15 Confessions From Celebrity Doctors

These celebrity doctors end up with serious scoop that the tabloids are just dying to get their hands on. Let's take a look at what they had to say...

Celebrities charm us with their seemingly ageless beauty. Most of them hover at looking 30-something for decades, then there are the others who end up looking like they’re literal Barbie dolls instead of humans, thanks to errors in the judgement of the doctors they’ve been working with.

While many of them deny anything beyond being blessed with really good genetics, drinking a trillion gallons of water a day being the reason why they continue to maintain such a youthful glow, year after year, there’s no doubt that a lot of them are lying. Medical intervention may be one of the requirements of a long lasting career in show business, but it's something that is usually whispered about instead of openly admitted to, on the covers of magazines.

The best doctors and surgeons in the business make a mint by keeping their high end clientele working. They also thrive on remaining discreet and efficient, needing fast results that will allow people to make it out on a red carpet shortly after a procedure, with everyone none the wiser (nudge nudge, wink wink). These surgeons end up with serious scoop that the tabloids are just dying to get their hands on. Here are 15 dirty little secrets from the doctors of the stars.

15 The Gossip Magazines Are Often Correct (But Whoever Leaked The Info Can Get In Serious Trouble)

Everyone takes the headlines at the supermarket with a grain of salt, particularly when it deals with the comings and goings of celebrity gossip, because it can’t all be true, and we’re all a little wary in the era of fake news. One thing that surgeons of the celebs can confirm is that the headlines covered are based on solid leads, most of the time. Many of the clinics have multiple exits in their building to help keep the paparazzi on their toes, and distracted. Sometimes the tips to the press about who is getting what done come from leaks from the inside including staff, personal assistants of the stars, or even the insurance providers. Either way these types of leaks end up being investigated like a federal offence.

14 Two Stars Once Saw Each Other In The Doctor's Office After Getting Work Done

Sometimes Hollywood doctors end up in an awkward situation where celebrities who know each other, or even work together, are unknowingly seeking treatment at the same time. One surgeon reported about a very successful television show, with two stars who ended up unwittingly scheduling surgery on the exact same day as one another, but neither wanted anyone on their show to know what they were up to. Dr. Robert Singer, Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery, University of California recalled, “After the surgeries, the nurses are freaking out trying to make sure they don’t see each other. But in the end they did, and it was the weirdest moment.” Singer said, no one said anything, and although awkward, it was actually hilarious.

13 They Still Proceed Even If The Patient Is Too Young

Sometimes stars are under the watchful eye of celebrity life far before they are old enough to be able to make really informed decisions. This also means that they are opting for surgical enhancements well before they are fully grown up, which can be as late as age 19 before they reach their body’s own full maturation. Denise Richards went under the knife to increase her cup size when she was just 19. Ariel Winter took the opposite route, and underwent breast reduction surgery at 17 years young. When Jenny McCarthy was just 19 she scrimped and saved for a $1,500 boob job that involved no anesthesia. As a result she was too young for the surgery and had to go back under the knife two more times to fix the original operation.

12 The Three Clients No Doctor Wants

According to a surgeon to the stars there are three types of clients that no one wants.

The first kind is the face-lift junkies who are literally addicted to going under the knife. Dr. Mayer dishes, “The idea is to take up the slack, not stretch the skin. If you stretch it, they get that awful plastic-surgery, pulled-back look. Who wants that? They come in looking like that and want to know if I can pull them tighter.”

The second category are insecure celebrities who are incredibly indecisive. They know that there is something that is bothering them about their look, but they can’t communicate what it is that they want.

The third is those who are very critical and think that no surgeon is capable of providing work that would make them happy.

11 Many Offices Include Private Suites So The Stars Can Recover In Privacy

Sometimes surgery doesn’t exactly go as planned, whether it’s a botched tummy tuck, liposuction or some enhancement work, and some doctors are known for being able to fix these unfortunate results, with this type of work becoming the main part of their practice.

Doctor Simeon Wall Jr., has an office that comes with cushy guest suites so some of the better known VIP patients are able to keep under the radar and recover from their bruises and other surgical side effects in privacy, away from the critical eye of paparazzi. The nurses are on call to make sure that bandages are changed in a timely manner, and that the stars receive the best possible treatment to help speed their recovery.

10 They Can Only Do So Much

We’ve all heard about people transforming themselves to look like a Barbie doll or various other people, but those are very extreme cases and what a surgeon can really do is very much dependent upon the human canvas that is provided before the very first procedure. How much better can a surgeon make a client look? Dr. Mayer confesses, “If A is the best and an E is the worst, sometimes I can take them up from a D to a B, but that’s the exception.” When talking about a client from very early in his career he confided, “Her nose looked like a baked potato and I said to her, 'You know, I’m never going to make you an attractive nose.'”  He confirmed the result was a better baked potato.

9 Buyer's Remorse Is A Thing Even In This Industry

If magazine covers tell us anything, it’s how too much of a good thing, whether it’s a buxom bosom or tight and taught skin, can also cause them to lose work. It can also cause them to look unlike themselves, which is also bad for business. Cameron Diaz says she tried Botox once and will never do it again. The star told E! News “It changed my face in such a weird way that I was like, ‘No, I don’t want to be like that.’ I’d rather see my face ageing than a face that doesn’t belong to me at all.” Real Housewife of New York City Bethenny Frankel had second thoughts about the implants she got in 2005, having them removed just three years later and said, “I looked like a stripper, I don’t think your breasts should be the first thing people notice when you enter a room.”

8 It’s Often Their Inner Circle Who Spills

Celebs know that their doctors have a professional obligation not to spill the details of who is getting what done where, but that doesn’t mean that their inner circle, entourage, or significant other isn’t going to go blabbing about their secrets. Jenni ‘JWoww' of Jersey Shore fame experienced this first hand when post-surgery her ex-boyfriend decided to take some naughty pictures of her brand new assets. She was still under anesthesia when the pictures were taken. Odds are most celebs want to unveil their new look on their own timeline, not care of unauthorized cellphone images. JWoww has decided to own her use of surgery and has since admitted going under the knife several more times since, including a second boob job after she had her baby in 2015.

7 The Tara Reid Experience

There are some jobs that doctors will proudly admit as their own, then there are others that we’re certain they’d rather not be associated with. Tara Reid is a prime example of a very pretty young woman who ruined her looks because of shoddy the surgery. Reid has said, “If I had to do it again, I never would have done it in the first place.” In talking about the breast enhancement and body contouring she’d undergone the American Pie turned Sharknado star told The View, “First of all, I asked for big Bs [B cups], and he did not give me big Bs, He gave me Cs, and I didn’t want them.” She added, “My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing, I had a hernia, this huge bump next to my bellybutton. As a result, I couldn’t wear a bikini. I lost a lot of work.

6 The Real Recovery Time

In the fast paced world of acting and celebrity appearances, things need to move very quickly in terms of recovery from surgery. Dr. Mayer says women undergoing his famous brow-lift can get surgery on Thursday and be back on the job by Monday. Those who are having a face-lift need to wait a full two weeks to get back into the public eye. As for scheduling, a good surgeon isn’t going to let a client book unless they are in the right mind-frame. If a client is going through a divorce or is trying to prevent a spouse from straying, a solid surgeon is going to make them take some time to think about their decision and really make sure that the reasoning for surgery is one that’s psychologically sound.

5 A Job Too Well Done

Jennifer Aniston’s nose job may have very well been the difference between her being awarded the highly coveted role of spoiled princess Rachel Green on Friends, but not everyone is so lucky. One of the dangers of going under the knife to get a new look is that the surgeon does such a ‘good job’ that the actor is virtually unrecognizable.

This most famously happened to Dirty Dancing actor Jennifer Grey, who had her nose job in 1989 following her breakthrough role and was unrecognizable to fans in an instant. Jennifer told The Mirror of her experience, “I went into the ­operating room a ­celebrity and came out anonymous. It was the nose job from hell. I’ll always be this once-famous actor nobody ­recognizes because of a nose job.”

4 Sometimes Celebs Will Out Themselves On Bad Decisions

While most stars will swear that they haven’t had any medical assistance, others will readily admit what they’ve tried to look young, even if it was a mistake. Kelly Ripa once dished to her morning talk show audience about the time she tried Botox, and how terrible it was. The petite blonde joked that the results were so awful it left her with two ‘bad sides.’ Kelly explained that as a result, she had trouble even smiling for around six months afterwards, which caused fans to inquire what was wrong with the normally chipper and perky star. People speculated that she was in a constant bad mood and upset, when it was simply an unfortunate side effect of her treatment.

3 Celebrities Saving ‘Face’

One thing that stars need to keep in mind when they’re getting work done is that it’s probably best to do some ‘maintenance’ work instead of waiting too long, only to have people notice a dramatic change in appearance. Surgeon to the stars Dr. Frankel says of recommendations to clients, "If the change is subtle, you’ll get away with it. People will say things like, ‘God, that woman never ages. She looks amazing.’” He also says that he needs to remind clients that just because they are a particular age when they get work done, it doesn’t mean they’ll forever remain looking that age, and that surgery won’t literally stop the clock. These types of unrealistic expectations are what have many doctors turning potential patients down.

2 They Can't Brag About Who They've Done Work On

Discretion is key when it comes to receiving and keeping clients, and getting whisper referrals. A surgeon can’t broadcast who they’ve done work for without ruining the confidence of the clients they need. Doctors know that celebrities are applauded for their honesty about certain controversial vices or addictions in their lives, but a nip, tuck, and surgical tweak isn’t one of them. Dr. Toby Mayer says that it’s okay for stars to admit to addiction issues, but not surgical trips to the fountains of youth. He adds, “You don’t admit you’ve had plastic surgery. Every time I watch TV, I see someone swearing they haven’t had surgery – and the last time I saw them, they were on my operating table.”

1 Sometimes Doctors Say No, But Many Do It Just Because The Stars Are Huge

The way their clients look is often the most whispered about advertisement when it comes to celebrity surgeons. While some don’t want to turn down work, others know the importance of turning down a job, particularly when it’s in the best interest of the patient, and the image of the integrity of the practice. Toby Mayer prides himself on not approving all surgical requests. Rumours around Hollywood say that he was the doctor who said no to Michael Jackson when contacted surrounding yet another nose job. Mayer says, “I have to be careful how I advertise, and so I turn people down. Of course someone like Michael Jackson will always get someone to operate on him.” Mayer just knows he doesn’t want to be the doctor known for those types of procedures.

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