15 Changes We'll See In The MCU Now That Disney Bought FOX

In one of the biggest acquisitions in the history of entertainment, it is now confirmed that Disney has bought 21st Century FOX. The deal is pretty big and includes a heck of a lot. Firstly, it includes the studio and everything residing within it. That means the television shows and movies from the past and present go to Disney. On top of this, all TV and movie rights FOX owned are also going to go to Disney.

This, of course, includes movies from the past such as Sound of Music, but it also includes massive future interests like the movie rights to Avatar, which is set for another few movies after the billion+ it earned on the first. However, the holy grail of this move was that FOX's Marvel properties. This means that, in addition to the Spider-Man franchise, Disney now owns the entire Marvel universe.

X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and everything within their universes will be under the Disney banner to do whatever they wish. The MCU is ever-growing, and with so many movies on deck for the X-Men, there is a theory that Disney will not want to mess with those plans much, if at all. The reason has to do with how much money they're sure to make. Meanwhile, they will now have the ability to add characters to these movies from the Marvel universes they own. Of course, they could also use them in the MCU, too.

A number of things are possible here, with movies and TV properties now able to open up simply due to the deal. This led us to realize how many amazing storylines or character arcs we could explore in the MCU. So we wanted to go over fifteen MCU stories that could happen now that Disney bought the properties. Some will be new, while others are too big and historically important for Marvel and Disney to ignore. Enjoy.


15 The Defenders In Movie Form

However, the original included Doctor Strange, The Hulk, Namor, and even Silver Surfer. The Surfer was one Marvel could have used in the Disney banner, but FOX technically owned rights to him and it would be a mess to deal with. The team also was eventually led by Beast from the X-Men. This would be an easy movie team to put together on the side of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy franchises. It would allow Marvel to extend out other characters they already love and want to use more, but not over-extend another team. So while we may see Hulk a lot, he's now joined by people we do not see as often.

This tactic would allow for newer yet powerful villains to come forth for them to take on without the need for the other main heroes to step in.

14 X-Men Versus The Inhumans


This could either be done in television or in a movie. A comic series was done on this back in 2016 which Marvel fans truly loved. If Disney goes down this road, it is likely that Inhumans vs X-Men would be a huge deal. It would come off similar to Marvel's Civil War film, but it could also be revisited off and on. In the end, there will be a need to bring them together, as heroes often cannot remain at odds when the world is in jeopardy. This is just superhero 101, people. Yet there are bad guys in both groups, so things could get quite interesting overall.

13 Thor Versus The Silver Surfer

This led to what many call the greatest superhero vs superhero fight ever. While the Surfer has cosmic powers already considered strong, he was helped by Loki who used some of his power in secret while he fought Thor. The match-up was beloved by fans and still holds up as impressive. While this may not happen anytime soon, once Surfer is well-established, this would be a movie fight that fans would want to see. If you want to check out where this fight originally happened, it's in the Silver Surfer #4 comic book. Thank us later.

12 An Actually Good Fantastic Four Origin Story


It also means that they would immediately be thrust into a ton of different story arcs with all of them being used in solo forms across the MCU. The Thing has been used as an Avenger, Defender, and much more. Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic, is a genius and incredibly flexible, and is often helping Tony Stark. Meanwhile, Human Torch is used across the Marvel comics for many reasons. Sue Richards, The Invisible Woman, is often used for her intelligence and force-field abilities.

Due to their powers coming from cosmic forces, they could be thrust even into Guardians of the Galaxy as well as against future big-time villains that require their type of skill-set. Overall, this is a clear need and Marvel is likely to address it soon.

11 Deadpool Versus Venom

While there have been multiple uses for Venom, it would be interesting for Marvel to go down this road. Deadpool has the healing ability and multiple other abilities that make him a hit-man for hire. SHIELD could pay him to take out Venom for some reason, or it could be that they use them both to take out a threat in team form. Or they could simply use a recent comic story. However they do it, both men are clearly useful to the Marvel franchise. Both would work well for the adult audience Disney still wants to cater to outside of their normal family-friendly products.

Deadpool is already given some freedom simply because his brand of content brings in so much money. The same could be given to said of Venom, and if their Venom can be used inside the MCU, Sony would certainly sign off on it. We could even see the debut of characters like Carnage in this movie. Tons of potential here.

10 Mysterio Prompts X-Men Introduction Against The Avengers


If we saw Mysterio take over Wolverine and eventually other characters, it would prompt the Avengers to step in to stop them. Others would get involved simply because they had to on the mutant side of the things. Meanwhile, top Avengers are ready to take the mutants down. Eventually, Mysterio would be found responsible and it would sweeten the pot if Mysterio could manage to use Charles Xavier to heighten his own power and have a bigger reach. Perhaps he kidnaps him and puts him into a machine that takes advantage of the professor's power? It's not like it has never been done before.

This entire movie and fight would be an easy way to establish the mutants, and it could allow for some needed deaths in the MCU. The Avengers would want to take down this threat and the X-Men want to stand up for their own. It's really a big possibility. Plus, Hugh Jackman would come back as Wolverine for a role like this one. Can we really avoid that awesomeness?

9 Magneto's Family Could Get Their Own Film

Interestingly, Quicksilver will be in upcoming FOX films. This means he'll technically be back in the MCU... which sets up a pretty big problem. Disney will want to clear a lot of this up and have a story that brings everything together. Scarlet Witch has been known to create entirely new realities. So perhaps she is able to bring back Quicksilver from another universe: the X-Men one. There are a ton of ways to make this all tie in, but Marvel/Disney have a lot of cleaning up to do. They likely will not recast the X-Men completely due to them all still being pretty young and popular. So the time is now to make sense of them.

The only real issue we have at this point is how everything will come together between the universes. However, that is Marvel's problem and they have no choice but to address this now.


8 House Of M Storyline


People pick a side in this argument, and it comes down to a clash of ideas and ideals rather than a battlefield fight. The problem is throughout this clash of arguments, Scarlet Witch is creating an alternative reality for herself. She can be with her family here, which is fine... until her reality clashes with the current one. This reality clash causes severe consequences. Eventually, Scarlet whispers the unforgettable line "no more mutants." Which indeed kills most of them. This certainly would not be good to do soon, but rather, that story we would need to wait. But what a storyline it would be.

7 Planet Hulk Or World War Hulk

Hulk is now pissed, so he goes to Earth to take out the members of the world that did him harm. The Marvel heroes have to stop Hulk, and this leads to dream battles and a Hulk that is more powerful than ever. The thing is, you feel for Hulk in this storyline. You know why he's upset and why he's doing what he is doing.

Fights with The Thing, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, and so many others could go down in this story arc. There's a clear need to make this movie eventually, as the Planet Hulk story arc is a favorite among fans. It's also one of the newer storylines, only around ten years old. So a lot of Marvel fans have yet to truly explore it like the other storylines.

6 Captain America/Wolverine/Deadpool Movie


There were a lot of things mishandled in this story, but a ton of great things were done in it as well. A great way to make things easier is if we brought Wolverine in as the man to end Captain America, and Deadpool as added insurance. This is not an uncommon job for Wolverine, who was introduced as the guy to bring down The Hulk. It's even Deadpool's day job to find and kill people. If we had Wolverine hunt down Cap, it could get compelling.

Essentially, we would be borrowing from two storylines. Captain America is a bad guy but he really isn't, yet no one is told... which pushes SHIELD to bring in Logan. He's the best tracker, hunter, and big gun they have. Deadpool is there simply as the back-up, but may also have his own mission. We're using a few villains, anti-heroes, and a misunderstood Captain. It's possible, and Marvel has big characters to do this with.

5 Vulcan Versus The Avengers

A new-look Avengers team, including Cyclops, would be a huge help to the franchise. Vulcan is an omega-level mutant, meaning the likes of Charles Xavier are even with him in power. So it takes more than magic or mental abilities to stop Vulcan. Due to his power-set, he's not an easy kill. That is why a team is needed to defeat him. This ultimately could lead to the death of some Marvel heroes Disney needs to rid themselves of. It could also be a good way to debut others. Overall, Vulcan is a good top villain for the heroes to take on once Thanos is out of their way. Saving the world just never ends, right?

4 Skrulls And Secret Invasion


This was done with several Marvel heroes in the comics. From the aforementioned Captain and many more. Interestingly, Tony Stark had just become the head of SHIELD at this point and the Skrull's messed with his security system. Ultimately it led to his removal with Norman Osborn being put in his place. Yes, Green Goblin himself. It would set up the secret invasion and Dark Reign story-arc. Overall, this could be an excellent series of movies that would need the help of the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and anyone else Marvel can get their hands on.

3 The Annihilation Storyline

Meanwhile, we're also being introduced to possible future story-arcs. The story is pretty simple. Annihilus, who's from the Negative Zone, has been tearing through the universe and destroying planets. This leads to Nova, Silver Surfer, Drax the Destroyer, Ronan the Accuser, Super-Skrull, and Phyla-Vell to team up to stop him. Many of the heroes here are revamped, especially Drax. Plus we get to see young Nova have a big moment that ultimately leads to his rise in comics. Think of this like a Cosmic Suicide Squad, but with only half being bad guys. Essentially, this story is crazy and would have a BIG budget. So we would need to make sure most of the characters are established first.

2 Galactus Versus The Avengers


This would be an excellent way to bring the Fantastic Four over into the normal MCU. Their solo film would need to be first, but they could easily add them to this movie. Along with the Guardians, the Four are most equipped to take down the eater of worlds. The Avengers would need them. Galactus and the Surfer would not be alone, which means this team movie would be a huge asset to the MCU after Thanos is out of the way. We now have an amazing villain. How could we not use him to his fullest? This story has been used in the comics up to a point, but Marvel Studios could add a fresh spin to it to make things fun with all the new heroes we've just added to the MCU.

1 The Punisher Versus Deadpool

Frank Castle has been established on Netflix through both Daredevil and his own series with the streaming service. Disney allowed such a gory event to go down on there, and that means they're likely to be okay with Deadpool doing the same. The Punisher is essentially a gun for hire at times, but usually, he's around to make sure justice is done. No matter the cost. Here's the problem. Castle has a heart. He does not kill anyone just to kill them. He has a reason to do it and that is normally because they did something wrong.

Deadpool, on the other hand, is more likely to kill because someone looked at him the wrong way. He's crazy, and a lot of things are wrong upstairs for the guy. But he cannot die and he's incredibly difficult to deal with. Punisher vs Deadpool would allow us to see what would happen if Deadpool becomes the hunted and Castle obsesses over killing a man who cannot be killed.

This could be what makes the story work out best. Two men who do not care are going at it and neither really knows why. Could that eventually lead to a team up later in the film? Most likely. We need a movie to ultimately know the result here.


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