15 Cheating Spouses Caught In The Most Embarrassing Ways

Cheating is something that has been an issue in relationships since time began. Well, probably more since it became illegal to have more than one spouse, and girls' and guys' lack of discretion when it comes to admitting they don't like to share. But the thing is, people of course do it anyway. And with social media being the way of the land (some people literally get side eyed like never before if they say they don’t have a social media account; like, did you get in trouble or something?) it’s very easy to catch someone cheating and make it go viral. Ironically enough, social media is often the reason many people get in trouble.

Let’s consider some of our favorite celebrities who were caught sliding in to a random girl's direct messages despite their relationships with other beautiful women — i.e. Tyga — and let’s not forget how everyone flipped after Dwyane Wade simply followed Amber Rose on Instagram. But thanks to social media it’s even easier to out the one who did the dirty and whoever they did it with. This has caused for some of the most talked about and embarrassing cheating stories to go viral, as the wronged significant other can’t wait to head to the Internet to tell anyone who will listen about their partner’s indiscretions. And don’t say it’s just a girl thing — you know the saying that guys gossip just as much as girls. So, let’s check out 15 cheating spouses caught in the most embarrassing way possible.

15 #UberBae

Via: BET

So, this guy of course didn’t get caught on social media, but it was his now ex-girlfriend’s account of his cheating ways as she told it on her Twitter account that made this one extremely embarrassing. The girl, Bre, starts the story and explains on social media how her boyfriend told her he was going out of town for a couple of days. So she decides to use some of her free time giving Uber rides. She picks up a girl from the airport who, unbeknownst to Bre, is heading to her boyfriend’s house, who clearly didn’t go out of town after all. Bre told every detail on her Twitter page but one thing onlookers couldn’t see was the guy’s face. Bre makes it clear her then boyfriend didn’t get away with anything. She beat him up before she took off with the other woman’s things still in her car. Last I knew, she was facing a huge lawsuit out of the ordeal. That’s a fun tidbit for naysayers who might have thought the incident was fake.

14 #AirplaneBae

Via: Twitter

Speaking of travel, this cheating story didn’t include the cheater or the one cheated on revealing what happened. Instead, it was a bystander who witnessed it all and let the world know what was going on— via social media of course. But don’t think the woman, Mya, spilled the beans because it didn’t sit right with her moral compass. Instead, the cheater’s racial comment about there being “too many blacks” in the St. Louis airport is what triggered it all. Mya went on to reveal she overheard the woman lie to her husband and say they were stuck in Denver. As stated before, they were actually in St. Louis. The woman had her husband send money under the notion she was stranded, but they were actually boarding a plane to New York City. She then suggested the woman was “tricking” for money. So she waited until the other man shows up before Mya tells him the woman is married and hints that she has an infection and leaves him “speechless.”

13 The Super Sisters

Via: Huffington Post

Two sisters, Delana and Brynn Hinson, at an Atlanta Braves game tapped into their moral compass when they spotted a woman cheating on her husband right in front of them. You might remember they posted the story on social media. They were at a game when they saw a woman, who was sitting with her husband, sending inappropriate messages to another man. They took photos of the woman’s phone and decided to warn the husband. They sent him a note that read, “Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy. It’s really a man named Mark Allen. Sorry, just thought you should know.” They provided a phone number so they could send him the messages in case the woman tried to delete them. It’s not clear if the man actually said anything to his wife, but he did ask to see the messages, so the super sisters sent them to him and he gave them a thumbs up. Yikes.

12 Infamous Scavenger Hunt

Via: Fox News

So it’s not clear if this is real or not, but if it is, it’s definitely genius on the cheater’s significant other’s part. A girl posted a message on her boyfriend's Facebook that begins with, “Guess who left his Facebook open on the computer and got a message from Kelsi? Yeah! You! :) But don’t worry I didn’t break anything! Actually, I was nice enough to package your things! And I even invited a game, since you know you like looking for things (like other girls).” She goes on to reveal she left his clothes where they met, his video games in the place where they had their first kiss, his laptop where they bought their first video game together, and a television where they first hooked up. She decided to leave the most sentimental things, their pictures, over at Kelsi’s before warning him he might want to find the other items before someone else does and takes or breaks them. Clever, clever.

11 Snapchat Scandal

Via: Wojdylo Social Media

One woman, who has been identified as Chelsea, tried to get sexy for her husband on Snapchat. But he found out she was really getting sexy for someone else. Chelsea was reportedly out of town for a business trip (if that part was even true), when she sent her husband a photo of herself in lingerie. She probably should have just zoomed in a little bit more because her photo exposed a pair of men’s boots near the television. Ha! So he wrote her a message and asked who was there with her. She of course denied it not knowing what he really had on her before she promises, “you know I would never cheat.” That’s when the mystery husband drops the bomb that there are men’s boots in the view. Who knows what her response was, if she had one at all, but the husband made it clear he was filing for divorce.

10 Keeping the Girl Code Alive

Via: Twitter

What would you do if you saw one of your friend’s boyfriend out with another girl? Snap a photo and put it on social media of course! That’s exactly what one girl did. She wrote the caption, “Saw my friends boyfriend at Applebee’s with another girl so I had to take a pic for proof…” The guy definitely looks like he has all kinds of emotions going through his head from angry to scared and confused. But he probably didn’t expect this to go live on social media. As for the girl, some sites have blurred out her face but for others, she’s still front and center right behind the other guy. Her arms are folded and based on her facial expression, this was probably the last date they enjoyed together. Clearly this guy most likely will avoid Applebees for quite a long time if he has his way.

9 Train Wrecked

Via: Single For a Reason

One girl had enough after hearing a guy and his friends go on and on about cheating on their unsuspecting women for an entire train ride. So she snapped a photo of him and put it on Facebook. Now the interesting thing is, she asked if all of her friends and followers could repost in what was probably Steph’s best efforts to getting the message to the man’s wife - and probably the wives of all of his tool friends as well. Steph posted his photo along with the caption, “If this is your husband, I have endured a 2 hour train ride from Philadelphia listening to this loser and his friends brag about their multiple affairs and how their wives are too stupid to catch on…” Well they might have been oblivious to their cheating ways, but it’s clear that Steph wasn’t. The only thing with posts like this is that it embarrasses the significant other just as much as it does the cheater.

8 The Fateful Facebook Post

Via: Huffington Post

One guy’s photo on Facebook with another girl is what led to his relationship's demise. So it started when a girl named Pippa shared a photo of her along with the guy. She described him as a guy she had met in the club but accidentally gave him the wrong number. How did she handle it? Asked people to help her find him. Poor thing probably didn’t realize she would become famous for another reason. Her friends thought they were helping her when they shared her post. And they actually did because a friend of the guy’s girlfriend spotted him and tagged the girlfriend in the post. Pippa said she “knew it” after the girl “tagged her mate.” That’s when the tables turned for him and people went from being on his team to quickly being against him. She made it clear that she would have never posted him if she knew he wasn’t unavailable. Don’t worry, we believe you Pippa. As for the guy, there’s no telling where he and his possibly ex-girlfriend are now.

7 Let The World Know…

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One man would clearly do anything to get his wife back after he cheated. He goes by the name Ivan Lewis on Facebook, and he tagged his wife, Sonya Gore, in his post that reads, “Sonya Gore said I got to get 10,000 [likes] before she take me back.” Well, he got nearly 15,000 so clearly his message went viral. But probably not for him to take down the post. That’s because it included a photo of him, in which he may or may not be shirtless, with a homemade sign on looseleaf notebook paper that reads, “I cheated on my wife!!!” Either the wife has a great sense of humor, she wanted to let everyone know this, or both, but at the end of the guy’s posts he wrote, “and she was ugly.” That’s usually how it goes Ivan. That’s usually how it goes. No word on if Sonya decided to stay or nah.

6 #HurtBae

Via: Cosmopolitan

Ugh! #HurtBae crushed all of our feelings so hard. Even though it had been a while since Kourtney and Leonard called it quits, she wanted answers. The two were featured in a video that went viral after he not only admitted to cheating, but couldn’t even remember how many girls he had done it with. The crazy part is that there was almost a unanimous agreement among the millions who viewed that video that if Kourtney (who is now known as #HurtBae) had the chance, she would get back with Leonard. Which is why it probably wasn’t a surprise that they were spotted together at what looked like a cafe just a couple of months after the video made its way onto all of the biggest blogs and even television shows like The Real. Leonard’s cheating ways definitely went viral right along with the video. But it doesn’t look like he’ll have any trouble pulling girls.

5 The Meme Breakup

Via: Esquire

Not everyone enjoys having a conversation with only memes, but one girl didn’t have a choice after she was caught cheating on her boyfriend, who at least was able to laugh about it (after he refused to take her back repeatedly). The Georgia teen, Kane Zipperman, got his claim to fame after he responded with memes to his girlfriend’s indiscretions. He used the likes of Drake and Justin Timberlake memes to help him get his point across. He even made her think there was a chance of them getting back together. He didn’t even end when she confronted him for posting their texts, so he decided to post her reaction to that too. And while the girl was clearly getting upset, that’s what seemed to be the juice that Kane needed to keep going. He ended up getting more than 30,000 extra followers after the 2014 incident. Team Kane all day?

4 Marshall, Marshall, Marshall

Via: Nerds Magazine

So there’s nothing funny about cheating or being cheated on at all. But if there were, it would be the idea that the dirt doers always slip up, whether it’s the night after or years after. And the thing is, it’s usually when leaving their social media pages open and unlocked for their significant others to swoop in and uncover the treasure that they may or may not have been looking for. A man named Marshall was one of the latest to learn this. So his now ex decided to head to his Facebook page for him. “Dear Marshall, You left your Facebook logged on! Just wanted you to know how cute it is to see you flirting with massive amounts of girls. Kind of humiliating for me, really… but now you can feel my pain! Sorry I wasn’t ‘good enough’ for you not to do that to me.” She went on to let him know that he was now “single” and free to “do whatever you want!” There was also an Xbox involved somehow.

3 Two Years With A What?

Zoe clearly didn’t see this one coming. She cheated on her boyfriend of nearly two years and went to her friend for advice. The only problem is that she accidentally sent a text outlining her infidelity issues to her actual boyfriend, Jordan, instead. Jordan let Zoe and all of his social media friends know about her slip up when he tweeted, “When you accidentally tell your boyfriend you’re cheating on him #2yearswithahoe” In case you were wondering, Jordan’s tweet got more than 42,000 likes and over 12,000 retweets. One innocent onlooker named Zoe was thrown into the mix and accused of being Jordan’s ex, Zoe. She made it clear she wasn’t when she blasted the cheating Zoe for her ways. Despite the other Zoe trying to convince Jordan’s new Twitter army that they had the wrong girl, many made it clear they didn’t believe her when they responded with, “That’s what they all say.” Yikes. Twitter jokes gone wrong.

2 Business Or Pleasure?

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One woman claimed she was on a business trip with her husband. Apparently she wanted to be sexy despite their temporary distance. But it ended with her admitting she was cheating on him without her even knowing it. She sent a photo of herself in the bathroom wearing a bra. But it wasn’t the bra that got his attention. Rather, it was a suitcase in the background. But it doesn’t stop there. He first asked if she was alone and she said yes. So he follows up by asking the room number and she gave it to him. The hotel said there was no Jackie there, which is her name. But who was staying in the room number she provided? Her boss. That’s when he went off and let her know she'll find her things outside in a trash bag when she returns from her rendezvous. Welp, there goes that.

1 The One With A Twist

Via: WGN News

Now, this cheating story is actually a good one. Yes they exist and this is probably the only one. One man took to his own social media to admit his “infidelity.” The guy wrote, “Kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I think I sort of cheated on my wife today.” He went on to break down how he was in Target and saw a woman that “knocked me out.” He realized just a moment later he realized it was his wife. He said she seemed like a completely different person outside of the house. “You know, it was just out of context to see my spouse at the same store, in the same line, living her life and not knowing she might be at the same place, same time, different car.” He even tried to get her attention by flirting but she didn’t hear him. He ended with a “lesson” for his friends that first, she’s not an avid Facebook user, and second, a reminder to cherish those who are important in our lives and not take them for granted. Take notes real cheaters.

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