15 Celebs You Didn't Know Are The Least Googled

There are some celebrities that always seem to stay in the headlines and on the forefront of people’s mind when it comes to Google searches. People like Kim Kardashian and Alec Baldwin continually make the Top 20 Most Searched chart for trending celebrities on Google year after year. Regardless of the fact that many of the searches are due to people being revolted at their behavior, the fact that they are at least trending online shows just how interested the general public is in their status as a celebrity. Increased intrigue over a celebrity can help them in a variety of different ways, whether it’s endorsement deals or even acting roles.

Maintaining a high level of public interest online is a huge factor in determining whether or not a celebrity is relevant in today’s ever-evolving society. People are always looking for the next big thing, whether it’s people gaining their 15 minutes of fame through viral videos or up and coming celebrities. While the pursuit of fame is thought of as one of the hardest goals to obtain, maintaining the fame seems to be even more difficult. Hollywood is filled with flash-in-the-pan celebrities that can be made and broken in an extremely short amount of time, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of the once-hottest celebrities in the entertainment industry are starting to fade from the limelight. Check out our list of the 15 celebs you didn’t know are the least Googled, and see how important combining personal life issues and professional success can be in maintaining relevancy in the public eye.


15 Will Smith

Not many actors can boast the same kind of beloved public persona the way Will Smith has been able to maintain over the years. From his time on television in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to his successful transition as a film star, his likable personality and comedic skills have ensured a public persona that people can relate to. Unlike other film stars like Tom Cruise, the world has yet to turn on Will Smith, and instead, seem to root for him to succeed. His film career is filled with a multitude of huge successes, from the 2006 film, The Pursuit of Happyness, to the most recent, Suicide Squad. Yet, 2016 has been a slow year in regard to Google searches for this beloved film star. There was a spike in April 2016, but the rest of the year has remained extremely low in terms of stats. This might be due to the fact that his film career allows him to stay prevalent in the minds of audiences and therefore, people don’t feel the need to have to search for him online. However, the most likely reason is probably due to the fact that his personal life is relatively mild compared to some of his drama-filled peers in Hollywood.

14 Denzel Washington


There was a time when Denzel Washington was thought of as the most beautiful man in Hollywood and one of the most sought after actors for any big budget role. Yet, there was a small window for him to gain true iconic status as a Hollywood actor and it seems that this window is starting to close. Other stars like Idris Elba have started to overshadow Washington for key Hollywood roles and it’s starting to make the public forget all about Washington’s acting prowess. In early January of 2016, Washington had a brief spike in Google searches but then went right back to being less than mediocre in regards to stats. His role in The Equalizer film series went almost unnoticed and his 2016 Fences film hasn’t garnered the same kind of media buzz people had hoped. Perhaps it’s because he is starting to get up there in age or perhaps people are in need of some new faces on the big screen. Whatever the case, his lackluster personal life and mediocre film roles have taken their toll on the public’s interest about this once-loved film star.

13 Zac Efron

When Zac Efron was first introduced to audiences as a young actor on the WB and the High School Musical franchise, he was a rising heartthrob that many believed would go on to become one of Hollywood’s biggest actors. While he has starred in a number of roles on the big screen, it’s been difficult for him to transition into adult roles. Whether it’s his youthful look or the fact that people still can’t get over his TV roots, he still hasn’t become the next big thing the way many have predicted. Other stars like Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott Eastwood, have become far more prevalent in Hollywood, and Zac Efron is quickly on the path to being a forgotten star. In 2016, Efron had a few spikes in Google searches but the majority of the time, he remained scraping the bottom of the barrel. Recently, he posted a video online singing Happy Birthday to Adam Devine, which met mixed reviews. Some were impressed by his voice and piano skills, while others thought of it as a desperate attempt to stay in the headlines.

12 Snoop Dogg


When Snoop Dogg first released his debut album in 1992, the world of rap music thought there was something truly special about this emerging star discovered by Dr. Dre. While he continued his success with a few new albums, recent years has seen his public persona decline. Not only has he stopped being relevant in the music industry but he has seemed to put his focus on other things like feuds with other celebrities. Some have argued that he probably has been outspoken in recent years in the hope that it would keep his name in the headlines, at the very least. Yet, the Google Trends stats have shown that even his public outbursts and Twitter wars haven’t helped to gain Google searches in 2016 so far. While there were a few peaks in searches for Snoop Dogg (one being mid-January and the other in early to mid-July), the majority of this year, his Google searches have been bleak.

11 Toni Braxton

When Toni Braxton was introduced to audiences as a music artist in the 1990s, her sultry tone was truly unique and made fans believe that she would be a standout for years to come. Yet, even with a multitude of Grammy Awards and millions of albums sold, she has since been all but forgotten as a music artist. She has managed to stay in the headlines over the years through the reality series, Braxton Family Values, and a few high-profile relationships. However, apparently, these little stunts haven’t been enough to pique the interest of the general public. In 2016, Braxton only peaked in Google searches in January and the rest of the year she has been almost obsolete as an Internet search. The interest over time value for the majority of this year has been only a little over 1 percent; the public doesn’t seem to be interested in the least over what is going on with Braxton as of late.

10 Iman


Iman first started her modeling career in 1976 and has since become one of the world’s most successful supermodels. Her Somali background was such an exotic look that captured the fancy of the most prestigious fashion designers and she was a regular on the runway. In 1992, she married the famed music artist, David Bowie, and was known to throw herself into a number of philanthropic endeavors. Yet, even her iconic status in modeling and marrying a rockstar didn’t help to maintain her intrigue in the eyes of the public. In 2016, the amount of Google searches for Iman only peaked once, and that was during the time of David Bowie’s untimely death. The rest of this year, the public doesn’t seem to concern itself with the goings-on of Iman. While other supermodels like Naomi Campbell have been able to maintain their celebrity status through reality TV and acting roles, Iman has stayed out of the limelight and has thus become all but forgotten in the public eye.

9 Jaden Smith

As the son of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, Jaden Smith has been around the Hollywood scene his entire life. From starring in Will Smith’s music video to walking the red carpet with his A-list family, it didn’t come as a surprise when Jaden decided to enter the world of acting. Hopes were high when he starred in the remake of the iconic film, The Karate Kid, but things quickly went downhill when critics came down hard on his acting skills while acting alongside his father in M. Night Shyamalan’s, After Earth. While he created a few headlines with some high-profile relationships, the public quickly started to turn a blind eye to Jaden once he started to exhibit off-the-wall hairstyles and fashion choices. So far, 2016 hasn’t been a good year for Google searches regarding Jaden Smith and he’s only had two spikes in August and September. In fact, his biggest Google searches have revolved around false death reports rather than anything he might be working on in his acting career.


8 Steve Harvey


Not many celebrities can boast the same kind of rise to fame the way Steve Harvey has since he has been quite open about his struggles in finding success. Formerly homeless and surviving on nothing but bologna sandwiches, he is now one of the most successful male comedians in Hollywood and has even become an acclaimed published author. Garnering his very own talk show, the Steve Harvey Show is beloved by all and has established him as a highly sought-after television personality. However, obtaining major success isn’t the only criteria for staying at the top of the lists for Google searches. Oftentimes, it’s the controversies and headline-making stunts that help to boost Google searches for a celebrity. In Steve Harvey’s case, he has suffered a steady decline in searches since January 2016. The peak of his interest by the public was at its highest shortly after his snafu at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant where he mistakenly called the wrong winner but after that, it has continually declined. Perhaps Harvey should do another public snafu to get the public talking again but with the amount of money he’s making staying out of the headlines, he probably doesn’t worry much about what number he sits at on the Google search list.

7 Margot Robbie

When Margot Robbie was first introduced to American moviegoers, people were taken aback by this beautiful new Aussie actress. Her drop dead gorgeous looks quickly made people speculate on her future film success and put other Australian stars like Nicole Kidman on the backburner. Many of her film roles cast her in characters that surrounded itself on her amazing good looks. From the mistress/new-wife of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street to the gorgeous mastermind partner in Focus, she seemed to be a bit typecast in what roles she was offered in Hollywood. Yet, this changed a bit when she starred as Harley Quinn in the 2016 film, Suicide Squad. This caused a huge spike in Google searches in August of 2016 when the film premiered but the rest of the year, she was pretty much forgotten in regards to searches online. Perhaps taking film roles outside of her comfort zone is just what Robbie needed to garner some more attention by the general public because people need to see that she’s more than just another pretty face in Hollywood.

6 Evan Peters


Evan Peters is an actor that has numerous roles on both the small screen and in film but is probably most noted for his role on the FX TV series, American Horror Story. He transitioned to the big screen with a variety of different film roles but has quickly gained a huge fanbase for his role as Quicksilver in the X-Men film series. Regardless, many still think of him as a low-level actor and it’s been difficult for him to truly be thought of as an A-list film star. This could be due to the embarrassing altercation involving the arrest for domestic violence with Emma Roberts in July of 2013. Even though it was Emma Roberts that seemed to be the perpetrator in the altercation, it still put quite a stain on Peters’ reputation. In 2016, Peters had a huge spike in Google searches in early October but the rest of the year was mediocre at best. Perhaps he should throw in a few more police-involved incidents in his personal life to get people talking again but most likely, he is trying to get as far from those types of occurrences as possible.

5 Jared Leto

While Jared Leto started his career as the teenage heartthrob in My So-Called Life, his early attempts at acting on the big screen didn’t seem to live up to everyone’s expectations. It wasn’t until his highly acclaimed role in the 2013 film, Dallas Buyers Club, that people started to truly sit up and take notice. Leto even played the role of the Joker in the 2016 film, Suicide Squad, which was undoubtedly a difficult task after having to follow up Heath Ledger’s portrayal in The Dark Knight film series. Yet, 2016 hasn’t been fruitful for Leto when it comes to Google searches since he has always stayed out of the limelight in his personal life. Unlike other actors that align themselves with all of the glitterati of Hollywood, Leto has always kept a low-key profile. This could be the main reason why Leto isn’t exactly on the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to Google searches but that is probably a good thing since he is known more for his acting skills rather than his personal life drama.

4 Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Reynolds is often overlooked in Hollywood as one of the hottest leading men on the big screen but definitely proves the point when it comes to his personal life. Formerly married to Scarlett Johansson and currently married to Blake Lively, Reynolds certainly has a special quality that these sexy starlets can see. However, his film roles haven’t exactly catapulted him into Brad Pitt status. While Deadpool was a huge blockbuster success, his deformed look didn’t help to further his path to being considered a major heartthrob in Hollywood. Perhaps this is a reason why so few have sought out to search Google on Ryan Reynolds. So far, 2016 has been a slow year in regards to intrigue over Reynolds on the Internet, with the biggest spike occurring back in February. He did manage to make a few headlines when he went on the late night talk show circuit to discuss how hands-on he is with his first child.

3 Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is an actress that rose to instant mainstream fame through her portrayal as Bella Swan in the Twilight film series, despite having acted in numerous roles beforehand. She seemed to come onto the scene in a way that instantaneously shot her into superstardom, which put an increased spotlight on her personal life. The Twilight years were filled with speculation over her romance with costar, Robert Pattinson, and then she was again shot into the spotlight due to her affair with married director, Rupert Sanders. It should come as no surprise that she has tried to stay out of the headlines in 2016 since she’s had enough drama to fill two celebrity lifetimes. While her Google searches have peaked a few times (probably because of her lesbian relationship headlines), in general, there hasn’t been much to Google about in regards to Kristen Stewart. Her 2015 futuristic film, Equals, was expected to become a huge hit but was left unseen by most of the general public. In the meantime, either she has done her best not to make waves in the tabloids or the public has finally started to tire of seeking out information on Stewart.

2 Dr. Dre


While some rap stars are thought of as flash-in-the-pan artists that come and go without much fanfare, Dr. Dre has been able to capitalize on his fame and talent in a way that has created a role model status for other rappers. As the founder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment, Dre has helped to bring forth other stellar artists like Eminem and 50 Cent. Yet, his true crown and glory was investing in Beat Electronics, which reportedly increased his net worth by $800 million. However, besides making millions behind the scenes, Dre hasn’t been on the forefront of headlines for some time. In fact, from January to July of 2016, Dre was one of the least Googled celebrities in the music world and only peaked twice this year. The most recent peak came in October when the public was intrigued over the Lifetime film, Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le. Dre’s ex, Michel’le, told her story of survival during the rise of NWA, which was filled with numerous abuse allegations that was shocking to fans. It definitely put a whole new spin on Dr. Dre’s Beats in the eyes of the public.

1 Amy Schumer

When audiences were first introduced to Amy Schumer, she seemed like a refreshing take on a female celebrity because she wasn’t afraid to laugh at herself. As a female comedian, she garnered huge success through her standup shows and films. Schumer seemed unlike all other female comedians and the Inside Amy Schumer television series helped to further her time in the limelight. Yet, not everyone has seen the introduction of Schumer in a positive way. Her vulgar comedy, lack of filter, and contradictory persona from all the other starlets in Hollywood wasn’t always taken as a good thing by critics. In fact, only time will tell whether or not audiences will continue to favor her since her Google Trend stats aren’t very favorable for 2016. Thus far, there have been a few peak moments for her in regards to Google searches but they seem to be few and far between. As of October 2016, she is again on another down-slope. Perhaps she should stage another sighting alongside her “friend,” Jennifer Lawrence so she can get another peak in searches before the New Year.

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