15 Cheats And Tricks For Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

When Call of Duty was first introduced to the gaming community, people were amazed at the graphics and gameplay that seemed to be far superior to the previous first-person shooter games like Halo. Gam

When Call of Duty was first introduced to the gaming community, people were amazed at the graphics and gameplay that seemed to be far superior to the previous first-person shooter games like Halo. Gamers praised the World War II setting, complete with the weaponry and environmental settings. In an effort to remain relevant in the gaming world, the franchise continued to evolve to include features that would hopefully entice more gamers over to the Call of Duty video game series. However, the franchise has seemed to evolve to the point of no return through the years and it has been met with both acclaim and criticism.

The most recent release in the Call of Duty franchise was another game that was highly controversial in the gaming world. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the thirteenth game in the Call of Duty franchise and is far from where the series began. Set in a futuristic setting in an outer space environment, the gameplay involves everything from boosting jetpacks to zero gravity maps. For those that would have liked the franchise to stay true to its roots, this evolution in gameplay was a huge disappointment. Yet, for those looking for a change from the same old first-person shooter style gameplay, the futuristic setting and advanced elements came as an ever-pleasant surprise. Regardless of where you stand on how the game fairs in comparison to its predecessors, check out our list of the 15 cheats and tricks for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and see how to get the most out of the latest game in the franchise.

15 Maximize Points Early On In Zombie Mode


One of the features of the Call of Duty series that has helped to draw gamers to the franchise has been the ability to play different modes of gameplay. While some gamers most look forward to playing the campaign, others don’t even bother finishing the game and skip right to the multiplayer mode. Yet, the zombie mode is thought of as the truly unique aspect of the series that can create gaming marathons for gamers looking to show off their true skill. The name of the game is to last as long as possible in the zombie mode and the key to that is maximizing your cash in order to purchase weapons, activate traps and open the different areas of the environment. A helpful trick in lasting as long as possible in this endeavor is to make the most out of the starting levels in the zombie mode. During the very first round, zombies can be killed with a melee attack after using five bullets to bring them down. Finishing them off with a melee attack will optimize the points you can achieve in that round. The same can be done for the second round, except you will have to use eight bullets to bring down before finishing them off with the melee attack.

14 Not So Bad Going Solo In Zombie Mode

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Typically, the zombie mode is catered towards gamers that have a full crew to help them to get the furthest possible in levels. Yet, there will inevitably be times when you won’t be able to have your entire squad with you, whether your schedules aren’t aligned or they prefer to play in the multiplayer mode for the evening. While previous Call of Duty games made it almost impossible to get through even a few zombie levels as a solo player, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare offers a trick to help solo players get farther into the game. At the very start of the spawn, there is a small office towards the left side. Once the power is turned on, there is an Up’N Atoms machine that can be initiated and then a perk machine towards the right. The cost is only $500 when playing as a solo player and it allows gamers to revive themselves. This is a major bonus and is a trick that shouldn’t be overlooked when playing solo.

13 Get The Most Out Of The Salvage Feature

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One of the aspects of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare that had many of the naysayers starting to change their minds about the game is the fact that gamers have the ability to fully customize their weapons and create prototypes of their own making. It’s not just the boasting factor of being able to show off your cool new weapon since the different variations allow for special perks and abilities in the gun. This can give gamers a major advantage during the multiplayer mode. One of the ways to earn the Salvage points to craft these specialty weapons is to complete certain challenges. Yet, one trick in order to make the most out of the Salvage feature is to constantly rotate your loadout. It can be tempting to stick to one particular loadout as a gamer, especially if you find a specific gun that seems to work the best for your style of playing. However, certain challenges are limited to various weapons. To ensure you’re making the most out of the Salvage feature, continue to rotate your loadout and check the challenges in the top right corner to ensure you’re still working on a challenge that can continue earning towards your goal.

12 Gun Nut Achievement Hack

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The “Gun Nut” achievement in the campaign mode can be a little tricky to obtain but not if you know how to trick the system. In order to get this achievement, the gamer must scan all 22 weapons and there are four additional weapons that are given at the start. Five of the weapons can be scanned through the random dropped weapons of the enemies. The armories and enemy weapons are random but restarting the mission can allow for better chances to scanning whichever weapons you haven’t already scanned. There are 17 fixed spawn locations that allow the gamer to scan the additional weapons needed to gain the “Gun Nut” achievement. Individual fixed spawn locations for gun scans are as follows: Karma-45 at five seconds, Volk at five seconds, Kbar-32 at 51 seconds, EMC at a minute and seven seconds, R.A.W. at a minute and 27 seconds, F-SpAr Torch at a minute and 45 seconds, Mauler at two minutes and 18 seconds, Type-2 at two minutes and 57 seconds, R3K at three minutes and 37 seconds, DCM-8 at three minutes and 37 seconds, P-LAW at four minutes and 13 seconds, HVR at four minutes and 43 seconds, Ballista EM3 at five minutes and 12 seconds, Eraser and PRP Evo at six minutes and nine seconds and the Spartan SA3 at six minutes and 54 seconds. If the weapon doesn’t appear at the beginning, simply restart the mission until it does and scan it until you can get to your next save checkpoint.

11 Fully Equipped Achievement Hack


The “Fully Equipped” achievement can be obtained by upgrading certain equipment to the maximum of their capability. The Tactical: ATAD, Hacking Device, Retractable Shield, Foam Wall, Lethal: Frag Grenade, Shock Grenade, Seeker-Bot and Anti-Gravity Grenade can all be upgraded. However, the Lethal: Frag Grenade, Shock Grenade, Seeker-Bot and Anti-Gravity Grenade must be upgraded twice to reach the V2 level. This can be achieved by interacting with 9 different armory locations after completing the campaign and using the mission select option. Some of the upgrades are random like in the Port Armor: Boarding Party mission. If the system begins to glitch without giving the upgrade, simply replay the mission and make it to the next checkpoint in order for the equipment upgrade to register. The timeline for the armory locations include Port Armor: Civilian Terminal, Port Armor: Boarding Party, Taken Dagger, D-Con, Deep Execute, Burn Water: Refinery, and Black Flag: Prisoner Escort.

10 Unlock David Hasselhoff

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It isn’t out of the ordinary to have celebrities lend their voices to video games but in this situation, it does seem a little strange to have David Hasselhoff all of a sudden spawn into Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The challenge is called the “Hoff The Charts!” achievement and is pretty easy to initiate if you know the right steps. In the zombie mode, enter the central area of the park after your initial spawn. In the middle area before reaching the teleportation portal, gamers must find the N31L’s missing head on the candy cluster stand behind the middle portal and give it back to the robot. Gamers must complete five of the challenges offered up by N31L and then initiate the Knight Industries Protocol. This can be done by interacting with the robot, which will lead him to fly away and come back with David Hasselhoff. The likeness is uncanny and it is definitely a challenge worth completing, even if it’s just to see The Hoff packing heat.

9 “Get Packed” Achievement


In Spaceland, there is an achievement called “Get Packed.” This achievement requires gamers to follow a specific set of guidelines and can be completed within the sixth, seventh or eighth round as long as you only open the specific doors. First, the gamer must activate all of the four power switches on the map, which will allow for all four portals to open within the map. Jumping through a portal will allow the gamer to return to the center of the map. The gamer must jump through all four of the portals and then use the center teleporter to get to the Projection Room, which contains the Pack-A-Punch machine. Unlocking the Pack-A-Punch machine will simultaneously unlock the “Get Packed” achievement, assuming that the gamer only uses the required doors to get through the achievement guideline. For those needing a bit of direction on the location of the portals, there are two in the Oddysey Into Space District. The third is in the Kepler System District and the last is in the Polar Peak District.

8 Specialty Coin Combinations In Spaceland


In the zombie mode, Spaceland features zombies that randomly drop three different types of coins. These souvenir coins come in blue, green or red. Gamers can pick these coins up but can only carry one coin at a time. Once the coin is collected, the gamer must immediately put it into a souvenir station. Yet, there are specialty combinations with the different colors that will unlock specific prizes. If you know the color combination results, it can be easier to get what you’re looking for in regard to prizes. Knowing the combinations also allows for more scrutiny with which coins you pick up when a zombie randomly drops one. Three blue coins unlock a Sentry Gun, three green coins unlock a Repocrator and three red coins in a row unlocks a Medusa Device. Two blue coins and a green coin unlocks an Electric Trap, one blue coin and two green coins unlock a Boom Box, two green coins and a red coin unlocks a Sentry Turret, one green coin and two red coins unlock a Boom Box, two red coins and a blue coin unlocks Fireworks, one red coin and two blue coins unlock a Window Laser Trap and one red coin followed by a blue coin and a green coin unlocks the Kindle Pop.

7 Running In Circles Can Further Solo Game In Zombies

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Playing as a solo player in the zombie mode for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is undoubtedly a daunting task. While the starting rounds can seem easy enough, surviving some of the latter rounds can prove to be much more difficult. However, there are a few tricks to getting farther in levels as a solo player if you know how to wrangle the zombies when there aren’t other players to help watch your back. In Spaceland, once you get past Scene 17, there is a teleporter platform in the center of the Cosmic Way area. Standing out in the open is a quick way to become overcome by zombies when playing solo. Instead, the gamer should run in circles around the center teleporter platform and keep the zombies following in this continuous motion. Occasionally, the gamer must shoot a few of the zombies without taking down too many of them. The object is to keep the number of zombies manageable so that not too many spawn at one time and the ones that are in front can be dodged easily.

6 "Brain Dead" Achievement


The Up N’ Atoms feature in the zombie mode is a huge advantage for gamers, which shouldn’t be overlooked. In Spaceland, the tenth round features the Up N’ Atoms that should be purchased at the beginning of the spawn point via the vending machine. In order to achieve the “Brain Dead” achievement, the gamer must allow the zombies to kill them in the tenth round. The respawn point will put the gamer into a room that features a number of old school arcade games. The gamer must choose one of the arcade games and interact with it 30 times in a row. This doesn’t require the gamer to actually play the game, it just requires the gamer to interact with it and then quit repeatedly. After the 30th time, the gamer will see that they have achieved the “Brain Dead” achievement. After this, the gamer can continue playing the zombie mode to further their ranking in levels.

5 Space-Moves To Get The Advantage

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When Call of Duty was first released, gamers took to the fact that the gameplay was completely different from the Halo version of a first-person shooter game. In fact, many gamers in the multiplayer mode have been known to make some disparaging comments to those that have used Halo-like tactics while playing. Yet, the evolution of the gameplay of Call of Duty has created new strategic tricks that must be employed in order to have the advantage during the multiplayer mode. This is especially true for the latest installment of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The different levels in the maps create the opportunity for gamers to get the high ground during gameplay in order to see more of where the enemies are and increase the long sight lines for coverage. This eliminates the advantage for those that are used to running and gunning. Instead, gamers should use the double jump feature to confuse and disorientate the enemy. Gamers previously called this the “Halo jump” but it has become the new norm for this latest Call of Duty game. Regardless of how gamers may feel about this tactic, this jumping boost feature is a way to gain a strategic advantage in the game.

4 Don’t Waste Your Keys


Supply drops aren’t exactly a new concept in the world of gaming. Previous games in the Call of Duty franchise have included supply drops in the gameplay, as well as other games like Overwatch and Gears of War 4. This is a great way to get players excited about customizing their weapons with cosmetic alterations but it is also a way to earn guns that have slightly altered features to give gamers an advantage during multiplayer game mode. Gamers have to earn keys in order to trade them in for supply drops. Earning enough keys to trade them in for a supply drop can create some buzz for a gamer, especially because it is the thought of the unknown. Yet, one trick that can help gamers in their chances of receiving something truly special is to hold onto the keys rather than splurge them at the first chance they get. The common supply drops don’t often hold anything worth note and it eats up keys that could be best used elsewhere. The best route is to hold onto the keys and wait until you’ve ranked up in level and unlocked equipment and weaponry.

3 Change Gaming Habits Based On New Features

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With this being the thirteenth game in the primary installment of the Call of Duty franchise, it shouldn’t surprise gamers that there have been some tweaks to the gameplay abilities. While there are definite advantages to gamers, it also requires players to alter the way they are used to playing the game. One of these elements is the importance of hip firing. While previous games within the Call of Duty franchise have also had the hip firing option and has been used by gamers at length, the importance of rewiring your brain to accommodate for this feature is ultra important in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The fast-paced rate of the game requires gamers to be able to get out of the habit of staring down the sights. Another habit that needs to be changed is the way gamers incorporate grenades in their gameplay. In previous games, players could not fire their weapons and throw grenades at the same time. Yet, this new installment has changed that so that the left hand can throw the grenade simultaneously while continuing to fire. Rewiring the brain to allow for this new feature is crucial in becoming the best gamer in the multiplayer mode.

2 "Gravity Kills" Achievement

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There are some achievements in the game that can seem a little tricky to obtain, especially when there are specific requirements to get them done. Yet, the “Gravity Kills” achievement is actually easier than you might expect. The requirement to obtaining this achievement is that the gamer must kill an enemy while in a floating state that defies gravity. Actually, this achievement can be unlocked within the first few minutes of the very first mission in the campaign, Rising Threat. The gamer must obtain anti-grav grenades in order to get the achievement completed. The very first large group of enemies has a nearby crate that contains anti-grav grenades but there are also numerous ways to customize your loadout before starting a mission throughout the game in case this initial crate is missed. Once the gamer has an anti-grav grenade, they must throw it on the ground when an enemy is near. This will cause the gamer to float in the air and then the gamer can kill the enemy while in this anti-grav state.

1 Make A Connection To Game Of Thrones

via Xbox 360 Achievements

The Call of Duty franchise is known for throwing in Easter eggs that reference films and famous phrases. In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare there is a reference to the Jon Snow character in Game of Thrones but it can only be seen if the gamer knows the trick in getting the system to unleash it. During the campaign mode, there is a mission entitled, Operation Black Flag: Trap Is Sprung. During the mission, the gamer will have an interaction with Admiral Kotch. However, there is a specific response if the gamer doesn’t allow Admiral Kotch to give his intended speech. Rather than letting him talk, the gamer must melee him to get an instant kill. Skipping the speech and killing him will give the gamer the achievement entitled, “You Know Nothing.” This is a direct reference to Game of Thrones because it was a huge part of the storyline regarding Jon Snow and his then-girlfriend, Ygritte. Turns out that some of the game developers must be fans of the popular HBO series and gamers that want that achievement need only to follow these guidelines to make their own Game of Thrones connection.

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