15 Celebs Whose Real Ages Will Blow Your Mind

When you are a child, you want to look more grown up, but once adulthood grips its ugly claws into us, we want nothing more than to look younger. Celebrity or not, there are all kinds of people in the world that simply do not look their actual age. For some of our favorite celebrities, this tends to be on purpose rather than by accident. Either through the help of some strategically done plastic surgery, or other cosmetic procedures on a regular basis, many celebrities shave years off their appearance. Not everyone has felt the need to do this though, as many have decided to age naturally and they have been loved nonetheless. Tommy Lee Jones for example has looked old since he was young!

But there are some celebrities that not only look younger, but they appear to have had a sip of water from the fountain of youth! When you look at many of these celebrities, you will guess their age to be something shockingly different than the truth. We all want to look as young as we can for as long as we can, but some people just seem to stop the clock. So here are 15 celebrities that look shockingly different than their real age. Be prepared to have your mind blown!

15 Jared Leto - 45 Years Old

Via: Hollywood Reporter

Jared Leto is a very talented and accomplished actor, singer and songwriter. He considers himself to be a method actor, meaning that he gets very deeply into the roles with which he is playing. He is also a highly accomplished musician and one of the members of the band 30 Seconds to Mars. You may recognize him most recently from his work as the Joker in Suicide Squad. Leto has the look of eternal youth for sure, with most people estimating his age to be somewhere between 15 and 35. Surely this guy can’t be over 35 right? Wrong... Jared Leto is 45 years old! In much the way Dick Clark was forever young, Jared also seems to get younger every year. Keep those great genes working for you as long as you can!

14 Jason Earles - 40 Years Old

Via: Wearwhatyouwatch.com

Doesn’t it seem like Hannah Montana was new just a few years ago? While Miley Cyrus is not the sweet little girl she used to be, she is just 24 years old. But do you remember the guy that played her brother on the show? His name is Jason Earles and it may surprise you to learn that he wasn’t nearly as young as he seemed on the show! Earles does several different things, including acting, comedy and even martial arts! But when you look at this guy, you assume he’s somewhere around Miley’s age or perhaps a bit older. No way he’s over 28 though right? Truth be told, Jason Earles is 40 years old! It’s pretty shocking to think that this guy was once 29 when he was supposed to be playing a 16 year old.

13 William Shatner - 86 Years Old

Via: Frederick News-Post

Best known for his role as Captain James Tiberius Kirk on Star Trek (the original series), William Shatner has had quite the career! He is recognizable by just about everyone whether they are a Star Trek fan or not, since has gone on to star in a variety of other roles beyond just that of Captain Kirk. He has been the target of a legendary Comedy Central roast and has obviously put on some weight over the years, but no can believe his actual age. William Shatner is 86 years old and seems to be going strong. He is an avid outdoorsman and still maintains a very busy and active schedule. Being active in both film and television for over 65 years, there are not too many places Shatner has not “boldly gone.”

12 Andie MacDowell - 59 Years Old

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Recognizable from many different films, including Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell is one of Hollywood’s genuine beauties. She started out as a model in the late 1970’s and before long, made her way into some pretty big movies. You may recognize her, having been on L’Oreal cosmetics commercials since 1986. MacDowell still looks like an absolute beauty and any aging that has happened over time has been incredibly graceful. Most people look at her and guess her age to be in her late 40s, but in truth, MacDowell is 59 years old! With such natural beauty and a wonderful presence both on screen and off, Andie MacDowell is one of Hollywood’s favorite Southern belles for such good reason, exhibiting grace and charm as well as her youthful beauty.

11 Robert Downey Jr. - 52 Years Old

Via: Morning News USA

Robert Downey Jr. comes from Hollywood royalty. With some great acting credits to his name, he is an Academy Award nominated actor that has done a variety of film projects. He has also had his share of struggles as well. Downey has been open and honest about substance abuse struggles in his adult life. But he claims to have been sober since 2003 thanks to a great support system. People look at him and guess that he is much younger than is the case. Those that know him know that he has been around for a long time and math simply tells us that he has to be of a certain age. But when you look at him and then hear that he is 52 years old, jaws tend to drop! Healthy living and a new lease on life can do wonders for a person.

10 Elizabeth Hurley - 52 Years Old

Via: Daily Mail

Elizabeth Hurley has been a highly recognizable model and actress since the late 1980s. She was known for a number of years as the partner of actor Hugh Grant, but came into her own as an actress when she landed the huge role of Vanessa in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery in 1997. This British beauty has been around for a number of years, but to look at her, you would have no clue. Looking at her face and flawless body, one would guess that she was in her early to mid 30s. But her birth certificate shows a much different age. Hurley is soon to be 52 years old! Sure, 52 is the new 32, but in the case of Hurley, she’s living life as carefree and gorgeously as she did when she was actually 32.

9 Demi Moore - 54 Years Old

Via: Eva

Demi Moore has been one of the beauties of the big screen for a long time! She blew us all away in Ghost and made us blush in Striptease. Demi has had a variety of big roles in her career, but her personal life is just as interesting as her acting career. She dropped out of school at the age of 16 to become an actress. While not working out for everyone, Demi found success. She was married to actor Bruce Willis and had three children with him. She also made gossip pages when dating and subsequently marrying the much younger Ashton Kutcher. But the two don’t really look that far apart in age. It may shock you to learn though that Moore is 54 years old! You’d never know to look at her in a bathing suit though. Wow!

8 Olivia Newton-John - 68 Years Old

Witchita Falls

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman from the UK that starred in an iconic film called Grease. Olivia Newton-John was this young woman that would forever be known to the world as Sandy. She has also had a very prosperous musical career, winning four Grammy awards and boasting five number one hits, with even more breaking into the top ten! But Newton-John has always had something of a girlish face, as she starred as the teenager Sandy at the age of 29! Today, Newton-John still has her gorgeous face and beautiful smile, exhibiting a woman that most would associate as a very hot woman who is about 50ish. Would it surprise you though to learn that Olivia Newton-John is actually 68 years old?! Close your mouth...you’re letting flies in.

7 Johnny Depp - 53 Years Old

Via: Vix

Johnny Depp has been on the scene in Hollywood for a very long time. He became something of a sensation on the 80s series 21 Jump Street, but quickly made waves with a very prosperous movie career. He has played some amazing characters and has managed to transform himself into someone totally different people as a result of his amazing talent for acting. But Johnny Depp is another one of those actors that seems to never age. He always dresses very fashionably and is incredibly youthful looking. For that reason, it comes as a huge shock to most people when they learn that he is about to celebrate his 54th birthday! People look at Depp and believe him to be somewhere in his 30s, but can’t imagine how he could be in his mid 50s! Time has certainly been good to Captain Jack Sparrow!

6 Keanu Reeves - 52 Years Old

Via: YouTube

At first, he was Ted “Theodore” Logan from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. After that, he became “the one” (AKA Neo) from The Matrix trilogy. Keanu Reeves has done a lot of different film projects and has played a variety of roles, but he has always seemed to look like a youngster. Even now, looking at Reeves, people could not possibly guess that he is over 40. The truth though is that he is over 50...52 to be exact! He’s in great shape and keeps a youthful appearance despite the fact that he is two years past eligibility for an AARP membership. We are not calling him old by any means though, because as mentioned earlier, 52 is the new 32. Congratulations for keeping those boyish good looks Keanu.

5 Jennifer Tilly - 58 Years Old

Via: Comic Vine

Jennifer Tilly is known in Hollywood for her very distinct voice. She is also known in professional poker circles, having made a name for herself competitively. She is the voice of Bonnie on Family Guy and has played supporting roles in a large number of films. She has always been noted for being the eye candy on screen and with her very high pitched and somewhat squeaky voice, she is absolutely recognizable. Tilly has always been absolutely gorgeous and to look at her now, you would expect her to be one of those hot moms in her early 40s. Truthfully, Tilly is now 58 years young and still about as hot as ever! She keeps a very busy acting career and is no slouch when it comes to keeping up her personal appearance.

4 Jim Parsons - 44 Years Old

Via: Just Jared

Best known for his character Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons has managed to look like he is in his mid-20s for a long time. Parsons has begun to branch out beyond the Sheldon persona through work in commercials and other film projects such as the Academy Award nominated Hidden Figures, but he will likely be best known for this role for the rest of his life. Parsons is not a Hollywood elder yet by any means, but he is also not as young as he might appear. As young as he looks, it is always surprising when people learn that Parsons is actually 44 years old! Parsons is actually the oldest of the main cast members on The Big Bang Theory and about 13 years older than his co-star Kaley Cuoco.

3 Carol Alt - 56 Years Old

Carol Alt is best known for her modeling work. She has been one of the beauties represented by Trump Model Management since the late 1970s. Whereas many models are forced to pivot into acting, Alt has been able to continue her modeling work for decades. She has done plenty of acting though, appearing in several big budget film projects. She has done the obligatory Playboy photoshoot and has even dabbled in reality television, as a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice. Looking at the beautiful Carol Alt, people assume that she is a lovely young looking 40. Amazingly, she is actually 56 years young and just as fabulous as ever. Alt is a sexy dresser and could turn heads without even trying, proving that once a model...always a model!

2 Raquel Welch - 76 Years Old

Via: Taddlr

Raquel Welch was a household name in Hollywood during the 1960s and 1970s. Her work in the movie Fantastic Voyage sent her career to a whole new level. Welch has been acting for nearly 60 years, but you would never know it to look at her. Looking at Ms. Welch, you would guess her age to be no older than about 60 (and a young looking 60 at that!) But in fact, Ms. Welch is 76 years old! Welch has been seen as a powerhouse in the film and television industry for decades. The television show Seinfeld even did an episode where she was hilariously portrayed to be something of a bulldog. But looking at her, no one could possibly imagine that she is on the wrong side of 70!

1 Christie Brinkley - 63 Years Old

Via: SI.com

Christie Brinkley is a model, actress and fashion designer. She is one of the great beauties of Hollywood and known for her high profile marriage in the 80s and 90s to musician Billy Joel. She is best known for her modeling, but will forever be remembered as the girl in the red Ferrari from National Lampoon’s Vacation. One look at the beauty of Christie Brinkley and you assume you are looking at a gorgeous woman perhaps in her late 30s. When you find out that Christie Brinkley is in fact 63, it makes your jaw drop and head spin. This woman is beyond gorgeous and could still get just about any guy at any age that she wanted. Not too shabby for a woman who has a child over 30 herself.

Sources: Wikipedia, Hollywood

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