15 Confessions From Girls Who Are Hooked On Gaming


This is something I think guys should never be able to get enough of. And that's the mythical "gamer girl". A lot of people think that gamer girls are really rare. The truth of the matter is that guys are often just completely ignorant or just act like real dicks to girls who say they play video games. I think it's awesome, and I think it would be great to be able to share something like that with a significant other.

Unfortunately, that's not always the case. A lot of people think that there are a lot of "fake gamer girls" out there. Well, if they were fake, would they really be playing games all the time just to get your attention? Probably not. They probably enjoy the game. But hey, you can think what you want, of course. I'm not going to stop you. But I will show you some interesting gamer girl confessions.

These girls are admittedly addicts to some extent, and they have some interesting takes on just what is going on in their lives and in the lives of other people who should probably mind their own business. Either way, I think gamer girls are awesome, and I think they deserve to be treated equally to gamer guys. After all, gamer girls are people too. I know it took a long time to figure that one out, but it's true.

15 Addicted To Games And Afraid Of Life

Here's the interesting thing. I bet that the fact that this girl thinks she's ugly would actually make a lot of gamer guys think that she's a legit gamer girl. It seems to be the case, a lot of the time, that guys think pretty girls couldn't be into games. It makes me wonder if a lot of gamer guys think that they're just really ugly themselves. If good looks mean you're a fake, then maybe this girl at least has something good going for her. That doesn't change the fact that it's really said that she doesn't have confidence enough to go out and get a job...and that does make me wonder a bit. Does that mean that she's just stuck in her parents' basement like so many 30-something-year-old guys who have no ambition in life and don't know what fresh vegetables are?

14 You're Just Jealous Because She's Good

I think it's hilarious when a gamer girl shows up and destroys a ton of guys. Because it happens so often that, when they first show up in a game, guys assume she's just a faker. She just wants attention. She just wants someone to like her. And then when they get into the game, it takes a long time for guys to realize that she's actually really good because she plays games all the f*cking time. At first, guys will say "Oh, that's just beginner's luck". They'll do everything they can to excuse the fact that they're getting their asses handed to them on a silver platter by a girl. I think it has a lot more to do with the male pride thing about being beaten by a girl. They have to believe the girl is fake because they actually can't handle a girl beating them at their own game...literally.

13 Playing Bad Games Doesn't Mean She's Not A Gamer

Here's the thing, I don't even know what games this gamer girl is into. We might very well love the same games. But let's just say that she plays games that I think are awful. And let's say she plays them all the time. Even if I hate the game she's playing, I wouldn't question that she's a gamer. Clearly, she is. She's playing a f*cking game. I'm not an idiot. I have eyes. This is what I don't understand about some people who talk about the "true gamer girl". If they play games and they play them often, then it doesn't matter if you don't like the game. They're still gamers. For example, I really don't like the game Overcooked. But a lot of people love it. I wouldn't say they were fake gamers because they play a game I think is sh*t.

12 Playing Games Too Much To Shower...

First of all, yes. Yes, it matters that you don't shower. I won't call you a fake gamer, but I will call you gross or disgusting if you go out of your way not to shower. I get being so into a game that you can't take your eyes off it. But I think you definitely need to take time to eat and clean. Those are just two very important things to remember to do. Working is probably good to so you can afford to keep gaming, but that depends on who you live with and your general situation. And as for being a regular gaming girl...I don't think a regular gamer sits glued to the tv for so long that they just don't bother to shower. I think that's the sign of an addict. I might be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure not showering at all just because you're playing games all the time...that makes you an addict.

11 Gaming Until 3 am!

Now, this is a true gamer girl. A lot of us guys are strange this way. We assume that the smoking hot gamer girls are just there to look pretty and can't play...but then we also assume that the only gamer girls out there are smoking hot. It's a really strange, roundabout way of saying that gamers just can't be girls. But then we come across a girl like this who doesn't give a f*ck what she looks like. She plays games until the wee small hours of the morning. And she sits there in a sweater and her underwear, smoking pot. I think that sums up a lot of the gamer guys in the world, but I bet she's still far better looking. And even if she's not, at least her personality is, and I bet she could own you at CoD.

10 She's Not Cheating...She's Just Gaming!

This is awesome and hilarious. I love that this girl is accused of cheating when really she's just been sitting at home playing video games. It seems like she doesn't really care to tell her boyfriend that, but then again, I think her boyfriend must be a bit of an idiot. Jeez, if I had a girlfriend who would just like to sit at home and play video games, I'd bring my laptop over and play my games alongside her while she played hers. It could be romantic...in some weird, nerdy sort of way. And hey, maybe it would lead to some pretty interesting naughty times. You never know if you don't try. But if you have a huge nerd of a girlfriend, maybe don't jump to cheating right away. Maybe she's just gaming so much that she hasn't found time for you.

9 Pretending To Be A Guy To Get By

You know that this gal games an awful lot if she's going out of her way to pretend to be a guy just to make sure that she doesn't get made fun of, or kicked out of a game, or trolled by some punks who think that it's stupid for girls to game. I will never fully understand why a guy would not find a gamer girl hot. If she loves playing games and you love playing games, then maybe don't make fun of her and tell her that she's sh*t at games. Maybe just sit down with her and enjoy the fact that you both love playing video games. Isn't that awesome!? I think it is. Jeez, now I wish I wasn't single. I wish I had a wicked gamer girl who would love nothing more than to sit side-by-side and dig into a game...well, hopefully, she loves one or two things more anyway.

8 She Is A True Geek With Proof

This just amazes me. I know that people just assume things an awful lot, but how could you call someone a fake if they grew up in a comic book shop and have plugged thousands of hours on Steam? I can't even imagine having thousands of hours on Steam. I game when I can find some time every so often, but thousands of hours!? I would never question that this girl is a true gamer. I mean, holy f*ck. I think I hardly know anyone who has that many hours plugged into a gaming system. I mean...maybe I have a considerable number of hours altogether if you started from the NES days back when all the way till now, but I'm not a constant gamer enough to have that much on Steam. I would bow down to her and then ask if I could do anything for her while she continued gaming.

7 Gaming To Cure Depression...

Alright, look. I am not going to make fun of this person at all. It's really depressing to know that this girl only plays games in order to avoid self-harm. That being said, if she only games to cover this up and it only looks like an addiction but is just a form of coping...well...she basically just described addiction. So, she is an addicted gaming girl who definitely needs to find something in her life to make her happy. As far as addictions go, gaming at least isn't as dangerous as cutting or smoking or drinking. But an addiction like this could still have its own dangers. Maybe someone coming into her life and showing her that she could be appreciated might help. I'm guessing that's what she gets from the games. It's interesting to see the various reasons for gaming addictions.

6 Pink Controller And Poor Spelling

For starters, I really wish that this girl could spell. I know it's a Whisper so it's not like she has to care because no one knows who she is...but come on. At least let us better understand you. But, I guess the bad spelling lets us understand that she'd rather game than go to school. I guess that's a start. And I'm glad that she's not a "fake gamer girl" but still used a pink controller just as a way of saying "f*ck you". And why not? Especially if she is so confident that she will tear you to pieces in Call of Duty Black Ops. I mean, the CoD community is really intense. And they get worse every year. They are hardcore and really have a hard time accepting new people. So, I would love to see just how awesome she is at gaming since she's not very good with her own language.

5 No Boys...Just Video Games

I don't know if the question at the end of that Whisper was rhetorical or not, but let's answer it anyway. I'm going to guess that she's ok with not having a boyfriend and just gaming her life away. If she thinks she'll be playing games forever, then I think it's safe to say that she doesn't need a boy. However, she is only 19 so there is plenty of time to find a gamer guy out there who will love her and buy her all the new, next-gen systems as they come (even the Nintendo Switch, for whatever reason). I guess I'm a little shocked because, in my mind, a 19-year-old gamer girl sounds like a big deal for high school and college kids alike. I mean, everyone is still discovering who they are at that point in their lives.

4 There's A Kim Kardashian Game?

This just goes to show how diverse the gaming community really is. In terms of mobile games, I thought there was Simpsons Tapped Out,  the few Star Wars games, and Bejeweled (or its modern day counterpart Candy Crush). Either way, I'm really sad that Kim Kardashian has a game out. She's already everywhere. She doesn't need to start invading the gaming community. But she has, so here we are. And apparently, the game has got a girl hooked. Which makes her an addicted gamer. Which I guess also makes her a gamer girl. And that's not a fake thing! And what's even more interesting is that this girl likes her boyfriend to get a little naughty when she's playing the game. I'm not going to go out of my way to download this game, but I am wondering just what the hell happens in it that makes it so exciting.  

3 She's Not Interested In You...Just The Game

Now, this is a sure-fire sign of a true gamer girl. If she was a "fake gamer girl", then she'd be doing everything she could for attention. But if her main concern is for you to f*ck off so she can keep playing the game without being hit on, then I wouldn't mess with her. Chances are she could kick your ass. So, what I'm saying is don't all this girl into a match of CoD thinking that you're going to score a date out of the affair. That's just not the way it's all going to play out. She's going to hunt you down and waste you so many times that you won't even know what the hell hit you. I mean, you will because you'll see it on the "death cam", but otherwise you would have no way to tell. Which is kind of awesome, I think. But if you're afraid of losing your pride...just leave her alone.

2 She Avoids Games Because Guys Threaten Her

That's just messed up. I have to be honest that I might swing a little too far the other way. I'd be totally happy if I was playing a match in Battlefront II and discovered that everyone else in the match was a gamer girl and I was the only gamer guy there. I would think that was great. I wouldn't threaten them or insult them because they're women. I'm not an ignorant child though, so that could have something to do with it. If anything, I would think it's pretty hot knowing that many girls were into playing a Star Wars game and were having a great time. The fact that some gamer girls feel the need to avoid certain games (I'm assuming games like Call of Duty and other FPS games) just so they won't get insulted or threatened is pretty sad. And I think it's weird that guys wouldn't want an awesome girl like that around them

1 If You Want To Start A Gaming Channel...You're A Nerd

This is the thing. If a girl is thinking about starting up a YouTube gaming channel, but is worried that people will just think she's fake and isn't funny, or isn't good at what she does, then she's probably the real deal. If she were a "fake gamer girl" she'd just do it anyway, and show a lot of skin to make up for the fact that she knows nothing about games. But if she's the real deal, she has good reason to be worried that guys will just brush her off. I'd say that if you're thinking about starting up a YouTube gaming channel, then do it because someone out there is going to find it interesting. It's a girl. Playing games. Playing video games. Online. These are the building blocks of incredibly nerdy fantasies. How can so many guys not see how f*cking awesome that is? It's a strange world we live in.

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