15 Celebs You Didn't Know Have Super Hot Daughters

When you have famous parents, life can’t be easy growing up. Everybody around the world wants to know everything about you and the reporters and paparazzi can never get enough.

This can have a lasting effect on some famous kids, sometimes in really negative ways. For others, it doesn’t seem to bother them at all. They just go about life and sometimes even pick up some of the talents that helped make their family famous. The kids that get the most attention may be the ones that just like their mom or dad (or both!), are ridiculously good looking.

The camera loves them and they document every move they make in life. Even if they aren’t doing anything that has to do with show business. Some don’t get as much exposure as others and that means there are plenty of attractive beauties that you may not know about. Or maybe you know who they are but didn’t know who their parents are.

Everyone knows who Mick Jagger is but did you know he has a sexy daughter that is a model? Do the Iron Maiden fans out there know that Steve Harris has a very sexy and talented daughter? Or maybe you didn’t know that Dakota Johnson comes from an extremely talented family.

Today we will look at some celebs that you didn’t know had super-hot daughters. And to those celebs, the world thanks you for your entries on this list!


15 Rowan Atkinson (Lily Atkinson)


Rowan Atkinson is a very successful actor and comedian in England. His success has amassed him a fortune of well over $100 million. He also just happens to have a very sexy daughter named Lily who has also started to make a mark in the business.

She has acting credits in Mr. Bean’s Holiday, Tooth and Johnny English Reborn, all of which her famous dad had a hand in. She has also recently started to pursue a singing career, mainly focusing on jazz. Her dad is doing everything he can to see that she will be successful, including financing her start in the music world. It has been reported that he has put out well over $10,000 to help her along with the singing career in hopes that she can gain her share of the spotlight.

Earlier in 2016 the twenty-year-old started gaining her own following by posting several provocative selfies on social media. One of them had her wearing a leopard print vest top as she was lying in bed. The shot gained her more than 15,000 new followers, which you can probably understand when you can see above how sexy the photo is!

There is no question that if she keeps posting selfies like that she will have a global following in no time at all.

14 Mick Jagger (Georgia May Jagger)


The famous Rolling Stones front man, Mick Jagger, may not be much to look at anymore but he has three daughters that certainly are. He has a 41-year-old daughter, Jade, who does a lot of activism work, a 28-year-old daughter, Elizabeth and the most well-known may be her 21-year-old daughter, Georgia May. She has done plenty of work as a model and has represented some of the top companies in the world. She has done work for Versace, Miu Miu, H&M, Chanel, Hudson Jeans and countless others.

Mick got together with his first wife, Bianca, and they had Jade, while his current famous ex-wife Jerry Hall, was his partner for the two younger ones.

One quick look at Georgia May and you can see why she is in demand by the top brands in the world. They are always looking for the hottest models to represent their brands and she definitely fits the bill. Of course having the last name Jagger certainly doesn’t hurt her chances of getting work.

Don’t forget that Elizabeth was in Playboy not all that long ago either. Mick may not be a looker but he made the right choices in women to ensure that all of his daughters looked a lot better than he ever did.

13 Sean Penn (Dylan Penn)


Sean Penn has been known as a bad boy for a long time. He doesn’t always choose the best of roles for his acting work but he made the right decision in having a kid with Robin Wright. Their daughter Dylan is about as hot as they come.

The 25-year-old has followed in her parent's footsteps by stepping into the acting business but she has been more successful so far as a model. She has been the main focus for ad campaigns by GQ, W Magazine, and Gap Inc. as well as several others. You may also recognize her from her appearance in the music video "Chains" that was done by Nick Jonas.

In 2014 she turned down a $150,000 offer to pose for Playboy and then appeared in her birthday suit for the magazine treats! She wasn't wearing any clothes in the layout but sadly did have certain body parts blocked by a Fendi bag. She has said many times that she never wanted to be a model and only does it because they pay her to do it. I guess life isn’t that bad for her if that’s the case.

Over the last couple of years, she has been named on several lists of the hottest women in the world, including the list of the top 99 Most Desirable Women.

12 Wayne Gretzky (Paulina Gretzky)


Wayne Gretzky is the greatest hockey player that has ever lived. There is no doubt about that. His statistics are far and above anyone else that ranks behind him. His name is constantly used in every sport in the world when they talk about the best of the best. In fact, just a comparison to The Great One means an athlete has made it big.

Another thing he made was a very hot daughter in Paulina. Wayne’s wife, Janet Jones, is an actress and the couple combined to make one of the most popular celebrity daughters in the world.

Oddly, though, not a lot of people realize who Paulina’s famous parents are. Or maybe they get a look at her and just don’t care.

Paulina started by putting up a lot of sexy selfies on social media and very quickly she had a following as big as her Dad. She has gone on to do a lot of modeling and she has even done some work in the music business. Her song “Collecting Dust” became quite popular on the MTV show Laguna Beach.

Over the last couple of years, she has kept her following growing by posting countless sexy selfies on social media. Since Wayne has always seemed to be a standup guy you have to imagine that he cringes every time he hears about his daughter’s new posts.

11 Yolanda Foster (Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid)


Yolanda Foster has made a career out of being beautiful. The supermodel had great genes to start with and she kept the beautiful family going with her daughters Gigi and Bella.

Gigi, the older of the two daughters, has also become a supermodel and not a lot of people realize who she and her sister’s parents are. Gigi got started in modeling at the ripe old age of two years old and she hasn’t stopped. In 2014 she was named as one of the rookies for the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit edition, an accomplishment that only goes to some of the hottest women in the world.

The younger of the two, Bella, has been a high-end supermodel for a while now and earlier in 2016 she was named by GQ magazine as their Model of the Year. Those kinds of accolades don’t come to those that are just average looking.

Sometimes parents have kids that look nothing like their parents or the kids just don’t get the “hot” genes that could have been passed down. That is certainly not the case with the Hadid sisters. Their mom Yolanda passed down every beauty gene that she had and the sisters have clearly made the most of them!

10 Steve Harris (Lauren Harris)

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Steve Harris is known for creating the iconic heavy metal band, Iron Maiden. They are one of the greatest metal bands of all time and to this day they still sell out all over the world when they go on tour. But he isn’t the only musician in the family. His daughter Lauren isn’t just smoking hot, she is quite a talented vocalist as well.

Over the last several years she has gone a long way establishing herself and it certainly didn’t hurt anything that in 2006 and 2007 she opened for her dad’s band as a solo act. If opening up for Iron Maiden doesn’t get you the exposure you need, nothing will.

When Lauren decided the solo life wasn’t something she really liked she decided to put together a band. She certainly learned well from her dad and can spot talent. She picked Richie Faulkner to play guitar for her but he was so good that the band Judas Priest eventually stole him away from her to replace K.K. Downing. She is currently singing with her new band called "Kingdom of I" but as long as she keeps looking as good as she does, what does it matter what the name of her band is right?

9 Meryl Streep (Louisa Gummer)


Meryl Streep has been called the “Best actress of her generation.” That’s some pretty high praise, but you have surely seen her in countless movies and television shows over the years. She has been nominated for more awards than any other actor or actress in history. That alone is a pretty impressive statistic. She was able to win Best Supporting Actress in 1979 for her work in Kramer vs. Kramer and she won Best Actress twice, in 1982 (Sophie’s Choice) and again in 2011 (The Iron Lady).

A lot of people don’t realize that she has a blonde bombshell daughter named Louisa Gummer who is pretty successful in her own right. Gummer models for IMG Models and you have seen her in Glamour and Vanity Fair on more than one occasion.

Gummer has some pretty successful siblings as well. Her older brother, Henry, is an established musician and her two sisters, Grace and Mamie, are pretty successful in the acting world.

Meryl certainly did a fine job in turning out some beautiful daughters but Louisa is by far the most beautiful. Her mom only hopes that she can bring in a few more awards over the course of her career than she did. All the nominations are great but a few more wins would have added more icing to a great career.


8 Don Johnson / Melanie Griffith (Dakota Johnson)


Dakota Johnson hit the spotlight in a big way  by wearing a pair of very small underwear. Her debut in The Social Network was by far the best part of the movie. Her role wasn’t very big but neither were her panties and it led to some very big things for her. When she woke up in bed next to Justin Timberlake in those red panties a star was born.

She has gone onto to memorable roles in Beastly, 21 Jump Street and of course Fifty Shades of Grey. Johnson then turned to the small screen and landed the role of Kate on the FOX sitcom Ben and Kate. The show was canceled earlier this year but that just freed her up to make more memorable appearances on the silver screen and you can bet it won’t be too long before you see her again.

Johnson’s on-screen skills didn’t come to her by accident. She is blessed with great genes that play a major role in her beauty as well as her acting talent. Her father is Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame and her mom is Melanie Griffith, who has been in countless movies and television shows.

Here is hoping we see a lot more of Dakota in the near future!

7 Clint Eastwood (Francesca Eastwood)

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Clint Eastwood is one of the most iconic actors of our time. He has been part of several classic films and he has made several phrases famous during his career. You remember in Gran Torino when he said “Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have messed with? That’s me.”, or “I know what you’re thinking. ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? ”, from Dirty Harry and there are countless others.

Everyone knows that Eastwood is one of Hollywood’s best badasses but not a lot of people realize that he has an extremely hot daughter, Francesca. She is making a name for herself doing some modeling and making appearances on television shows. You’ve seen her on reality TV several times and probably didn’t realize who she was.

One thing is certain, when she auditions for a role in anything, her beauty grabs the producer’s attention but her last name isn’t hurting her one bit either.

6 Kelsey Grammer (Greer Grammer)

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Everyone knows Kelsey Grammer. For years he sat at the other end of the bar from Norm Peterson and Cliff Clavin on Cheers before moving on to his own show, Frasier. He is a very funny actor and can play a serious role just as effectively. He hasn’t been on the acting map for such a long time by being bad at what he does.

There is also another Grammer on the acting scene and she is one beautiful woman. Kelsey’s daughter Greer is most known for her appearances on MTV’s Awkward series and this stunning beauty is also a former beauty pageant queen (I know, no surprise there). The USC graduate is following in her dad’s famous footsteps and with every appearance she makes on-screen her popularity grows. Beauty tends to do that for you.

She may not reach the heights that her father has during his career but the beauty she puts out combined with her dad’s name on her resume certainly isn’t closing any doors on her. Keep an eye out for her because you’ll be seeing a lot more of her over the next several years. When you do, keep in mind that her dad once made a living shouting out “Norm!”

5 David Cassidy (Katie Cassidy)


David Cassidy was a star back in the 70s on the hit show The Partridge Family. He also had a pretty decent singing career as it turned out that he really did carry a tune pretty well. He was a major heartthrob back then and when he married model Sherry Williams, you knew the results from that were going to be good.

Katie Cassidy has grown up and become a major sex symbol herself and she always stays busy so there is always plenty of her to see. Though not many realize who her famous father is.

Katie got started by being one of the main attractions on her high school cheerleading squad and she has made her mark both on television and on the silver screen. On TV she was part of the remake of Melrose Place and you have also seen her on Gossip Girl. She has also taken part in several horror movie remakes on the silver screen like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Black Christmas and When a Stranger Calls.

Back in the day, David had a #1 hit song called “I Think I Love You” and we are sure that any view of Katie brings those words to your mind every time.

4 Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger (Ireland Baldwin)


Ireland Baldwin is hard to miss. The beautiful daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger stands out in any crowd she may be in. Standing at 6 foot 2 doesn’t hurt that at all, but it’s her beauty that everyone notices first. She is making a pretty good name for herself as a model and she signed with the IMG modeling company in 2013 at the age of 18. In 2015 she moved over to DT Model Management.

She has since appeared in the New York Post, Vanity Fair, W Magazine, Elle, and Dejour. She also made her debut on the silver screen in the movie Grudge Match in 2013 when she played the younger version of her mom’s character during flashback parts of the movie.

Ireland had her first global notoriety at the age of 11 when her dad, Alec, left her a very nasty voicemail that was released to the public. He was crucified in the media for his derogatory comments toward his daughter and he later issued a public apology. However, there was no un-ringing that bell and nobody has looked at him the same again. She definitely got some revenge on him as she was linked romantically to rapper Angel Haze a couple of years ago. No parent wants that.

3 Simon Le Bon and Yasmin Le Bon (Amber Le Bon)


Back in the 80’s Duran Duran had a lot of hit singles and were known around the world. They had a cult like following that a lot of heavy metal fans could not understand. The music was average at best but their fans loved it and helped them soar to the top of the charts. Lead singer Simon Le Bon was lucky enough to take the ride to the top but he was even luckier when he married his model wife Yasmin.

The couple had a daughter they named Amber and now that she is all grown up the whole world knows who she is, even if most don’t realize who her parents are. Amber has been quite busy becoming one of the top models in England. The 27-year-old has gained international stardom with her good looks and one glance at her you can easily see why.

When you take a look at what her mom looked like then and what she still looks like now, you’ll see that Amber's good looks probably aren’t going to be fading anytime soon. She comes from a great gene pool and she has certainly made good use of them. Her career will continue to skyrocket as long as she stays hungry, like the wolf.

2 Hulk Hogan (Brooke Hogan)

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If you don’t watch bad reality television or listen to bad music you may not know who Brooke Hogan is. You certainly know that last name though. That’s right, she is the daughter of Hulk Hogan, one of the most popular professional wrestlers of all time. Now I said popular, not good. The two don’t necessarily go hand in hand. He was one of the worst performers in the ring of all time and you always knew what was coming next. That’s not good for the entertainment value but the fans loved every minute of it for some reason.

His daughter Brooke is pretty good looking and she used those looks and her famous father to land on a few reality television shows (none of them any good). She got started on Hogan Knows Best and then moved on to her own show called, you guessed it, Brooke Knows Best. She has also tried her hand at a singing career and she has proven that her acting skills and her singing skills are equally as bad.

She certainly is hot though isn’t she? That’s the only reason anyone watched either of those television shows. It just goes to show you that if there is a hot woman on the show, it doesn’t matter how bad it is or how bad her skills are, there will still be people that tune in.

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver (Katherine Schwarzenegger)


Back in his early acting days, Arnold Schwarzenegger was desired by just about every woman in the world. On the flip side, during the prime of Maria Shriver’s journalism career, every man wanted to meet her. When the two got together and got married you knew that the kids they had were going to be hot. They HAD to be. There was nothing of the ugly kind coming out of that combination.

Their daughter Katherine proved that theory correct as the now 26-year-old has grown up and become an established author. She is also in high demand as a public speaker and she has carved out a very nice career for herself. But don’t think that she did it on her own. Tossing around who her family is, certainly didn’t cause her any harm.

There has been a lot of coverage of both Arnold and Maria for obvious reasons over the years but their kids are often forgotten about. Take a look at Katherine and you’ll see why they shouldn’t be. She has another sister and two brothers as well but Katherine is the cream of the crop. You can see a lot of her mom in her face and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!


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