15 Child Stars Who Need To Be Banned From Hollywood... But Aren't

Clearly, Hollywood is more forgiving than we might think.

Hollywood is a town infamous for ruining far too many lives. For every actor that has a great career, there are probably a dozen hopefuls who fail to make it. The sadder cases are probably the ones who had a good shot and, for a time, achieved fame only to have it fall apart. Mara Wilson is a former child star who’s written of the challenges kids in Hollywood face and how easy it is for their lives to fall apart. Some folks are able to bounce back better than others and some folks are even able to rise from the seeming darkness to be a success again. Drew Barrymore is famous as a child star who spent years in drug use but rebounded into a true star and producer. Sadly, she’s more the exception than the rule.

Then there are cases of former child stars who are welcomed in Hollywood even though they shouldn’t be. In some cases, they’re box office poison, not making any real hits in years and their reputations terrible. In other cases, they have huge egos and issues of drugs and addictions that make them troublesome. Other times, it’s folks who just aren’t well liked yet keep getting work. There are plenty of examples but several stand out from the crowd for combining several of these issues together. Here are 15 former child stars who should be kept from working in Hollywood again and yet are still in demand, showing how amazingly forgiving the town really can be.

15 Miley Cyrus

True, she is cleaning up her act currently and winning raves for a “back to basics” style with her new album. But that doesn’t excuse the nuttiness and wild times the former Hannah Montana has gotten into. Miley Cyrus broke out as the star of the Disney Channel series that became a massive phenomenon with a sold-out concert tour and major success for her. But after it ended, Cyrus redid her image to a shocking degree. Suddenly, she had dyed her hair wild blonde with tattoos and piercings. She was doing interviews of foul-mouthed language and wild statements. She began picking fights with other music divas. And she paraded around in absolutely insane and revealing outfits showing off her body and several cases going nude in magazines.

Throw in her hard-partying antics and Cyrus has done more than enough to get her booted out of Hollywood. Again, she’s shifted her attitude and image to help boost her more but let’s not forget how far from a role model this gal got not that long ago.

14 Amanda Bynes

It’s still astounding how fast a once-promising career went totally off the rails. Amanda Bynes broke out with a great comic timing on the Nick comedy series All That. This led to her own series where she blossomed more as a funny actress and the hit sitcom What I Like About You. Soon, Bynes was an in-demand movie starlet with What A Girl Wants and other films. As she grew up, Bynes became sexier with nice spreads and showing off in films like Easy A and others. Then in 2012, seemingly overnight, Bynes seemingly went insane. She was arrested twice for a DUI and drug possession and in 2013 was sent to a hospital under a psychiatric hold. Bynes also was doing twitter rants that made no sense and accusing her dad of implanting a chip in her brain. Bynes has attempted to get her life back on track with rumors of still some partying and kicked out of fashion school. Yet amazingly, many in Hollywood are open to her coming back which is something surprising given how staying away from this town is a lot safer to avoid another train wreck.

13 Justin Bieber

Where to start? There was always something annoying about this young pop sensation with his childish face, voice and antics. At first, he just seemed the sort of annoying kid you wanted to ignore even while girls went wild for him and his act. But as he grew, Bieber was soon going into behavior that would get anyone else his age arrested fast. He actually managed to get the cops on him abroad, for vandalism in Brazil and rumors of acting up in clubs around the world. His first arrest was in 2014 on a DUI and drug possession but that was just the beginning. Since then, Bieber has been taken in for drunk driving, vandalism, smashing up a car and far more. He’s embraced this new “bad boy” image with tattoos and foul-mouthing various folks, even former girlfriends.

The guy may have a talented voice but comes off as an absolute jerk on so many levels, obnoxious as hell and that includes his own fans. Videos circulate of stuff like Bieber snapping at crowds to “put down the phones and be normal” and runs them down despite how they’re the reason he’s a success. He’s a great example of a talent outshone by his attitude and ego that should have led to him kicked out of the business long before he hit drinking age.

12 Britney Spears

Oh, Britney Spears. Few times have you watched a lady rise to hotness, fall and rise again yet always the risk of flopping back. A former star of The Mickey Mouse Club, Spears exploded onto the scene in 1999 with her song “Oops I Did It Again.” Soon, her sultry body was on full display in magazines and one of the hottest women alive. Then came the fall with her marriage to Kevin Federline, shaving herself bald, attacking the press with an umbrella, losing custody of the kids and known for drinking and drug use. Her horrible “comeback” in 2007 is still derided and her diva attitude rubs folks the wrong way constantly. She’s trying for a comeback with a stint in Las Vegas and seems ready to change. But her past is still haunting her as this is a woman known for getting wild and crazy and with stuff that ruined careers far better than hers. That’s not to mention how she’s gotten into feuds with practically half the music industry and how Hollywood wouldn’t really miss her if she never came back to them.

11 Ariel Winter

You can cut the lady some slack as she’s had some real issues. After breaking out as a star on Modern Family, Ariel Winter got bad press for how her mother had been verbally and physically abusive to her, leading her becoming emancipated from her. Then, as puberty hit, Winter’s chest hit a major growth spurt, requiring breast reduction surgery (yes, those are reduced). However, as she’s grown into teenage years, Winter is getting major bad press about being a real “rhymes with b-word” in public. She can be a diva on set and enjoys flaunting her body way too much on Instagram and other places. Note the recent event where the rest of the cast showed up in regular clothes while Winter wore what looked like a flashy MTV awards dress. She often seems to revel in the attention, her constant posts screaming out “Look at me!” and that rubs folks the wrong way too. Given her rough past and this sudden showing off, many may worry about Winter becoming another Hollywood train wreck and perhaps taking time away for college is the best move for her future.

10 Christina Aguilera

Some ladies take the “Diva” label just a little bit too literally. Christina Aguilera sure counts on that. Breaking out as part of The Mickey Mouse Club in the late 1980s, Aguilera rose up in 1999 with her hit album and singles like “Genie in a Bottle.” Three years later, she transformed herself into Xtina, the outgoing lady flaunting her body constantly. She’s come back to a more beautiful image but that doesn’t discount a terrible ego with reports of her demands filling contracts with crazy stuff. For her work as a judge on The Voice, Aguilera wants a police escort as she hates being stuck in traffic and even wants a foot massage for a show where she’s sitting down all the time. Her acting attempts have been horrible such as the bomb Burlesque. She’s blundered the National Anthem at the Super Bowl and caused some other wild antics like photographed drinking way too much despite being a mom. She’s a fantastic performer on stage but her off-camera antics should not be endearing her to Hollywood at all.

9 Ariana Grande

Yes, she is a great looker with a fantastic body. And yes, she does possess a fantastic singing voice. But Ariana Grande is also in possession of an attitude that makes the title of “diva” all too real. It wasn’t obvious at first with her role as the nutty Cat on Victorious but it grew more on the spin-off Sam & Cat. The reason the show was canceled too soon lies in reports of how Grande and co-star Jeanette McCurdy were at each other’s throats during shooting and Grande wanting more screen time. As her singing career has taken off, Grande’s antics have gotten worse. It’s not just the infamous “donut” video as fans report Grande being aloof and blowing them off and outrageous demands for her appearances. This is a woman who, in utter seriousness, tweeted about being “the hardest-working 23 year old on the planet.” That naturally was ripped by critics and actually hard-working folks her age. She may be hot to watch and great to listen to but her attitude and ego make Grande sour for much of Hollywood.

8 Hillary Duff

It seems hard to believe anyone could hate her. The lovely blonde got her break starring as Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel show of the same name and soon breaking out into movies like A Cinderella Story and a successful singing career. Yet there’s something about Duff that just rubs folks the wrong way. It can be how she will suddenly shift her hair to something like a blue color and be a bit too open about her life. It’s how she sees nothing wrong giving her eight year old son a kiss on the lips in public. There’s also how she’s reacted to fans taking photos of her in public with twitter rants and not that cordial about them in other ways. She has gotten acclaim for the hit TV show Younger yet in person, Duff is a bit distant and can come off arrogant. There’s also how it seems her philanthropy work is more to boost her image than really helping people. Maybe some time away from Hollywood can help Duff appreciate being a “normal” gal a lot more than her “stardom.”

7 Jaden Smith

You can’t blame Will Smith for wanting to give his kid a break in the business. And at first, son Jaden wasn’t too bad as long as the roles were small. He did get attention opposite his dad in The Pursuit of Happyness and as Smith was one of the biggest box office draws around, it was natural he’d use his influence to push his son more. He did score with the remake of The Karate Kid although many claim it was Jackie Chan who brought in more of the audience. However, After Earth exposed Jaden’s weaknesses big time. The sci-fi epic was universally trashed by critics and a monster bomb with many citing Jaden as stiff and unlikeable which helped it flop.

Since then, Jaden is known for his outfits and clothing line which often make him look like he’s wearing a dress. There’s also nutty behavior, the latest being showing up at the Met Gala with his own shaved-off hair in his hand. The guy just isn’t able to be a real draw and while folks may not want to upset his dad, Jaden isn’t cut out to be in the Hollywood elite.

6 Kylie Jenner

This is a case where getting banned from Hollywood might be a hell of a lot better for this woman’s future. The youngest member of the Kardashian clan, Kylie was the cute little girl putting up with her sisters’ antics on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She looked fun and the voice of sanity amid a wild family. Sadly, as she’s grown, Kylie has embraced the Kardashian mind-set of “anything for attention.” She took to Instagram and other places, “branding” herself with hot shots that flaunted her body a lot and seemingly ready to join her sisters in doffing it all at some point. She even filed a motion to “trademark” the name Kylie only to have singer/actress Kylie Minogue sue her as Minogue did that years ago.

Jenner keeps it up with Instagram posts and while her body may be nice, it’s disturbing how she’s making it all folks know her for. She’s even getting her own reality show Life of Kylie and it’s not too crazy to imagine she would act out majorly to get more publicity for it. Adding another member of this much-disliked family isn’t a good thing and so getting out of Hollywood is a good move for Kylie.

5 Lindsay Lohan

Really, what can be said about her? Once a fantastic bright young talent, Lohan’s star rose high then crashed majorly. From the cute little kid of The Parent Trap, Lohan grew into an amazingly hot and sexy lady with hits like Mean Girls and looking amazing in photo spreads. She seemed ready to have it all but then came the harsh collapse. Her weight fluctuated to a near skeleton with horrible blonde hair. She became famous for hash partying and acting like a diva on movie sets. She was soon getting arrested and sent to rehab and transforming into a joke. Even attempts at getting back into her sexy side (like a Playboy) spread failed to do anything as Lohan has tried to reboot her career with things like a guest role on 2 Broke Girls and a fill-in host for Chelsea Handler. But many still consider her too toxic to touch and it’s best to stay far away from Hollywood for her own good. Lohan would need a real break from Hollywood yet still pushed for a “comeback” that might do more harm than good.

4 Katherine Heigl

Only thirteen when she did her first movie after years of commercials and work, Katherine Heigl had a good vibe going. That led to movies like My Father the Hero, Under Siege 2 and others. Roswell helped get her more attention as a sexy beauty but it was Grey’s Anatomy that boosted her to stardom. She won an Emmy for the show and that soon led to Knocked Up, a huge box office hit. For a while, Heigl was on top of Hollywood with Grey’s and other hit movies. However, the issue started when she removed her name from Emmy consideration, saying the writers hadn’t given her good material. Stories rose of her arrogance on set and soon written off the show.

While Heigl has admitted having ego issues, they don’t seem to be stopping. Stories continue about her arrogant attitude, even as a mom and throwing her weight around majorly. 2017 has been a bad year as her movie Unforgettable bombed and her new TV show Doubt was canceled after just two episodes. Yet Heigl still remains a big name in Hollywood despite a failing draw factor and rising unpopularity that make it hard to see her pulling off a comeback.

3 Shia LaBeouf

It’s truly amazing how a once innocent Disney Channel kid has transformed into one of Hollywood’s biggest nuts jobs. At first, LaBeouf was great with the Disney series Even Stevens and movies like Holes. He even rose up as a big blockbuster star with the Transformers movies. But then LaBeouf became known for his rather insane and erratic behavior. He was arrested for a DUI and then stealing from a drug store that he claimed was “research” for a role. He was also accused of plagiarizing an article for a short film he made and denying it. Then there’s his on-set behavior; many claim he really did have sex on the set of Nymphomaniac. Then for Fury, LaBeouf actually cut his face rather than have makeup for scarring.

It’s taken his toll as his movie Man Down sold exactly one ticket in its opening weekend in the United Kingdom. This is a guy who walked the red carpet with a paper bag over his head saying “I am not famous anymore” and more than a few folks will agree with that and why Hollywood should just ignore him.

2 Raven Symone

From such a wonderfully cute little girl came something of a mess today. Raven debuted as a cute as a button kid on the hit Cosby Show in the 1980s. She followed that up with another success in Hanging With Mr. Cooper. Symone then took off as star of the Disney Channel series That’s So Raven and the Cheetah Girls movies. She then moved on to singing projects and one of the hosts of The View that boosted her up. However, Raven has gotten into some hot water with some of her comments on View and interviews. She refuses to identify herself as African-American and has even taken issue with how some folks have names that “sound too black” and wouldn’t hire them. She’s also picked fights with music stars like Lil Kim and even snapping at Beyonce to “put some pants on” for her videos. Despite all that (not to mention being a Libertarian), Symone is still working as she’s returning in an update of the Raven show. Amazing given how many toes she’s stomped on in Hollywood.

1 Chris Brown

Chris Brown was only 16 when he exploded onto the scene as a rap star. His fantastic lyrics, voice and amazing presence quickly made him a hit and led to huge fame. Soon, Brown was mingling the best of the music industry as well as in the movie world, showing off his great style and at such a young age, hailed as one of the brightest talents around. But in 2009, Brown got headlines the wrong way when he was arrested for abuse on girlfriend Rhianna. It got even bigger when photos were released showing Rhianna looking like she’d gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson. It led to a massive hate against Brown yet, shockingly, his career isn’t over. He’s still making albums and still invited to posh Hollywood events. Indeed, the sitcom Black-ish even had Brown guest star in an episode as a rapper and was massively slammed for giving him such good press. Brown continues to rap and act but many believe he belongs behind bars rather than rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood elite.

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