15 Comedies The World Can’t Wait To See In 2017

The current climate of the movie industry is swirling with sequels, prequels and continuations based off of new movie franchises as well as vintage classics that are almost forgotten. Next year we can expect to see some of our favorite animated characters back on the silver screen and welcome new hilarious adventures of fairy tale characters. Whether they’re long awaited or quickly churned out, these films will probably split our sides with laughter. Comedies come in so many shapes and forms and can seriously cater to any potential viewer so whether we’ve seen the first film or not, we’ll probably get invested in these up and coming blockbusters.

There are some comedy movies that took almost a decade to finally get filmed, produced and distributed like Indie comedy must see Taco Truck. Others were out quicker than we could blink like the third film in the super popular Pitch Perfect franchise that is swirling with drama. On this list we will find fantastic animated family features coming out next year right alongside crime thriller comedies that feature hilarious capers right alongside high impact action. The beautiful thing about comedy films is that they usually offer something that pleases everyone, because everyone loves to laugh!


15 Pitch Perfect 3

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Very little has been revealed about the plot of this hilarious new installment of the Pitch Perfect movie series. Although the second film grossed over $250 million with Elizabeth Banks as director she has been pushed out for director Trish Sie, which Banks promptly tweeted her approval of since she is still featured in the film. Sie has previously directed a film in the Step Up franchise making her no stranger to musical film. Many site Kendrick’s distaste for Banks at the center of her being edged out, but either way Banks will still star in the film and has titles as producer. It seems there has been some drama on the set and because of it the film has been pushed back from July 2017 to December 2017.

What we can expect from this comedic musical is more complicated love stories, epic musical numbers and probably some great on-screen girl drama. Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks and all of our favorite stars from the first two movies are coming back to star in the third installment of Pitch Perfect.

14 Charming


Charming explores the untold stories of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White as they find out they are all engaged to the same Prince Charming. Now Charming must go on a journey with spunky chick Lenore to find his true, true love. The star-studded voice over cast of this animated movie should be the thing to look out for in Charmed. First of all the always legendary John Cleese stars as the Fairy Godmother in the Canadian American family comedy.

Voicing Cinderella is Ashley Tisdale of Disney fame alongside fellow former Disney kid Demi Lovato as Lenore. Avril Lavigne is signed on as Snow White and singer G.E.M. is starring as Snow White. Popular singer Sia has signed on as the Half Oracle and hit DJ Steve Aoki is officially on the roster we just don’t know as who yet. It is clear that there will be some good music in the fabulous remake of a classic love story gone wrong.

13 Kung-Fu Yoga


Fan favorite Jackie Chan is back in this multi lingual action comedy that is a Chinese Indian co-production between Taihe Entertainment and Shinework Media. Kung Fu Yoga is directed by Stanley Tong who has also filmed countless other Chinese films. Aside from Jackie Chan Kung Fu Yoga will star Shan Yuxian, Aarif Rahman, Sonu Sood, Disha Patani and Amyra Dastur. Principal photography began in Japan and then moved on to Dubai in the Fall of 2016 and will finish filming in Beijing and India and the film will be released in China in January of 2017.

The film follows Jack (Jackie Chan) on an adventure to locate the lost Magadha treasure of India. Chan stars as a renowned archaeology professor at the Terracotta Warriors museum in X’ian. He will team up with Indian-born professor Ashmita and his assistant Kyra on the quest that will surely lead to much kung fu and maybe even some yoga.

12 The Nut Job 2

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Sequel to hilarious animated family comedy The Nut Job, The Nut Job 2 recently announced Jackie Chan to sign on as the leader of a gang of mice Mr. Feng. The 3D computer animated movie will also feature Will Arnett, Gabriel Iglesias, Katherine Heigl, Jeff Dunham, Maya Rudolph, Bobby Cannavale and Bobby Moynihan. It will be produced by Gulf Stream Pictures, Redrover International, and ToonBox Entertainment. The next hilarious adventure for Surly was written by Cal Brunker, Bob Barlen, and Scott Bindley.

In this chapter Surly and his friends must protect the park that they live in from be bulldozed by exposing the crooked yet-to-be-named mayor. Oakton City’s mayor plans to knock down the park and build a dangerous amusement park on top of it which will force all of the animals to find new habitats. With the help of his friends Surly might be able to save the day again, and teach kids about the importance of nature.

11 Suburbicon

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George Clooney’s next directorial adventure is that of Suburbicon, a dark comedy set in the 1950’s suburb that is aptly named Suburbicon. Written by American filmmakers the Coen Brothers, depths of humanity are explored through seemingly ordinary, everyday happenings in the suburbs. Everything erupts after a home invasion has a family turning to every brand of revenge, blackmail, and even murder to survive.

The star-studded cast backing the outstanding production team makes this film truly something to look out for in the coming year. Julianne Moore and Matt Damon have signed on first followed by Josh Brolin, Woody Harrelson, Oscar Isaac, Slim Khezri, Lauren Burns, Glenn Fleshler and Noah Jupe. The film is funded by Silver Pictures, Blackbear Pictures, and Smokehouse Pictures and the producers have gone on record letting us know that Suburbicon remains in true dry, quippy humor of a classic Coen Brothers film. Clooney will star in this year's Coen brothers picture Hail! Caeser.

10 Table 19


This hilarious look at the American wedding complex takes us to the dreaded Table 19, where all of the unwanted guests are stuck. Directed by Jeffrey Blitz and written by Mark and Jay Duplass the film is set for release in January of 2017. Anna Kendrick stars as Eloise, the ex-girlfriend of the best man and bride’s brother who happened to end their two-year relationship over text message. Due to her former close relationship with the family Eloise knows that Table 19 is solely there for the guests that are reluctantly invited, the guests that the family hopefully won’t see on the day of.

In the adventure of a day the rejects at Table 19 band together in hopes of enjoying themselves even though they’re duds. Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson, Wyatt Russell and Tony Revolori all star in this hilarious and random day of events that none of them were supposed to be at.

9 Sandy Wexler


Newest Happy Madison production Sandy Wexler has just officially signed on Jennifer Hudson to play the lead opposite Sandler. Sandler himself co-wrote the script with Paul Sado and Dan Bulla, it will be directed by Steve Brill. The comedy will be released to Netflix like his last film also directed by Brill, The Do-Over which got mixed reviews.

Sandy Wexler (Sandler) is a Hollywood agent in the heart of the 1990’s who represents the fringes of the acting, singing and all around talent world. When Wexler goes to a theme park and finds ultra talented singer Courtney Clarke (Hudson) his career seems to be made, until he falls in love with her. Where he was once single-minded towards work Clarke challenges him to enjoy life, let’s see if we can enjoy the movie more than The Do-Over. Also expect to see familiar faces Kevin James, Terry Crews and Rob Schneider alongside their old pal Sandler in Sandy Wexler.


8 Despicable Me 3

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This beloved animated film franchise will feature our favorites Gru, Lucy and the girls but what we are excited for is a brand new villain. Written by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio and is scheduled to be released in the Summer of 2017. The second movie left us right after Gru and Lucy’s wedding in pure happiness, so it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong right? Right.

Steve Carell is back again to play Gru, the boss of the minions and adopted father of Margo, Edith and Agnes and newlywed to Lucy. Lucy, a crime fighting Anti-Villain League agent, is once again voiced by hilarious Kristen Wiig. New addition to the cast is Trey Parker of South Park fame. He is the newest villain, former child star Balthazar Bratt that is unhealthily obsessed with his 1980’s character. It will surely make for a hilarious adventure that we can’t wait to watch.

7 Captain Underpants

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The beloved childhood book Captain Underpants is coming to life in an animated family comedy of the same name. Kevin Hart, Kristen Schaal, Ed Helms, Nick Kroll and Jordan Peele are all signed on to voice characters in what will surely be as hilarious as the books. Dave Pilkey wrote the original series and Nicholas Stoller adapted it for the screenplay. With Rob Letterman directing the picture will surely stay right in line with the stories from the books but adapted for modern life.

In the story two trouble making kids turn their hard ass, super mean principal into their favorite comic book character: enter Captain Underpants. Of all the announced Dreamworks animated films in 2017, this is the only film that isn’t a sequel, a sign that new life is coming to the already thriving company. This film should attract families with young children and nostalgic millennials alike in January 2017.

6 Fist Fight

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Charlie Day of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Horrible Bosses fame takes on Ice Cube in this hilarious slapstick American comedy that is directed by Richie Keen. Van Robichaux and Evan Susser wrote the screenplay financed by Village Roadshow Pictures and produced by 21 Laps Entertainment. Tons of stars have signed on and the picture is proving to be a must see comedy of 2017.

Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) and Ron Strickland (Ice Cube) are two school teachers that just happen to fall into each other’s lives in the most unfortunate of ways. When Campbell gets Strickland fired from his job Strickland challenges him to a classic fight after school. Christina Hendricks (of Mad Men fame) also stars in the film as Ice Cube’s love interest and the high school’s drama teacher. Jillian Bell, Dean Norris, and Tracy Morgan are also all signed on as unknown characters right now.

5 Taco Shop

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The small production is full of unknowns but also filled with heart and a curious premise that has us curious where it will go from here. Director Joaquin Perea has only directed one film previous, a horror flick. Taco Shop has been under production since 2011, taking much longer than the usual Hollywood blockbuster films. The movie was written by Rick Najera and Oskar Toruno with the story created by Oskar Toruno. It will star Tyler Posey, Eric Roberts, Laura Harring and Carlos Alazraqui; all virtually unknown but signed onto what will surely be a great picture.

Taco Shop is about a young man, Smokes (Posey), who has slaved away working at a random taco shop for far too long. He decides to take a chance going out on his own and opening up a new taco shop in town. Everything is going great until a hipster, fancy taco truck starts parking across the street from his establishment.

4 Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

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One of the more recent Marvel Superhero teams, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 may be even better than the first. The action comedy is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures which is why the characters are going to be featured in the new ride that will take the place of Tower of Terror next Summer. All of the main actors have signed on to return in the new feature as well as newcomer Kurt Russell who will play Peter Quill’s (Chris Pratt) estranged father.

Director and co-screenwriter James Gunn is very excited about this new film in that it is more than just an action saga. Gunn informed fans that in Volume 2 we should expect a deep look at how such different people can become chosen family. The beginning of the journey takes the team on a quest to find Quill’s father, but the movie is more than just a “Who is the daddy?” plot line, and Gunn wants us all to know it.

3 The Croods 2


Follow up film to Dreamworks hit animated feature The Croods will add a couple of new actresses in this sequel. Like the first, the sequel is written and directed by Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders. The cast of the first film was star-studded but The Croods 2 adds two new big names. Leslie Mann and Kat Dennings will also join in on the fun in the fictitious ‘Croodaceous’ period as mother and daughter. Not a lot of the plot has been revealed but what we do know is that the Croods will meet another family made up of the Mann and Dennings’ characters. We can only guess that they will serve to compete in some way. Once again signed on for this must see family feature are Nicolas Cage as Grug, Emma Stone as Eep, Ryan Reynolds as Guy, Catherine Keener as Ugga and Clark Duke as Thunk.

2 Baby Driver

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Upcoming British American crime comedy has signed on the most perfect mixture of no name actors and absolute stars. Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, and Kevin Spacey will be featured in the film both written and directed by Edgar Wright of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End. Last we checked Wright left Ant Man to make Baby Driver, so we’re expecting greatness.

The story surrounds a young getaway driver nicknamed Baby (Ansel Elgort) who is just a quiet young man who loves music. Baby also happens to be a very talented getaway driver for a rotating group of bank robbers. When a robbery goes wrong Baby’s whole life is dragged into the crime world, including his innocent girlfriend Deborah (Lily James). Gangsters Bats (Jamie Foxx) and Buddy (Jon Hamm) take Baby on the wild ride for a change, surely it’ll be a ride worth watching. The movie should be out in the Spring of 2017.

1 Super Troopers 2

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The long, long awaited prequel to the 2001 film will be a comedy crime mystery directed by Jay Chandrasekar and written by him and the other stars of the film. Paul Soter, Steve Lemme, Erik Stolhanske and Kevin Heffernan are all back to refuse a ‘large Farva’. Chandrasekar announced at Comic Con that it will be a prequel set in the 1970’s, basically think mustaches, shaggy mustaches.

Soter revealed quite a bit about the plot while talking in an interview in 2009, he said that the border of Canada is found to be different. Because of this, the team is now called upon to regulate US law on what was, until that day, thought to be Canadian soil. We can only imagine the hilarity that could ensue when this team meets up with the awesome weirdness that must exist in backcountry Canada. Rob Lowe has signed on as Guy Le Franc, former professional hockey player and now mayor of a small border town near Quebec. The $4.4 Kickstarter campaign to make this movie has finally paid off and we can expect it in theaters sometime in 2017.


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