15 Characters Being Ignored By The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of our favorite universes of all time, with The Avengers movies topping box office records, with the Thor movies making us all Hemsworth fans, the Iron Man movies making us fans of the man in the iron suit even more than before, and the X-Men movies being there for every type of fan, bringing us together like we never thought possible. There are so many great Marvel movies, it's hard to complain! But, if there’s one thing for certain, besides comic book to movie inconsistencies, it’s that they leave out some of the very best of the best, characters that any comic book nerd would just die to see some focus on in an MCU movie.

These characters are popular, strong, neglected, and are everything the world needs! It's time to get hipster and predict these movies and like these characters before they're cool. You don't have to follow trends. Be She-Hulk instead of Harley Quinn or Wonder Women this Halloween. Do it, I believe in your taste and opinions. If only MCU would listen to fans and make these movies, or at the very least, feature these characters in one of their movies! Like, a real feature, not a cameo. They aren't Stan Lee or an after-credit special. They need more of the spotlight. Spider-Man and Iron Man and Wolverine have had their time…now let the rest of these guys have a turn. Boys and girls, I give you 15 characters being ignored by the Marvel Cinematic Universe!


15 She-Hulk

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Or, The Hulk, The Hulk, The Hulk! It’s pretty ridiculous how much The Hulk is favored. He is in the top ten, often the top five, most popular superheroes of all time! Well, Marvel fans really think that She-Hulk should not just share a little of that spotlight, but get a spotlight of her own.

Most people don’t know much about She-Hulk. Her name is Jennifer Walters, a lawyer. But how did she get her powers? Well, you most likely know her cousin, Bruce Banner. Jennifer became She-Hulk after receiving a blood transfusion from said cousin. Along with possessing much of the same powers as Bruce, she also, like her cousin, is an upstanding citizen. In the comics, she partners with both the Avengers and The Fantastic Four. But in the MCU… did you hear the wind whistle?

14 Howard The Duck


Howard the Duck did get one movie, yes. But that was back in the 80s, it was really poor, and it wasn’t part of the MCU. However, he is in one movie that was good, but it isn’t very noticeable. He was the cameo at the end! This could only mean two things. One: the MCU knows what’s up and they want to give a little splash of awesome. Two: there’s a Howard the Duck movie in the making. A good, high-quality one that will show that 1980s movie up.

Let’s hope it’s that second option. Howard the Duck is an intelligent talking duck from Duckworld who is probably the most unique character in the entire Marvel universe. The best part about Howard is the moral behind his comics. The creator has said, about the story, "that life's most serious moments and most incredibly dumb moments are often distinguishable only by a momentary point of view."

The lack of this POV is the reason behind the flop of the shallow 1986 movie that totally missed the point.

13 Gambit

Remember Gambit in X-Men? Most people don’t. That’s because he got a fraction of the focus he deserved. But even then, he was pretty boss in his short scenes as he fought Wolverine…which was a pretty matched fight. But that didn’t really show us who Gambit was.

Remy Etienne Lebeau was kidnapped as a newborn and raised by LeBeau Clan Thieves' Guild. At the time, he wasn’t known to be a mutant and when his burning red eyes were seen, he was given as a tribute. Now that’s heavy. They called him “the white devil." He went on to be a professional thief and pickpocket of course.

I’ll not give out any spoilers for those waiting for a movie, but you should know…he was a fan favorite in the animated series.

12 Spider-Woman


The worst thing about the absence of Spider-Woman is the overdone Mary Jane and Gwen storylines, and Spider-Man movie after Spider-Man movie. You’d think that in at least one of the 5+ Spider-Man movies of the 21st century, at least one of them would feature Spider-Woman. I mean come on, she’s a member of the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Hydra.

Jessica Drew got uranium poisoning in 1931. Because of this, she was treated with a new spider serum that required her to be put in a genetic accelerator. Like Spider-Man, she possesses superhuman strength, has amazing endurance, and speed. She even has "venom blasts" that are strong enough to take out an army if used correctly. She’s immune to all poisons, drugs, and radiation.

If you thought those “seductive” female heroes are all that, then take a look at Spider-Woman. She has the ability to attract human males and repulse females. Straighter than an arrow.

11 Moondragon

Let’s just start by stating the fact that seeing Moondragon live-action would be better than when we saw Smaug in The Hobbit 2. But only if we get to see her defeat Dragon of the Moon. What could be better than seeing a dragon in a Marvel movie?

Moondragon has some of the best psionic powers in the Marvel universe, from telepathy to mind control to the ability to alter personalities and memories. It’s like a phoenix that can control her powers. She’s even proficient in martial arts in ways no ninja on Naruto does. She has control over every bodily function…including breathing. Oh yeah, and she’s a genius.

We could see her in the next Avengers movie as part of the Avengers, or she could get her own movie like Doctor Strange did. Yes, that’s the right choice.

10 Daredevil


Daredevil has his own increasingly popular Netflix series. But…what about the MCU? They really need to pick him up! He’s only one of the most popular troubled Marvel characters of all time. This Marvel kid didn’t have his parents murdered and he wasn’t kidnapped. He was just left to starve by his mother. Ouch! At least Daredevil, Matt Murdock, had a boxer father to raise him. He saw enough bloodshed and evil ways to make him want to become a lawyer. Typical story after that of a radioactive spill after saving someone’s life.

Unfortunately, it didn’t give him powers all of a sudden…it just blinded him. But, as we all know, when you lose one sense, the remaining four become stronger. So, with a boxer father and no sight, he decided to make the most of it and fight crime…tai-jutsu style. This man deserves his own movie and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got one very soon.

9 Captain Marvel

“Guys, let’s make a bunch of superhero movies, but leave out the one guy who wears the brand logo!” Nice. Captain Marvel is probably number one on the list, to be honest. He may not be the most popular, but he is the most deserving. This entry and the next are a little confusing because they are making a Captain Marvel movie. But, it will be focused on the current Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers.

This is great, but what we also need is a classic Captain Marvel movie. This can refer to any of the four deceased Captain Marvels. Mar-Vell would probably be the best bet since he is the original. He never rose to fame like Superman, but he is still the poster child for the company. Now bring him to the MCU!


8 Ms. Marvel


Again, confusing. The Ms. Marvel we all know is Carol Danvers. But, Carol Danvers is getting a movie in the coming years. But she will be Captain Marvel, as she is currently in the comics. On the same point, the new Ms. Marvel is the unique Kamala Khan, the Ms. Marvel the world needs right now.

She is someone every teen can relate to and while old fans wouldn’t be a fan of a movie starring her, it would be relevant today, both in the comics and in life. Come on! She’s a nerdy Muslim who reads comics and is obsessed with Carol Danvers! How modern is that? But we’re all still super excited for the Carol Danvers movie coming out and Kamala Khan could very well make an appearance.

7 Nova

Who is Nova? Who is the Human Rocket? Who is Richard Rider? Well, at one point he was an average teenager. But then…he met the Nova Corps, a group of peace-keepers. That was where he was chosen to carry on the legacy and hold the power of the Nova Force.

Why does this random teen deserve a movie? Well, I said he was an average teen. Now, he’s an extremely power superhero who has taken down a corrupted Thor with relative ease. He never fails to make the top “purest” hero of all time or the “top 100 superheroes of all time.” Plus, I kind of think Odin would like him better than he likes his own son…doesn’t that deserve a movie? Jealous Thor teams up with Loki to ruin Nova’s life? Hey, it could happen.

6 Moonknight


Marc Spector is the prodigal son of an American rabbi. That sounds like a good movie already. He got his superhero start as a boxer, a U.S. Marine, and a mercenary. Like many heroes, he gets in a pickle and is left for dead. After he literally dies, he is brought back to life by the Egyptian god Khonshu.

In fact, he becomes the avatar of this god. But he must put away his merc past if he wishes to become this avatar. There has been opportunities to introduce him in Spider-Man movies, X-Men movies, Fantastic Four, and Doctor Strange…but noooo. He is strong, powerful, multi-dimensional, unique, and deserves more attention. Oh yeah, and he reaches his peak during a full moon! Interested yet, MCU?

5 Carnage

Another fan favorite that no one who doesn’t read the comics knows is Carnage. What do you get when you take a severely mentally unstable serial killer and attach the symbiote to him? A lot of viewers! After all, Carnage drew in a lot of readers, all because of Cletus Kasady, who retrieved his powers from Venom’s, Eddie Brock’s, cell.

Spider-Man 3 introduced the symbiote and Venom, but what we needed to see was Carnage. Unfortunately, that was a trilogy and we won’t be seeing a Spider-Man 4. Can you imagine a Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 4 with Venom, Carnage, and the symbiote possessing others? Okay, so maybe it’s like Spider-Man 3, only with Carnage. I’d still watch it. It may be gruesome, but it would be entertaining seeing Venom and Carnage in the same MCU movie.

4 Man-Thing


Not to be confused with DC’s Swamp Thing, Man-Thing is a… species of his own. He's a man from the beginning of time who abandoned his duties as a guardian. His real name is Ted Sallis, a man who didn’t know his own destiny as a guardian, and he was forced to inject himself with the serum that created Captain America. But then he kind of fell in a swamp and it fused with the serum.

The Man-Thing, in short, is pretty much like a much less attractive Wolverine as far as powers go. Although there is one big difference: he’s an emotional wreck! His emotions even control him, in a way different than the Hulk’s. He starts “sweating” dangerous acid when he gets angry or sad actually.

3 Black Cat

Again, MCU doesn’t know how to deal with Spider-Man characters. What better way to outdo DC movies than to add Black Cat in order to counteract Catwoman? What’s funny is that originally, Black Cat had "bad luck" powers, hence the name. But in reality, this was all for show, cause she’s cool like that. But then, to prove her love to Spider-Man, she went and made those bad luck powers real.

She used these powers to “give the gift of bad luck” to her enemies. However, Dr. Strange removed the powers and left the other powers. That’s like taking all of the grains out of Lucky Charms and leaving the marshmallows - the marshmallows being infrared vision, superhuman balance and agility, and extendible claws. But then again, these were later removed, leaving her more of a Batman gear-related type hero. The best part about all this is that MCU could pick up wherever they wanted. They could use “bad luck” Black Cat, gear-powered Black Cat, or the all-powerful Black Cat.

2 Beta Ray Bill


Non-comic lovers will have no idea who this is, and comic book lovers will say, “Yes! Please make a Beta Ray Bill movie!” Beta Ray Bill is the leader of the alien race, the Korbonites. He’s a cybernetic force who fights off demons for his Korbonite allies as he leads them to the Milky Way after their planet was destroyed.

Thor was the one who thought that he was unworthy, but when Bill picked up the Mjolnir, curious, I think we all know if Thor was right. Bill liked this hammer and told Odin it should be his, so Odin made the two fight for it. He fought Thor but wouldn’t kill him. In turn, Odin made him his own hammer. Someone like this needs a little MCU focus. Hmm…maybe add Nova and Beta Ray Bill to a Thor movie?

1 Galactus

Out of every character in the Marvel Universe, most people will say that Galactus is the most neglected by the MCU. He’s often labeled as the “most feared being in the cosmos.” He’s older than the universe itself and is the sole survivor of that world. He was saved by the Phoenix Force and then filled with it much like how Jean Grey was. This is a perfect opportunity to add him to an X-Men movie.

Beyond all interesting connections to Jean, he could also be the strongest in the Marvel Universe. He has freaking cosmic power unable for humans to comprehend. He can restructure molecules, control both matter and energy, teleport across dimensions, space, and time, and bring back the dead. There’s hardly an end to what he can do.

However, he needs to consume energy to live, he can’t really…die. There’s nothing about him that, if done right, would not make an amazing MCU movie.


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