15 Celebs With Hearts As Beautiful As Their Bodies

Between music, sports, modeling, and acting, there are a ton of rich celebrities across the globe. With the amount of money that we throw at these people to make us forget our meaningless lives for a few minutes, you’d think that they’d all be so gracious, most of the charities and good causes in this world would be taken care of. Actually, since you know people, you’re probably not surprised these rich celebrities aren’t all as gracious as they should be.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Los Angeles, Paris or London. Most celebrities just don’t care about people who are less fortunate than them. It’s too bad. While many of us do care but don’t have the means to create any real change, they have the means, but do nothing. Thankfully, there are still a fair amount of celebrities in this world who do care.

And as luck would have it, a lot of these celebrities who care are also smoking hot babes. It’s funny how Mother Nature works that way. It’s also cruel that those of us with big hearts and no money end up writing lists about them instead of marrying them. Oh well, it’s not like we’re jealous or anything.

Anyway, just because we didn’t end up with them is no reason to resent them. They actually need to be recognized for living up to their responsibilities of both using their celebrity for good and donating some of the crazy money they make to causes that so desperately need it. Here are 15 Celebrities With Hearts as Beautiful as Their Bodies.

15 Victoria Beckham

Appearing charitable is always easier when your husband is one of the top five soccer players of all time and the media can never get enough of him. All you have to do is stand in front of a good cause instead of on a red carpet and people will think you’re a good person. But for former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, she spends a lot of time around the world supporting various charities. A couple of years back, she chose 600 pieces of her own wardrobe and had them put up for auction with all of the money going to mothers2mothers, which aims to eliminate the transmission of HIV and AIDS from mothers to their unborn children. She has worked with many other charities -- giving both her time and money -- including UNICEF, Comic Relief, and The Red Cross.

14 Angelina Jolie

Many would say that adopting a half-dozen kids from war-ravaged and famine-stricken areas from around the world is charity enough, but for the last 20 years, Angelina Jolie has shown what it means to use her celebrity for good, not just by continuing to lend her name to good causes, but also by actually working to change the world for the better. Back in 2001, the United Nations named her the High Commissioner for Refugees -- which to many celebrities who get similar honorary titles would merely be a PR boost -- and she visited over 20 countries to learn what was going on, eventually creating the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, named after her first adopted child. That charity focuses on making life better for refugees in Maddox’s native Cambodia. She also created The National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Children, co-chaired the Educational Partnership for Children in Conflict, built a school for girls in Afghanistan, and donated $2 million to treat AIDS and tuberculosis in Ethiopia.

13 Kim Kardashian

She takes a lot of crap, and while some of it is certainly is warranted, Kim Kardashian probably took more than she deserved for her wedding to NBA superstar Kris Humphries back in 2011. People’s marriages, like hers, do fall apart after 72 days. The difference is that most people don’t have their wedding made into a giant TV special they receive a ton of money for. To her credit though, Kim K. proved that it wasn’t all just a giant money grab because she took the value of her gifts, which was around $200,000, and donated double the value to the Dream Foundation. It’s like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but this one also allows adults who have life-threatening illnesses to make wishes. And in the end, she ended up married to Kanye West. If that doesn’t show how big her heart is, we don’t know what else does.

12 Demi Lovato

Most people who haven’t been living under a rock the last decade know Demi Lovato has a laundry list of mental health issues, but she deserves a ton of credit for stepping up to the plate and talking publicly about them with teenagers who may just be discovering they have some of the same things going on. She’s been open about her battles with eating and bipolar disorders but doesn’t stop there, also talking about the bullying she suffered as a kid before she got famous. Beyond that, she recognizes her role in the world participating in organizations like Free the Children, a worldwide youth empowerment group that aims to show children the power they can have for good, both on a grassroots level in their own communities and as a whole across the globe. Last year, the organization rebranded itself "WE Charity."

11 Eva Longoria

While we often put celebrities on some kind of pedestal, immune from the realities of life the rest of us have to face, they, too, get injured, face illness, and have highs and lows -- as do the ones they love. Eva Longoria, who is probably most well-known for her role in Desperate Housewives, has an older sister, Elizabeth, who is mentally disabled, and despite Eva's success, she always kept it close to her heart that her sister simply would never have the opportunities she was fortunate enough to receive. The things you and I take for advantage were triumphs for Longoria’s sister. So, in tribute, she created “Eva’s Heroes” an after-school program for special needs children in San Antonio, Texas, to give children and their families opportunities, like attending special summer camps, they may never otherwise get a chance to see in their lives.

10 Gisele Bundchen

Yes, people will pay attention to you when you’re crazy-hot and when you’re married to Tom Brady, but Bundchen has gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to charity. She and Angelina Jolie could take care of all the world’s problems if we’d just get them in a room together. Gisele is a UN Goodwill Ambassador who spends a lot of time in Africa, focusing on HIV and AIDS causes. In 2010, she also donated $1.5 million to earthquake relief in Haiti, $150,000 to Brazil’s Zero Hunger Program and is active with St. Jude’s Children Hospital. She’s also a big environmentalist, speaking out about endangered species on a 2012 trip to Kenya and taking a strong stance against President Trump’s relaxed environmental regulations. She even promoted a fundraising event on Twitter in the middle of the New England Patriots’ visit with Trump at the White House following their Super Bowl Victory.

9 Olivia Munn

We’re predicting a big career bounce-back for Olivia Munn, who seemed like she had a rocket attached to her back about five years ago and was destined for superstardom. We don’t know exactly what happened. The Green Bay Packers should try what she did: break up with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Since parting with the footballer, she’s landed parts in three big movies, including Lego Movie, Predator and Ocean’s Eight. She caused a big stir when she dropped all of her clothes to participate in one of the well-remembered “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” advertisements for PETA back in 2012 at the height of her fame. She also spearheaded a campaign to get fans to contact the USDA to force a touring circus to release an elephant that was too sick to perform.

8 Beyonce

If a celebrity, say, Lady Gaga, quietly goes and gives $1 million to charity and nobody knows about it, she’s not going to end up on a list like this. Or if Miley Cyrus spends every day for a month helping at a homeless shelter, but nobody calls the media or posts about it, it goes unnoticed, but it shouldn’t be considered any less unimportant. These celebs deserve recognition, but it shouldn’t be the reason they do this stuff. Just because DoSomething.org named Beyonce its most charitable celebrity of 2016, doesn’t actually mean she is. Nor does it mean what they listed her as doing is all she does. She deserves a ton of credit for using her celebrity for the right reasons like calling attention to the up-to-that-point ignored water crisis in Flint, Michigan, but it shouldn’t diminish what anybody else does. Nobody should get awards for charity, in my opinion.

7 Lauren Conrad

She was always clearly the grounded, hardworking one from when we first met her on MTV’s Laguna Beach and later, The Hills, but Lauren Conrad also has a charitable side that may not have made for fascinating viewing yet has helped people around the world. Conrad teamed with her friend Hannah Skvarla to create The Little Market, which takes the concept of “fair trade” a step further. Instead of just making sure the women who create products for their website get a livable wage, Conrad has set up workshops that teach basic skills like health and literacy in the areas where the goods are made. The women are also able to stay home and care for their families instead of toiling away in factories. The Little Market’s website claims that because of this, many of these women’s children are the first generation to graduate from high school in their family.

6 Mariska Hargitay

Doctors and police officers usually say, “You have to be able to detach” because of all of the real-life horrible stuff they see every day. Granted, it’s now proven that kind of mentality causes PTSD in some people, so it may not be the best coping mechanism, but what happens when you're only pretending to be a doctor or a police officer all day? For Mariska Hargitay, who racked up a lot of years on Law & Order: SVU, she went about it a different way. SVU stands for Special Victims Unit, and those who watch the show know it deals with violent, usually sexually-based offenses. Hargitay needed to put good vibes back into the world, so she created the Joyful Heart foundation in 2004 to support survivors of domestic violence, assault, and sexual abuse.

5 Jami Gertz

She was never quite an A-lister and always played the friend or neighbor, but when it comes to being charitable, Jami Gertz can claim top honors over most celebrities. She’s been around forever, first being seen in the 1980s in TV’s Square Pegs or in the movies Sixteen Candles and The Lost Boys. Later on, her more popular projects included the movies Twister and CBS’s Still Standing. In real life, though, she and mega-rich husband Antony Ressler created the Ressler Gertz Foundation. He co-founded an investment firm that controls over $40 billion in assets, so there’s some money to throw around, and fortunately, they’ve chosen good causes. Among their other donations, the couple has given $400,000 to Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and $1.7 million to the LA County Museum of Art.

4 Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock has given more money away than most of us will ever see in our lifetime, and she likes nice round figures. According to public records, she's given the American Red Cross $1 million at least four times and gave Doctors Without Borders another cool million following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The following year, she gave another million to relief work for the tsunami in Tohoku, Japan. That’s a cool $6 million if you’re counting. She also donated $250,000 to Warren Easton Charter High School in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, worked with groups to help clean up the Gulf of Mexico following the BP oil spill, and supports the Kindred Life Foundation. While she's been recognized for her charity, Bullock is a celebrity who deserves a lot of credit for not seeking recognition for the amount of money she's donated to worthy causes. We can only imagine how much we don’t know about, and the truth is, we don’t want to know.

3 Pippa Middleton

We don’t fully understand the British monarchy or why anybody actually still cares about people whose jobs seem to be appearing at important events and waving. We were happy when Kate Middleton was unleashed onto the world because it meant the introduction of her sister, Pippa, who is easily the royal relative with the best butt. Maybe it was just a case of sibling rivalry, but she and brother James decided to step out of Kate’s shadow and raise money by participating in a 3,000-mile charity bike race across America for the British Heart Foundation. They raised over $25,000, which really isn’t a ton of money, but that isn’t the point here. They rode their bikes 3,000 miles to combat heart disease. Why the BHF was riding in America is still a mystery, but hey, as long as they raised a lot of money for a good cause, we won’t get too critical.

2 Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband, an obscure actor you probably haven’t heard of who prefers to only do small-budget indie films, founded the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation in Baltimore to help inner city children, but haven’t stopped there when it comes to spreading their massive wealth around. They’ve doled out money, including $52,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, $126,000 to the Lupus Foundation, and $1 million to the Baltimore School for the Arts in Memory of Tupac Shakur and have helped other groups such as YouthBuild and Capital K-9s. If you thought that was the list, we’re only scratching the surface. She’s worked with Gucci on their campaign for global women’s issues, “Chime for Change,” was the emcee for the Million Woman March in Philadelphia back in 1997, and worked to get Baltimore to change its laws on how circus animals are handled in 2012 when Ringling Brothers Circus was accused of mishandling its elephants.

1 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift comes across as a genuinely nice person in her interviews and does nothing but bolster that when one examines her charitable track record. Different media outlets have regularly named her the most charitable celebrity, but after she got a lot of publicity donating $4 million to help keep the Country Music Hall of Fame on its feet, she tried to keep a slightly lower profile. However, we discovered she gave $500,000 to Nashville Flood relief, $25,000 to a Pennsylvania school district, $100,000 to rebuild a playground in her hometown, and $150,000 to an Alabama school hit by a tornado. She also spends time helping, active with Children in Need, the American Red Cross, UNICEF, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Now, if only she’d put messages about giving back in her songs instead of alternating between hating and wanting relationships, we’d be all set.

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