15 Celebs You Can Match With On Tinder

Tinder is home to over 50 million users worldwide who are looking to match with the right person. We tend to think that only regular folks use the dating application but celebrities are people too, and they have their needs just as we do. There are many reasons as to why people sign up on Tinder, some are looking for their soulmate while others are just bored and looking for attention. And of course, you have those who are looking to hook up with someone with no strings attached.

Celebrities have easy access to all of the following, but it doesn't stop them from seeing what's out there. Many of them are single and ready to mingle, it makes perfect sense for them to use Tinder as they're always on the move, not only from city to city, but outside of their respective country as well. The expression "there are plenty of fish in the sea" has never been more accurate than it is in this case.

Of course, our first instinct upon seeing a celebrity on Tinder would be that it's a fake profile, or catfish as known in the dating world. It's true in many cases, not every celebrity you're going to see on the app is real. Some fake profiles might be trolling for the fun of it, while some are just trying to trick their match. But every now and then, you might run into a real celebrity so we'd recommend that you take your chances, as plenty of well-known figures have confessed to using Tinder. Today, we look at 15 celebrities you might actually match with on Tinder!

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15 Chelsea Handler

During an appearance on Entertainment Tonight, Chelsea Handler admitted to using Tinder for hookups. Chelsea isn't ashamed of being on Tinder, nor is she ever shy to talk about her personal life. She has a history of saying what's on her mind; there is truly no filter which is an admirable quality if you ask me.

With a busy schedule, she is always on the move from one country to another, giving her various options all over the world. Handler isn't looking for love or a relationship, she's simply in for a good time and not a long time, as she only uses the app for one night stands.

Her profile isn't all that great, she hadn't updated it since signing up, but during an appearance on the show a Tinder "expert" helped her out. So she's probably been getting more matches than ever before. Her wild side and intentions are surely an instant turn on for Tinder users who are almost always looking for the same thing.

14 Katie Price

Whether you know her as a TV host or model, you probably had a crush on her or at least was into her. Now on to her third marriage, Katie Price was on Tinder at one point. Not much is known about her experience, but we're willing to bet that she used it for hookups, as most users do. Katie is an outspoken girl who doesn't hold back, and her dating history tells us she enjoyed the fun aspect of Tinder, from matching with strangers to going on blind dates.

She definitely wouldn't have had a difficult time getting matches, her DMs probably blew up to the point she had to turn off her notifications. It must be difficult for celebrities to avoid an awkward conversation on Tinder, but if anyone could do it, it's probably Katie Price.

The good news is that Katie has recently filed for divorce so she might be back on Tinder and possibly looking for a casual relationship.

13 Zac Efron

If you've seen Zac Efron on Tinder, we understand your skepticism. You immediately thought it was a catfish and swiped left. Why would he of all people need to go on Tinder, right? Little did you know that you may have passed on the opportunity of a lifetime by matching with the real Zac Efron!

If you ever feel bad that you aren't getting any matches on Tinder, you might feel slightly better upon knowing that Efron couldn't get one either. During an interview with The Times, the actor admitted to previously using Tinder, noting that it didn't turn out the way he expected it, as most people thought it was a fake profile.

The actor has been linked with many names in the past, but he has denied his involvement in any relationship. So if you happen to spot Zac Efron on Tinder, make sure that you swipe right!

12 Lindsay Lohan

America's former sweetheart is on Tinder! Unlike most names on this list, she had a unique way of telling everyone, heading to social media to jokingly call out her brother after seeing his Tinder profile. I think it's safe to say that we're all hoping she swiped left on that one.

Lindsay Lohan went from being one of the top Hollywood actresses to someone who has made the news for all the wrong reasons. Being a celebrity means that everything she does is under our watch, which hasn't exactly played to her favor.

As far as relationships go, her status is always up in the air. She's been in a few relationships, but they always end up in a bitter break up. Lindsay hasn't really commented about her Tinder usage; she might have just been having fun on the app, or perhaps she went on some dates. Either way, it's up to you to determine whether she's worth the match, and let's be honest, your answer is probably going to be yes.

11 Ronda Rousey

In 2015, Ronda Rousey admitted to signing up on Tinder and even created an alter-ego. Sadly, things didn't go that great and her experience wasn't very successful, according to her. Although she listed fame as the reason why it didn't work out for her, there are probably other factors as to why she couldn't find a date through Tinder.

When you're a celebrity, you're going to be extremely picky, even more so than the average girl on Tinder. A few years ago, Rousey was one of the top athletes in the world as her popularity skyrocketed all over the world. Things have changed since then and the hype has been lost after some brutal losses in UFC.

It's probably the perfect time for her to jump back into the Tinder pool, she isn't exactly the top draw that she once was; some have even gone as far as to label her a fraud. Although we understand that she might be going through a tough time now as compared to a few years ago, there is nothing that a Tinder hookup can't fix!

10 Jared Leto

Celebrities have their own version of Tinder which is only used by famous people, but many of them don't mind meeting regular folks, as well. In fact, some of them have a strict policy about dating fellow celebrities. Jared Leto is one of those celebrities who doesn't mind going on a date with a "normal" person.

In an interview from this past August, Jared Leto admitted to using Tinder. Some thought that the actor was joking, but there is no telling and we're just going to take his word for it. If you think about it, there is no reason as to why he wouldn't give it a try. Tinder is really fun, probably even more so when you're as famous and wanted as he is.

We advise you to scout Tinder since he could be on it at this very moment, and that's not a chance that any of us would want to miss. Many Twitter users have claimed to spot his profile, so that gives us all some hope!

9 Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is another celebrity who was willing to give Tinder a shot and had plenty of fun on the app. What began as a joke with her friends ended up with Hilary signing up and going on several dates. She also enjoyed her time on Tinder and was even chatting with nine different guys at once. You could say she mastered Tinder pretty quickly, I mean who wouldn't want to get pizza with her?

It wasn't all fun for her as she got rejected by several men, but that's Tinder for you, even celebrities don't always have it their way. It's Hilary Duff, after all, so we doubt it affected her that much. She has even filmed some of her dates for a music video, showing clips from different Tinder dates.

According to the latest rumors, Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma are seeing each other once again, so you might not see her on Tinder for the time being, but stay on the lookout as she could return in the future!

8 Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been linked to so many different names in recent times, but following her divorce with Russell Brand, the singer took her fine self to Tinder in hopes of finding a date. Although she attempted to resist an invitation to join for a while, she finally gave in and signed up in 2014. Katy indicated that Tinder took much of her time as she looked for a new boyfriend following a rough period of a divorce and then break up with John Mayer.

Upon reading this, most men are likely going to either jump back on the app or step up their game in order to impress Katy, if she ever happens to come across your profile. Her taste in men indicates that she has high standards, so you would have to work hard to impress her.

It's unknown whether she currently has an account or gave up on Tinder, but it's good to know that every Katy Perry profile may not be a catfish!

7 Ryan Lochte

Before he became the most hated man in the world following the 2016 Summer Olympics, Ryan Lochte was admired by most people, at least those who knew him. Prior to the scandal, Lochte announced that he was using Tinder and had gone on several dates. He had a specific type, preferring professional women who are smart and attractive.

Not only has he used Tinder, but he also admitted to trying other dating apps such as Bumble. He wasn't a fan of these other apps and didn't last very long on there, opting to stick with Tinder where he could approach women with his clever pickup lines. Lochte has even dated someone that he met on Tinder, so unlike many celebrities, he isn't simply checking out the app.

Following the scandal, Lochte tried to maintain a low profile for an understandable reason. It's possible that he deleted his Tinder account, but we're willing to bet that he pops on there every now and then.

6 Chrissy Teigen

Think you are too good to find an online date? If a model as fine as the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover girl didn't, you really shouldn't be looking down on it. Before John Legend and Chrissy Teigen became everyone's goals when they signed up on Tinder looking for a date.

Not only did Teigen use it before meeting her now husband, but she continued using it during their marriage. Chrissy claims that it's fun and keeps her entertained, she has even created a profile as a man. She went into details explaining the differences she has experienced during her time on Tinder. Not sure what to make of that, but it seems like just loves the app to the point she can't get enough of it.

While you may not be going on a date with her if you happen to match on Tinder, you can at least brag that Chrissy Teigen swiped right on your photos. That should make anyone a hot commodity in the future.

5 Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron considers herself to be old-school and prefers to meet people in person through a family member or a friend. That mentality was challenged when her friend, Chelsea Handler, encouraged her to get on Tinder. Charlize was intrigued by the online dating world although she had never previously tried it.

When you're as fine and famous as she is, you can bet that men will do just about anything to match with her. With plenty of options available to her, Charlize took a chance on the app and had matches lining up for a date, which she certainly didn't mind. Who doesn't like to pick and choose?

Results are unknown and we can't confirm if she actually went on a Tinder date. She might still be on Tinder for all we know, or using it from time to time, but if she tried it once, who's to say that she wouldn't go for it again?

4 Simone Manuel

It's well-known that athletes love Tinder, probably more so than Hollywood stars. While actors travel quite a bit, their schedule doesn't compare to that of an athlete. In fact, athletes are encouraged to use dating apps, and an NBA staff from Oklahoma City Thunder has claimed that Tinder helps players stay away from clubs and more focused during game time.

So, as you can see, there are probably plenty of advantages for athletes, and Simone Manuel knows it too. If the name doesn't ring a bell, Simone is a two-time gold medal winner at the Summer Olympics. That might not mean much to you, but if you Google her photos, you'll likely have a change of heart.

During the Rio Olympics, Simone was one of many athletes who used Tinder during her stay and had plenty of fun doing so. As you can see above, Simone's profile is legit and there is a slight chance that you will match with her if you play your cards right.

3 Clay Aiken

Everyone is using Tinder these days. There are always going to be some exceptions, such as married folks who are actually faithful, or those in relationships, but you can bet that they have several friends using the app. And we all love to talk to our friends about our experiences, so you know everyone will always be intrigued, regardless of their relationship status.

Although he might be a well-known singer, Tinder isn't just for us regular people, and we can confirm that Clay Aiken can be found on Tinder. Don't believe us? The photos above should be convincing enough. Not enough proof? You can search on Twitter and you will see plenty of posts from different users about Clay's profile.

While he hasn't extensively talked about his experience, he did confirm that it was indeed his real profile and not a catfish. If you happen to come across his profile, get to swiping immediately!

2 Rob Gronkowski

When Rob Gronkowski isn't putting in a shift on the field for the New England Patriots, you could possibly find him on Tinder. Athletes have plenty of groupies in real life but dating apps are perfect for them since they're always on the move from one city to another.

According to the man himself, he got plenty of matches upon signing up, crediting photos of his impressive physique as the main reason behind his success. Gronkowski also added that he had plenty of fun while using Tinder, which got him into some intriguing conversations.

He even offered advice to all of us who struggle on the app, the first being swipe right on everyone, while the second is to make a good impression by using witty pickup lines. You would think that's common sense, but that's clearly not the case with the varieties of "Hey" and "What's up?" that men choose to roll with.

1 Anne Robinson

Age is nothing but a number and Anne Robinson is living proof. At 73 years old, the TV host decided to give Tinder a chance to continue being youthful. In her very own words, Anne explained why she joined: "I hope all women my age are having sex, why wouldn't they be? It's what keeps me young."

She definitely makes a good argument. Tinder is home to users of all ages over 18, and allows us to set specific criteria for preferred age. Looking as fine as she is at her age, you can bet that she hasn't struggled on the app at all, and of course being a familiar face helps her case in the online world.

If you're into older ladies, or simply looking for an experienced partner, your dream may come true with a celebrity match! Don't get your hopes entirely up as Anne admitted to being picky, she knows what she's looking for in a partner and isn't shy about it at all.

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