15 Confessions On What Guys Find Strangely Attractive About Women

The majority of girls always ask themselves, what are the things that men find attractive in women. So many studies have been conducted to find a clear-cut answer to such a query. These studies tried to find out what men are really interested in. Of course, such a question has been posted for many decades. Asking such questions, this means that many people have a profound idea about it. Yet the majority of scientists have been male researchers who tried hard to figure out what women want in regard to men. But, unfortunately, they spent much less time finding out the reverse; what makes women attractive to men! However, they have proven that there is no ideal answer. Don't get worried. There is still some hope rising in the horizon. But let's not exaggerate. In any case, a lot of research focused only on looks. Men get attracted to women because women are fertile, which means that men focus on women's bodies, even their other features like their personalities. The attraction means that men don’t always concentrate on only physical features, like paying attention to women's beauty, fit bodies, clothing style, and so on. If you track down scientific findings, you will get to one amazing truth: men love many things about women. Where did we do our research? Whisper! If you wonder what men like, read below the 15 Whisper confessions about what guys find strangely attractive about women.

15 She is attractive when pregnant


You may feel that you’re a fat woman when you’re pregnant, and you may feel nasty and miserable, but the truth is that it really gets your partner going when thinking about your pregnancy. Men find pregnant women irresistible and pretty, and they are indisputably attracted to them. Something is charming for men with pregnancy and pregnant women. As we mentioned, you think that people are calling you fat, and they look at you with pity, but this is not true at all. Men love pregnant women; you may observe your man holding you from the back and putting his hands on your belly while you're watching a movie or looking at you with a look full of love. He really loves your big belly, and he finds you very attractive and pretty. So, have a rest and enjoy, being pregnant. Erase all these wrong thoughts away from your mind.

14 She is attractive when wearing sweatpants and T-shirt


Sweatpants are silky, smooth, and so easy to put on and take off. There are many brands of sweatpants, and all of them are amazing and sometimes tacky. But we didn't mention the most important thing about sweatpants and T-shirts; they make you look really nice and insanely pretty. Men find women attractive in the old torn T-shirts that you haven’t worn since your college days or a ripped T-shirt that you would think that isn’t attractive or hideous. Your man will find you super attractive wearing sweats and an old T-shirt. These kinds of clothes make your partner want to come up, grab you and kiss you. They love how your body looks in them. It lets him see everything underneath, and the ripped T-shirt will let him sneak his hands on both sides for a hug. Not only will you be comfortable in these clothes you will be comfortable with your partner.

13 She is attractive when playing with your son


People have found that women who have a sense of humor, sweet spirit and who love playing with children are more attractive to men. These features are especially true for men who are searching for a lifelong partner to be happy with. Men want to provide their relationship with the love and warmth it needs to be successful. Being a woman who likes to play with children makes you interesting to a man. Your partner doesn’t want to get stuck with a woman that might be a jerk and not cheerful for the rest of his life. That’s why studies assure that playfulness is a must in all phases of life. It’s just good for your soul and your future with your partner and your kids. So, be cheerful and playful to be attractive to your partner.

12 She is attractive when both share the same interests


Men have so many interests, and they are attracted to women who share the same interests as them. For example, if a man loves dogs, and if you are passionate about dogs too, men will find you attractive. Finding things you are passionate about is an easy step which you can exploit for your own good. What is not attractive is just having a set of skills or interests where you keep it for yourself without the ability to add or modify your skills to get your man’s interest. You could have a little set of skills, but with the right recruitment, your man will find you super attractive. For example, men find women attractive if they like playing the piano or putting their feelings into a painting, especially playing a musical instrument. When you share with your partner the same interests, he will definitely find you more attractive.

11 She is attractive when she plays video games


Being attractive doesn’t only depend on how beautiful or how physically pretty you are, it depends more on your personality, sense of humor and activities you might participate in. You might be beautiful and in good shape, but if you're selfish, and your feelings are cold, you are not attractive to men. In contrast, you might not have many beauty standards, but you have a funny, cheerful, and joyful personality and you know how to make a man get into you, this makes you more attractive to men. Participating in activities will make you more attractive than being physically beautiful or having a curvy body. An example of this is women who play video games. A woman who plays violent video games are consistent with a man's character, and this makes her more attractive to him.

10 She is attractive when she is confident


Men always appreciate and admire women who have high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. Men like women who can stand on their own, speak wisely and walk with confidence. Your partner will find that you’re not a little girl who needs more and more attention and care. Men will see that you’re a young lady that is confident, powerful and can run their part of the relationship. However, you don’t always have to be powerful and confident because your partner will want to see that you need him and also need his protection and attention. He likes to feel that he is useful, and his presence is important to you. When you’re at home, he likes to be in charge, and you always take his opinion and consult with him when you run your life and your relationship.

9 She is attractive when she is sleeping


Here are what some men said on Reddit about watching women when they sleep at how attractive it is. When a woman goes to sleep, she looks more like a baby sleeping in his bed, being at ease with an angel face and pure spirit. She looks so adorable and cute. When a girlfriend sleeps curled up into her partner with her pajamas on and her heavenly face, he finds her so attractive and peaceful. He tends to keep looking at her and wakes up before she does in order not to disturb her. However, he knows that he is into her, and he is so attracted to her body and spirit. Men find women, especially attractive when she wears cute shorts and a ripped T-shirt to sleep.

8 She is attractive when she puts her hair up in a bun


Do guys like the girls' messy hair? Do you think that a girl might be attractive when she puts her hair up in a bun? Many guys see it is quite cute! When you get up in the morning, and your hair is all messed up, you look cute and more attractive to the hungry eyes of your guy. When he runs his fingers through your messy locks, he feels exciting chills run through his body. He will melt in front of you when he runs his hands through your messy hair. However, guys might find it attractive when they think that you do not comb your hair very often, but put it up in a bun. But don't worry; you can change such a feeling using a few fantastic methods that your hairstylist will show you. Utilizing your incredible looks and body language with your messy hair, will make you more attractive to a man.

7 She is attractive wearing her partner's boxers


When a girl wears her boyfriend’s clothes like his underwear, she is actually switching roles. Generally, the world looks at women as a symbol of weakness and subsidiary, and they look at men as power, strength and being dominant. So, when a woman takes on a man’s role she is taking the male identifiers, which is viewed as a symbol of power and strength. In contrast, when a man takes on the female role and identifiers, he is seen as weak and subsidiary, and this is not a normal thing for people to do. Because when a man wears women’s clothes he looks bad, and by doing this you’re seen as being sexually subsidiary, and you're taking the feminine gender role. So, when a woman takes on a male role and wears his boxers, this man sees her as attractive and pretty.

6 She is attractive when she dresses up


Clothes play an important role in the life of both men and women. In fact, women are more interested in clothes and the way they deal with them than men are. Clothes constitute a part of a women’s lifestyle. You, as a woman, know very well that your clothes actually reveal what your soul hides, including passion, love, warm feelings, and even desire. When you look for nice clothes and search for better ones, you declare your flowing feelings and delicate sensations. Your thoughts and passions are hidden in your clothes, and show off once you wear them. However, many women fall into the trap of wearing clothes that everyone else is wearing. Wearing clothes that don’t show off your personality can make your life more and more boring. Do not give your partner an excuse to abandon his flowing feelings towards you. Be witty; keep wearing clothes that show off your personality.

5 She is attractive when she wears no makeup


Cosmetics have evolved throughout all countries, and they are not expensive for you to purchase. Being inexpensive makes them easy to get and to apply them to your face. It is correct that make-up can make women more beautiful, especially when it is applied professionally, but this is not the point we're trying to make. Many men see that make-up is a less important element of beauty that can be left out of their daily routines. Others allege that all women can do without it. Instead of putting layers of paints on their faces and using undesirable, fake eyelashes, women will appear more beautiful when they substitute this for wearing attractive clothes. In fact, men find women so pretty when they do not use any kind of makeup at all. Be natural; this is what men really like. There is no problem with using makeup, but most men prefer women in their natural state.

4 She is attractive when she wears your Star Wars pajama pants


Regarding clothes, women do their best to wear clothing that brings out the best in men. When you wear clothes that men like, they praise you and say nice things to you all the time. Women love stylish men; therefore, they try hard to be stylish, too. Men seem to be attracted to women when they wear nice clothing. Women are good at choosing clothes that can attract and lure men into doing what they want. They know how to wear clothes in a way that can arouse their feelings of love. Does this mean that wearing those Star Wars pajama pants that your partner likes will keep you in an intimate relationship with him? The answer is simply, yes. Clothes, and the way you wear them, can play a crucial role in strengthening your relationship with your partner. Thus, you have to pay attention to what you wear every time you two are together.

3 She is attractive when she smiles or laughs


Do you have a sense of humor? Do you usually smile and laugh even when you are not so happy? It is a well-known fact that smiling at your guy could make him go wild over you. Your white teeth appearing through your smooth lips can do wonders to a man. According to a study published in Evolution and Human Behavior, the kind of humor both men and women find attractive is different. The study found that while women like the ability to be funny and to like the same kind of things they found funny as men, men were one-sided with what they found attractive. Men find women that have an overall sense of humor and a smile are more attractive than those that don’t laugh at all. So, if you don’t have a sense of humor or a smile, try to develop it because you will attract more men to you.

2 She is attractive when she wears high heels


Some women, if not all, think that high-heel shoes bestow elegance on their appearance. Some men allege that such high heels make women's legs look long and also make them look thinner. Women who are not blessed with long legs or those who are short might need to wear such shoes. Women’s legs need to appear in a normal shape to be more attractive to men. But in fact, so many men like to see women in high heels, as they find them prettier. What makes high heels attract both men's and women's eyes is the media that always shows attractive advertisements which give more importance to such products. Some studies have shown high heels were associated with a greater overall physical attractiveness to other men, and willingness for a date to happen. Now, whether you want to be approached or left blissfully alone, consider there's a shoe height for that.

1 She is attractive wearing tank tops


Wearing tank tops! Tank tops might have something that brings out the best in women. When wearing a tank top, women show off their nice arms, outstanding chest, tempting abs, and even their midriff. Of course, all women are beautiful, but some of them prefer appearing on the streets or in public places wearing these tops. Such tank tops are very attractive and appealing to men. Women always feel very happy seeing men looking at them with hungry eyes. Fortunately, men, in turn, like to be led astray and tempted by beautiful women. For such a reason, women do their best to appear more beautiful and pretty. Many women usually wear tank tops, and they are not limited to celebrities. Celebrities might wear such clothes just to get comfortable because of the nature of their work. But other women wear them to become more beautiful.

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