15 Celebs You Didn't Know Got Work Done In 2016

Plastic and cosmetic surgery is big business. Even doctors that don’t specialize in plastic or reconstructive surgery have taken to offering minor procedures to enhance personal appearance. Lots of pe

Plastic and cosmetic surgery is big business. Even doctors that don’t specialize in plastic or reconstructive surgery have taken to offering minor procedures to enhance personal appearance. Lots of people have taken advantage of the opportunity to have work done on a variety of levels. Some have had minor cosmetic procedures done, while others have had more substantial alterations made. In the year 2016, several celebrities decided to have some work done to improve their general appearance. Some were more or less vocal about the work they had done, but they opted for an adventurous trip to the fountain of youth.

We find the world of plastic surgery to be very fascinating. Several television shows such as Botched and Dr. 90210 have been very successful by following the doctors and patients before and after their procedures. Most shows have made a point to portray responsible practices in plastic surgery and have sought to speak against doctors that act irresponsibly.

Some celebs make a point to go under the knife more routinely, believing that there is always something that they can improve about themselves. For better or worse, these people decided that there was something that needed fixing in 2016. With some procedures minor and some quite noticeable, these celebrities decided that this was their year to shine.

15 Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Via: Zimbio

Snooki has come a long way from the house on Jersey Shore. She’s a dedicated wife and mother of two now. But that doesn’t mean that Snooki has no interest in looking her best. She said in October of 2016 that she had a breast augmentation procedure done. She felt very good about the surgery and the outcome in general.

She said that she felt somewhat insecure about her looks after having her children. It was her goal to look as hot as she could again and this seemed to be the best thing she could have done in her opinion. She’s a C cup now and feeling great about how she looks. She called it her little “mommy makeover.” Good luck Snooki, we hope your husband Jionni LaValle loves your new look.

14 NeNe Leakes

Via: YouTube

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star admitted openly back in June of 2016 that she had a second nose job. This real housewife is apparently 48 going on about 25! She’s rocked some pretty substantial improvements to her appearance over the last several years, but this most recent nose job was due to cartilage growing inside her nose and touching her lip!

Whatever the reason, NeNe was awfully proud of her surgery and has no problem letting people know that she had it done. While some celebrities never want to discuss their procedures, NeNe was glad to share. It apparently healed pretty quickly too, because within about two weeks of the surgery, she was showing off the results. You look great girl and we’re with you all the way!

13 Kailyn Lowry

Via: She Knows

The star of Teen Mom 2 had a couple of things done in early 2016. She saw surgeon to the stars Dr. Michael Salzhauer, better known as “Dr. Miami.” He talked specifically about her procedures, saying that she had a tummy tuck and a fat transfer known as a “Brazilian butt lift.” It’s been made very clear that Kailyn didn’t have any butt implants done, just the fat transfer.

Speculation is that she may have had something done to plump-up her lips more recently, but that’s unconfirmed. Who can blame this 24 year old mother of two for wanting to look her best after splitting from ex-husband Javi Marroquin? Javi’s been pretty vocal about the work she had done while he was overseas. I’m sure his opinion isn’t on the front of her mind.

12 Robbie Williams

Via: Muzul

At age 42, Robbie Williams is an English songwriter, musician and actor. For years, people said that he was looking prematurely old and he took this to heart. Admittedly, he’s had botox, a chin procedure and fillers, in addition to quitting smoking and eating much healthier. This has helped him look and feel better.

Whereas most women celebrities are the ones having work done to look younger, Williams is open and honest about what he has done to roll back the clock a few years. He admits that he doesn’t really want to go overboard, but he takes the negativity out on the web about him to heart. Well, if Robbie stumbles upon this, we wish him all the best and hope he’s happy with himself in the upcoming 2017!

11 Kylie Jenner

Via: CelebMafia

For over a year now, Kylie has been getting temporary lip filler injections. We know all about it at this point and honestly, it’s been pretty obvious for much longer than she’s admitted. But this summer, she admitted that maybe she went a little overboard with the size. While she loved the look and the doctor her and her famous sisters use, Kylie went in to have the whole thing straightened out.

Kylie’s sisters confided to her that they felt she needed to settle down with the lip filler a bit and she decided to heed their advice. Regardless, this 18 year old looks much more mature than her age and decided that the lips might just be a little too big. Now she hasn't admitted anything else regarding surgery, but come on Kylie... we all know! Here’s to making great decisions in 2017, Kylie!

10 Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Via: Bravo

The star of Real Housewives of Atlanta has been very open and honest about the work that she’s had done. There are no secrets with her and she’s very much open to having other procedures done in the future once she’s able. Since suffering a stroke, she’s stated that it wouldn’t be wise to have any big procedures. But this year, she’s apparently had Ulthera, which is a treatment designed to tighten skin. This was supposedly to flatten out some dimpling in her butt.

She’s denied having a nose job, but said that’s something she’ll do if breathing becomes an issue. Kim deserves to feel good about herself and a stroke can surely take a lot out of a person. She is constantly on the go and this 38 year old is going to do everything she can to keep a youthful and healthy look on the outside.

9 Kendra Wilkinson

Via: Life & Style

This reality television star and former Hugh Hefner girlfriend not only admitted that she has had botox injections, but she documented the journey on Snapchat. In fact, Kendra has never had a problem documenting her life on social media, as she has shared photos of her stomach and stretch marks prior to this procedure. But Wilkinson, 31 identified some targeted areas that she wanted to see improved. She was even quoted as being surprised at how well her skin has aged over time.

Kendra was apparently nervous beforehand, but gave a thumbs-up afterward stating that her cherry had been popped. Leave it to Kendra to put a sexual spin on botox injections. But Kendra later posted how pleased and comfortable she was with the whole procedure. It seems that 2016 may just be the beginning for Kendra and cosmetic procedures.

8 Chelsea Handler

Via: LifeTailored

Author, talk show host and all around funny lady Chelsea Handler underwent the ProFractional laser treatment procedure in 2016 and was overjoyed about the experience. She has said that she isn’t being paid to endorse the procedure, but was just overjoyed by the results. Chelsea, 41 spends a lot of time and puts in a lot of effort to look young and healthy, so it’s natural that she would want glowing, healthy skin.

The ProFractional laser treatment is used as a means of providing clearer, wrinkle-free skin and the growth of new collagen. The treatment is very expensive, but this hard-working celebrity with her own Netflix show is happy to spend the money. Considering that Chelsea uses this skin treatment along with a very rigorous workout schedule, she looks amazing!

7 Lavell Crawford

Via: TMZ

The hilarious stand-up comedian and actor Lavell Crawford had a gastric sleeve surgery in 2016 and has lost an incredible amount of weight as a result! Crawford, who is now 48, realized that he had a 5 year old son and wanted to be around for a long time. Considering that he is a diabetic and all the extra weight only complicates the condition, he decided that it was time to lose the weight.

Crawford is known for his comedy and supporting roles. You may recognize him as Saul Goodman’s bodyguard in the AMC hit series Breaking Bad. He is proud to have lost over 120 pounds since the surgery and feels better than ever. It’s great that he’s had such a wonderful year and taken control of his health!

6 Crystal Hefner

Via: ET

The 30 year old third wife of Hugh Hefner admitted to some serious health concerns earlier in 2016. She apparently had a bout with lyme disease as well as toxic mold. But in addition to this, she had her breast implants removed as a result of complications due to the breaking down of the implants themselves and her body’s reaction.

Crystal, who is a model and DJ came to a point where she couldn’t get out of bed some days because the pain and fatigue were so severe. She dealt with the increasing symptoms for months and in June, she had them removed. Immediately following surgery, she found some symptoms to be instantly better. Sharing bikini photos after the surgery shows that she is absolutely gorgeous and appears to be feeling back to her old self once again.

5 Dominic Purcell

Via: 24Life

The 46 year old actor and star of the hit series Prison Break also underwent plastic surgery in 2016. Not all plastic surgery is due to the willingness to look younger. Purcell suffered a very substantial injury on set when an iron bar broke his nose and caused a head injury. He was in good spirits about the whole experience though, trying to laugh it off. It didn’t take him long to heal either, stating that his doctor claimed that he had good tissue fiber.

Plastic surgery is officially elective, but in many cases of occupational hazards, it is absolutely necessary. With his nose quite badly broken, there was no choice in the matter. But just about a week after the incident, Purcell posted a remarkable post-surgery picture showing an almost full recovery. Congrats on the speedy recovery, Dominic!

4 Kim Kardashian

Via: Tom and Lorenzo

Kim has claimed that she receives cortisone injections periodically to treat psoriasis, but this is all she talks about. Kim doesn’t like to talk much about cosmetic procedures, but when you look at the evidence, it’s pretty undeniable. After the birth of her second child, Saint West, she claimed that she was unhappy with the way she looked. It seems that there’s evidence that she had some cosmetic procedures in 2016.

But regardless of what she says, Kim dropped a large amount of weight very quickly. This reality star and wife to rapper Kanye West, spends just about every waking moment in the public eye (or used to...). It makes sense that she’d want to get back to her pre-baby posture and we hope that she’s happy with herself and her beautiful family.

3 Caitlyn Jenner

Via: Hollywood Reporter

Caitlyn Jenner has been touted as the poster child of the transgender community since she changed her gender identity to female. As part of that transformation, Jenner has undergone multiple surgeries and procedures. It’s obvious just within the last year that Caitlyn has had more done to try to look even more feminine. The 67 year old is not content to look like a typical older lady.

Now, she’s claiming that she is planning even more plastic surgery. This is apparently as a result of a pretty rough year. It’s her hope that more surgery will help to make her look in the mirror and feel better about herself. After the cancellation of Jenner’s show I Am Cait, loneliness has been a real struggle. Regardless of what 2016 was like, hopefully 2017 will be a better year for Jenner.

2 Amber Portwood

Via: InTouch Weekly

The Teen Mom OG star had a few plastic surgeries in the fall of 2016 and quickly took to social media to show off the results. She had the token mommy makeover and it appears that this has included a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast augmentation. Amber has never been quiet or private about much of anything. On the Teen Mom OG reunion episode, she and co-star Farrah Abraham, had quite a fight on set.

Since then, and most recently, she has been upset about how the whole thing was portrayed on MTV. As of now, she stated that she will not return to the show for future seasons. Time will tell, but for right now, she’s proud of her post-surgery body and focused more than ever on having a happy and healthy family.

1 Brad Pitt

Via: Just Jared

Brad Pitt, 52 has had a rough year. Divorcing Angelina Jolie and having a less-than-awesome year at the box office, he’s no doubt looking forward to a better 2017. One thing that Pitt has always had were his good looks. Well, Brad still has those looks and it’s in part due to some help from doctors. He’s apparently had botox, fillers and peels. There’s also speculation that Pitt may have had a face lift.

While his personal life may be suffering at the moment, Pitt wants to continue to look his best and present his best self to the world. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good Brad, and hopefully the upcoming year will be much happier. Only time will tell what will happen personally, but time will never tell on his face if he has any say in the matter.

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