15 Celebs Whose Favorite Foods Make Us Sick

Everybody has a favorite food, and when you ask most people what their absolute favorite food is, you'll usually get some pretty similar and popular answers. Some people love pizza, some people favor macaroni and cheese, some people go for pasta or burgers, and some people with a sweet tooth will go for a classic favorite like ice cream or chocolate. But every so often you'll find a person who has a completely off-the-wall favorite that you wouldn't expect, and sometimes you'll even find somebody who likes to eat something you've never even heard of anyone eating before. And sometimes you'll meet someone whose favorite food is something you wouldn't even consider eating on your worst day. And apparently it's true that celebrities really are just like us!

Because while a lot of them like to have their cheat days on a classic food favorite or like to stuff themselves with a super popular and tasty snack, some of them absolutely love eating some of the weirdest foods and food combinations you could imagine. A lot of people wouldn't consider eating some of these food combinations, and yet somehow these odd pairings have become absolute favorites of some of the worlds most famous celebs. So out of all of the world's famous picky eaters, whose odd preferences top the list because of their weirdness? What foods to celebrities love to eat that would make the average Joe ready to puke?

15 Jennifer Lawrence - Pizza Spaghetti Chilli Sandwich

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You've got to wonder how Jennifer Lawrence even came up with this concoction, let alone how it became her favorite food. So the basic recipe for this heart attack in a sandwich is two slices of pizza with Southern style chilli and noodles in the middle, and J-Law says that it's the greatest food invention she's ever come up with. If you have a weak stomach it also sounds like a recipe for a night bent over the toilet, and honestly the sandwich looks like it has already been partially digested right off the bat anyway. You do have to give Lawrence some credit for this one, though. It certainly is a creative combo and it's not the kind of cheat meal made for wusses. If you're going to eat horrible food then I guess go big or go home, and Jennifer apparently knows how to go pretty big.

14 Chrissy Teigen - Cap'n Crunch With Fruity Pebbles

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Chrissy Teigen has actually got some pretty impressive culinary credibility. The model and wife of John Legend has a bestselling cookbook under her belt, has hosted a few cooking specials of her own, and is an avid social media cook as well. But one of the more vomit-worthy concoctions Teigen has shared on her social media is combining Cap'n Crunch and Fruity Pebbles for her bowls of cereal. If you're craving something sweet then this blend is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, but scarfing down that much sugar when you're not in the mood for something super sweet seems like a near guaranteed way to make yourself sick. A veteran foodie like Chrissy might have the digestive system to handle that kind of gut bomb, but unless you've got a pretty strong stomach or are under the age of 10, this seems like a hard pass – you'd probably be better off sticking with one cereal or the other.

13 Britney Spears - Cheese Grits

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Britney Spears is definitely a country girl at heart, and her favorite foods definitely reflect those country roots. Cheese grits are a decent way to start your day, but grits are kind of a bland food in general, and cheese doesn't make for a super drastic improvement on them. Having cheese grits as your favorite food is kind of like having buttered toast as your favorite food. I mean, it's not a nightmare to eat but most people wouldn't rank it as one of their top eating options. But then, there is also the appearance of grits, which quite frankly bear a pretty strong resemblance to food that has already been eaten, or baby food. It also kind of looks like instant mashed potatoes. So even if they taste alright or you enjoy the flavor of tasteless things, grits really aren't much to look at, and once they're in your mouth it's kinda like eating food you'd eat through a feeding tube without the actual feeding tube.

12 Beyonce - Bananas And Ketchup

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Apparently, Beyonce enjoyed this weird combo a lot while she was pregnant with her first child Blue Ivy, among some other strange cravings like Oreos with pickles and ice cream with hot sauce. Bananas and ketchup is definitely a new one, though. I wonder how the songstress even discovered her affinity the unexpected pairing. Also, how exactly do you eat it? Like, do you dip a fully intact banana in a dollop of ketchup? Do you cut the banana into slices and kinda eat it like chips and dip? Or do you just peel the whole banana and slap some ketchup on it like it's a hot dog without a bun or something? Either way, I get that pregnancy makes you have a hankering for some pretty odd foods and flavor combinations, but I don't think that bananas with ketchup is going to become the world's new favorite snack food any time soon.

11 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - Apple Pie On French Toast

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson surely has a big enough stomach and fast enough metabolism to compensate for this sugar explosion of a meal, but apple pie on top of French toast seems like a whole lot of carbs and sweets to handle in one sitting. I'm sure most people have tried their French toast with fruit on top, and pretty much everyone in America has eaten apple pie, but sweet on top of sweet plus bread on top of bread seems like a food overload that not a lot of people could stomach very easily. And French toast is already kind of a dessert breakfast, so slapping another dessert on top of that is a pretty intense combo. However, to be fair to The Rock, this does sound like something that would be the brand new special at IHOP, and it isn't too wildly off the mark from a lot of random creations you could find at the average American diner.

10 Katy Perry - Mushrooms

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Katy Perry has sort of built her brand on being a unique kind of pop star, and apparently she likes to keep her food preferences pretty unique too. As far as edible fungus goes, mushrooms certainly taste better than you might expect them to, but when you say the words "edible fungus" most people would have the lowest expectations imaginable. And mushrooms can make a decent addition to some foods, but on their own? Not much of a food for a superstar. The taste is generally bland, but understandably a lot of people find it off-putting, and the texture of raw mushrooms is cringe-inducing. But I guess everyone has their own preferences, and at least Katy's favorite food is super healthy. No doctor is ever going to tell you that you need to cut back on mushrooms for your health. I don't think most people in the world could match Katy's ardor for the squishy flavorless mushroom, though.

9 Scarlett Johansson - Buffalo Wings

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Scarlett Johansson is a New York City native, so it makes a little sense that she'd have some loyalty to a staple food created in her own home state. But let's be real. Buffalo wings are a pretty tough food to stomach. I mean, fried chicken, doused in hot sauce, dipped into bleu cheese dressing? That is one hell of a spice and grease bomb to subject your intestines too, and you'd think that the more you like to eat them the more often you'll give your stomach an endurance test it might not be able to pass. It's actually kind of weird to imagine Scarlett eating such a super messy food, but I guess if you're in the mood for a calorie splurge, Buffalo wings are a pretty solid choice so long as you can deal with digesting a food that's 50% fat and 100% super spicy.

8 Jessica Alba - Salt Water

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Most people wouldn't even be able to choke down salt water, but Jessica Alba apparently actually enjoys drinking it. Alba is a self proclaimed salt addict, and likes to add salt to her after workout water to help replenish whatever she sweated out during the exercise. And the desire to balance out your sodium levels is understandable, but good god, you'd think there'd be another way to do it. There are plenty of salty things to eat and drink that are more than just water with salt in it, and most people can barely stand to drink water with salt in it for a good reason, because salt water quite literally makes you sick to your stomach. It's hard to imagine downing the stuff on a regular basis and even harder to imagine enjoying it. Jessica might feel the benefits of her salt water intake, but I'm not sure most doctors would recommend incorporating it into your diet.

7 Kylie Jenner - Candied Yams

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Kylie Jenner apparently has a bit of a chronic sweet tooth, because she named the ultra sweet candied yams as one of her favorite regular snacks. Most people are probably more accustomed to eating candied yams on holidays if they eat them at all, so it's interesting that Kylie cooks up single serving sizes of the dish whenever she's in the mood. But there's a reason why candied yams are normally relegated to one of the many side dishes for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The concoction is so super sweet that most people couldn't handle it as their entire meal. Sweet potatoes are already one of the sweetest natural foods you can find, so adding some brown sugar and marshmallows to them is an interesting recipe, but is also a bit of sugar overkill. But if Kylie can make candied yams a regular part of her diet and still look like that then more power to her.

6 Shailene Woodley - Bone Broth

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Shailene Woodley seems to be trying to live out the dictionary of hipster behaviors from A to Z, and her rich faux hippie style is pretty well reflected when it comes to her choice of foods as well. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, bone broth is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a broth made from animal bones instead of with meat. Some people claim that the broth has a lot of health benefits, but it's basically just slightly different and fancier beef stock (although it wasn't always considered fancy, as it's actually an incredibly old foodstuff that's cheap to make). But Shailene is apparently a big fan of the trendy pseudo-soup, but it's hard to understand the massive appeal of what is basically soup without any actual food in it. And I've never personally tried bone broth before, but the idea of drinking hot beef stock sounds like borderline torture.

5 Selena Gomez - Reese's Cups With Pickles

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Selena Gomez is pretty open about her quirky eating habits (which also includes eating popcorn drizzled with pickle juice, because apparently she's a pretty big pickle fan), but the grossest combo that she admits to loving has got to be a Reese's peanut butter cup with pickles. It's hard to imagine anyone even eating those two things together. I mean, the vinegar taste of pickles along with a Reese's cup? Pickle juice making the candy all soggy and weird? And god, the texture of both things together – it honestly sounds like something out of a Fear Factor competition or something. Also you have to wonder how Selena ever even discovered the combination in the first place, I mean how many people would even think of a peanut butter cup with a pickle, let alone actually giving it a try? Different strokes for different folks, but I'd imagine you'd have to have a pretty unique palate to enjoy pickle peanut butter cups.

4 Channing Tatum - A Classic PB&J... Plus Cheetos

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You really can't ever go wrong with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's a classic and a staple childhood food for a reason. But apparently Channing Tatum likes to add a bit of unusual seasoning to this standard sandwich, adding in Cheetos to his peanut butter and jelly filling. I could get adding something extra to a peanut butter and jelly, as there are so many different flavors that go well with peanut butter and fruity flavors, but Cheetos really isn't one of them. I guess if you really like contrasting flavors and textures you might go for this combo, but it honestly sounds like an easy recipe for a vomit-fest. But even if you enjoy the juxtaposing flavors, couldn't you just eat the Cheetos on the side or something like a normal human being? It is pretty impressive that Channing manages to maintain his Magic Mike physique with this in his diet, though.

3 Hillary Clinton - Jalapeños

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It's not that much of a shock to learn that Hillary Clinton has a pretty strong stomach. After a lifetime of experience in politics you'd kinda have to have one, but I don't think anyone would have expected her to have the kind of invincible gut that it must take to enjoy eating jalapeños like they're potato chips. But apparently Hillary hasn't been very shy about her love of all things spicy, while on the campaign trail in 2016 she even said that she likes to carry around hot sauce in her purse. Apparently she has a deep-seated affection for jalapeños as well. Aides that have worked with Clinton have said that they've seen her downing jalapeño slices for a snack like it's nothing. And jalapeños can be a tasty addition to a lot of different meals, but I'd wager that most people in the world couldn't scarf down more than one or two without feeling a bit queasy.

2 Barack Obama - Broccoli

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It's a pretty weird food to have as your favorite food, and yet somehow broccoli seems exactly like something that would be Barack Obama's favorite food. Broccoli kind of gets an unfairly bad rap in the culinary community. I mean, as far as vegetables go, I think they're actually pretty good and they make a nice addition to a lot of different kinds of meals, but broccoli being your favorite food out of every food on earth is a little odd. Clearly the Obamas like to keep healthy, and having a superfood as your favorite food is definitely pretty lucky, but plain old broccoli with no other accompaniments is bland to eat at best, and bitter as hell at worst. And clearly Barack is an incredibly straight-laced guy, so broccoli being his fave makes some sense, but dude, you're from Hawaii. The food there is incredible. How could broccoli have beaten out every other food you ate as a child?

1 Scott Foley - Scrambled Eggs With Peanut Butter

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He's probably best known for his roles on Felicity, Scandal, and The Unit as well as being the former Mr. Jennifer Garner, and Scott Foley probably isn't going to become well known for his culinary expertise any time soon. Foley shared his unusual breakfast choice on an Instagram video, explaining that the eggs smeared with peanut butter is a bit of a "family recipe" and that he enjoys it for the significant protein boost the combination gives him to start off the day. The video elicited some pretty strong responses from a lot of Foley's social media followers and became one of his most viewed Instagram videos of all time. And peanut butter is a staple of American cuisine and it can pair well with almost anything, but I don't think most people would go for peanut butter with eggs if they had a lot of options. I'm sure it's a healthy breakfast, but there are other, tastier ways to get your some extra protein with your eggs – like with cheese, for instance.

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