15 Child Stars Who Disappeared After One Massive Role

Part of the reason why we love child actors so much is because they tend to quit the business. They say fame is fleeting, and with child stars, that's most evident. People might think this is about failure, but there's a lot more to it than that. Children leave the industry for a number of reasons. While a one-hit wonder of any size and shape is interesting, a child star one-hit wonder left the industry with their entire life ahead of them. If they left acting after one big movie, what did they do after that? Where did they go? What do they look like now? The massive changes in their lives between then and now make them much more interesting than most.

That’s what this list is about. Child stars who had one big hit and then left the industry, or at least left the spotlight. We've all seen similar lists that include actors who were side characters in middling films or, even worse, lists that include stars like Macauley Culkin, for instance, insulting his enormous acting career by calling him, and those like him, one-hit wonders. In what imaginary world was Culkin a one-hit wonder? Seriously!? Well, that kind of nonsense won't happen here. The kids on this list were all in big films. They were also all big actors in that one film. If we have the information, we'll try to catch you up with their lives since we last saw them as well. It'll be like reacquainting yourself with an old friend, except, in this case, these kids were never your friend. Here are 15 child stars who disappeared after one massive movie.

15 Carrie Henn – Aliens

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14 Hal Scardino – The Indian in the Cupboard


13 Alisan Porter – Curly Sue


12 Amber Scott – Hook

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11 Jason James Richter – Free Willy

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10 Daniel Tay – Elf


9 David Dorfman – The Ring


8 Noah Hathaway – The NeverEnding Story


7 Peter Billingsley – A Christmas Story

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6 Bradley Michael Pierce – Jumanji


5 Jimmy Workman – The Addams Family


4 Peter Ostrium – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


3 Danny Lloyd – The Shining


2 Jeff Cohen – The Goonies


1 Jake Lloyd – Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

via NBC

Saying Jake Lloyd only had one massive movie is a bit of a stretch because who could ever forget the incredible Jingle All the Way? But really, Star Wars Phantom Menace is the film that everyone remembers Lloyd in, playing a little Anakin Skywalker. In the years that followed, after Lloyd's retirement from acting in 2001, fans noticed that the child star was a bit odd. Temperamental, unpredictable, and, to the average observer, weird. Not long ago, Lloyd made headlines for taking police on a car chase through two counties in California. All his experience pod racing was put to the test as he raced through the city streets. Sadly, the hero lost this race. He was arrested and put in jail, but, recently, he was sent to a psychiatric facility to help manage his schizophrenia. So, that's pretty much what he's up to these days.

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15 Child Stars Who Disappeared After One Massive Role