16 Confessions From Female Cosplayers

Cosplay is huge these days, but for many of us looking in from the outside, it's still a really strange phenomenon. Judging from the pictures, these events seem like the coolest place for nerds to unite and share their love of comics.What exactly happens at these events that so many people go to these days? Why do so many girls dress up as hot comic book characters, and how are they treated by the guys who go to these events. Are the people friendly? Are they too invasive of personal space? Is there a "dark side" of cosplay, that involves harassment and misogyny? These are all questions that are constantly asked, but it's impossible to get any answers unless you're on the inside of this community.

Lucky for us, Reddit is a place where people are constantly going to confess wild things that have happened to them, and this includes cosplayers. The online community is obsessed with cosplay, but in general, we don't know a ton about their personal experiences. There have been countless female cosplayers who have taken to the internet to tell stories of the hottest, weirdest, and wildest things that have ever happened to them at cosplay events. Things can get even crazier than we imagined. These things will shock you, entice, and just plain weird you out. It's a really interesting look into a community that only the real fans ever see, and it's a way to get to know the girls who many of us are becoming more and more obsessed with...

16 Her Fans Just Want Her To Bare It All

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People often see famous cosplayers as part of a glamorous select few that live life almost on the same level as celebrities. When these mega famous cosplayers show up at events, there are people who want to interview them, "paparazzi" that is constantly taking pictures, and thousands of people who want their autograph. For all intents and purposes, they might as well be celebrities. But as this famous cosplayer reveals on Reddit, it's not always as glamorous as it seems:

"I've never really talked about this before. One of the reasons I don't stream often is because I can not handle the people. I try really hard to ignore everything and just got on with my life, but sometimes it's really hard. It's just like... who are you people, why do you treat people you don't know like this? I go online and stream, and I'm like man I love this game, I'm excited to share this with you and hope you guys have fun! Then I'm greeted with 'TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT, YOU SUCK AT GAMES, GO BACK TO BEING AN ATTENTION SEEKER.' Like, first off, no one is making you stay in my stream chat. Secondly, why? Why do you say things like that? Is it to hurt me? Why do you want to hurt me?"

15 Her Parents Do Not Approve Of Her Outfits 

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Ever wondered what these cosplayers' parents think about what they're doing? Cosplaying is a relatively new concept, at least in the modern sense. Parents must be pretty confused to see their daughters dressing up as Japanese cartoon characters that are wearing very little clothing. One famous cosplayer went on Reddit and revealed that her parents sometimes disapprove of her more revealing outfits:

"I don't think anyone has ever disapproved of this, except maybe my parents occasionally, who are like, why are you showing so much cleavage and how come this is such a suggestive pose? (99% of the time, though, they are extremely supportive and love what I do!) My close friends don't really see me as a cosplayer, they just see ME as a person. The weirdest thing though is people who I went to grade school or high school with that wouldn't give me the time of day are starting to message me now like, 'OMG, it's been so long, I miss you, lets hang out, you're successful, now I want to be friends.' I'm like, bro, you don't even know me, who are you?"

14 She Loves Hooking Up At Conventions 

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Part of the appeal of comic-con and other conventions is meeting new people. These people share your passions and interests, and it's no surprise that people find romantic partners at these events. But people on the outside probably aren't aware of how many people actually hook up at these conventions. It's a big number. Something about these events seems to really get people excited. It's probably all the hot outfits... One girl talks about how she hooked up with a guy she met:

"I decided to hook up with the guy, who was cosplaying Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat franchise. His name was Connor. His cosplay was amazing, and everything looked like it was pulled straight from the game. I asked if he wanted to get a bite before the competition, and just talk cosplaying tips and tricks. We had lunch at the food trucks that were outside of the convention center. He was a pretty average guy, and I could tell he was ogling my chest. He complimented my cosplay, and how beautiful I was. I said thank you, of course. He told me he was there alone, and if I wanted to walk around the convention as friends. I accepted."

13 The One Costume That Drives Cosplay Girls Wild 

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Dr. Who is probably one of the oldest and most popular sci-fi series in history. It started many decades ago, and currently there are plenty of brand new episodes to watch. It originates in Britain, but there is a huge global following of this show, and people all over the world have fallen in love with "the doctor." Well, if you've ever wondered what women are looking for in comic-con events and other conventions, listen closely. One cosplayer revealed that there is a massive following online, and if you look anything like David Tennant, you're almost guaranteed to get lucky with some pretty hot girls at these events:

"There is a 'devoted' following of female fans for the 10th Doctor online, and if you look even remotely like David Tennant, and dress like 10, there's probably a good chance you'll get lucky. Intimate knowledge of Doctor Who lore impeccable in-character presentation pretty much ups that to 100%."

12 A Creepy Guy Followed Her To The Bathroom

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Of course, conventions aren't always fun for cosplays. Nor are they always safe. You've probably heard countless horror stories about women who have been harassed and accosted by men who are just downright creepy. There's a strange mix at conventions of smoking hot girls in cosplay outfits and awkward neckbeards. As it turns out, these two very different types of people don't always blend all that well. Social awkwardness is something that is pretty much guaranteed at conventions, and one woman's story definitely illustrates that point:

"As a woman artist who used to sell in Artist Alley at a con, I've seen some nasty situations. One year I had to hide under the table sporadically while my friend babysat my stuff because this one guy kept coming back/following me to the bathroom or wherever I went. It's the worst when they come to stand between or at the sides of the tables all up in your personal space instead of in front of them. We used to try to build barriers to prevent it."

11 She Was Touched And She Loved It

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Sometimes, girls do actually enjoy the attention they get as cosplayers. And they also enjoy getting an opportunity to take pictures with some of their favorite cosplayers, or people that are dressed up as their favorite characters. Believe it or not, some girls actually allow themselves to be touched when they take pictures with certain cosplayers. As long as it's consensual, it's all good, right? Well, according to one cosplayer, a particular anime character is actually known for "touching" people, and she wanted him to do the same thing to her:

"I went to my first ever convention at the age of 13. I didn't dress up or anything, I just wanted to take pictures of good cosplayers. My friend and I spotted a very handsome and flawless Miroku cosplayer (Inuyasha was my favorite anime at the time). I was ecstatic and my friend pushed me in his direction to take a picture with him. I scooted close to him and, staying true to character, he reached down and grabbed me. It was the best goddamn day of my life. Years later, I realized how creepy it is to be a teenager touched inappropriately by a 20-year-old, and have it be the highlight of my life."

10 A Random Guy Jumped On Her And Touched Her 

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Another common complaint about cosplay-related conventions is that people don't seem to understand the concept of personal space. Just because a woman is dressed in a particular way, that doesn't mean she wants you to come up to her and touch her, especially in places that are inappropriate. While this might seem like a relatively easy concept to understand, many guys at comic-con seem to struggle with it. There is a disturbingly prevalent point of view held by some that conventions are a place where normal rules do no apply. One girl confesses on Reddit an incident where a man jumped on her and started touching her:

"I was standing in the artist's alley talking to some people at a table about the character I was dressed as, when some crazy person literally jumped on me from behind shrieking something about pretty cosplay. Then he touched me inappropriately and ran away making bizarre noises. It was rather unsettling and pissed me off considerably."

9 She Wore A Chainmail Bra And Guys Were Creeping Hard

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When it's your first time at a convention, it's easy to let your jaw drop to the ground when you look around at the girls around you. Some of the costumes leave very little to the imagination. Of course, these are faithful copies of various comic book and video game characters, and the girls are just trying to make an accurate representation of the characters they know and love. But as one cosplayer revealed, they once saw a girl who was clearly getting some unwanted attention from guys because of her chainmail bra:

"We were walking around the vendor section, and came to a custom chainmail shop, staffed by a single girl, probably 17-18, outfitted in leather shorts, and a chainmail bra. I assume whoever else was working the booth with her left for a bit. Anyways, it was just a single table and the backdrop behind her. A significantly older, very off-putting man was standing at her table, making bad smalltalk, while taking multiple photos of the clearly weirded out girl. She looked over at us, and was practically screaming for help with her eyes."

8 "Furries" Are Known For Being Really Strange

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One thing is pretty well known in the cosplay community – furries are known for being extremely weird. If you're not familiar with what a "furry" even is, prepare yourself for some bizarre information. These people dress up as animals, and like to pretend to be animals. Some even consider themselves to be equivalent to transgender people as they are an "animal born in a human body." We're not judging anyone here. But there's no denying that tons of people in the cosplay community are extremely weirded out by these people, and their behavior at conventions is a big reason for that. One Redditor admits that she's seen furries doing strange things many a time:

"I sell comics at conventions and have seen a lot of really cringeworthy stuff. The ones that make me cringe the most are the furries. There's always a group of them, and while they stick to their own little group, they constantly feel the need to touch each other all over in the main hall."

7 She's Seen It All 

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There are some people who attend pretty much all conventions, and these are the ones who have seen it all. Their stories are perhaps the most interesting, because they've witnessed enough to form a bigger picture of what conventions are all about. And in the case of this Redditor, she admits that as time goes by, she's started to feel really bad about how women are treated at these events. Just listen to her confession:

"I always feel bad for the cosplaying ladies. I've become good friends with many of them since we all go to the same cons all the time and my mom who helps with the business loves to go talk to them at panels about sewing and stuff. They get creeped on so much, especially the ones with very large chests. Like one girl who has done some risqué modelling, and does cosplaying for a living now. People can't just take pictures, they always try to touch her in places she doesn't want to be touched. Just cause you post a revealing picture online doesn't mean you're giving permission for people to just feel you up whenever they want."

6 He Couldn't Stop Staring At Her Chest

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We've talked before about social awkwardness at conventions, and this is something that is really prevalent. Most people understand that when you're talking to a woman, you're supposed to look at her eyes, not her chest. And yes, this rule still applies even if she's wearing something that reveals a lot of cleavage. But one Redditor reveals that she actually had an entire conversation with some young kid, and he never stopped staring at her chest the entire time:

"Couple years ago I had a cosplay of Janna from League of Legends. Now it's fairly skimpy so I expect some ogling, but at the same time, I'm fairly flat-chested and the costume covers more then most of my swimsuits. Its really nothing crazy. We were all hanging out in the registration line when this kid comes over and starts talking to me and my friend about league. The entire time, he's staring straight at my chest, never takes his eyes away. Kind of a weird experience for me, since I am flat-chested. Anyways, after like five minutes of only chest staring, he must have realized I noticed so he apologized for only looking at my chest. Only he still wasn't able to make eye contact so my chest received the apology."

5 Some Random Guy Punched Her In The Chest

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Sometimes, creepy attention isn't even the worst thing that some female cosplayers have experienced. Believe it or not, some have actually been the victims of violence at these events. While this might seem crazy, you have to realize that some of these guys aren't mentally all there. In their minds, conventions are a way to bring video games to life. That means lightsaber duels in the halls, people smashing other people's costumes for no reason, and yes, girls getting punched in the chest. That's what one girl experienced firsthand:

"I think the most uncomfortable experience for me wasn't even creepy. This drunk dude came up to me and asked if my body armor was real. No dude, it's literally made out of foam. 'So it won't hurt if I do this?' And he punched me in the chest! Like, super hard! Yes, you walking weaponized idiot, that freaking hurts! I am a small woman, eventually this dude's friend physically picked him up and dragged him away after my friend starting yelling. I was too winded to even react."

4 Her Poison Ivy Cosplay Drove Guys Crazy 

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There are some pretty hot costumes out there for women to choose, but perhaps one of the hottest is Poison Ivy. This character has been around for a while, and has appeared in countless movies, TV shows, cartoons, and comics. Her costume is admittedly really alluring, and whenever girls cosplay as her, it's almost guaranteed to be extremely jaw-dropping. But in the case of one girl, it might have been too hot. She pretty much only cosplays as Poison Ivy, and guys are constantly touching her inappropriately. Not only that, but one guy even tried to steal her away from her boyfriend:

"I've been pretty lucky, especially as a chick cosplaying Poison Ivy (which is admittedly a pretty sexy costume – corset, heels, etc.). No super hardcore harassment. The worst thing(s) I've experienced are people (men) getting really close or trying to put their hands on inappropriate areas during requested photos. Like, I'm okay with a photo but no, you can't put your hands on my behind. I've also had people ask me to leave my boyfriend and come with them, 'Even if only for a night.' Cringe, dude, definitely no."

3 An Old Guy Got Arrested For Harassing Teens

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We've heard some pretty cringeworthy, wild and strange stories from cosplayers, but few have been downright nasty. This one definitely fits that description, though, and you might not even want to attend conventions after hearing it. One cosplayer admitted on Reddit that the worst thing she ever experienced was an old guy getting arrested for taking pictures of teenage cosplayers without their consent or knowledge. This cosplayer also makes sure to warn girls to wear shorts under their skirts, so that guys can't take pictures of what's underneath:

"Creepiest was the old guy we handed to the police for taking candid photographs of teenage cosplayers. Girls, cosplay all you want but please know there are perverts out there and they will take inappropriate photos of you when you're in your skimpy costume. (Guys too, but it's almost always creeps going after females.) Stay safe! We recommend you wear plain black shorts under those skirts."

2 Her Uhura Cosplay Made A Guy Lose Control 

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With the reboot of the Star Trek series, people are once again getting obsessed with the many characters from the Star Trek universe, and more and more of these costumes are showing up at comic-con events. One character that people have been obsessed with for decades is Uhura. She always seems to look hot, and there's tons of women who have decided to cosplay as her. But one Redditor admits that the Uhura costume caused a guy to get way too physical with her, and he forced her to pose with him in a very revealing way:

"I was dressed in a reboot Star Trek Uhura costume. A man in a uniform from the original movies comes up and asks to take a picture with me. I say yes. He takes a normal picture and then, before I could do anything, he grabs my leg and throws it over himself. This uniform was short enough that my behind/underwear was definitely visible in that pic. He thanked me and sped off while my ex laughed about the whole thing. It was so fast I didn't even react until he'd left."

1 Girls Were Lining Up For Photos With Him

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Sometimes, male cosplayers find themselves in seventh heaven when they attend conventions. Some guys put many hours of time and consideration into their outfits, and in the end some are very handsomely rewarded. Not by money or prizes necessarily, but by female attention, and lots of it. A guy might not even get a second glance from most women while he's wearing normal clothes on the street, but when he's wearing a particular costume, every woman wants a piece. This Reddit confession actually comes from a male point of view, and it might just convince you to give cosplaying a try:

"I cosplayed as Miroku for my first con, and I can't remember how old I was, but it must have been younger than 16. I must have had at least a dozen women, most who must have been older than me, ask for pictures where I grabbed them from behind. I thought it was awesome."

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