15 Chilling Images Taken In Cemeteries Around The World

Graveyards are not intended to be scary places, but oftentimes, they are. They're a place meant to put dead bodies of all varieties in, making them the perfect setting for vampire and zombie stories. Not everyone is destined to end up in a graveyard, but for many, a cemetery plot will be their final and eternal home. Some believe graveyards are filled with the wandering spirits of the deceased. Others believe them to be a safe space meant for mourning and remembrance. Whatever it is you believe about graveyards, you have to admit, they can be pretty chilling at times.

When you’re in a graveyard, you might find yourself overwhelmed with paralysis as you imagine all those dead loved ones surrounding you. Sometimes, graves are equipped with a creepy tale on a grim headstone. Other times, graves can be abandoned, left only as a reminder that there’s a dead body under the ground somewhere near. Graveyards can also be filled with horrifying statues that spread macabre tales. As different as graveyards can be, they all hold one thing in common: they’re filled with dead bodies of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds. They’re filled with histories and stories from a diverse number of people.

Perhaps you think cemeteries are peaceful and full of beauty. That may be true, but after looking at these photographs, you might soon find yourself looking at graveyards with new, more fearful eyes. Here are 15 Chilling Images Taken from Cemeteries Around the World:

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15 A Vague Headstone


This is yet another headstone on our list that offers up endless chilling tales. There is no date, no time, no name, and nothing that gives us any idea as to what the person buried was like other than that it was someone’s “infant daughter.” We can assume that this child likely died extremely young, or else, it would probably have been given a name. Perhaps someone found the deceased child with no hint as to whom the parents might be. Maybe it was a daughter born to a family who desired a son and decided they no longer wanted the child around. Whoever buried it obviously showed some mercy by giving it a grave in the first place. Headstones that lack stories are found all over the world as we’ve already seen on our list! It’s a tragic reminder that not all of us on this earth have loved ones who will mourn once we pass.

14 A Headstone Only Labelled "Specimens"

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This headstone is much more chilling than Kate’s was above. It was discovered behind an abandoned insane asylum where many of the patients were buried. The thing that makes this headstone different from the rest is the fact that it says only “Specimens” and nothing else! No name, no date, not even a gender or age! The only thing we know about what’s buried beneath the headstone is that it's a specimen. Were multiple specimens buried together, or is that just what it’s referred to as? Is it human? Is this just what the hospital called patients who didn’t have any information about them? Obviously, someone felt some emotions for whatever’s buried, or else, it wouldn’t have been buried in the first place, let alone have its own crafted headstone. We may never know what the truth is behind what's buried under the stone -- unless we decide to dig it up ourselves.

13 Hanging Graves On A Cliff

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Most of us imagine a final resting place to be six feet under. That’s always been what most of us have known, and it seems to make sense as we’re putting loved ones in a place where they can become one with nature once again. We have to remember, however, that burying dead bodies isn’t always the most popular choice for all cultures and customs. Some believe that placing loved ones on a cliff is the best way to honor the dead. It may seem strange to us, but it actually makes sense if you believe in a heaven. People who choose this type of cliff “burial” for the deceased believe that they’re bringing their loved ones closer to heaven, so it will be easier for them to ascend. Sometimes, they even collect the rainwater that comes from the inside the caskets and rub it on themselves so they feel closer to the dead loved one.

12 Stacked Graves In Russia

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If you’re running out of space in a graveyard, what might you do? For this cemetery in Russia, those in charge decided to just start stacking the caskets. This means that more than one dead body often shared a final resting place, resulting in the overcrowding of the headstones that you can see in the photograph. It’s pretty chilling if you think about it. It’s like a cemetery times five with all the additional skeletons lying in the grass. At what point does a grave lose all meaning and just become a place to store dead bodies? What if the graveyard is busy? Do you have to fight for the chance to see your loved one’s final resting place? A photograph like this reminds us that practices like cremation probably make more sense in terms of saving space for future purposes. We can’t fill the entire planet with just a giant cemetery!

11 A Creepy Headstone


The photograph above was taken in a cemetery in Belgium and is a headstone belonging to Antoine Michel Wemaer and Marie-Alide Heene. Not much is known about their deaths, but it is assumed that they died of natural causes or something that was considered normal for people of their time. One might think, however, that because of the skull and bone carved into their headstone, they died in a gruesome way or were related to something much more nefarious. A symbol like this was actually pretty common at the time of their passing, which took place in 1837. Carvings and depictions of skulls like the one above are common for graves from that time period. That’s actually pretty chilling if you think about it. Some believe graves are places to mourn peacefully, but that might seem a little hard if the place looks like it’s decorated for halloween!

10 A Cage To Protect Against Possible Zombies Or Vampires


Little is known as to what happens after we die. Some believe they know exactly where our minds will go and what the afterlife looks like. One thing we do know, however, is that our bodies will likely end up in the ground. Some people haven’t always believed it would end up this way, though. Some people throughout history have believed that there was a chance the buried could come back to life and terrorize the living either as zombies or even possibly vampires! Most of us, however, don't really believe that these things exist, and those who believe otherwise aren't very common. Out of all these photographs on the list, which would you like to be buried in? Which do you think is the absolute creepiest? Let us know and share with your friends to hear what they say!

Out of all the photographs on the list, which would you like to be buried in? Which do you think is the absolute creepiest? Let us know, and share the photos with your friends so you can hear what they have to say!

9 A Mysterious Abandoned Graveyard In The Middle Of The Woods

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Imagine wandering through a forest alone one day and finding an abandoned graveyard, almost perfectly preserved by nature. Such a sight can be beautiful, but realizing you’re surrounded by dead bodies underneath the ground can suddenly paralyze you with fear. Finding an abandoned graveyard can begin to spark several terrifying questions with equally terrifying answers. Is there a specific reason this particular cemetery has been left behind? No one to take care of it? What happened to all the loved ones who had someone buried there? Or has it just been so long that the deceased lying under the ground no longer knew anyone who was still alive? It makes us wonder if this will eventually be the fate of all cemeteries. Who will care about a grave for a person whose only connection to the living is a great granddaughter?

8 Flower Petals Make This Headstone Look Like It's Bleeding

The statue above is located in France and sits on the headstone of the late great opera singer Jane Margyl. Jane lived the life of a talented singer and died peacefully before being buried beneath this headstone. Some believe that when our souls move on to the new world, we send signals back to this place for our loved ones to interpret. The signs can be a warning or a way for the living to know the departed are okay. Whatever you may believe, you can’t help but wonder what these bleeding rose petals on the statue might symbolize. Is it simply a pattern destined by nature, or is someone somewhere trying to tell us something? Patterns like these appear on statues all the time. Stains from rain can burn tear lines into statues. Birds and other animals can wear away at certain parts. Are they symbols or just coincidences?

7 A Tragic Story On A Headstone

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The headstone above reads: “Kate McCormick -- Seduced and pregnant by her father’s friend, Unwed, she died from abortion, her only choice. Abandoned in life and death by family, with but a single rose from her mother, Buried, only through the kindness of an unknown benefactor, Died February 1875, age 21. Victim of an unforgiving society, Have mercy on us.”

The last line is absolutely chilling. It really adds to the horror that was Kate’s life. Dying from abortion used to be much more common than it is today. Fortunately, women now have access to better health care. Unfortunately, for Kate, society was indeed unforgiving and certainly failed her. In 1875, “seduced” likely meant closer to nonconsensual sex than consensual. Women were not treated like they are today, though we still have a bit to go. Sad stories like these are all across cemeteries all over the world.

6 An Abandoned Graveyard Turned Into A Park

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Like we’ve already asked so far on this list, what happens to a graveyard once no one cares to visit it anymore? The answer some people might give: it's best to turn the property into a park! Make a reason for people to want to visit once again! Someone decided to turn this abandoned graveyard into a place for the public to come enjoy the outdoors. The only strange thing? They turned the headstones into a walkway! Now, instead of headstones all around the area, it’s a nice open walkway. The headstones were intended to be a reminder of the dead buried beneath, but now they’re just a place for people to walk so they don’t get their shoes dirty. That means at any given area of the grass, there are potentially dead bodies buried beneath. One day, perhaps, all of our parks will become nothing more than cemeteries without headstones.

5 Two Lovers Who Couldn't Be Buried In The Same Place

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The photograph above was taken in the late 1800’s after a Catholic woman and her protestant husband died. He died some eight years before her, but when she died, she decided she wanted to be laid next to her long lost lover for all eternity. The only problem? Since the two had different religions, she wasn’t allowed to be buried next to him in the same cemetery. The solution? Be buried right next to the wall and create this statue to symbolize that even though they are not in the same cemetery, they are still resting in the same place for all eternity. Their love was so deep that not even a brick wall could stop them. Their religions couldn't keep them apart from each other; these two didn't let anything get in the way.

4 A Tragic Photo Taken In A Pet Cemetery

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Thinking of our little furry friends dying one day hurts just as much as imagining our closest relatives passing. Even though the truth hurts, it’s the reality of what’s destined to come. Many pet lovers choose to honor their departed buddies the same way they would a human that died: a headstone. These pet owners decided to show their love for their friend in a sweet saying on the headstone. It reads: “FUDGE as dear and as sweet as his name.”

The thing about animals dying is that there aren’t many humans whose headstones could read the same. Animals are always so kind and pure and don’t deserve the fates some of them end up with. The owner clearly loved their pet, and we can get a sense of the good boy Fudge really was. What would your pet’s headstone read? Would it be like Fudge’s? Or more along the lines of knocking over water glasses and pooping on the floor?

3 Two Lovers Buried Together

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Not all people are buried in graveyards, but would you consider somewhere any dead body is buried a grave? If so, then this is another chilling photograph taken in a graveyard. In 1972, these two were found buried in Iran with nothing else and no other description. They were predicted to have died sometime around 800 BC. Their cause of death is likely asphyxiation, meaning they both probably suffocated together after being buried alive. The story behind these two remains unknown, but one thing we do know is that it’s likely very tragic. Were these two lovers in one final embrace as they knew they were about to die? Was one already dead, or did they slowly pass together? Were their deaths peaceful and quick or long and agonizing? We would kill to know what the real story behind these two is, but for now, we’ll continue to try and paint our own love story from this chilling image.

2 Nature Takes Over

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As we’ve already seen from earlier images, nature has a way of mingling with the dead. From this photograph, we can see that the longer a headstone’s been around, the easier it is for mother nature to take over. Was this person buried next to the tree or did the tree come out of nowhere? Did the tree sprout because of who was buried? As we discussed earlier, sometimes, people believe the dead can send signals back to us about their passing. The headstone says mother, so we can already begin to paint an image of who’s buried below. There’s a difference between referring to someone as “mother” and calling them “mom.” Mother is also the biggest thing on the headstone, based on what we can see at least. We’re sure whoever picked this headstone has an interesting story to go with how that was chosen -- and maybe a good explanation as to why there might be a massive tree growing out of it.

1 A Road Paved Over An Old Graveyard

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The grave in the middle of the road in the photograph above belongs to Nancy Barnett who died in 1831, almost two hundred years ago! You might think it’s strange to want to be buried in the middle of the road, but the reality is much more chilling than humorous. What actually happened is that the city decided to just build a road right over the cemetery. The relatives of Nancy refused to let this happen, to have her resting place just be paved over for people to drive over with no remorse for the deceased. They fought the city hard, and as we can see, they somehow kept the right to keep her buried in the middle of the road. It’s a chilling reminder to the drivers who pass by that they are just cruising right on top of a bunch of dead bodies. Would you feel scared riding over this road?

Source: Wikipedia.org

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