15 Childhood Crushes Who Are Now Ugly AF - Part 2

Time, they say, heals all wounds. While this is most certainly the case when it comes to broken hearts and lost dogs, there are some portions of life where quite the opposite is true. When it comes to maintaining your good looks, for example, the passing of time is a fearsome foe who is almost impossible to defeat. Time, they also say, waits for nobody. It doesn’t care if you’re a humble mailroom employee or a major Hollywood name known for being extraordinarily beautiful.

Over the years, we have seen countless celebrities go from beauty to beast, their transformation spurred on by a party lifestyle, a hectic work schedule, and the stress of being mobbed by fans and the media in the street. It’s never a fun thing to see, but it becomes particularly unpleasant when the fading celebrity in question is somebody you grew up watching. How many childhood crushes have seen their good looks disappear and their sparkle dimmed in the years that have passed since their fans entered adulthood? Well, we already ran one article looking at 16 of them and in this article we’re going to be looking at 15 more, so at least 31.

Here are 15 more hot childhood crushes who are now ugly AF.


15 Janice Dickinson

Over the past couple of years, Janice Dickinson has made a name for herself through her wacky antics on celebrity game shows both at home and abroad. She infamously refers to herself as “The World’s First Supermodel”, a title that is disputed by virtually everybody who has any sort of knowledge of the modeling industry.

While she may not have been the first supermodel, Dickinson certainly was the first crush of many men who grew up during the height of her fame. A few short decades ago, Dickson’s face - or, more accurately, her semi-nude body - was in every magazine and on every billboard across America. As Dickinson’s star faded, she struggled to come to terms with her decreasing fame and attempted to prolong her modeling career through a series of plastic surgery procedures, many of which were botched and have left her looking like a wax sculpture of her 1970s self.

14 Alexa Ray Joel


The daughter of supermodel Christie Brinkley and incredibly talented singer-songwriter Billy Joel, Alexa Ray Joel seemed to be bound for great things from the moment she was born. As she grew, the younger Joel developed her mother’s beauty and love of modelling, which led to her being cast as the spokesperson for Prell shampoo in her early 20s, a brand her mother had represented back in the 1980s. Unfortunately for Alexa Ray, as she neared her 30s, she began to age less like her mother and more like her father and she has continued to do so ever since. To make things worse for Alexa Ray, she does not seem to have her father’s incredible musical ability, nor does she possess his talent for picking up younger lovers.

13 Anjelica Huston

Santa Monica native Anjelica Huston has enjoyed a remarkably distinguished career. She has worked with the likes of Woody Allen and Rob Reiner and has captured a multitude of awards, which really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise considering the fact that she is the daughter of acclaimed director John Huston. Huston is best known for her portrayal of Morticia Addams in the 1991 film adaptation of The Addams Family and its subsequent sequel.

With her knee-knocking body packed tightly into a black lace dress, Anjelica Huston oozed sex appeal as Morticia Addams and contributed to the goth obsession of the 1990s. Today, however, Huston could pass for a genuine member of the Addams family, with her thick, sagging skin and face that constantly looks as though she has just stepped out of a plastic surgeon's operating theater.

12 Helena Christensen


Helena Christensen has worked extensively in almost all areas of the fashion industry. She rose to fame working as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and quickly established herself as one of the premier supermodels of her time. Through appearances in magazines such as Vogue and Elle, along with roles in commercials and music videos, Christensen became a favorite of young men everywhere. Today, however, Christensen works primarily as a fashion photographer and there really isn’t any mystery as to why she chooses to stay behind the camera at this stage of her career. The former supermodel’s natural beauty has, naturally, given way to the passing of time and has been replaced by weight gain, wrinkles, and crow's feet that no amount of designer cosmetics can hide.

11 Leah Remini

When she first started appearing as Carrie Heffernan alongside Kevin James in the beloved NBC sitcom The King of Queens, Leah Remini was one of the most beautiful women in all of Hollywood. Along with a phenomenal degree of acting talent and comedic timing, Remini boasted a flawless figure, full lips, prominent cheekbones, and a perky bust, to name but a few of the reasons Doug Heffernan became the envy of every prepubescent male in America.

Remini gained so much weight during the later seasons of The King of Queens that it actually had to be incorporated into storylines. By the time the series ended in 2007, she was pretty much unrecognizable but for her acting ability. Despite a few half-hearted attempts to shed the excess pounds over the past decade, Remini is today an inflated caricature of the woman she was during the height of her career.

10 Tiffani Thiessen


Through her role as Kelly Kapowski in the early 90s NBC sitcom Saved by the Bell, Tiffani Thiessen became the childhood crush of virtually every kid who laid eyes on her. In fact, the argument can be made that Thiessen, with her flawless face, equally flawless figure, and naturally warm personality, established herself as the quintessential childhood crush.

Today, Thiessen relies primarily on her Saved by the Bell legacy to earn a dollar and often appears at conventions around the world to answer the questions of Saved by the Bell super fans who probably know more about the show than she does. While Thiessen’s figure is as impressive as ever, her face has not stood the test of time. Drawing attention away from the wrinkles and blemishes which have developed over the past two decades or so is Thiessen’s chin, which doesn’t seem to have stopped growing since Saved by the Bell and gives her something of a Jay Leno look.

9 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera burst onto the scene in 1999 with her self-titled debut album, which featured such hit songs as Genie in a Bottle and Come on Over Baby (All I Want is You). In the years that followed, Aguilera established herself as one of the top recording artists in the world and earned the hearts of young men at the same rapid rate she earned money (and she earned a lot of money).

In the two decades (almost) which have passed since she entered the mainstream, Christina Aguilera has gone through a drastic transformation. While she was once thought by many to be too skinny, the hitmaker has gone too far in the other direction and has gained a significant amount of weight, with the stress of motherhood no doubt serving as a catalyst. Now more than ever, Aguilera is relying on makeup to cover the blemishes on her face, the vast majority of which are likely the result of a poor diet and a crazy work schedule.


8 Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson started off her career by winning the inaugural season of American Idol, which, in a time when television talent competitions still mattered, was a pretty major achievement. From there, she went on to Billboard success and scored the best-selling single of 2002 with "Before Your Love".

Clarkson, though just 20 years of age at the time of her coming out single, knew how to use her good looks to her advantage and quickly became a favorite of teenage boys and young men around the world. As the years progressed, however, the pressures of fame got to her and she began gaining a serious amount of weight, which wasn’t helped by her pregnancy. Clarkson has gone on record as saying she does not exercise because she would “rather have wine”, a statement which goes far beyond body positivity and encourages those who look up to her to ignore looking after their bodies in favor of consuming alcohol.

7 Elisabeth Shue

When a spate of personal troubles prevented original Back to the Future actress Claudia Wells from reprising her role as Jennifer Parker for the 1989 sequel Back to the Future II, Elisabeth Shue was recruited to take her place. Right from her first scene as Jennifer Parker, Shue, who had also appeared in The Karate Kid and Adventures in Babysitting, captured the hearts of boys and young men alike. With her down to earth good looks and infectious smile, it was no wonder Shue had made a name for herself as the perennial girl next door.

Today, Elisabeth Shue is in her 50s and has lost much of the beauty and charm that made her so irresistible in her younger years. Despite this, she remains active in Hollywood and her wrinkled face can be seen in the upcoming movie Battle of the Sexes.

6 Didi Conn


When people remember the original Grease film, they tend to think of Olivia Newton-John and those disco pants, which, as legend has it, were so tight that she literally had to have them sewn onto her. There is no denying that “Bad Sandy”, as she has come to be known, was the single hottest character of the movie, but Frenchy, played by Didi Conn, is definitely deserving of some recognition.

Although Conn spent much of her scenes in Grease standing around in the background, time seemed to stand still whenever the camera focused on her. Prior to Sandy’s makeover, Frenchy was the girl that the men who were dragged to the movie by their girlfriends passed the time by fantasizing about. While Newton-John has managed to maintain her baffling good looks in the years that have passed since Grease was filmed, the same cannot be said of Didi Conn. Today, she is graying, wrinkled, and looks more like a kooky cat lady than a Hollywood heartbreaker.

5 Sable

Along with Michelle Pfeiffer and Christie Brinkley, Sable was one of my very first crushes (I guess I have a type). The Florida native achieved her greatest fame when she signed with what was then known as the World Wrestling Federation. With her latex catsuits and golden locks, Sable quickly became the female star of the show and heartily welcomed the catcalls which were directed at her from the boys and men who made up the majority of the Monday Night Raw audience.

To this day, my heart skips a beat when I see a picture of Sable from her Attitude Era appearances, so you can imagine how hard it is for me to admit that she is no longer the woman she once was. Although she is rarely seen in public, when she does pop up - usually alongside her husband, WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar - Sable looks bloated, flushed, and significantly smaller than she appeared to be when wearing her shiny thigh-high boots.

4 Bitty Schram


Although she is relatively unknown today, there was a time when Bitty Schram was one of the most recognized faces on prime time television. She achieved her greatest fame playing the role of Sharona Fleming, assistant to the title character of the USA Network’s comedy-drama Monk.

Although she wasn’t conventionally attractive, there was something about Schram’s mini-skirt/spunky personality combo that made her undeniably hot and the childhood crush of all the kids who could convince their parents to let them stay up late enough to watch Monk. Schram left the series over a pay dispute in the middle of the third season and in the time that has elapsed she has gained a significant amount of weight and lost much of the charm which made her stand out in her younger years. She has acted only sparingly in the past decade.

3 Twiggy

Hailing from London, England, Twiggy was one of the first models to transcend the pages of fashion magazines and enter mainstream culture. She rose to fame during the 1960s and stayed on top of the supermodel ladder for decades, scoring roles in The Blues Brothers and The Muppet Show in between photo shoots. Because of her incredible beauty and equally incredible reach, Twiggy took hostage the hearts of both boys and men and refused to give them back. Of course, by this point, very few of those guys would want their heart back.

Today, Twiggy, whose greatest asset was her phenomenal figure, has gained an amount of weight many people assumed she was incapable of gaining. Her formerly thin face has become bloated and wrinkled, while her hair seems to be thinning out on top.

2 Talia Shire


Once Sylvester Stallone cast Talia Shire as Adrian Pennino in the 1976 film that kickstarted the Rocky franchise, he put a whole lot of effort into making her look as unattractive as possible. This turned out to be pretty difficult to do, considering the fact Shire was nothing less than hot, but Stallone insisted it was necessary in order to establish her character a meek individual with an aversion to the spotlight that her eventual husband craved. Still, Shire’s undeniable beauty shined through and males of all ages quickly fell in love with her.

Shire’s character passed away between Rocky V and Rocky Balboa and she has made only minimal movie appearances since. In a way, this is a blessing as it means those who fell in love with Shire back in the 70s and 80s haven’t had their memory of her spoiled. Today, Talia Shire is showing the effects of the unstoppable marching of time, with yellowing teeth, prominent veins, and thick black glasses (the kind that was used to mask her beauty on screen four decades ago).

1 Suzi Quatro

This one goes out to some of our older readers. If you were a fan of rock music during the 1970s, you were a fan of Suzi Quatro. If you were a fan of hot women during the 1970s, you were a fan of Suzi Quatro. If you were a fan of both, then Suzi Quatro was probably your dream woman.

With a bass guitar and a tight leather catsuit, Suzi Quatro became one of the first women to make it big as a rock star, thereby laying the groundwork for the many female superstars who came after her. Although she had teenage boys drooling at the thought of her at the height of her fame, today Quatro is more of an aging granny than a rock star. While she still rocks her iconic leather outfits at times, the tightness of the material works against her and exposes the flab which almost always accompanies aging. To make matters worse, Quatro’s voice has pretty much entirely quit on her, leaving her performances entirely devoid of sex and musical appeal.


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