15 Celebs With The Hottest Snapchat Accounts

Celebs and Snapchat...it's match made in heaven. From Blac Chyna slamming her ex to Kylie Jenner's latest topless frolic, it's where you can see your faves at their very best bad behavior. Following your faves lets you in on exclusive pics and video, and sometimes a whole new side to someone you'd like to get to know a whole lot better.

What did we do before Snapchat? Since it hit the interweb in 2011, it's become the social medium of choice for millennials and Gen Z. It took a little while, but soon celebs realized the potential for reaching those younger fans with loads of content that -- unlike FB or Instagram -- is here today and gone tomorrow.

Maybe it's the spontaneity, but some celeb Snapchat users seem to have developed a special talent for using the social media tool for everything from giving fans a sneak preview of an upcoming movie or song track to showing off their curvy assets -- and we love them for it. Here's a look at 15 of the hottest celeb Snapchat accounts. You're welcome.

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15 Kylie Jenner @kylizzlemynizzl

Kylie Jenner has to be the queen of Snapchat. In fact, of all the high end magazine and advertising photo shoots she's done, with all the expensive props and make-up artists and photographers, we'd have to say the hottest pics of Kylie are those she shares with fans and friends on Snapchat. We've loved her bikini shots, her sheer blouses, her new piercings, and even her silly lip syncing vids. We've seen her partying with friends, trying out make-up and new outfits. In interviews, Kylie has said that Snapchat is one of her favorite ways to spend time, and she's called Snapping one of her greatest talents. We'd have to agree.

14 Selena Gomez @selenagomez

Singer Selena Gomez shares a lot of different things on Snapchat. Sometimes, she shares a lot of party pics of her and her celeb friends. Other times, she takes us behind the scenes at photo and video shoots or even her concerts. Then there was that time about a year ago when she was dancing around in nothing but a little, little pink slip...Maybe it's because she's not always "on" but seems to genuinely share moments spontaneously, that when she does let something hot drop, it's got that much more impact. The talented Ms Gomez got her start on the kids' show Barney & Friends, and then graduated to the Wizards of Waverly Place as a teen star. We're glad she's all grown up now.

13 Pia Mia @princesspiamiap

pia mia snapchat

Pia Mia Perez -- mostly, just Pia Mia -- is a rising star in the music world, but if her savvy use of social media is any indication, she has the potential to go far. The American singer was born in Guam, an island that is a US territory in the western Pacific Ocean, and that must be why she looks so great in a bikini, one of the frequent subjects of her Snapchat shares. She keeps those firm abs with a hardcore workout routine, and she shares some of that with her growing list of fans too. Pia Mia got her start by posting videos of her singing covers on Youtube, and it generated enough buzz to land her a deal with legendary producer Babyface. Since the success of her debut EP The Gift in 2013, she's released a string of singles through 2015 and 2016 in advance of her next studio album,

12 Sara Jean Underwood @Sjunderwood

Sara Jean Underwood snapchat

Sara Jean got her start in the Playboy empire, as Playmate of the Month in July 2006, followed up with Playmate of the Year in 2007. After a string of unmemorable movie and TV roles, including a stint as a professional poker player for Victory Poker, nowadays Sara Jean pretty much travels the world -- especially the parts that include bikinis, sand, and beaches. She's garnered a huge social media following on Snapchat and other platforms by sharing her travels, in and often out of a bikini. During her travels last summer, she apparently went backpacking using the backpack straps as a bra substitute and drove down country roads in Oregon barely dressed.

11 Rihanna @rihanna

RiRi is more than just eye candy on Snapchat – she is that and more. The Bajan beauty is looked on as a trendsetter on the social medium, which she's used to letting her fans in on a little of the life of a super hot pop star. She's posted pics of a video shoot, partying and hanging with friends. She likes to do make-up tutorial vids too, if you're into that kind of thing. Snapchat gives her a chance to show lighter side to the sultry songstress we know and love, and she often has fun with filters and distortions that add a whimsical touch to her posts. Thing is, Rihanna's everyday look is pretty hot all by itself, so we're more than willing to go with the flow.

10 Bella Thorne @bellathornedab

Bella Thorne snapchat

After more than 40 commercials, along with roles in Shake It Up! (2010), Blended (2014), and The DUFF (2015), when it comes to former Disney star Bella Thorne, you could say that Snapchat has gone a long way towards helping her make the transition from child star to adult actress. Certainly, the pics and vids of Bella in a bikini, Bella's latest piercings, Bella topless, and much more, are anything but child-like. She's been hitting the headlines all through 2016 and into 2017 with a series of romantic ups and downs, and we can certainly see why she's in demand. Bella's been Tweeting about how much she hates being single lately -- we can't imagine that situation is going to last very long.

9 Kim Kardashian @KimKardashian

Now, we're expecting something a little different in Snapchat from Ms Kardashian West. After all, this is the reality TV pioneer, the queen of social media who's burned through Instagram, Twitter, and others before she began Snapping, and as someone who's spent a good part of her life in front of the camera, the bar is set high. Kim shares behind the scenes pics from her life and travels, new hairstyles, a fondness for cat face filters, and quirky shoots like her series made up as famous artist Frida Kahlo. Still, in between the kids and the drama with Kanye, she takes time now and then to slip in pics like her sheer swimsuit series from a Mexican vacay last summer, or those nude shots where she was checking out her spray tan.

8 Bella Hadid @babybels777

Bella Hadid snapchat

With Bella Hadid, it's like you get two sisters in one. She's not always present, but sis Gigi does show up in Bella's pics and vids on Snapchat. We used to see The Weeknd there too, including shots of them waking up in bed. We can follow along to the Victoria's Secret after-party. And, after all the glossy shoots we've seen of Ms. Hadid, in Snapchat we also get the real woman, someone who, while still super hot, looks like someone you could meet in real life. Disheveled and without make-up, even with funny filters, we still love our Snapchat fixes of Isabella Khair Hadid.

7 Amber Rose @reallyamberrose

Is there actually a pic out there of Amber Rose that isn't hot? And even with the kind of bod that would look good in basically anything, we can certainly applaud her sense of always pushing the envelope in all media, including her Snapchat account. There was that time she posted an X-rated encounter with Lira Galore in the pool. She's posted shenanigans with Blac Chyna and other BFFs, and many fine displays of twerking. Provocative is the least you can expect from the model and host of The Amber Rose Show. You'll also notice cameos of her latest boyfriends along with lots of skimpy bathing suits and lingerie.

6 Demi Rose Mawby @demirosemawby

demi rose mawby snapchat

British model Demi Rose Mawby went from a bank manager's daughter in a small town in the UK to dating Kylie Jenner's ex within a few short years. After completing college in her home country of Britain, she headed to the US to pursue a modeling career. At one time, she was a member of the shady so-called Taz's Angels escort agency, and we're not sure how much modeling went on there. But, after a short stint she was back in the UK. She caught the paparazzi's eye at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016 with Tyga, and began a successful run at social media, first on Instagram, and now on Snapchat too. We love a bad girl, especially when she's so willing to share her gifts with us all.

5 Miley Cyrus @mileycyrus


Miley, Miley, what hasn't she done on camera already? If you're on Snapchat, you can catch up on the latest madness from pop music's baddest girl. Even though she's hooked up steady with Hollywood stud Liam Hemsworth and headed for marriage, we can't help but think it won't tame our fave twerking pixie forever. In fact, if pics of the pair on holidays are any indication, together the couple just provide eye candy for anyone. Either way, it's a win. Miley shares some of her life outside the spotlight on her Snapchat posts, including yoga and workout sessions, backstage shots, and clowning around alone and with friends.

4 Mara Marini @popgloss

I'm not a porn star; I just play one on TV. #parksandrecnbc #brandimaxxxx -- so says the bio on Mara Marini's Tumblr account, but it's on her Snapchat that she shows us at least a little of what got her that part. Mara is the Canadian actress who guest starred in several episodes of the quirky hit Parks and Rec as Brandi Maxxxx, star of skin flicks, a popular recurring guest role. Since then, like most smart celebs, she's kept in touch with her fans via social media, and that includes others besides Snapchat. She's currently appearing in CHIPS, a remake of the 1980s era TV show about highway cops on motorcycles, and has a number of TV and film projects in the works. Just keep taking beach holidays, that's all we ask.

3 Emily Ratajkowski @emrata


Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski was one of the models on Robin Thicke's infamous Blurred Lines video of 2013, and she hasn't shied from sharing her curves with the rest of the world ever since. As with many models and actresses who don't typically leave the house without that Hollywood polish, her Snapchat account is a chance to relax a little and let down her hair. Candid, intimate, and unrehearsed, the pics are still stunning. The images are largely just Emily and her daily grind, but still, it looks a lot more glamorous than your average person's day. Emily's appeared in Gone Girl and the Entourage movie, and has both TV and movie projects coming down the pipe in 2017.

2 Ana Cheri @anacheri

It's hard to believe now, but as the only girl in a family of boys, Ana Cheri grew up a tomboy in Southern California, and she's still a big sports fan – especially football. But with her striking looks, modeling was a natural career choice. She started out in posters and brochures, ten cosmetic ads and TV commercials. Ana's also a health and fitness model and she's even opened her own gym. So, there's no secret how she keeps that hot bod. After making Miss Playboy in October 2015, she turned to social media, including the Snapchat account where she shares pretty much a constant stream of bikinis, lingerie, and tight, tight clothes.

1 Jamie Chung @jamiechung

jamie chung snapchat

From MTV's The Real World in 2004 to spin-off shows and more reality TV, movies like Sucker Punch and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, to her recent stint on Gotham as Valerie Vale, Jamie Chung has been lighting up screens of various kinds for more than a decade. With a busy schedule that has her appearing in confirmed TV and movie projects all the way to 2018, we're not sure how she has the time for social media, but thank god that she does. Along with shots of her dogs and stunning fashion pics on her Snapchat account, she's recently been tipped to play Blink in the pilot for the upcoming X-Men TV series, making her every nerd's dream.

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