15 Childhood Sweethearts Who Posed For Scandalous Pics

We’ve all had our celebrity crushes, and there’s just something about Hollywood that turns many of those sweethearts into deviants. These actresses get primped and eventually get to pose for numerous family-oriented projects for years. They must hold in all of their adult desires during some of the most hormonal years of their lives. Holding back this s*xual energy can be tough, and we’re not blaming these ladies one bit for letting it go.

After all, what’s wrong with being naked? Why does taking off your clothes have such a deviant connotation? We came into the world naked, yet we are forced to cover everything until we die. That’s all a bunch of rubbish, if you think about it. Meanwhile, The Walking Dead is the highest rated series on television. You can watch repulsive people blow away super gross zombies, but heaven forbid if you want to watch people take their clothes off.

Well, now is the time to change the focus from the disgusting to the beautiful. This list is dedicated to the heroines of Hollywood flesh. These are the young ladies that we grew up watching. We fantasized about them, and we wished they went to our school. Then, after they did scandalous photo shoots (and/or movie scenes), we loved them even more.

15 Samantha Micelli

At some point during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, every boy in the world fantasized about Alyssa Milano. She played Samantha Micelli on Who’s the Boss? and America watched her grow up from a cute girl to an attractive teen. That’s where the awkwardness comes in. Milano later complained about the lack of privacy during a very fragile time in her life. The directors and writers capitalized on Milano’s puberty and created episodes about every embarrassing detail—from acne to that time of the month. Milano was horrified to shoot some of those scenes. However, once the show wrapped, she embraced her sexuality and starred in a number of erotic films like Deadly Sins, Poison Ivy 2, and Below Utopia. Later, she posed for some racy photos for FHM as well. After that, she regretted her exposure and campaigned to remove some hot images from the internet. Sorry, Sam. That doesn’t happen with just a snap of a finger.

14 Hannah Montana

We all watched Hannah Montana growing up. Even those of us who were older were still aware of the Disney show that launched the career of Miley Cyrus. Miley went on a downward spiral after the show wrapped. There’s nothing wrong with getting naked, but this girl was getting crazy. There was that twerking episode that was interesting and awful at the same time. There was the constant flaunting of pot use. She would do favors for inflatable toys onstage at her concerts. She would wear a leotard that rode so far up her crotch that it almost looked like a health risk. Oh, and don’t forget her tongue. Lord knows she stuck that thing out quite a number of times that we all got tired of looking at it, and the attraction began to fade. She is getting back to normal now (thank goodness), and looking better than ever. However, she may not be doing the nude photoshoots, like the one she did for Paper, anytime soon.

13 Jessie Spano

So Kelly Kapowski was a fan favorite of every guy from Justin Bieber to Chris Paul, but there’s always a dark horse in the hot girl race. Just like Hannah Montana had Emily Osment, or Betty had Veronica in Archie, that second hottie, the BFF, is a foundational character to any successful story. This supporting character provides contrast to the lead, which makes both characters more attractive. However, near the end of the Saved by Bell run, Elizabeth Berkley was fed up with playing second fiddle. She didn’t even show up for the final season and was replaced by Tori, played by Leanna Creel. Then, Berkley took the “shedding schoolgirl image” game to the max and starred in the stripper exposé drama, Showgirls. There was so much nudity in this flick that by the time it was over, most dudes weren’t even that excited anymore.

12 Drew Barrymore

Who didn’t love that adorable little blonde in ET? Or maybe some of you have watched Babes in Toyland like a thousand times on VHS. Many of us felt like we knew Drew Barrymore since she was at a very young age. She was certainly too young to fantasize about, but an innocent kid crush was certainly happening. Then, Drew disappeared, and later reemerged in the ‘90s as a total s*x pot. She did the movie Poison Ivy and appeared on the pages of Playboy. Then, she stood up on his desk and flashed David Letterman during an airing of the Late Show. Then, she kind of disappeared again, only to come back later in a number of Adam Sandler films and a Charlie’s Angels flick. She goes away and comes back quite often. Now, she’s doing well in Santa Clarita Diet, the zombie satire, on Netflix.

11 Sabrina Spellman

Melissa Joan Hart was a huge crush for a lot of dudes back in the day. She led the show Clarissa Explains It All, and talked to the camera throughout the conflicts of each episode. In some ways, this removal of the fourth wall was much like Saved by the Bell, or before that, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The talk to the audience format is still in use with shows like Disney’s Stuck in the Middle. The dialog with the audience helps bring in kids, hides weaknesses in the script, and Melissa Joan Hart was a pro at it. During most of her career, Hart has been a total goodie two-shoes, but there was a lapse in her judgement when she did a hot photo shoot for Maxim. In this photo, you can see Clarissa in bed with just a sheet, not explaining it all but baring it all. This shot coincided with another childhood crush character, Sabrina, from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Sabrina cemented Hart’s place in the realm of TV sweetheart fantasy.

10 Hermione Granger

Okay. Some guys are too old to dream about this fantasy scenario. But for other dudes, this is right in their wheelhouse. Emma Watson stole the show as Hermione Granger in many of the Harry Potter scenes. She was perfectly cast as the nerdy muggle who knew all the right spells to save Harry and Ron from their constant screw-ups. We watched the entire cast grow up in this series of films, and were watching Emma Watson closer than anyone. Although Emma has been quite the feminist and politician, she has also appeared in some racy photo spreads. She did a Vanity Fair shoot in a Burberry macrame shawl that was totally see-through. Then, in this shot for Natural Beauty, Emma showed a ton of skin. She’s always proper enough to keep it PG-13, but your imagination can fill in the missing details, for sure.

9 Gabriella Montez

If you’re talking about posing for explicit photos, Vanessa Hudgens is a pro. She didn’t even need the fancy photo studio, the photographer, or the expensive camera. All she needed was a smartphone. We usually wouldn’t include the hacked stuff in this conversation, but come on, Vanessa. How many times has this happened? She did it once way before the massive Hollywood leaks, and it boosted her career. So why wouldn’t she do it again? Vanessa has also done some hot photos on set. Pictured here is a still from Frozen Ground, which came out in 2013. This movie was an awful disappointment and starred aging ‘80s heroes—Nic Cage and John Cusack. The only highlight of the forgettable film was that Hudgens played a stripper. She also had a swimming pool three-way with James Franco and Ashley Benson in Spring Breakers.

8 Cindy Crawford

This woman was out of our league for the most part, but that didn’t stop us from fantasizing about her. Cindy was older than most of the girls on this list. She wasn’t somebody that we could even think of inviting to prom, but we liked her anyway. Remember that Pepsi commercial? Cindy walked up to the soda machine in that wonderful white top and she pressed that cola can to her lips like it was the nectar of the gods. The two young boys were watching nearby and were awestruck by her beauty. The fact is, years after appearing in Playboy, this supermodel extraordinaire is still looking great. And now, it’s her daughter that’s taking the world by storm. Slow your roll, though, guys. She’s only fifteen. We have a solid three more years left of fantasizing about mom. And by then, Cindy Crawford Junior will be on every ad in the country.

7 Alex Russo

What’s with the former Disney stars doing all the revealing on social media? Bella Thorne does enough sweaty work-out smokeshow pics. Hilary Duff is a selfie addict. And now, here’s Selena showing off with her BF, the Weeknd. The reason these women do the homemade shots is probably because their agents and managers are powerless to smartphones. The stars’ handlers can turn down the FHM, Esquire, and Playboy contracts, but they can’t get there in time to stop these hotties from hitting “tweet.” And if they want to get naked and let everybody see, they will find a way to do it. It’s kinda like Trump tweeting all his nonsense. The White House is trying to get him to shut up, but they can’t. Social media is spiraling out of control, and nobody knows how to stop it. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

6 Cady Heron

Lindsay Lohan was such a sweet girl at one point in her career. Remember when she did the Parent Trap remake? Critics declared her a phenom, and they were right. She had the natural acting instincts that made her so fun to watch, and for some young boys, that’s when the crush began. Then, when she starred in Mean Girls, all those boys said, “Damn!” That little Parent Trap ginger had grown up and filled out to become a beautiful young woman. Everybody couldn’t wait to see what she did next. Unfortunately, it was more like who she did next, which meant about every dude in Hollywood. She also came out with some terrible music and did enough drugs to kill a horse. She later posed for a few nude mags, including Playboy. Lohan starred nude in an awful movie too—The Canyons. The bi-curious flick starred a real adult film star as one of the male lead. Of course, that bombed. How couldn’t it?

5 Denise Huxtable

Lisa Bonet stole most of her scenes on The Cosby Show so much so that she gained her own successful spin-off, A Different World. In either series, she played the headstrong hottie with a sly grin and sexy voice that tons of dudes crushed on. Later, she starred in Angel Heart, the creepy mystery film about voodoo, in which Bonet hopped in the sack with Mickey Rourke. In the film, Bonet’s bedroom scene was so graphic, that the director had to cut ten seconds off or else, the film would have received an X rating. The controversy put a cloud of doubt over Bonet’s career, and she never really recovered. Of course, you can’t mention The Cosby Show without giving an update on the patriarch’s court case. Currently, Bill Cosby is attending his trial and fighting every accusation. He arrived to court on the first day, last week, escorted by Rudy Huxtable (Keshia Knight Pulliam). So what does Denise think? The only quote she’s had on the matter was that she was “disgusted and concerned.” Bonet is not a Coz fan, and has refused to appear at any reunions over the years.

4 Blossom Russo

Oh, now this one is a doozy! This inset image of Bialik in the buff was found online, and taken at some point between the Blossom days and her Big Bang Theory success. We can’t guarantee that the image is one hundred percent authentic, but then again, why not? The image appeared on Pinterest and seems to be taken from an old magazine page. The magazine caption described the shot as “revenge from a lesbian lover.” Bialik played it straight for a while, got married and had kids; but after her divorce, she is returning to her lesbian roots. She has said in interviews, “I didn’t even know I was a lesbian,” but the details behind the picture, if true, may prove that the attraction was there all along. Of course, many of us got to know Bialik on the TV show Blossom, when she was a cute, spunky young lady who many of guys had a crush on. Others preferred her rebellious friend, Six Lemeure. Trivia note: Guest stars on Blossom included Will Smith, ALF, and Hugh Hefner.

3 Kelly Kapowski

Here is a pic that would send Bayside High into high alert. Remember that poster of Kelly Kapowski that Zack had on his bedroom wall? Well, just imagine if this was the poster he had instead. That would have been a totally different show altogether, right? There would have been a lot more talk about s*x and not so much about pranks like eating chocolate covered insects. Instead, Zack would have been focusing on feeding Kelly some chocolate-covered strawberries, or licking chocolate syrup off of her chest. Yes, that show was very innocent, but it’s not difficult to imagine a whole ‘nother set of circumstances. Surely, the adult industry must have explored this scenario by now. Is Saved by the Balls, a real thing? Maybe. Screech might star in that one. He probably needs the work. Here’s a great pic of Tiffany Thiessen in FHM. She also can be seen in sheer fabric that shows everything.

2 Cassandra Wong

For some dudes, the movie Wayne’s World was on constant replay in their VCR, or they saw the reruns on cable. This was by far the first huge SNL film, and it opened the door for the successes of later projects from Adam Sandler and Chris Farley. Then, those films opened doors for Will Ferrell and so on. But what would Wayne’s World be without Cassandra? This has to be one of the most lopsided couples in the history of film. Wayne and Cassandra? Yeah, as if. And monkeys might fly out of my butt. There is no way that Wayne could have scored with Cassandra. And don’t forget Garths’ success. He scored with his dream girl too. What a fantasy. Tia Carerre went on to pose for Playboy and has also starred in a couple of lame movies, including Wayne’s World 2. She also finished in 6th place in the 2008 season of Dancing with the Stars.

1 Brenda Walsh

Shannen Doherty was the hottest thing around when Beverly Hills, 90210 first aired in 1990. She was the innocent kid from Minnesota, thrust into the drama of LA, alongside her twin brother Brandon, played by Jason Priestley. She was the only pre-established star in the young cast, after starring in Little House on the Prairie and Heathers. After four seasons, the stunning starlet butted heads with producers and left the show. She posed for Playboy that same year, but never received notable work until joining the cast of Charmed in 1998. Since then, Doherty has led a number of projects like Scare Tactics. She also joined the cast for the 90210 reboot in 2008. In recent years, Shannen has bravely battled her health and is currently in remission. Her breast cancer fight has been an inspiration to thousands of fans.

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