15 Characters Who Were Able To Use/Wear The Green Lantern's Ring

“In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might. Beware my power--Green Lantern's light!" Almost every DC Comics fan is familiar with the oath of the Green Lantern Corps as these guardians of the galaxy are some of the most beloved figures in DC.

There are various Lantern Corps. in DC and each represents something. The Yellow Lanterns represent fear, the Red Lanterns represent Rage, the Orange Lanterns represent greed, the Blue Lanterns represent hope, the Indigo Lanterns represent compassion, the Star Sapphire Lanterns represent love, the White Lanterns represent Life and the Black Lanterns represent Death. The Green Lanterns; the most prominent Lantern Corps. represent willpower.

There have been a lot of Green Lantern Corps members already and the most popular by far is Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner. Aside from these two, there has already been a few other characters who’ve put the ring on their finger at one point.

15 Penguin

Oswald Cobblepot, also known as the Penguin isn’t the most intimidating villain in the DC Comics roster but he’s still pretty darn terrifying. What he lacks in size he makes up for in pure evil and when he got a hold of the Green Lantern ring, many got terrified at the thought of what he could construct.

During a battle with Sinestro, Hal Jordan ordered his ring to look for Batman for safe keeping. Unfortunately, Penguin got a hold of the Green Lantern ring first and trouble ensued. Lucky for everyone else, Penguin’s willpower wasn’t enough to make use of the ring.

Whenever Penguin tried to construct anything, the ring seemingly powered down. When Sinestro came to the scene to try and scare Penguin into giving him the ring, Penguin reluctantly gave Batman the ring instead.

14 Doomsday

In all of the villains in DC Comics, no other can be as terrifying than Doomsday. This monster made his debut in the aptly named Death of Superman comics. He put Clark Kent to the test and he pushed Krypton’s finest into sacrificing himself just to kill Doomsday.

The unique ability of Doomsday is that he can revive himself. If he does so, he can’t be killed the same way he did before. After dying at the hands of Superman, Doomsday revived himself and visited one galaxy after another. Shortly after, he stumbles upon a Green Lantern.

He beat the Green Lantern single-handedly and he acquired the acclaimed ring. Doomsday’s stint as a Green Lantern didn’t last long though as another ring bearer sacrificed himself to put Doomsday down yet again. Doomsday having the Green Lantern ring shouldn’t be too scary though as the ring requires a ton of creativity and imagination. Something that Doomsday might not have.

13 Sinestro

From his name alone, it’s rather obvious that Sinestro isn’t one for saving people. As a Yellow Lantern ring bearer, Sinestro harnesses the power of fear. Before being the Green Lantern Corps worst enemy, Sinestro himself was once a bearer of the Green Lantern ring.

Sinestro while still in the Green Lantern Corps was tasked with training the young Hal Jordan for his duties as the protector of the galaxy. After a while, Sinestro began using his powers to hurt those he was tasked with protecting on his home world, Korugar. He was removed from the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps shortly and was banished to a universe called Qward.

It was here that he met the Weaponers of Qward who were the ones responsible for creating Sinestro’s Yellow Lantern ring. Since then, Sinestro vowed to destroy not only the Green Lantern Corps but also those who oppose him.

12 Clark Kent

Elseworld comics from DC are something special as we get to see some pretty neat takes on once familiar tales. In Superman: Last Son of Earth, Clark Kent’s story was told in reverse. Instead of being a Kryptonian landing on Earth, he was instead an Earthling who landed on Krypton.

He was given the Green Lantern ring and it served as his main source of power when Krypton needed help. Since Clark Kent was just a regular human, he didn’t have the Kryptonian strength to coincide with the Green Lantern ring.

After finding out his origins, Kal-El decided to go back to Earth which was in an apocalyptic state at the time. The time he spent on Krypton made him powerful once he stepped on Earth. In this world, Kal-El leads a group of survivors including Lois Lane against Lex Luthor.

11 Daffy Duck

Yup, that Daffy Duck. One of the most popular Looney Tunes characters, Daffy Duck has had quite a few adventures already and the writers keep shelling out more.

This particular story was made back in 2003. In one episode called "The Green Loontern", Daffy Duck mistakenly picks up Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern suit from the cleaners and from then on, it was quite the adventure.

Daffy Duck got involved in a conflict with Sinestro. While he was initially overpowered, he ended up having enough strength to save the day. Following the fray, Hal Jordan arrived and took the ring back. In a humorous moment though, Jordan showed up wearing the Duck Dodgers costume instead.

10 Parallax

Parallax is the worst enemy of every Green Lantern Corps member and the group is keen on stopping this embodiment of fear whenever he comes by. Parallax has possessed many characters in the comics and his biggest achievement to date was becoming one with Hal Jordan.

When Sinestro managed to infect Jordan with the Parallax, the Green Lantern Corps member went on a rampage of death and destruction. His infection followed the destruction of his hometown so Jordan was already on edge even before Parallax got to him.

Jordan went to Oa to kill the Green Lantern Corps brutally. He even snapped Sinestro’s neck. If it wasn’t for Oliver Queen and his accuracy, Jordan would’ve never been saved from the influence of Parallax.

9 Hector Hammond

The 2011 Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds is considered as one of the worst superhero films to date and fans believed that the movie didn’t give justice to Hal Jordan and his exploits. One of the main villains in the film is one of Jordan’s bitter rivals, Hector Hammond who was played by Peter Sarsgaard.

We got to see Hammond transform into a hideous monster during the duration of the film. In an effort to stop Jordan, Hammond grabs Carol Ferris and threatens to make her a monster as well. In exchange for Ferris, Hammond asks for Jordan’s Green Lantern ring which he gives.

Hammond used the ring and when he tried to kill Jordan with it, his plan backfired and the tables turned instantly. Shortly after, Parallax arrives on the scene to consume Hammond. Jordan himself gets the ring back shortly after.

8 Batman

Despite not having any actual powers, Bruce Wayne, better known as Batman is one of the most feared figures in DC Comics. It is through sheer combat skill and tactics that Batman prevails even through the toughest adversities. But what if Batman had the Green Lantern Ring?

Back in 1994, Mike W. Barr and Jerry Bingham answered that exact question in an Elseworld Comic. In Batman: In Darkest Knight, we get to see Bruce Wayne himself chosen to become a Green Lantern Corps Member. He was chosen by Abin Sur himself.

As expected, Bruce Wayne became a force to be reckoned with and he became one of the acclaimed members of the Green Lantern Corps. However, his hatred and obsession into killing Sinestro; who merged with Joe Chill, made Batman an unlikely protector of the galaxy.

7 Kid Flash

Team ups between heroes are always good. Batman and Superman, Flash and Green Arrow. DC Comics isn’t short of epic meet ups between two heroes. In a team up between Flash and Green Lantern Hal Jordan, a sacrifice made Kid Flash a Green Lantern Corps member for a brief period.

Wally West and Hal Jordan were having a tough time with Black Hand and Mirror Master in one part of the comic mini-series. The villains tried to blast Flash with something powerful but Kid Flash comes in just in time to intercept the blow. The blow caused Kid Flash to lose his superhuman speed.

Seeing as he had no powers as of the moment, Hal Jordan turned Kid Flash into Kid Green Lantern. He was the Kid Green Lantern up until he got his powers back.

6 Barbara Gordon

In the 2000 Elseworlds comic, Created Equal, the story goes that a mysterious plague inexplicably wipes out all of the men on Earth. The last two men are Superman; saved by his Kryptonian DNA, and Lex Luthor; saved by his special suit of armor. Every other man was dead and this includes Kyle Rayner, who was a Green Lantern at the time.

The first woman to get the Green Lantern ring that belonged to Kyle Rayner was a comedienne who used it for her own selfish reasons. The remaining female heroes defeated this instant villain and the Green Lantern ring was without an owner again.

This time around, the ring itself chose the next wearer. That was none other than Barbara Gordon, also known as Batman’s trusted companion Oracle. Barbara became a good hero thanks to the ring but more than anything, the ring helped her walk again after being paralyzed by the Joker.

5 Green Arrow

Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen are good pals. They’re one of those unbreakable tandems in the Justice League and these two always have each other's back. When Jordan was possessed by a mysterious entity as the Parallax, no one else trusted in Jordan except Queen.

When Jordan was proven to be innocent of his actions, the Parallax and Sinestro continued to wreak havoc. It was then revealed that Jordan had given an emergency Green Lantern ring to his trusted friend long before. This ring was put to good use as things were getting really desperate.

As Green Arrow, Queen managed to use the Green Lantern ring to create an arrow which was then directed to Sinestro. This hit and stopped the villain on his rampage. Jordan was of course very thankful to Queen who never lost trust in him despite being possessed by the Parallax.

4 Batman (Again)

After Hal Jordan survived being possessed by the Parallax, many members of the Justice League were quick to return their trust to the returning Green Lantern. Batman wasn’t having any of it though as he believes that Green Lantern should still be held accountable for what he did while under the Parallax’s control.

It was obvious that the two aren’t getting along and they did not care about each other. However, over time, Batman slowly began to soften up to Green Lantern once again. His biggest step was asking Green Lantern for some assistance in taking down a familiar foe.

After the ordeal, the two made up and as a sign of gratitude, Jordan gave Batman a Green Lantern ring to help him overcome his fear of bats. However, Batman chose to keep the fear because of his anger towards the murder of his parents.

3 Flash

Hal Jordan’s a pretty friendly guy and as evident by his relationship with Green Arrow. He’s truly is the chosen one for the Green Lantern Corps. In the New 52 series of comics, the writers decided to focus on a new friendship between Flash and Green Lantern wherein we get to see the former borrow the powers of the latter for a short while.

In the New 52, Flash and Green Lantern met while saving kids from a group of aliens. It was mistake saving the kids as the two had to pay off a massive debt on the Arena World. The pair battled side by side for quite a while but all the matches eventually took a toll on both heroes.

When Green Lantern was all worn out and with Flash beginning to slow down, the pair had no other choice but to share each others’ powers. Green Lantern lent Flash his ring to bust out of the Arena World and there began a solid friendship.

2 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn’s the least you’d expect to wear a Green Lantern ring but since she’s very daring and brave, we aren’t too surprised that she’d put on something that isn’t hers, to begin with. In Harley Quinn’s Little Black Book, we get to see what she’s like when wearing both the Green Lantern and Red Lantern rings.

A Red Lantern ring fell on Earth and Quinn tried it out for herself. As expected, she caused chaos immediately as she was possessed by it. When a group of aliens invaded Earth to get the Red Lantern ring, Hal Jordan stepped in to help out the unconscious Quinn.

Jordan was knocked out by the aliens and Quinn used the Green Lantern ring for herself. True to her nature, Quinn conjured up a huge mallet using the ring to hit the aliens out of Earth for good.

1 Lex Luthor

Don’t expect anything less from Superman’s worst enemy. Lex Luthor is very cunning and clever and as such, he has also thought about grabbing himself a Green Lantern ring. He has wielded one on several occasions but the first case of him wearing the ring was one of his finest hours.

Instead of fighting the Justice League head on, Luthor decided to turn back time and just prevent the heroes from being created. When it was Hal Jordan’s turn to be named as the next Green Lantern, Luthor stopped the process by going back in time to warn Jordan that he was in trouble and he needed to turn around. This prevented his fateful encounter with the dying Abin Sur.

Luthor then went to Abin Sur in place of Jordan. The dying alien didn’t know that Luthor wasn’t the chosen one so he gave the ring to Luthor willingly.

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