15 Confessions About Crazy Baby Mamas

In today's world, baby mamas are very common. Back in the day, such a thing was almost unthinkable, and it was very rare. Divorce just wasn't as prevalent as it is now. For better or for worse, marriages don't seem to last very long, and more and more children are being born out of wedlock. In these situations, the women who give birth to children are left to raise their kids by themselves. They are not girlfriends, nor are they wives, so in the end the only logical thing to call them is "baby mamas." These women often get the short end of the stick in life. It's definitely no woman's dream to raise a child by themselves, and it's one of the hardest jobs in the world. Sometimes they are abandoned by their men, and sometimes they just don't think their man is responsible enough to be a father.

But in other situations, baby mamas can abuse the system. The law almost always takes the side of baby mamas. Often baby mamas are the ones who are best suited to raise the kid. But other times, the father is the sane one in the relationship, and the kid would actually be in much better hands with the dad. The dad also has to pay child support no matter what. This is of course not a bad thing, but again, sometimes that system is abused. But by far the worst thing that can happen to a guy is his baby mama turning out to be completely psycho...


15 She Found Out Her Crush Had A Baby Mama... 

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When you meet the love of your life, everything can seem great. But then you start hearing about all their problems, and this can include a lot of baggage if you're not lucky... Turns out this particular dude, who a girl thought was really hot, had a baby mama. Sadly, she was so crazy and weird that there was no hope of even pursuing a relationship with this guy. In the end, this girl wished she could go back in time and convince this guy to use protection:

"I little while ago I met a guy. He was funny, and nerdy, super hot, and played in a band, and basically all I could want in a dude, except that he's 25 with a 5-year-old daughter. So that was a big giant NO right there. Last night his daughters mom was going all sorts of crazy posting on his wall, writing, "You better answer your phone when your daughter is trying to call," and "She just dumped water all over the floor because you won't answer you phone." I've gotten some crap from guys before about how it's horrible that I won't give a man a chance just because he has a kid, but this is a perfect example of why I will never do that. Because despite all his awesome traits, and even if his kid was the best kid ever, he still has to deal with this chick he knocked up 5 years ago who will never, ever be out of his life."

14 His Baby Mama Wants To Initiate Their Daughter Into A Cult... 

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Okay, so there are some baby mamas that aren't so bad. These women just want to get on with their lives, and make sure their kid has the best life possible. This particular baby mama was not one of those women. As this girl reveals, her boyfriend and his baby mama have a very weird relationship. And a big part of that is because the baby mama is really, really weird. The girlfriend suspects she's on drugs, and she always seems spacey. But what's even worse is the fact that the baby mama supposedly wants to initiate the daughter into a cult:

"My boyfriend and his ex get along okay, could be better, could be much worse. A lot of the times it seems as though she is not fully there, like she is on drugs. Although he told me she was always spacey like that and he doesn't think drugs are involved although he is not 100% sure. She's also involved into some sort of 'cult' activities, and my boyfriend is worried she will take their daughter to join a cult and he'll never be able to see her again." Wow.

13 His Baby Mama Keeps Falsely Calling The Cops On Them

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Pretty much everyone has heard a few nightmarish baby mama stories in their life. It doesn't happen all the time, but on occasion baby mamas can act very irrationally, bordering on the insane. While you might have heard some crazy stories, you probably haven't heard anything as insane as this. Not only was this baby mama making false calls to the police, sending cops to their house, but she was also sending nasty texts to her baby daddy's sister! She didn't even do anything wrong! Read the confession for yourself:

"It started about 3 days ago when the police unexpectedly showed up to our house. The front door was open because my sister went to go feed our dog in the backyard, so in comes the police saying that they have to do a walk through because they received a call about a domestic dispute. After they left my sister started receiving text messages and phone calls from my brother ex girlfriend. She called my sister some very vulgar names and that made me so angry because she is only 16 and she doesn't need this drama. On top of that she has been saying she's gonna keep calling the police on us and, keep making false reports. Over the course of 3 days she has called child protective services on my brother, she has been calling and texting my sister, my mother, and I non stop since 8 AM this morning. I am so angry, frustrated, and scared."

12 Her Husband's Baby Mama Sent Her Own Son Inappropriate Pics

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Baby mamas can be crazy. They can do all kinds of insane things, but one of the craziest things you'll ever hear about is this little story. It's told from the point of view of the stepmom. She did a little modelling, including some tasteful but risqué photos she put on Instagram. No big deal. Well, the baby mama of her stepson thought it would be a good idea to send the little boy those photos... What was she thinking? Here is what she had to say:

"I am stepmom. I've been doing a little bit of modelling to keep myself motivated to stick to a new, medically necessary lifestyle. Nothing explicit, just a few shoots with local photographers, and also my husband who dabbles in photography. I put some of the pictures on Instagram. Baby mama found my account and sent some photos (censored, because Instagram) to her 11-year-old son (my stepson). Is that legal, sending photos of an adult to a minor? I understand her doing this and also talking trash about me to her 40k followers looks bad on her, but should I be worried?"

11 His Baby Mama Moved In And Kicked The Girlfriend Out

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Usually baby daddies want nothing to do with their baby mamas. They just want them out of their lives, and see them as an annoyance, especially if they're acting crazy. But that's not exactly how this scenario played out. This baby mama basically preyed upon the guy's sympathies until he let her move back in... Then she encouraged the guy to not let his girlfriend come over anymore "because it would be too awkward." Needless to say, it looks like this relationship is pretty much over:

"I met my boyfriend a year ago, and we were friends for 6 months before we started dating. Everything was good. I adore his children. Then his baby mama told him about her mistake. She told her cousin that she was moving out, but didn't find a place first. Her cousin found someone to rent the room she is in and now she can't find a place because she has bad credit. Anyway, my boyfriend told me about his kids living there, but hinted that she was moving in as well because she made him feel guilty. I am sure that if he made his baby mom suffer, his children will hate him. I do not want that. It really bothers me that I can't go to his apartment anymore. He doesn't call after nine like he usually does. He tells me, 'Baby, it's only temporary,' and 'I don't want things to be awkward, so don't come over because she's here.'" This sounds like a really messed up situation.

10 His Roommate Got Arrested Because Of Baby Mama Drama

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Sometimes you stumble upon some crazy baby drama without even realizing it. That's exactly what happened to this one guy, who only wanted to rent a place to live. He ended up living with this roommate, but little did he know the guy had a restraining order against him from his baby mama. In a bizarre turn of events, the baby mama came over to his place, and then called the cops on him, telling them he had broken the restraining order:

"I had to move quickly, and found a place on Craigslist within my price range. The place was a decent 3 bed house, I'd be sharing with a guy I'll call Cali-bro. It turned out that Cali-bro rented out the rooms because he just had a big split with his baby mama, and needed help with the rent. I didn't know much about what went on between them, but Baby Mama's Dad was involved and so was a restraining order."

"I was hanging out in the living room and Cali-bro comes over, sits on the couch, but doesn't say anything to me. He makes a few phone calls to his friends and all I pick up was 'If they call, tell them I'm at such & such place.' Shortly after he gets up and leaves without saying a word to me. I look outside to see a squad car, and two officers knock at the door. Turns out the restraining order was put into place because he was starting to get violent and her parents had the order put on to protect them. I have no idea what broke it, because she was the one to come to his house."

9 Her Brother's Baby Mama Thinks He's Turning Their Kid Gay

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There are many legitimate reasons why a baby mama would want a kid to stop being around his biological father. Some examples would be alcoholism, violence, and being irresponsible. But what kind of person would want their kid to stop being around their father just because he was gay? That's exactly what happened with this baby mama, and she's now fighting to take away his father's rights, just because he is now gay and dates a man:

"My brother, who has a child with a woman he is no longer dating, is now dating a man, and now his baby mama is withholding their child because 'he needs a man not a [girl]' and she 'doesn't want him growing up in that lifestyle because it'll turn him gay.' Please, does anyone know what we could do? They have been apart for some time now, and my brother is now dating a man. My brother was only 15-years-old when he found out she (also 15) was pregnant, and immediately went out and got a job and worked his a*s off to provide for that child. Being a father brings him a happiness nothing else in this world does, so to see him unable to see his son due to this girl keeping him away for such horrible reasons is devastating."


8 He's A Teenage Dad With A Transgender Girlfriend AND A Lesbian Baby Mama

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You've undoubtedly heard some crazy stories in your life, but I doubt you've ever heard anything as crazy as this. They say that truth is stranger than fiction. Well, this is definitely an example of that. This guy claims to be three crazy, unbelievable things. First of all, he claims to be a teenage father. Unusual, but not that unheard of. Second of all, he claims to have a transgender girlfriend. Again, that's unusual but not unheard of. And third of all, he claims to have a lesbian baby mama. Those three things put together make for one of the craziest stories you'll ever hear:

"I am a teenage father with a transgender girlfriend and a lesbian baby mama... My baby mama used to identify more as bi. But mostly it's because she had the opportunity to [be intimate] with me and a certain girl. She went with it so she could be with that girl. We (her especially) are very fortunate to have financial security thanks to our parents, as well as ample support in caring for them. We felt we could give them a good life and I mean, I feel like that's reason enough. I do remember telling her, very early on in the pregnancy, that if she didn't want to be a mom yet, I'd still want her to have the baby and give me full custody. Not sure if that influenced her decision or not."

7 Four Years Later, She Tells Him That The Daughter Is His... And She Wants Child Support

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Sometimes, one-night stands can seem like a lot of fun. But they're not so enjoyable when they come back to bite you in the behind. That's exactly what happened to this guy after his one-night stand, only he had to wait a full four years until the girl came back and informed him that he had gotten her pregnant. And of course, she also demanded four years worth of child support. But the worst part is that she didn't even let him see his own daughter, even after he had complied and gone through with the child support payments:

"I knocked up a chick from a one-night stand when I was 18 and she never told me I was a dad. I moved away from that town and when she (my kid) was 4 I got called to HR to fill out some papers. Yup, child support. I was shocked to say the least and the HR lady treated me like scum of the earth. I got a hold of the chick and got a DNA test, and yup, I'm a dad. The mom wouldn't let me see her and then the boyfriend came home and started threatening me that he was going too call the cops for trespassing and make up some 'good s*** to tell them when they get here.' I had just gotten out of a pretty lengthy stay in county jail and was on probation, which would have meant going back to county, so I bailed."

6 This Baby Mama Took Him To Court And Drained All His Money...

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Sometimes, you have to know when to quit. And the way the legal system works, it's very hard to go to court against your baby mama and win. In this case, the baby mama was claiming falsely that he was abusing his child. In the end, he wasted a bunch of money defending himself in court, and still lost all his rights with his own daughter. In the end, he had to just quit and move out of the state:

"Without getting into too much detail, I had a one-night stand with a beautiful girl I met at the club. I didn't see her again for almost two years, when she connected with me through a mutual friend and demanded child support. I demanded a paternity test and then demanded visitation. The paternity test showed that the little girl is my daughter, which is weird because I was definitely wearing [protection]. Visitation went okay for about two years until she met a guy and wanted me out of their life. So she went to court and claimed that I was abusing my daughter. I spent a lot of money defending myself, and ended up still paying child support but no longer had any rights. I moved out of state for my job."

5 He Hooked Up For The First Time And Years Later, He Sees On Facebook The Son Looks Identical To Him...

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They say being intimate for the first time should be a magical, special experience. Well, this guy's first time came back to haunt him years later. He was only 14 when it happened, and it was something that he will never forget. Years later, on a complete whim, he went on Facebook to see what the girl he was with had become. It turned out that she had a son... and it looked just like him. He won't tell anyone about this, and it's likely that no one will ever find out who the real father is:

"I found out she was pregnant later on but my cousin assured me the father was her boyfriend (whom she cheated on with me). For about a year, I was terrified she would come looking for me to get a DNA test. Never happened. I kind of forgot about all of this and moved on until recently. Out of curiosity, I went on Facebook and found the girl, then saw her with her 20-year-old son in one of her pictures and he looks exactly like me, albeit a bit "white trash" type. After looking at all of his pictures, I'm about 99% sure I am the father. His dad looks nothing like him. I doubt he will ever find out."

4 He Needed Therapy After This Baby Mama

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Sometimes, baby mamas can drive guys to near insanity. This is definitely an example of that. Part of the reason this can happen is because men end up paying a large percentage of their income towards child support in many cases. Not only is this particular guy paying for his kid's stuff, but he's also paying for braces and other expenses for three other children that his baby mama has from previous marriages. Now, he's completely losing his mind, and desperately needs many hours of therapy:

"My ex has three girls from her two previous marriages, and we have one daughter together (for a total of 4 female children). We 'broke up' over a year ago when I left after yet another humiliation (scolding me for not keeping her house clean while babysitting her three girls and making them dinner, in front of the children and other adults). In that time, I've still been paying child support, buying other things for her house, I've liquidated my 401k to pay off her car, and I'm paying for braces for one of the girls (not my own) through a monthly plan. During this time she's been friendly, and I've been trying to date. During a fight she sent me a pic of her and her new boyfriend, and I lost it to the point where I needed therapy (and am still in counselling)."

3 His Baby Mama Cheated On Him Ten Times... And He Still Loves Her

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This guy definitely has it rough. Not only does he have to deal with having a baby mama, but there's also the constant memories of her cheating on him ten different times. They are no longer together, because he broke it off after he found out about her cheating. But something deep down inside of him still loves that girl. To make matters even more complicated, he just got another girl pregnant. He desperately needs advice:

"I'm 27 years old and I have a 4-month-old daughter from the girl I been for 5 years. I'm no longer with her because found out she cheated on me ten times. I've been seeing this other girl who I've been with for a year now, who I got pregnant. I never cheated on my ex and we still talk – the thing is that I love her after all of this, and I know my daughter is mine.. Sorry, I know this doesn't make sense."

2 His Baby Mama Might Come Back For Child Support One Day... 

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We've all heard stories where a baby mama won't stay out of a man's life. But what about the opposite? What happens when a baby mama doesn't want anything to do with you? For some men, this can seem like the best outcome possible. But as many other Redditors pointed out after hearing this confession, it's not as good as it seems. This girl could come back and demand years and years of child support at any time. He's going to be living a paranoid life for years. Many Redditors advised him to leave the state, change his name, and get a new phone number:

"I recently hooked up with a woman from Los Angeles at Burning Man. She is a 35-year-old professional with a solid career and masters degree. Fast forward 8 weeks and she contacts me to let me know that she is pregnant and plans to have the child. We had a brief phone conversation where she told me she had made up her mind and was set with her decision. She did not have any desire to have me understand her thought process. She said she had no expectations for me to be involved and she told me this would be the last time she contacted me. I afraid she will change her mind. In 5 years, she may decide she wants financial or parental support. She didn't ask me about my genetics or family medical issues, but I'd assume she'll want to know that someday."

1 He's Okay With His Wife Cheating And Being Someone Else's Baby Mama

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Obviously, when a man's wife cheats on him, it's a really big deal. But when she gets pregnant by that man... Well, then that's a whole different matter. For the rest of your life, there is a living, breathing reminder of the wife's infidelity. Such a thing could drive a man insane. But what if he just accepts it? That might seem unthinkable, but that's exactly what this husband did. And if that wasn't bad enough, he even put his name down as the father on the birth certificate, knowing the baby wasn't even his:

"My mom has been with the child's father for a long time on and off. Why my dad hasn't divorced her I'll never know. They've been separated legally twice, still living together now. They are acting like everything is normal. About 6 years ago when she told me she was pregnant I knew something wasn't right. I'd known about her affair for years. For some reason parents always assume their kids are stupid and oblivious and they both thought none of us had a clue. Well, my dad started working out of town more and more. I basically am seeing him on weekends when he comes home when my mom isn't there for a while. I have to be the one to help around the house the entire pregnancy. I drove my mom to the hospital at 4 in the morning as my dad was out of town. He actually showed up for the birth and I believe on the birth certificate he is the father."

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