15Chelsea Handler

During an appearance on Entertainment Tonight, Chelsea Handler admitted to using Tinder for hookups. Chelsea isn't ashamed of being on Tinder, nor is she ever shy to talk about her personal life. She has a history of saying what's on her mind; there is truly no

filter which is an admirable quality if you ask me.

With a busy schedule, she is always on the move from one country to another, giving her various options all over the world. Handler isn't looking for love or a relationship, she's simply in for a good time and not a long time, as she only uses the app for one night stands.

Her profile isn't all that great, she hadn't updated it since signing up, but during an appearance on the show a Tinder "expert" helped her out. So she's probably been getting more matches than ever before. Her wild side and intentions are surely an instant turn on for Tinder users who are almost always looking for the same thing.

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