15 Classic Video Games That Show Way Too Much

In the early days of cinema and film, as soon as film producers could get some nudity on camera, they did, and in many ways, the same can be said for gaming too. As far back as the Atari in the early 1980s, gaming developers were mischievously producing smutty games and trying to push the envelope to see how much they could get away with. The irony is that as primitive as the graphics were back then, these games sold a lot of copies and for a very high price.

As strange as it may seem, sex and nudity in video games are still frowned upon over 35 years later, with games like Mass Effect, and Grand Theft Auto catching the wrath of Fox News or the Daily Mail. However, as the saying goes, "controversy creates cash" and developers and publishers usually love all the free press drummed up by overblown reports of sex scenes and violence in gaming.

Who could forget the infamous “Hot Coffee” sex minigame that was hidden inside Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ code? Despite the game being pulled from the shelves, the game’s sales exploded simply due to the free press it received. As the technology improves, the nudity and explicit scenes in gaming show no signs of ever going away, so let’s take a look at 15 classic games over the last 30 plus years that have dared to go full frontal.


15 Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em - Not Your Average Game of Kaboom!

Twenty years before the “Hot Coffee” incident was even a thought in the minds of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas gamers, the developers Mystique were horrifying the censors when they released Beat ‘Em & Eat ‘Em for the Atari 2600 in 1982.

The game basically uses identical mechanics as the classic Kaboom! But instead of using buckets to catch bombs from a mad bomber, you control two nude women who must catch the...juices...of a masturbating man on the building of a roof without missing or their turn is over.

Of course, in the interest of gender equality in the 1980s, developers Mystique decided to release Philly Flasher, a gender swapped version of the game where male prisoners must catch an old witch’s lactating milk.

14 Custer Revenge - The Naked General


The same year that the controversial developer Mystique release Beat ‘Em & ‘Em in 1982, they released Custer’s Revenge. The game put you in the role of an inexplicably naked General Custer who must avoid falling arrows and other obstacles to reach the other side of the screen. The process is repeated until Custer reaches a naked Native American woman tied to a pole to have sex.

Custer’s Revenge gained most of its notoriety because it wasn’t clear if the woman was either a willing participant or if she was raped. The calls for the game to be banned in the media only served to promote the game further and it was Mystique's best selling game. Gamers in the early 80s must have REALLY wanted to see Custer’s jagged erection because it was a $50 dollar game, which with inflation would be the equivalent of $148 in 2017.

13 Burning Desire - Fire Service In Nude

After the developer Mystique suffered closure as the result of the "video game crash" of the 1980s, new developers Playaround purchased the rights to all of Mystique's back catalog and released them as “double-enders” (subtle). They also released any additional titles that were in development before Mystiques closure, and one of those titles was Burning Desire.

Continuing Mystiques obsession with masturbating men, ejaculation, and jaggy body parts, in Burning Desire the player takes the role of a naked man hovering around on a helicopter trying to save women from being consumed by flames and avoiding the stones thrown at you by crazed cannibals. To do this, the player has to use their bodily functions to hose out the flames, then allow the women use the hero's "hose" to airlift them to safety.

12 Bubble Bath Babes - Naked Tetris?


Taking the gameplay mechanics from games like Puzzle Bobble and Tetris, Bubble Bath Babes goes the extra mile by adding in the potential of getting a lady naked across the bottom of the screen. Released in 1991 for the NES Bubble Bath Babes tasked the player with clearing the accumulated and color-coordinated bubbles on screen before they reach the bottom of the playing area, or it will result in a game over. If the player clears the level of bubbles, however, you’re rewarded with a naked lady.

The game was released again under the newly titled Mermaids of Atlantis, which had all the elements of nudity either obscured or edited out. So, unfortunately, if you want to experience the game in all its uncensored glory you could be looking at spending up to $3000 for the original release.

11 Rings of Power - Naughty Dog Living Up to Their Name

Long before Naughty Dog became one of the worlds leading and ground breaking game developers with award-winning PlayStation exclusives like the Uncharted series, Crash Bandicoot, and The Last of Us, they made Rings of Power.

Rings of Power was an isometric RPG for the SEGA Genesis/Megadrive in a similar vein to the likes of Dungeon Master, Wizardry, and A Bards Tale. On the surface the game seems fairly innocent enough, one might even say the gameplay itself was fairly generic.

However, it wasn’t the gameplay or the RPG mechanics that had gamers sniggering in front of their TV screens at the time. By inputting a secret code, gamers could remove the T-Shirt of the accompanying lady in the Naughty Dog logo, exposing her naked torso.

10 Rampage: World Tour - They Don't Make Spandex For Monsters


Rampage World Tour was released on consoles in 1997 for the PlayStation, Game Boy Color, and the SEGA Saturn. The game was kind of a silly take on the kind of monster movies you see in Japan most notably the original Godzilla series. The game's plot has the three monsters traveling around the world destroying the villainous Scumlabs cities and bases.

If the monsters take too much damage, then they shrink back down into their human form, and for some players this was both a reward and a punishment because the characters they play as would be completely in the nude, shamefully covering up their modesty from all the world to see.

Apparently, Rampage World Tour was a huge hit in the arcades just for the brief glimpse of a pixilated nude blonde lady.

9 The Guy Game - Live Action Topless Girls

The Guy Game was released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. It was a trivia based game that used live action footage of women in bikinis. The goal is to answer 1,000 questions over twenty episodes and the aim of the game is to get the women to flash their breasts for the win.

Unsurprisingly, the game was at the center of a great deal of controversy with mainstream media. The game was also the subject of a lawsuit because one of the girls involved with the video game was not only unaware that the footage was going to be used in a video game, but she was only 17 at the time, making her underage.


8 Second Life - Virtual Brothels And More


Linden Lab’s Second Life is a massively multiplayer three-dimensional online world game that launched in 2003. The game emphasizes the use of user-generated content to attract its millions of players, allowing them to live and act out virtually any life, activities, and even jobs of their choosing.

In addition, to socializing, trading goods, going to theme parks and even virtual rock concerts, users quickly discovered virtual sex, and that Second Life provided a space for them to live out various fantasies and fetishes.

Players can even download addition add on packs that can “equip” your avatars with special genital packs allowing full-on sexual/virtual interaction between two users. The Second Life platform has even allowed users to create virtual brothels so players can get up to all kinds of “games” for a price.

7 Conan (2007) - Naked Damsels In Distress

The 2007 Conan game from THQ was an underrated God of War clone, and just like the Greek mythology series, it shared the same love for cleaving bad guys in half and naked maidens. The game did a great job of bringing the Robert E. Howard book series to life, and the visual style was inspired by the Frank Frazetta paintings depicting the Conan character that everyone has come to know in popular culture.

Falling in line with the typical Robert E. Howard stories, the game features plenty of naked and topless “damsels in distress” for Conan to rescue throughout the course of the game. As much as the Conan game borrowed from the God of War series, the series featuring Kratos borrowed even more from the Conan stories, especially when it came to the depiction of women.

6 Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and The Damned - Full Frontal Male Nudity


Ever since the first game was released back in 1997 the Grand Theft Auto series has never been shy of creating controversy and media backlash. After all, it’s the controversy that helped make the series become the open world cultural phenomenon that it has become today with every new long awaited entry being bigger than the last.

After the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, developers Rockstar decided to experiment with the episodic content called Episodes from Liberty City. The first of these was the Lost and The Damned and even though it was DLC episode the GTA name lived up to its controversial nature by featuring a character called Tom Stubbs in full frontal male nudity. The parental advisory group Common Sense Media issued an official warning about the game’s content due to the scene.

5 Heavy Rain - Madison Gets Naked...A lot

Heavy Rain is a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 exclusive game by Quantic Dream that was originally released in 2010. The adventure game is considered an interactive drama, and in many ways, it functions quite similarly to the classic point-and-click adventure games in the 1990s. The game was also critically acclaimed for being quite the technical achievement when it was released and wasn’t shy about featuring several nude scenes in the game to show off the games realistic textures.

There were several fully nude scenes in the game featuring the protagonists, perhaps the most memorable being Madison in several shower scenes, stripping scenes, and sex scenes. It’s not the first time that nudity featured in a Quantic Dream game, as it was present in their PS2 release Indigo Prophecy.

4 Afro Samurai - Naked Ninja Ladies


Afro Samurai is a 3D brawler released for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 and is based on the manga and anime series of the same name. The game features a distinct cell-shaded style that helped the characters come to life in the video game, as well as some great voice acting from Samuel L. Jackson.

As the player progresses through the game, they’ll be confronted by four crazed female ninjas who we’re assuming fight better much without their clothes on. However, it isn’t long before they’re sliced up into several pieces, with their blood splattered all over the scenery. It’s possible the developers at Namco-Bandai were trying to combine titillation, violence, and gore all in one big confrontation.

3 No More Heroes - Virtual Peep Show

Released in 2011, No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise was a PlayStation Move port of the original Nintendo Wii game, but with several performance improvements, a visual upgrade, as well as quite a few additions to the game to make the female characters of the game more “appealing” by opting for the “Very Sweet” mode. The Wii version was also heavily censored, and the PS3 version reinstated all of the game’s gore, violence, and revealing scenes.

However, it was the game’s Viewer Mode which allowed some gamers to appreciate the female characters' most appealing looks. The Viewer mode pretty much turns the game into some kind of peep show, allowing the player to be able to see the naked female characters from every single angle leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

2 Mafia 2 and 3 - Playboy Magazine Collector


The Mafia video game series is an open world action adventure series that is centralized on mobsters and gangsters from different eras in the past. The first two games focused mainly on the Italian mob and Mafia 3’s story was based during the 1970s in New Bordeaux – a reimagined New Orleans.

All three games tell mature and gritty tales and are heavy on the violence too, but one of the unique themes that start from the second game are the collectible Playboy Magazines that are scattered through the city in various locations. What’s also surprising, is that each magazine that you collect depicts genuinely nude centerfold models from each game’s era, without any censorship at all.

1 The Witcher Series - High Fantasy Scenes...On Unicorns

The Witcher video game series began in 2007 and were based on the books of the same name written by the Polish author Andrej Sapkowski. The world of The Witcher takes place in a dark medieval fantasy world, and is probably the closest video games have come to a Game of Thrones video game. The series has incredible depth, with rich and deep lore, that translates well into its gaming world, and will eventually be adapted into a Netflix television series.

Just like Game of Throne, The Witcher is full of high fantasy, violence, and promiscuous sex scenes which have been recreated in all its high definition glory throughout the series. One of the more memorable scenes in the gaming series takes place in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, when Geralt and Yennefer have sex on a stuffed unicorn – we can't help but wonder (hope) if that iconic moment will make it on to the Netflix series.


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