15 Celebs Whose Wives Control Them

Even if a guy plays tough guy roles on the big screen, they might be totally subservient to their wives behind the scenes.

There is something undeniably emasculating about getting married. Tying yourself down to one woman always feels like a complete denial of freedom, and makes you feel controlled and tamed, even if you're in a relationship with a very respectful or even submissive wife. Nevertheless, it's a step that many men feel like they have to take in return for a chunk of their masculinity, as they get stability, love, and the chance to start a family. It's a trade-off that guys have been making for thousands of years, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. Sometimes this trade-off is worth it, and sometimes it gives guys more than they bargained for.

Celebrity men are no different in this respect, and male actors settle down just like the rest of us. Even though some of these celebs can probably hook up with pretty much any woman they want, they have decided to settle down.And just like the rest of us, some of the women they marry are very dominant and commanding. In other words, they get totally whipped by their wives. It happens to more men that you might think. Even if a guy plays tough guy roles on the big screen, they might be totally subservient to their wives behind the scenes. And some of the women they marry are actresses. Of all the different types of women, actresses are often some of the most confident and commanding of all women. This is a lesson some actors learned the hard way...

15 Marc Anthony


Marc Anthony is another male celeb that you've probably heard of. This famous singer-songwriter, as well as actor, has been around the block and married quite a few attractive female celebs. But his most famous marriage was probably to Jennifer Lopez. This mega female star was definitely a great catch for this famous singer slash actor, and the marriage seemed to be a match made in heaven. It wasn't long until J-Lo was giving birth to twins, which must have made Marc Anthony very happy indeed.

But was Marc Anthony really the one wearing the pants in this relationship? Jennifer Lopez is well-known for being a fiercely independent woman, and she's never needed a man in her life. On the other hand, Marc Anthony always looked slightly fragile and weak when he was standing next to the glowing, radiant and tall figure of J Lo. Don't believe that J-Lo wears the pants? Marc Anthony himself pretty much admitted it, saying, “She’s always been the boss! I don’t know what’s changed."

14 George Clooney


George Clooney has been one of Hollywood's brightest stars for many decades now, and he's appeared in some simply amazing movies over the years. Best known for playing suave gentlemanly characters, he's also appeared as action movie stars in a wide variety of films. In From Dusk Till Dawn, he played a dangerous psychopath. Later, in movies such as Ocean's 11, he settled into more mature leading male roles. One of his most recent roles was a film called Hail, Caesar! He's been involved with many female celebs over the years, but he finally settled down with a human rights lawyer named Amal Alamuddin.

The marriage is actually one of the most stable and loving in the entertainment world, or at least that's how it seems from the outside looking in. As a lawyer, Alamuddin isn't afraid to lay down the law both in and out of the courtroom. She has reportedly enforced some strict regulations on her husband, and has banned her man from bringing alcohol into her house.

13 Evan Peters


Evan Peters is one of the biggest upcoming stars in Hollywood, and he's been all kinds of amazing and interesting projects. He's appeared in films such as X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but he's probably best known for his roles on the hit television show, American Horror Story. This is where he met his girlfriend, Emma Roberts, and the two hit it off immediately. The beautiful Emma Roberts and Evan Peters seemed like a match made in heaven. What could go wrong? Well as it turned out, Roberts wasn't as innocent as she looked...

While the two were staying in a hotel together, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters reportedly got into an argument. It's not quite certain what happened next, but when the police arrived, Evan Peters had scratches all over his face, and his nose was bloodied and possibly broken. The official story is that both of them were hitting each other. But since Evans had no injuries, it seems likely that Roberts was the primary aggressor. Emma Roberts was arrested for this incident.

12 Brad Pitt


We all know that Angelina Jolie is capable of playing dominant, feisty women on the big screen. She kicked some serious butt in Tomb Raider, SALT, and Mr And Mrs Smith. The last film mentioned is especially relevant because it also starred her future husband, Brad Pitt. These two engaged in a mock marriage on screen, which later blossomed into a very real relationship. As they often say, reality sometimes mirrors fiction, and this was certainly the case with Brangelina's marriage. In the film, the two actors are fighting each other to the death. At one point, Angelina Jolie puts on a heart-stopping black leather outfit, further highlighting her dominant female characteristics.

As it turns out, this dominant woman Angelina played wasn't too far from how she actually behaved in her marriage with Pitt. Rumor has it that she was extremely dominant and commanding in the relationship. One can only imagine how dominant she was in the bedroom. One thing we're pretty sure of though is that Brad was definitely "whipped" by his wife, and not just in the figurative sense. The widely believed rumor is that she beat Pitt to a pulp when she found out he was cheating on her.

11 Ashton Kutcher


Demi Moore has always been a very dominant, confident woman, and that's a huge part of why she's so attractive. The shockingly beautiful actress is known for her appearances in movies such as A Few Good Men, and Charlie's Angels. She has been married to a few famous male celebs in the past, but her most high profile marriage was to none other than Ashton Kutcher. This was a huge story in the entertainment world at the time, as the age gap was a whopping 15 years, making Demi Moore a bonafide cougar.

All went well at the beginning of this relationship, and for two years the pair lived together seemingly in peace. But on the inside of this relationship, things were far from tranquil. Rumor has it that Demi Moore was extremely controlling, and basically dominated every single decision in this marriage. While a lot of men wouldn't mind being dominated by someone as hot as Demi Moore, it obviously wasn't Kutcher's cup of tea, as the two divorced eventually.

10 Kirk Cameron


Our next whipped actor is none other than Kirk Cameron. Kirk Cameron is best known for his acting roles in his younger years, such as in the hit TV series Growing Pains, and many TV and magazine commercials, including a recent Pepsi commercial during the Superbowl. He's also famous for appearing in the Christian movie Saving Christmas, which is widely viewed as one of the worst movies ever made (although it was actually very successful, commercially speaking).

His marriage to his wife Chelsea Noble is one that follows the rules and rigors that you might expect from two people who are so heavily invested in the Christian faith. They have six children together, although 4 are adopted. Cameron's wife is not afraid to lay down the law and enforce some serious rules on her husband - she made him agree not to kiss any other woman on screen during his roles as an actor.

9 Jamie Dornan 


Another actor worth mentioning in this article is none other than Jamie Dornan. He is best known for his role in Fifty Shades Of Grey as the leading male, and he also appeared in the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker. Girls are crazy about this man, and he's definitely a figure that many females have fantasized about over the years. Although he's dated some famous women in the past, the woman who finally tied him down was Amelia Warner, an English singer and songwriter.

And this woman isn't afraid to stamp down her foot and enforce some laws on her husband. When Fifty Shades Darker was still in its early stages, there was talk that Jamie Dorner would not reprise his role as Christian Grey. This was reportedly due to his wife banning him from being in the film, as it made her uncomfortable. It went so far that the producers lined up a replacement actor, but Amelia Warner changed her mind at the last minute.

8 Jason Statham


Jason Statham is one of the most iconic "tough guys" of Hollywood, and he's played essentially the exact same role in many of our most favorite films. Although he began his career in England with films such as Snatch and Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, he later branched out to Hollywood to star in films such as The Transporter, The Mechanic, and many other hits. He's been with a few women over the years, and is currently married to model/actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. He's a lucky man, but that wasn't the first model he dated...

He once dated Kelly Brook, one of the hottest and most famous British models of all time. Their relationship was a little sour though, and Kelly Brook wasn't afraid to get physical with Statham whenever he got out of line. Kelly Brook once admitted that she punched Statham after he embarrassed her at a public event. She later referred to the actor as a "pig."

7 Michael Douglas


Another very dominant female in Hollywood is Catherine Zeta-Jones. Although she's very beautiful, she can play the love interest, the femme fatale, or the female action hero. She's a very versatile actress, and she has amazing range. Throughout all of her many on screen appearances, she continuously manages to exude an aura of strength and unerring confidence. She's famous for roles in movies such as Mask Of Zorro, and Ocean's Twelve. She married Michael Douglas, and unlike her on-screen marriage to Zorro, she was the one holding the whip...

Her marriage to Michael Douglas was one of the most talked about developments in Hollywood at the time, primarily because of the massive age gap. There was talk that Douglas was just marrying her because she was young and attractive, and there was also talk that Zeta-Jones just wanted a piece of the veteran actor's fortune. Well she definitely laid down the law, and she negotiated a prenup that would make her very wealthy if he ever decided to leave her. Additionally, Zeta-Jones gets $1.5 million for every year the two are together...

6 Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Reynolds is another well-known star who is making major waves in the entertainment world, especially within the last couple of years. Best known for movies such as The Proposal, and Deadpool, the actor is really making a mark in recent years. The sequel to Deadpool is one of the most anticipated movies coming up, and will certainly draw in tons of movie-goers. Ryan Reynolds is married to none other than the beautiful Blake Lively, and the two currently have children and are very happy together.

Their marriage might be happy, but that doesn't mean that it's not a controlling one. And according to quite a few rumors, Blake Lively is the dominant one in this relationship and keeps her man well and truly whipped. The star actress from the Gossip Girl TV series reportedly banned her man from watching TV, and only when he agreed to her rules and regulations did she agree to have kids with him.

5 Christian Slater


Christian Slater is one name we all know well, although he's been plagued with all kinds of difficulties during his acting career. He is best known for his work in television, film, and voice acting. Many have referred to him as one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood today. Sadly, his tumultuous personal life might have overshadowed his accomplishments as a performer. These personal issues stem largely from his marriage to his wife, Ryan Haddon. She's a beautiful woman with an innocent face – but don't judge a book by its cover.

While on a trip to Las Vegas, Slater's then-wife threw a glass bottle at her husband, gashing open his neck and causing serious injury. Slater required 20 stitches, and Ryan Haddon was arrested and charged with domestic battery. Needless to say, the marriage didn't last much longer after that...

4 Terry Crews 


Terry Crews is another well-known figure in Hollywood, and he's appeared in all kinds of amazing roles over the years. He actually began his career as an athlete in the NFL, before moving on to film, television, and voice acting. He's known for his roles in movies like The Longest Yard, Idiocracy, and many others. You might also recognize him from numerous Old Spice commercials. He married Rebecca King-Crews many years ago, and they have been together ever since.

But their marriage did experience some rocky moments when Terry Crews publicly admitted to suffering from an addiction to adult films. His wife actually temporarily separated from him while he was in rehab for this addiction. Later, his wife actually cut him off from love-making for 90 days as part of a "challenge." Seems like this woman has got her man under lock and key!

3 Robert De Niro


Robert De Niro is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors of our time, and one that has starred in countless iconic roles spanning multiple decades. And he's still going strong to this day. He's probably best known for his many roles in gangster and mafia movies, like Goodfellas and The Godfather. But he's also starred in a huge range of other movies, such as the recent movie The Intern. His marriage to Grace Hightower is widely known, and the two have a few children together.

One does get the impression that his wife is the dominant partner in the relationship, and you can see this from body language alone. But rumor has it that there's much more to it than that. Reportedly, Grace Hightower smacked De Niro around while on a yacht. The worst part is that this happened in front of Marc Anthony, which surely must have been a humiliating thing for the DeNiro to endure.

2 Jeff Bridges


Jeff Bridges is another actor we all know and love. For many people, he will forever be known simply as "the dude" from The Big Lebowski, but he's also appeared in many other amazing films, including, more recently, the Iron Man movies as part of the Marvel Cinematic universe. An actor with some undeniable skill, he grew up as a child actor and the son of celebrities. He's still making movies to this day, and has lost none of that amazing talent. When he was still very young, he married Susan Geston, and they are still together.

In an interview, Bridges admitted of his wife: "She holds that kite string that lets me go way out there. And I love coming home. She pointed out the other day we've been apart 11 of the last 14 months, so I was really far out there." So there you have it – he basically admits that his wife holds all the power in the relationship!

1 Humphrey Bogart


Another actor who was downtrodden by his own wife was Humphrey Bogart. Some of our younger readers might not even know who this is, but he was one of the biggest actors alive back in the day. He starred in countless classic films, such as Casablanca and many others. It was one the set of one of these films that he met his future wife, Mayo Methot. She was an actress, and she was even more feisty than Angelina. She definitely had no problems with unleashing her full rage on her husband.

Mayo Methot, who was Bogart's third wife, abused her husband numerous time, sometimes ending in serious bodily harm to the poor actor. Apparently Methot was very violent and paranoid when drunk, and Bogart was actually attracted to women with fiery tempers. On one occasion, Bogart was actually stabbed in the back by Methot, something that was covered up by Warner Bros. On a separate occasion, Methot threatened him with a pistol at a dinner party. Needless to say, the marriage didn't last long.


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15 Celebs Whose Wives Control Them