15 Celebs With A Much Hotter Sibling

Sometimes the hottest people in the world are hidden right under our noses. Or in this case, behind the domineering presence of a celebrity sibling.

Sometimes the hottest people in the world are hidden right under our noses. Or in this case, behind the domineering presence of a celebrity sibling. Sometimes these hot individuals are overshadowed by their sibling's fame, unable to ever get the attention they deserve. But now we've found them, and we're here to reveal them to all of you. And by doing this, everyone wins. Number one, these hot siblings of celebrities finally get their chance to shine on a respectable website. Second, all of you readers get the inside scoop on some hotties that you may never have heard of before. And of course, we'll provide you with their sexiest pictures - for science and research purposes, of course.

Sometimes these siblings aren't even that unknown. Sometimes they're just as famous as their siblings. Other times, they're complete nobodies, whose only claim to fame is their famous sibling. And in other cases, these siblings are just beginning to take their first tentative steps into the spotlight - and will soon be even more famous than their siblings. Often these siblings are very young. And we all know how hot a little sister can be. Let's be honest, who hasn't fantasized about hooking up with their best friend's little sister. Come on. I can't be the only one here...

Fame isn't for everyone. While some of these hot siblings might be trying to get exposure, others stay out of the limelight on purpose. It's just not their thing. They prefer not to have paparazzi following them everywhere, and tabloids contemplating their every move. And this actually makes a lot of sense. But even these siblings can't avoid being seen, as simply by being related to their famous sibling, they're going to get some attention. And that's when their hotness was revealed...

15 Harry Styles' Sister, Gemma Styles

Some of you may not know this, but Harry Styles has a smoking hot older sister named Gemma. She's actually been receiving tons of attention since the Internet found out about her, and for good reason too - she's drop dead gorgeous. She also has a very active Instagram account where she posts all of her hottest pictures, and let me tell you, she does not disappoint. But she's not just a pretty face. She's actually a professional writer, and blogs regularly for well known publications such as MTV UK. And for those who are just starting to fall in love with her pretty face, I have some bad news - she's taken. She actually has a boyfriend and things are pretty serious. Aside from that, Gemma is well-known for her impeccable fashion taste, her university education, and of course, the fact that she's the sister of a member of One Direction. 

14 Kate Moss' Sister, Lottie Moss

If you think Kate Moss is hot, just wait until you lay eyes on her sister. Her name is Lottie Moss, and she has her own very dedicated fan base. This tantalizing 19-year-old younger sister of Kate is taking on the entire fashion world, and she's certainly turning some heads. Her full name is Charlotte, but Lottie is so much cuter, don't you think? And for those who think there's only a passing resemblance to Kate, that may be because Lottie is actually only Kate's half sister, as the two have different mothers. Her beauty never gave her any doubt about what she wanted to do with her life, and she's been modeling since the tender age of 13. In the past, she's modeled for Teen VogueDazed and Confused, and Calvin Klein. Obviously this young hottie has huge things ahead of her. But once again, for those who are smitten with her angelic form, I have bad news. She's been dating a reality TV star named Alex Mytton for a while now.

13 Jessica Simpson's Sister, Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson is one of the few hot siblings on this list that has a real claim to fame herself. Although she's had to struggle a lot of over the years to break free from her older sister Jessica's shadow, she's been able to create her own career. Just like her sister, she's a singer, and quite a good one at that. And although her older sister gets a lot of attention, many people think that she's way hotter than Jessica. She also had her own reality show, The Ashlee Simpson Show, where a lot of people got a closer look at her beauty. Her face has changed over the years, most notably her nose. She later admitted that she had plastic surgery on her nose, although her father claimed that the operation was done in order to fix a breathing problem. Although she's getting older now and has two kids, she is still looking great and now more than ever she is clearly better looking than her sister Jessica.

12 Paris Hilton's Sister, Nicky Hilton

When people hear the word "Hilton," most people think Paris. But there's actually another sister that most people don't know enough about - her younger sister Nicky. Paris' little sister stayed out of the limelight, and never appeared in any reality TV shows. But that doesn't mean she wasn't rubbing shoulders with some very huge celebrities. She is an heiress to a massive hotel chain, after all. And although she never got as famous as Paris, who is undeniably the most famous member of the Hilton family ever, she is a very talented woman. She has an ongoing career as a fashion designer, starting her own fashion line and designing for other companies from time to time. In addition, she married into royalty when she wed James Rothschild in 2015. Paris Hilton served as her maid of honor.

11 Britney Spears' Sister, Jamie Lynn

As soon as you lay eyes on Jamie Lynn Spears, you get the feeling that the wrong sister got famous. Why haven't we seen more of this goddess? Maybe it's due to the fact that she got pregnant at the tender age of 16, which proved to be a major speed bump in her career. And up to that point, her career actually looked really promising. She landed the role of Zoey on Nickelodeon's  Zoey 101. The show ended in 2008, when the teen had to take a break in order to raise her child. A lot of fans were shocked to hear that the "good girl" that they had learned to love on Nickelodeon would do something as shameful as get knocked up at such a young age, but for a lot of people, this only added to her hotness, and there's nothing sexier than a good girl gone bad. She popped up again in 2013, when she launched a career in country music.

10 Dakota Fanning's Sister, Elle Fanning

Of all the little sisters on this list, Elle Fanning is definitely one of the most talented. She's the hot little sister of Dakota Fanning, although she's threatening to overtake her older sister any second now. I absolutely loved her performance in the recent film The Neon Demon. In this film, she plays a supermodel that slowly gets drawn into the less desirable part of the industry. There is a massive twist at the end, and I won't give it away because it's a great movie and you should watch it. What I will say, however, is that Elle Fanning totally fits the bill of a supermodel, and she looks absolutely ravishing. It's also very satisfying to see her innocence slowly become corrupted. She has a lengthy list of film credits, and at just 19 years of age, she's set to become one of Hollywood's brightest stars.

9 Kylie Jenner's Sister, Kendall Jenner

This hot sister needs no introduction. I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this one, but in my opinion she is much hotter than Kylie. Sure, Kylie has a thicker body and other attractive features, but there's an air of perfection around Kendall that is purely intoxicating. After all, she's the one who's created a successful career as a fashion model. And it's easy to see why. She has a tight, lithe body with a gorgeous face to top it off. She's curvy, but it's all packed into a slender frame. In short, she was made to model. She was rising to fame fast, and looked as if she might become an even bigger celeb - until that fateful Pepsi commercial. Obviously she had no idea that the commercial would become so controversial, and it's a shame that her image was damaged due to someone's stupid idea for a way to sell Pepsi.

8 Danny Masterson's Sister, Alanna Masterson

Danny Masterson has a hot sister. If you don't remember who Danny Masterson is, he's the guy who played Hyde on That 70's Show. But these days, it's all about his hot half-sister, Alanna. She's rising to fame quickly after her role Tara Chambler on The Walking Dead. She grew up watching her brothers succeed in the world of acting, and she just knew she wanted to have a similar career. As well as working on The Walking Dead, she has also appeared on Mistresses. But once again, if you're falling in love with Alanna, you will be disappointed to hear that she's got a boyfriend and has a child with him. In addition, you might be a little surprised to hear that she and her brothers are all Scientologists.

7 Katrina Kaif's Little Sister, Isabelle Kaif

You might not know too much about the Kaif sisters, unless of course you're into Hindi films. Katrina Kaif is one of the most highly paid actresses in Bollywood, so her celebrity status is well-earned. But you might not have heard of her little sister, Isabelle, who is about ten times hotter than her older sister. Like her older sister, her mother is caucasian and of British heritage. She is set to appear opposite to Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar in the upcoming film Dr. Cabbie. And she has some serious acting training, learning her chops from the famed Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute of New York. Aside from acting, she is also a successful model, and she's been modeling from the tender age of 14.

6 Nicole Richie's Little Sister, Sofia Richie

Who would've guessed that both Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have sisters that are even hotter than them? Just like how Paris Hilton has Nicky Hilton, Nicole Richie has Sofia Richie. She is 18 today, and she recently broke up with Justin Bieber, although reports state that they were "never officially together." She's the youngest daughter of the famous singer, Lionel Richie. With her stunning good looks, it comes as no surprise that she's enjoyed a successful career as a fashion model. In the past, she's worked for publications such as Elle, Vanity Fair Italia, Vogue China, Nylon, Lady Gunn, Unleash'd, ES, and Who What Where. She has some hot friends too, and is regularly seen chilling with Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner.

5 Scheana Marie's Little Sister, Cortney Erin

Turns out Scheana Marie has a hot sister named Cortney Erin. If you don't know who Scheana is, she's a reality TV star that previously acted in shows such as 90210 and Femme Fatales, to name but a few. But she's most famous for her roles on reality TV shows like Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But enough about Scheana, these days everyone's talking about Cortney Erin. Not much is known about Cortney Erin, other than the fact that she's Scheana's little sister and she's a "Social Media Manager." She got tons of attention when she was featured heavily on her older sister's Instagram, wearing nothing but a super hot pink one piece swimsuit. The two were on vacation together, and now everyone's asking themselves the same question: "Who is this 'Cortney Erin' girl?"

4 Gigi Hadid's Sister, Bella Hadid

I know a lot of people might disagree, but I definitely think that Bella Hadid is much hotter than Gigi. Maybe I have a bias because I think brunettes are a lot hotter than blondes, but in truth it's a lot more than that. Bella Hadid is just plain sexier than Gigi. She has this air of mystery about her, and she struts around with the sexiest thing a woman can have - attitude. She's a lot more daring than her older sister, and you can see that clearly based on some of the outfits she wears. It's not uncommon for Bella to venture out into the street wearing a shirt with no bra, and sometimes the shirts she chooses are completely see through. She's also posed nude tons of times. She's just willing to go so much further than Gigi, and that's what makes her so much hotter.

3 Corrine Olympios' Sister, Taylor

Corinne Olympios got famous after appearing on the reality TV show The Bachelor. But now, everyone's talking about her hot little sister, Taylor. Taylor may only be 16, but she has looks that kill, and is just as pretty as her older sibling. The two sisters are 9 years apart, but many have commented on how similar the two girls look. While Corinne Olympios was one of the girls fighting for the affection of the Bachelor in the house, hundreds of guys were no doubt fighting for the affection of Taylor at school. She's still young, so she hasn't really done much to make her famous. But considering she looks just as hot, if not hotter than her older sister, she could easily become a model or even an actress. The world is her oyster!

2 Connor McGregor's Sister, Aoife

I know it's probably not a wise idea to talk about how hot Conor McGregor's sister is, but the word needs to get out. Aoife McGregor is in fact UFC champ Connor McGregor's older sister. She recently got married, so unfortunately she's off limits, but that doesn't stop us from admiring her hot body... While Connor isn't looking, of course. She recently posted some pictures to Instagram of her honeymoon in the Maldives, and all I can say is wow. She posed in a stunning Baywatch style red one piece swimsuit, and she looked stunning. She also posed in a thong bikini, but that's something you're going to have to visit her Instagram page to see. (Which is amazing, by the way). Like Connor McGregor, she's Irish too, and to be honest it doesn't surprise me that the sister of such an amazing athlete has such great genes.

1 Louis Tomlison's Little Sister, Félicité 

We started this list with a hot sister of a One Direction star, so it only seems fitting to end it that way too. Félicité is Louis Tomlison's little sister, and she is undeniably gorgeous. She's only 16, with her whole life ahead of her, but with looks like that she seems destined for great things. She actually has 3 other sisters, two younger twins, and an older sister named Lottie. Although Lottie is very attractive, Félicité is by far the most beautiful in my humble opinion. Like any normal girl her age, she spends her time hanging out with friends, going to school, and posting on Instagram. And by the way, her Instagram is a great place to check out just how gorgeous this young lass is. She also has an active Snapchat account which she posts regularly on. Watch out Louis! Your sister might just overtake you!


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