Guy Walks Into A Donut Store...

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Living on the streets can be tough, but working on the streets? That's another matter entirely. You don't have the option to walk away or let your anger show. You have to act professionally even when you're at the breaking point. One Reddit user confesses that he used to work at a donut shop, and he would get a lot of drunk customers. Well, one night, something completely random and ridiculous happened and it's something he'll probably never forget:

"I was working at a donut store for a summer, and one night this really drunk guy shuffles in and slams a half eaten birthday cake on counter and goes,' Let's make this happen,' and I'm like really confused and say, "Let's make what happen?" He just looks at me like I'm the one not making any sense and goes, 'Listen, you have sweets, I have sweets, I think you know what's going on here.' Then his friends burst through the door and pulled him wordlessly out of there. It was weird."

3 Biggest Coincidence Ever

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Some pretty crazy things can happen on the street. Some of these things are so bizarre that when you try to tell other people about them, they don't even believe you. Freak occurrences are real, though, and they happen more than you might think. You know what they say – truth is stranger than fiction. Well, one of these stories happened to a Reddit user whose car broke down on the wrong side of town. A creepy guy walked up to him and they started talking... You'll never guess what happened next:

"I locked my keys and my wallet in my car with my engine on at a gas station. My wife couldn't pick me up – I was completely stranded on the other side of the city. A really creepy looking but talkative guy parked right next to me to use the phone booth nearby. I told him what happened but he couldn't help me although he kept talking. I'm very reserved and wanted nothing to do with him. He wouldn't shut up and at one point said that I had a nice car (1995 Ford Escort). I told him it was odd that he liked my car since it was so old. He told me his wife had the exact same car. A light went on in his head. "I wonder if I have her keys," he mumbled to himself. "Yeah, here they are." He then tried his wife's keys on my car door – it opened. Not only that, but he asked to see if his keys could start my car and they did. I'm 46 and that's the biggest coincidence I've ever had in my life."

2 Meeting A Time Traveler 

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As many of you probably know, if you spend a lot of time on the streets, you come into contact with some pretty crazy people. Some of these people are quite tragic, with serious mental health problems. Others are more on the eccentric side, and their behavior is just plain funny. One Reddit user remembers a time when he was in the public library, and a man approached them claiming to be a time traveler. He gave them a piece of paper and told them they could also be time travelers if they wanted. Then he made some predictions about the future... Years later, this Reddit user realized that the predictions came true:

"When I was in middle school me and my brother went to our local public library. While waiting for our parents to pick us up we met our stranger. A guy with a backpack with boxing gloves hanging from it while in a tank top an army camo pants walks up to us staff in hand and tells us that he's a time traveller. He tells us the government is going to take control of the world and they own Google, and that Google is going to purchase YouTube. Then, pulling out a piece of paper with an email address on it he says, "Go here an you will be briefed," as we were selected to be time travellers to fight the government. This is where he salutes us and wanders off, and my parents arrive. I threw away the paper writing him off as a weirdo. However, Google did buy YouTube; what if he wasn't lying and now I don't get to be a time traveller?"

1 Random Old Lady With Purple Hair Offers Burnt Cookies 

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As most of you will know, many people get a little weird when they get old. The mind starts to fall apart, and people start acting strangely in their old age. You run into many of these people as you walk along the street. Crazy old people are probably the most common thing you'll run into in the rougher areas of big cities. They each have their own mission in life, and some of them do very strange things. But one Reddit user remembers a time when he was approached by an old lady with purple hair, who then offered him something really sketchy:

"I was sitting at a bus stop after work one day ( I did the night shifts and was tired from the night before) and an older lady with purple hair staggered into the shelter and sat down next to me. She then asked me if I wanted a cookie and proceeded to take out this sketchy bucket of burned cookies from her backpack and I had to respectfully decline."

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