15 Characters Who Won't Survive The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones

After a roller coaster ride in their most recent season, Game of Thrones is set to blow their fans away when they air their 8th and final season. Though there is speculation that we won't get to see any episodes until 2019, fans will keep themselves busy reading the book series, graphic novels, and by speculating about the fates of the characters on the series. As you are aware, no one is safe in the show, and we have all seen even the best and most righteous characters meet a bloody end. The show's writers have had little issues with killing beloved characters, and now that the series is set to reach its conclusion, we imagine that season 8 is sure to be the bloodiest yet.

As far as the characters who are going to die, well, we have you covered. Whether their death has been foretold, foreshadowed, or teased, we cannot imagine a world in which any of the people on this list live to see the end of the series. Some are characters that you love, some are ones that you hate, and a few will leave you crying and wondering why you watch the show in the first place. We have had our moments of watching evil characters die, and we made sure to include a few antagonists on our list. We are sure that you have your own theories and speculations about the fate of these characters, but these 15 are the ones we are sure will meet their end.


15 Lord Varys

Whether you love him or hate him, Lord Varys has dedicated his life to doing what he feels is best for the realm. Unlike other characters, Varys appears to have selfless intentions, though you could argue that his decision to side with whoever he perceives as in the best position for the Iron Thrones makes him quite the opposite. Currently serving Daenerys, Varys had a reality check at the beginning of season 7 when his queen questioned his loyalty. Varys was able to keep his position, but he won't escape the show's final season alive.

Early on during season 7, it was revealed that Lord Varys would in fact lose his life in Westeros. The prophecy that was revealed to him legitimately left him shook up, and the woman who delivered the message was none other than Melisandre. There was a great amount of tension between the two, and when their conversation ended, we learned that the future looked bleak for the duo.

14 Melisandre


Speaking of the Red Woman herself, Melisandre not only revealed the fate of Lord Varys, but she also revealed hers as well. Melisandre was well on her way out of Westeros when she and Varys had their spine-chilling conversation. She mentioned to Varys that she would make her return to Westeros because that is where she would die. She followed this up by revealing that Westeros would be where Varys would lose his life as well. Now, it is worth noting that Melisandre has not always been accurate in her predictions, but we can't help but believe that the prophecy will come true for these two characters.

Melisandre is a much-maligned character, and her actions in past seasons have no doubt made her an incredibly hated character. Seeing her death unfold on the series will be a joy to fans, though it might not be as satisfying as Littlefinger's death in season 7.

13 The Mountain

You may consider Sir Gregor Clegane as a dead character already, but his life (or undead existence), will no doubt be coming to an end in season 8. In season 4, we watched The Mountain engage in a brutal battle with the eccentric Prince Oberyn, and he looked dead to rights before turning the tide, and vanquishing his foe. Thanks to some poison that Oberyn secretly put on his weapon, The Mountain was well on his way out, but, thanks to some dark practices by Maester Qyburn, The Mountain's life continued, but it isn't quite accurate to call him human. Regardless of how you classify him, seeing his brother, Sandor Clegane, get in his face and reveal his fate in the season 7 finale was amazing.

The two men will more than likely come to blows during the final season of the series, and when they do, we imagine that Sandor will emerge victorious. Because of their history as children, expect Sandor to finally overcome his fear of fire, utilizing this as a way to kill his undead brother.

12 Tormund Giantsbane


Get ready to have your hearts broken in the final season of Game of Thrones, because we don't see Tormund making it out alive. Everyone's favorite Wildling (now that Ygritte is dead) has been a huge character for a while now, and he has been a major help to Jon since they came to an accord. He was one of the seven men who went with Jon to capture a wight to take to Cersei in an effort to form an alliance against the Night King, and he is always willing to do his part for the greater good. The season ended by having the Night King destroy a massive chunk of The Wall, allowing the wights and White Walkers to make their way South. They never showed Tormund's fate, but we can assume that he is alive because an off-screen death for Tormund would be downright disrespectful.

Because of how many close calls that he has had, we can't help but feel that Tormund will cash-in a one-way ticket to the Seven Gods this season. You can only get lucky for so long, and Tormund's run of luck is about to run dry. Keep some kleenex on hand next season, folks.

11 Grey Worm

Much like Tormund Giantsbane, Grey Worm, the de-facto leader of the Unsullied, is set to lose his life in season 8. Things have already looked bleak for Grey Worm several times throughout the series, and his taking of Casterly Rock nearly cost him and his fellow Unsullied their lives due to starvation. Because this last season moved so quickly, we didn't see the Unsullied for quite some time, but it was revealed in the season finale that the group was still alive, and they made their way to King's Landing in a show of force by Daenerys.

Close calls aside, Grey Worm showed emotion during season 7, and this giving in to his desires will lead to his end. The Unsullied are renowned for their training and lack of fear in the face of battle, but Grey Worm finally hooking up with Missandei left him vulnerable, and this decision will cost him his life on the battlefield.

10 Maester Qyburn


As the current Hand of the Queen, Qybur is in an incredibly comfortable position, and we cannot wait to watch him die in season 8. Qyburn first made an impression on people by helping Jamie Lannister get his prosthetic hand, but he truly found favor with Cersei when he resurrected Gregor Clegane. After that, Qyburn was also instrumental in the destruction of the Great Sept. Since then, Qyburn has slowly worked his way up the chain of command, and he now holds one of the most powerful positions in Westeros.

Because of the position that he holds with a Queen that most seem to loathe, Qyburn is in a position that will cost him his life. As we have seen, people who have held this position have had trouble staying alive (Jon Arryn, Ned Stark, Tywin Lannister), and Qyburn is next. He has been an evil character since coming to Westeros, and this series will not conclude with Qyburn still breathing.

9 Beric Dondarrion

Having already died several times, Beric Dondarrion has already led a tumultuous life in Westeros, and when the next season rolls around, Beric will finally die for good this time. The Lord of Blackhaven has been a faithful servant to the Lord of Light, and his faithfulness has seen him be resurrected from death on multiple occasions. With this knowledge, it may seem like Beric will continue to live forever, but this will not be the case for the Lightning Lord.

As we are sure you remember, Beric's dear friend, Thoros, died while he and Jon's group of men set out to retrieve a wight to show to Cersei. Thoros is the man that was able to help resurrect Beric, and with his death finally happening, Beric is all out of luck. Because of the massive war that looms, Beric will fight valiantly, but he will die in combat, and this time, he won't be returning.


8 Theon Greyjoy


I find it baffling that Theon Greyjoy has lasted this long in Game of Thrones, but alas, here we are entering the show's final season with him still breathing. He was tortured mercilessly at the hands of Ramsay Bolton, and his uncle Euron's taking of the Iron Fleet nearly caused Theon to die as well. The little weasel has made it to the last leg of the race, but he is about to find a quick demise in season 8. We will give Theon some credit for playing a massive part in Sansa making it out alive, and the stage is set for Theon's redemption story to come full circle in season 8. When we last saw him, Theon was able to convince a small crew that he was no longer a coward, and he is currently on his way to save his sister Yara, looking to restore her to being the leader of the Iron Islands.

It will be on this rescue mission that Theon will finally be killed on the series. Yara has already risked her life to save Theon, and his decision to do the same for her will result in his death. Despite the torture that he suffered at the hands of Ramsay, Theon still has a huge price to repay, and that is right around the corner for him.

7 Jorah Mormont

Oh, Jorah, you just can't win, can you? Our dear friend Jorah has been living in the friend zone for so long, that you have to feel bad for the guy. He may have betrayed Daenerys in the beginning, but Jorah has since become one of Daenerys' favorite people, and she has the utmost respect and appreciation for him. Unfortunately, Jorah has always wanted more, though we all know that he will never get it. He seemed to be uncomfortable with Jon and Daenerys getting close, and we would like to think that he won't do anything stupid, and that he will remain faithful to Daenerys.

Jorah, much like some others on our list, has dealt with a number of close calls, and his bout with Greyscale nearly cost him his life already. Thanks to the brilliant work of Sam Tarly, Jorah survived, but we expect him to die this upcoming season. Expect him to pull off some heroics en route to an untimely death.

6 Euron Greyjoy


Admittedly, Euron has become a comedic relief on the series, even after taking a ton of hostages, burning ships, and killing a ton of people. Euron has his eyes set on the Iron Throne, and he is currently heading out to pick up the Golden Company for his bride to be, Cersei. It was a brilliant tactical move by Euron and Cersei to fool Daenerys and Jon into thinking that he was a coward and was heading out to live a life of peace away from the impending war. What Euron didn't bank on, however, was Theon Greyjoy finally finding his old self again, and Theon is currently sailing out to rescue his sister Yara from his deranged uncle.

During their impending clash, we expect Theon to die, but Euron could meet his end as well. Imagine Euron dying, and then Yara commanding the Iron Fleet that now has the Golden Company on board. If she could convince them to serve Daenerys, it would change the game completely.

5 Sansa Stark

As one of the last Starks remaining, Sansa's death was foreshadowed in the show's first season, and it will happen in season 8. Now, those observant people who noticed that King Robert touched several Starks upon his arrival to Winterfell will tell you that each one of those Starks would go on to die. He touched Ned, Catlelyn, Robb, and Rickon, all of whom have died. Robert didn't touch Sansa, but her death was foreshadowed shortly after. If you remember, Sansa's direwolf, Lady, was killed in the first season. The Starks have had a unique relationship with their direwolves, and the other living Starks, excluding Bran, all have living direwolves.

It may seem that Bran would throw a wrench into this, but that's not the case. You can argue that Bran has died, giving way to him becoming the Three-Eyed Raven. With that information in mind, Sansa is a surefire candidate to die in the show's final season.

4 The Night King


You know it's inevitable, but we still had to put him on the list simply because his presence has been looming for so long now. Our pal, the Night King, has finally acquired everything that he needs to make this war one for the ages, and we expect a ton of people to die in the War for the Dawn. As we are aware, the Night King will eventually lose this war, and he and the army of the dead will be vanquished. Whether you believe that it will be either Jon or Arya to kill him is one thing, but what if we told you that Bran could be instrumental in his demise?

Because of his ability to take control of the minds of people and creatures, there is some speculation that Bran can truly tap into the full extent of his powers in an attempt to take control of the Night King. If this happens, Bran could be just as important in taking down the Night King as Arya or Jon.

3 Jamie Lannister

The Kingslayer may be on the road to redemption, but he is also on track to get killed in season 8. Jamie and Cersei's relationship has been a huge focus over the course of the series, and Jamie finally deciding to leave Cersei will result in his death. After all, Cersei did warn him that no one walks away from her, and as well all know, Cersei always gets what she wants. Whether it is in combat or by an assassin, Jamie Lannister is a strong candidate to die in the show's final season. If he dies at someone's hand and Cersei finds out, expect her to go full on Mad Queen, and her wrath will be a horrifying sight to see.

Some think that young Arya Stark could be the one to kill Jamie, and if so, she could possibly keep it a secret for a very dark reason. Arya, with Jamie's face, could go into King's Landing to lay waste to Cersei. It would fulfill Cersei's prophecy, and it would let Arya cross Cersei's name off of her list.

2 Cersei Lannister


Out of all of the characters left on the series, Cersei Lannister is still the most hated, and her death is right around the corner. Of course, this all stems from the prophecy that she will die at the hands of her younger brother, and both Jamie and Tyrion are still alive. The other aspects of the prophecy have come to fruition, and this final piece will undoubtedly happen in season 8. Now, how Cersei will actually die is the real question, and there are several interesting theories about this. Of course, now that Jamie has finally left her, most think that he will be the one to finally take off her head. We however, appreciate some creativity, and one theory in particular interests us.

One school of thought is that the baby that Cersei is carrying will be the cause of her death. Jamie was the one who got her pregnant, and his child killing Cersei would in fact fulfill the prophecy. The other theory is the one we touched in during our last entry when we speculated what Arya was capable of doing.

1 One More Dragon

One of the saddest moments in this last season of Game of Thrones was seeing one of Daenrys' beloved dragons being killed, and Twitter blew up after the episode aired. Viserion was one of the three dragons that Daenerys raised as her children, and while she was rescuing Jon and her men from imminent death, the Night King used a spear to take out Viserion. Afterwards, the Night King turned Viserion into a wight, and with his new weapon, the Night King used Viserion to take down the wall for his army to head South. People are anxiously awaiting the Battle for the Dawn that will take place in season 8, mainly to see the dragons duke it out.

Daenerys has two dragons left, and we suspect that her and Jon will ride them into battle. If Daenerys is pregnant, however, Jon will be the lone rider, and in the great battle, expect to see one more dragon die. With that death, Daenerys, Jon, and their baby could take the mantle of the Three Heads of the Dragon.


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