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15 Christmas Photos Celebs Don’t Want You To See

15 Christmas Photos Celebs Don’t Want You To See


Christmas is a special time of year. It’s a time when almost everyone gets a little more candid, goofy and merry. It’s also that time of year when we often forget about our surroundings and do the most unusual, out-of-character things. For example, it’s okay to wear those ugly red and green sweaters. It’s okay to sing Christmas carols, even if you can’t carry a tune. Nobody’s going to judge you if you sit on Santa’s lap as an adult, or have fun putting together children’s toys all day. Hey, you might even go overboard with the eggnog and do some things you may regret later. However, most of us are not celebrities, whose photos get shared during such behavior.

Oftentimes it’s hard for us to remember that celebrities are just ordinary people too. They have all of those holiday-spirit feelings that are really difficult to control, just like you and me. There are celebrities who normally would not be caught in public without makeup, but on Christmas morning all bets are off. They get caught acting extra goofy or wearing silly outfits. They overdo the eggnog, do things they later regret, and wake-up hungover on Christmas morning. They most definitely share pictures they wish they hadn’t. Yep, celebrities have been there too.

It’s no wonder that Christmas is the time of year when celebs are more likely to have wild or embarrassing photos pop up that they don’t want you to see. So let’s take a look at those candid, bad choice, goofy, or even really wild Christmas moments. These are 15 Christmas Photos Celebrities Don’t Want You To See.

15. Miley Cyrus

Via: YouTube

Via YouTube

Okay, we already know that Miley Cyrus is a bad, bad girl. Not in an awful way, it’s just that she can get pretty hot and wild. Let’s just hope this wasn’t her plan to get on Santa’s good side. Unless it was really Santa, then he might have been extra merry that Christmas. However, we all know that this Santa was not real and that Miley, is just being Miley. In reality, this antic probably landed her on the naughty list for that year.

Miley might not realize it yet, but one day her twerking days might come back to haunt her. Only, that doesn’t keep it from being any less exciting for those that love to watch. This is why we love Miley, or at least one reason. In the meantime, the girl knows how to have fun. It’s one thing to sit on Santa’s lap, but can anyone else seriously say that they’ve twerked on it?

14. Taylor Swift

via:Make Up Now Blog

via:Make Up Now Blog

Aw, look it’s Taylor Swift. To some of you she may look adorable, or possibly festive. However, this was both a very rare and maybe even a little embarrassing photo for Swift. You see, Taylor Swift is very well-known for her beauty regime, which includes a plan to leave the gym fully made-up, every single time. So, to see Swift dressed up as an elf is a big deal. However, to see Taylor Swift dressed as an elf without make-up was really huge.

This is most likely why the original (which Taylor posted to Instagram herself last year), was quickly plastered on Us Weekly, E! News, and shared by millions of her adoring Swifties. Now, back to this very out-of-character, yet cute Swift Elf. She went all out, with the elf onesie, elf ears, and red slippers. Feeling extra festive now, weren’t we Tay-Tay… although there is a slight possibility that she may have regretted it later. It’s mostly definitely a photo that she wishes you didn’t see.

13. Beyoncé

Via: Neon Fix

Via Neon Fix

Okay, I’m not trying to throw shade at Beyoncé because we know all too well from Kanye, just how that turns out. However, I just have to go there on this one. What was she thinking? If she was trying to win the ugly Christmas sweater award, then she definitely got first place. Plus, there is a whole new discussion involved about where she got this outfit to begin with. In fact, I believe that I might have seen this on a list of Christmas sweaters you shouldn’t buy.

That’s the Christmas spirit for you, though. It creeps in and makes you do things (or wear things) that you normally wouldn’t do, much less put on. Yet still you gotta give it to Bey because nobody could top her festive appearance last year. Apparently, she was attending a company Christmas party. Jay Z left separately, out the back door, all smiles. Yep! Wouldn’t you?

12. Jade Thirlwall

Via: The Sun

Via The Sun

Could it get any worse than this? It’s almost easy to assume that Jade Thirlwall’s mother pushed her into a Christmas play as a child. If not, there has got to be some valid purpose for this outfit. However, this is no play. In fact, this was at a concert that the British all-girl group, Little Mix performed, while on their Japan tour last year. It also wasn’t Jade’s parents that made her wear this embarrassing ensemble. It was actually her bandmates.

Poor Jade looks so miserable, although she still looked gorgeous. To make matters worse, the Christmas tree includes copies of the group’s cover for their album, Getting Weird, which were attached like ornaments. Cheesy, huh? Jade was actually bold enough to share the photo on Twitter. Let’s just say that both the hideous tree costume and Jade’s pure distaste for it caused quite a buzz among her fans. To think you thought your Chrstmas outfit was bad…

11. Kelly Osbourne

Via: Outfit Ideas HQ

Via Outfit Ideas HQ

Speaking of not looking happy for the holidays! In this photo it appears that Kelly Osbourne tried to look festive, yet got it all wrong. She has Santa mixed up with the devil for one, which doesn’t really blend well. I guess technically it might fit a little, since it was a K-ROCK Claus Fest and all. K-ROCK Claus fest was a winter festival that used to be held by K-ROCK radio station in New York. Just in case you didn’t know what in the heck K-ROCK Claus fest is because I know I sure didn’t… So yeah, a heavy metal, punk rock, Christmas festival. I guess you could say Kelly’s outfit choice fit the occasion, but still how do you explain that one?

Aside from that, Kelly is obviously pretty toasted, or hungover. She looks… well, sort of miserable. To put it mildly, it almost looks as though she is in a festive devil-Santa mugshot of some sort. Yeah, I don’t think she wants you to see that photo for Christmas.

10. Snoop Dogg

via Vulture

Via Vulture

Oh look, it’s the legendary rapper, Snoop. Snoop Dogg has undergone some radical changes over the years. First there was hardcore Snoop, who was actually on trial for murder, and became well-known for Murder Was the Case and Gin and Juice. Then there was Snoop Lion, which was a really tame version of Snoop with reggae-type music.

Now here we have family image Snoop, who cooks with Martha Stewart, and got a very awkward gift from the famous pastry chef. We’ve all gotten embarrassing presents like this, but receiving them on TV must feel way worse. But as usual, Snoop rolled with it.

How times have changed. Snoop even gets followed by Hillary Clinton on Twitter, and recently won some sort of contest for handmade Christmas ornaments. Yet Snoop is still well received and loved by all, no matter who he is at any given moment.

9. Justin Bieber

Via: The Sun

Via The Sun

First off, let me just say that Mariah Carey is as hot as a cougar can possibly get. There is also nothing at all wrong with her traditional All I Want For Christmas Is You song, or with teaming up with Justin Bieber to sing it. However, when it’s 2011 and he’s looking at her like he’s on the prowl for more than candy canes, then that’s when things can get a little weird. Bieber had just barely broke out his bravado voice for Pete’s sake! That is if he’s ever had one.

Aside from that, Mariah was nice enough to let him remix her lovely song and together they slayed it. That is not meant in a good way! Anyway, this photo from the music video is clearly something to be embarrassed by 5 years later. Not only did Bieber gaze at Mariah with puppy dog eyes at the mall, but he even got a little pat on the back for it! And a cheek squeeze, of course! He thought he was a big boy, and she treated him like  baby.

8. Khloe Kardashian 

Via: Google

Via Google

Christmas is all about fun, not fashion! Which brings you to this fun photo from last year’s Christmas with the Kardashians. Apparently, Khloe Kardashian allowed North West access to her face for a holiday makeover. It’s very obvious that Khloe is the cool, fun aunt when it comes to such matters. She was even a good enough sport to post the photo so everyone could see North’s lovely artwork. It’s not that it’s a bad photo, yet it isn’t the kind of make-up job that anyone would leave the house with.

As you can see, North sort of missed Khloe’s mouth, just a bit. Khloe also has the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed hair, with the festive holiday onesie to match. She was just another casualty of that goofy, festive feeling that only comes out once a year.

7. Nick Cannon

Via: The Daily Beast

Via The Daily Beast

Really? Could Christmas get any goofier or more embarrassing than Nick Cannon in this Christmas pic? This photo is from happier times for this family. In fact, three years ago Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were still going strong. They were obviously happy together as they headed out to Aspen for a Christmas getaway. In this photo, it appears that Nick is having the time of his life. What could be more fun than a private jam fest next to the Christmas tree? It doesn’t appear that Nick was expecting Mariah to take this picture or show it to anyone, especially us. However, that is just what Mariah did.

The pop diva took it a step further and shared it on her Instagram. She even added a cute caption implying that Nick was sneaking a peak by the tree. Mariah also detailed the image, which further explained Nick’s foot apparel. Yes, those just happen to be her bunny slippers nonetheless. This would be a great memory of a happy time, but it’s also a private moment that Nick would most likely want to keep to himself, and may have possibly created hard feelings, which later (on top of other issues) led to divorce.

6. Juelz Santana



We’ve all gotten “private” gifts before, am I right? Goofy gifts that were super embarrassing. The kind that you didn’t want to hold up for the camera. Maybe some underwear (like Snoop earlier), sexy lingerie, or one of those awful sweaters. However, who can say they actually got an incriminating Christmas gift like Juelz Santana? Juelz is a rapper and reality star from Love & Hip Hop New York. Juelz also has a rap sheet for guns and possession of lots and lots of marijuana.

It’s pretty obvious that Juelz was seriously happy about his Christmas gift that year, but I’m not so sure that he wants you or anyone else to see this photo of it. I’m not knocking Juelz about his gift. In fact, I bet there are plenty of people who wished Santa brought them liquor and weed instead of sweaters and undies. However, if Santa does bring such gifts, you might not want to show it off online in a photo. Just saying…

5. Kendall Jenner



Nobody likes having their picture taken when they don’t know it’s being done. Especially, when you’re trying to sleep and have no opportunity whatsoever to prepare yourself. This is exactly what happened to Kendall Jenner in this Christmas photo. Kendall is a model and models strive to look their best wherever they go. Kendall is most likely used to being filmed for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, although not while she is asleep.

However, Kourtney Kardashian managed to catch her snoozing for a nap with Penelope Disick last Christmas. It’s possible that the pair woke up early, opened up their presents, then snuggled in for a morning nap. They were probably exhausted from Kris Jenner’s Christmas Eve bash and opening presents that morning, but Kendall wouldn’t have wanted you to see it because she didn’t even know it was taken. Or that Kourtney shared it on Instagram. Cute, but still embarrassing.

4. Rihanna



Rihanna knows exactly what Christmas Eve parties are meant for! Why dress up and go to some fancy party when you can stay home in Barbados with a Tupac shirt on? Then roll up a fatty, drink, wrap presents, and chronicle all of the events on Instagram. Sounds like fun to me, although after awhile things get fuzzy and you don’t realize what you’re posting anymore.

This is exactly what Rihanna was doing two Christmas Eves ago, but probably not in that exact order. How do I know this? Because she shared all of it, of course. She drank, smoked, obviously she had a ball. She wore reindeer antlers with a lipstick red nose, but that was only when she wasn’t using one of those shiny, stick-on bows instead. Rihanna laughed, danced, sang along with Mariah’s Christmas album, and even did a sexy shimmy! In some pictures she appears to be just getting started, while in others she looks quite plastered (as is the case with the one above). There has got to be at least one photo that she wishes she hadn’t shared.

3. Miley’s Family Photo

Via: Hollywood

Via Hollywood

If anybody was going to make this list twice, of course it would have to Miley Cyrus. This time it wasn’t Miley twerking on Santa though. There’s no denying that she is one of a kind, but who knew her entire family could be almost just as wild? This photo was shared by Miley herself, with the caption “annual family fistfight.” It appears that everyone is having a jolly time reenacting an episode straight off of a Jerry Springer Christmas special.

Everyone including Billy Ray Cyrus were engaged in what looked like an interesting brawl. Yep, that’s just like Christmas at my house too, Miley. Yeah, right. You must admit that the image is very entertaining, but I’m not so sure that the Cyrus clan expected this photo to be circling the internet two Christmases later.

2. Mr. T

Via: Amazing Facts

Via Amazing Facts

Here’s an oldie but a goody. Have you ever heard that silly song “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus”? That’s what pops in my head at the sight of this image. Apparently, this photo of Nancy Reagan sitting on Santa Mr. T’s lap has circled the internet for some time, with obvious questions. The only possible explanation is the most obvious one. Mr. T visited the White House, or at least Nancy Reagan, around Christmas time.

It’s also rather obvious that Mrs. Reagan finally got that Mr. T action figure that she had been waiting all year to get. Either way it goes, Mr. T’s visit was very interesting. From the looks of it, Mrs. Reagan most likely embarrassed him just a little in this photo. It’s kind of like when that cheek squeezing aunt visits. You can’t stop her, but it’s still quite embarrassing.

1. Kendall Jenner

Via: Twitter

Via Twitter

Kendall Jenner seems to have been on the naughty list for 2014. I know, I’m just as surprised as you are that this is Kendall and not Kylie. This was a Christmas photoshoot for that year so it’s partly explainable. It’s kind of obvious that Kendall was going for a rebellious look. In the photo, Kendall has on some sexy lingerie and she is getting a spanking from Santa. I guess you could say that at least this naughty girl isn’t twerking on Santa’s lap.

However, Kendall might just have Miley Cyrus beat with this one. Let’s take a poll, shall we? Exhibit A: Miley Cyrus wearing a sparkly onesie in concert, while twerking on Santa’s lap. Exhibit B: Kendall Jenner, who is wearing lingerie, thrown over Santa’s lap, while getting a Christmas spanking from him. Which of these lovely ladies do you think won the naughtiest vote?

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