15 Comic Book Characters That Should Never Appear On Screen Again

For many years, now comic book movies have dominated the box office. Even long before Marvel and DC put their comic book universe onto the screens with an all inclusive and integrated universe with the MCU, the X-Men universe, and the DCEU, comic book movies were still big business and have been for a long time.

Because of this, a lot of comic book characters get used, reused, rebooted, and redesigned pretty much every year. Major movie producers like to use a lot of the same characters again and again rather than choosing to fully explore the wealth of characters in the comic book world. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people out there are getting sick and tired of comic book movies and to be fair, they have a right to be. With this list we look at 15 comic book characters that should never be seen on screen again. We're not saying that these characters are bad, in fact we love a lot of them, but it's time these characters took a break from our screens so some time can be given to other characters.

15 Doomsday

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We start our list with a character that has only actually appeared once on the big screen. Although Doomsday has been a prominent character within the comic books and in the animated movie and TV world, Doomsday has only been on the big screen once and that was in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Although Doomsday has only been used in one movie, we feel it's important to add him to our list as once is enough for this character. The fact is that Doomsday only has one purpose and one design and that is to kill Superman. Although he did, or at least appeared to in Batman v Superman, there is no need to use him again. We know that Superman is coming back in the Justice League movie so using Doomsday again in any up and coming DCEU movie would be a complete waste of time as he clearly possess no threat and he wouldn't add anything to any movie he's in.

14 Doctor Doom

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Poor Doctor Doom. Our next entry has suffered badly at the hands of movie executives that have tried desperately hard to get a Fantastic Four franchise going. As a result, the character of Doctor Doom has suffered greatly and because of this, many casual viewers out there think that Doctor Doom is just a typical, 2 dimensional villain that is just there for The Fantastic Four to have someone to battle.

The fact is that Doctor Doom is one of the most complex, powerful, and entertaining characters that Marvel has ever created and for people to realize this they need to stop forcing Doctor Doom into every Fantastic Four movie they make. If they really wanted to do the character justice then Doctor Doom would need his own space and possibly even his own movie in order to tell his story. However, as a Doctor Doom solo movie seems unlikely, they need to stop using this character on screen before they destroy him completely.

13 Lex Luther


Our next entry is another supervillain that gets used again and again and again. Lex Luthor is possibly the most famous supervillain in all of the comic books. The arch nemesis to The Man of Steel has been a dominating and imposing figure in the DC universe for many, many years now.

It's understandable that DC, and in particular Superman movies, use Lex whenever they want a supervillain, but how many times is too much? We think that time has come and Lex should take a break from our movie screens. Over the years Lex has been used in all but two Superman movies, and even in the rebooted DC universe with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Lex is the ultimate villain that created the friction between Batman and Superman and then unleashed Doomsday. It looks set that he is to appear in the Justice League movies too which is a step too far. DC has some truly great villains and characters they can use, why do they keep going back to Lex Luthor?

12 Loki

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Our next entry is actually an interesting one and the overuse of this character is probably down to popularity rather than anything else. Thor's adoptive brother Loki has been causing mischief and mayhem for his brother and the rest of the Marvel universe in comic books for many years. So when the MCU started up on the movie screens and they wanted to introduce Thor, of course Loki wouldn't be far behind. After all, Loki is an important part in Thor's story.

The problem with Loki in the MCU is that he has now become their "go to" bad guy as he has appeared in most of their movies, and not just the Thor movies either. It seems like the MCU can't let go of Loki either, or get passed him and use different characters. We do feel that this has more to do with Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki expertly, but even so, there are other bad guys to use, Marvel.

11 Harry Osborn/The Green Goblin 

For our next entry we should actually include all the Osborn family and versions of The Green Goblin. Firstly, The Green Goblin is not a very interesting character to have on screen but because he is heavily associated with Spider-Man, we understand why he was the main villain in the original Spider-Man movie. However, since then, several versions of the Green Goblin have turned up a few times. In Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, both of these were Harry Osborn as The Green Goblin.

This leads us onto Harry Osborn himself. Apart from in the first Amazing Spider-Man, in which he was only mentioned in the background, Harry Osborn has been in every big screen adaptation of Spider-Man and we feel enough is enough. Both interpretations of the character haven't been great as Harry seems to be played as a pathetic and whiny brat. While it's true that Harry does have those qualities, in the comic books he is so much more than this and therefore it's time for Harry, and the Osborns, to take a break from our screens.

10 Zod

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When you have a superhero that is as powerful as Superman is then it can be difficult to bring in a villain that is equally as powerful. Unfortunately, producers seem to turn to fellow Kryptonian Zod as their go to Superman equal. In both incarnations of Zod on the big screen, Zod has been either a criminal or social outcast that wants revenge on what's been done to him.

In the movies that he's appeared in, his story has been truly told and there is no need to include him in any future Superman movies or reboots. As with Doomsday, Zod possesses no new threats to The Man of Steel and therefore he should be banished to The Phantom Zone permanently. Incidentally, how do these surviving Kryptonians keep finding Earth anyway? With a universe as big as ours, the chances of everyone landing on Earth is pretty slim.

9 Elektra 

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We now delve into the realm of star crossed lovers. Comic book movies love to tell a love story and have their characters torn over their love lives and their place as a hero. Not many couples do this as well as Daredevil and Elektra. The two of them have been on and off so many times in the comic books and on screen, but the character of Elektra is starting to take over Daredevil's life and it's not a good thing.

In the 2003 Daredevil movie, a lot of the blame for its failure was put firmly at the feet of their portrayal of Elektra. So she was then given her own movie, which bombed, so Daredevil and Elektra were left alone. However, when Daredevil made an incredible come back in MCU/Netflix universe, who turns up in season two? Elektra of course. Not only did she take over the second season but she's now involved in the upcoming Defenders series. The character of Elektra is in danger of being overused again and eclipsing the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

8 Mystique 

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It's fair to say that Mystique has been a popular character with fans since she was first included in the X-Men comics in 1978. So when the first X-Men movies hit our screens in 200o, everyone was excited to see the shape shifting mutant in all her glory.

However, since her appearance in the first X-Men movie, Mystique has been used in every single X-Men movie. In fact the only movies she hasn't appeared in are Deadpool and Wolverine's solo movies. While in the comic books Mystique is both the villain and the hero, something the movies have tried to replicate, it just seems that The X-Men movies franchise is built solely around her. Mystique has had more screen time than the biggest X-Men such as Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm, and Rogue to name a few. With so many mutants to choose from, we think it's time to stop the Mystique overkill.

7 The Fantastic Four 

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We've already mentioned Doctor Doom on our list and now it's time for the heroes that like to stop him. The Fantastic Four have been firm fan favorites since they burst onto the comic book scene back in the 1960s. Led by Mister Fantastic,  the quartet have been involved in some of the biggest storylines that Marvel have done.

However, over the years numerous attempts have been made to get a Fantastic Four franchise off the ground and each time it fails. Some may say that the two Fantastic Four movies that came out in 2005 and 2007 were decent comic book movies, which they were. They never really did the Fantastic Four justice, neither did the 2015 reboot. There have been whispers over recent years that The Fantastic Four may appear within the MCU, however, we truly hope not as it is time to put the Fantastic Four to bed forever.


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Next up we have the famous crime fighting Ninja Turtles. Ever since The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first appeared in comic books in the 1980s, the crime fighting reptiles have been a fan favorite, especially with younger audiences. So it's no surprise that several movies and TV shows have been made, first with the popular 80s animated TV show and then with the live action movie in 1990. Each of these were popular and successful in their own right.

However, since then, several attempts have been made to get a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise rebooted. Whether it's in animation form or live action, the Turtle dudes keep resurfacing every few years. Currently we are in the middle of Michael Bay's vision of the Turtles and, possibly because of his movies, we have to say enough is enough. Their story has been told multiple times and it's time to give these heroes in a half shell a rest.

5 The Shredder 

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Speaking of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, although The Shredder is firmly planted within their universe, we feel that the constant use and misuse of the Turtles' arch enemy deserves an entry all for himself. Although The Shredder, along with the Foot Clan, is constantly the main villain in the Turtles' world, his very existence has become pointless.

Although he's usually shown as a menacing force to be reckoned with, complete with an expertise in martial arts and a terrifying costume, the fact is that in every movie and TV show, the Turtles defeat The Shredder time and again and so easily that he's become a joke. If the Turtles franchise pushes on in the future then they need to find a different and better villain for the heroes to face.

4 Magneto

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We've already mentioned the downfalls of the X-Men movie universe, and in particular the overuse of some of their characters such as Mystique. Another character that the X-Men movies are in danger of overusing and therefore ruining is the master villain himself, Magneto.

There's no denying that Magneto is a huge character within the X-Men comic books so therefore needs to be a big presence in the movie universe too. However, his character is used in every movie. Whether he's the ultimate bad guy for The X-Men to fight or he actually helps them, Magneto seems to be the X-Men's go to character, even more so than Wolverine.  The X-Men universe has so many characters, both good and bad, that the constant use of Magneto is stopping them from using any of the other great characters that could have some time on screen.

3 The Joker

Next up we come to possibly one of the most popular and famous comic book villains of all time, The Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime has been wreaking havoc in Gotham City for decades. The perfect counterpart to Batman's moral hero, The Joker is an unpredictable wildcard that only has one purpose and that is to create as much chaos as possible.

With his attitude and look, The Joker became an instant fan favorite within the comic books and continued this popularity on screen. Whether it's on TV shows or in the movies, The Joker always excites and entertains fans with whichever interpretation is seen. However, since the disastrous Suicide Squad hit our screens, we feel it's time to rest this character and for DC to focus on the many other villains that it has. The problem we see is that the Joker has become such a big presence within the DC universe, that he's always a safe crowd pleaser to include in movies. It's time for them to take a chance and leave The Joker out of future movies.

2 Wolverine

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The number two entry on our list of comic book characters that need to stop being on screen, is the most famous Mutant himself, Wolverine. The fiery hero with the adamantium claws has been the most popular mutant and X-Men since he first ripped his way into the comic books. When the X-Men movies first came out in 2000, it was no surprise that Wolverine was at the centre of this universe. After all, who doesn't love Wolverine?

However, several movies, and many Wolverine solo movies, later, the character of Wolverine has been played to death. Not only this but the X-Men movies always force a Wolverine cameo into any movie they do and it's all becoming a serious overkill. Put that together with the fact that Hugh Jackman is finally hanging up his claws, and it's time to put Wolverine to rest and focus on the many other mutants out there.

1 Solo Batman Or Superman 

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The number one entry on our list of comic book characters that need to take a break from our screens are the dynamic duo themselves, Batman and Superman. The two most famous and popular heroes of all time have had many adventures on the big screen and many recasts and reboots. However, with each new movie, each new actor, and each new reboot, the two superheroes' brands have become less and less.

We know that DC are finally starting to catch up with Marvel and are introducing their DCEU on the movie screens, with The Justice League movie at the centre of their franchise. But they need to stop doing Batman and Superman solo movies. The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel are important members of The Justice League and they need to be involved in all future movies, but it is also the time to retire these characters from solo projects and focus more on other characters within the DC universe. We know their stories and having further Batman or Superman movies adds nothing to their brand.

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