15 Celebs Who Were Nerds In School But Grew Up To Be Bombshells

Most of us are at least a little bit jealous of celebrities. They’re famous, rich and cool. They are known worldwide and they have their lives sorted. They’re lucky.

Most of us assume that celebrities were always cool and beautiful and popular. And of course, some of them were. Some of them were the most popular kids in school and they charmed everyone with their looks and their talent.

However, it may come as a shock but a lot of celebrities that are gorgeous and popular today were actually not at all cool or popular in school. Some of them had no friends and were not invited to parties. Some of them couldn’t find a girlfriend or a boyfriend. And some were total nerds.

Some celebrities were really into their grades and couldn’t imagine themselves getting anything less than a straight-A. Others were class presidents, members of the school’s debate team, members of the school’s science team, or members of the school’s band. Still others were theater geeks or sci-fi nerds. It’s hard to believe that a lot of these nerds turned out to be extremely hot celebrities!


15 Rashida Jones Was The President Of The Varsity Club

The American actress, screenwriter and singer Rashida Jones is an incredibly beautiful and talented woman. So you’d think that she was always like that and that people could see her potential from an early age.

However, Jones has revealed that she was “a chubby nerd. Nobody was trying to have sex with me, so I had to find other things, like reading and being good at school.” And she was indeed good at school! In fact, Jones has said – “In high school I never drank, I never smoked, I never smoked weed. I was president of the varsity club and was on the math team and then student government. I was in every activity.”

Jones actually graduated from Harvard where she studied religion and philosophy. And before her successful TV career she wanted to be a judge or a President!

14 Naya Rivera Compared Her Younger Self To Artie Or Rachel From Glee


The beautiful actress Naya Rivera played a cheerleader in Glee but in real life she was not at all popular in school. In fact, as shocking as it may sound, Rivera was actually a nerd in school and wasn’t accepted by her more popular peers.

Rivera has said that in real life she felt more like the nerdy Artie from Glee than Santana – “In high school I was most like Artie and Rachel. I knew what I wanted, like Rachel, although I wasn’t as obnoxious. But like Artie, I was a nerd, always trying to fit in and get my hair to lie flat.”

13 Jennifer Garner Was A Band Geek And Played The Saxophone

Today, Jennifer Garner is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Plus, she also seems really chilled out and cool. But she wasn’t always like that! It turns out that in high school Jennifer Garner was actually a band geek and played the saxophone!

In Late Night with Seth Meyers Garner took a trip down the memory lane. She said – “You know when you walk in a parade you have to really smoothly go heel-toe... because you don’t want to jostle your instrument... You want a steady gait. You want to key off with the person to your right because you want a straight line... You cannot mess around... You go to band camp, you stand in the sun and you practise marching at the same... steady level of gait. It’s not easy, Set!”

12 Rosario Dawson Produced Her Own Comic Book Series


Believe it or not but the actress Rosario Dawson was also a huge nerd back in school. She was, and still is, a huge fan of the Star Trek series. In fact, Dawson can actually understand and speak Klingon! Now she claims that she’s not exactly fluent but that’s still pretty impressive.

Dawson also produced her own comic book series called O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce. The comic book series is pretty much a supernatural take on Men in Black. Of course, the comic book's main characters consist mostly of powerful women.

Dawson is not ashamed to be a geek – “Geek to me is a really exclusive, really particular type of club, and it’s been really nice to be included.”

11 Eva Longoria Was A High School Band Geek

The absolutely stunning actress Eva Longoria had to be really cool and popular in school, right? Wrong! Eva Longoria was actually quite nerdy in high school! While we don’t know whether she cared much for her grades, we do know that she was really into music and playing instruments.

In fact, there’s a photo circulating on the internet of Longoria from 1992 when she was in high school. In the photograph, Longoria is wearing her full marching band uniform and has frizzy hair. Longoria was a drum major at Roy Miller High School which is located in Corpus Christi, Texas.

10 Charlize Theron Was Bullied For Being Nerdy


It hard to believe that the gorgeous, Oscar-winning actress and film producer Charlize Theron was once bullied in school. Theron has confessed that she was bullied in high school because she was so uncool.

Theron has said that she didn’t fit in with her peers and was not attractive enough to have a boyfriend – “I wore really nerdy glasses because I was blind as could be and the boys didn’t like [me].” She said that she didn’t have any boyfriends but she did have a lot of crushes.

Theron confessed that she did try to win the respect of her peers and even attempted to become friends with the popular girl in school. However, that didn’t really work and Theron cried when she couldn’t sit beside the popular girl.

9 Megan Fox Was, And Still Is, A Huge Lord Of The Rings Fan

No one can disagree that the actress and model Megan Fox is absolutely stunning. You’d think that she was one of the most popular girls in high school and that she didn’t care much about school or grades.

However, it turns out that back in the day Megan Fox was quite a nerd. And she still is! Believe it or not, but Fox has revealed that she’s a huge Lord of the Rings fan. She has said – “I’m a Lord of the Rings fan. And I’ll go on the forums and they’ll complain that Frodo is eating the Lembas bread outside of Mordor instead of in the Mines of Moria. And they get really mad... You cannot focus completely on pleasing them because you’ll never win.”


8 Natalie Portman Skipped The Premiere Of Her Own Movie To Study For Finals


The gorgeous, Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman was a huge nerd back when she was in school. Portman was a straight A student in school even though she was already acting. From an early age Portman knew how to manage her time. She played Queen Amidala in the 1999 Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. When the episode was released, she skipped its premiere instead choosing to study for her high school’s final exams!

Portman also co-authored her first scientific paper while she was still in high school. The paper was titled 'A Simple Method to Demonstrate the Enzymatic Production of Hydrogen from Sugar’.

Even though at the time Portman was already a successful actress she entered Harvard where she studied psychology. In 2002, she even said that she might leave the acting business to become a vet or a clinical psychologist. And she said – “I’d rather be smart than a movie star.”

7 Margot Robbie Was A Potterhead And Wore Fake Glasses So She Would Look More Like Harry Potter

The stunning Australian actress Margot Robbie was not always so beautiful and cool. In fact, back in the day she was a bit of a nerd and a Potterhead! Last year when Robbie appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live she confessed that she lied about her eyesight so she could get glasses and look more like Harry Potter.

One of Robbie’s friends actually shared a picture of a young Robbie reading Harry Potter in bed, a cup of tea in her hands and her hair slicked back. And of course she wore braces and her (fake) glasses!

Robbie commented on the picture saying – “Literally the most embarrassing photo of my whole life.”

6 Zoe Saldana Was An Unpopular Geek In High School


The beautiful and charming actress Zoe Saldana, best known for her role in Avatar, was also quite a nerd when she was in school. She wasn’t cool and she wasn’t popular. But now Saldana is cool and popular, and she loves the feeling!

At the premiere of the action film The Losers Saldana has said – “It’s if you were a geek in school, and I was, so it’s cool to feel cool for five minutes because I never knew what it was like when I was younger. So booya!” Saldana also said – “But it’s really cool as an artist to be able to expand and push yourself because I only know how far I can go when I push myself.”

5 Julia Roberts Played The Clarinet And Was A Band Geek

The actress Julia Roberts, probably best known for her role in Pretty Woman, was not very cool in school. In fact, believe it or not but back in the day she was a bit of a geek. We don’t know whether she cared much for grades and doing well in school, but we do know that she was a band geek.

Roberts played the clarinet in a band. Unfortunately for us, Roberts hasn’t talked much about her nerdy past so we don’t know how cool and popular she was. However, we can make a pretty good guess that she was neither cool nor popular. But look where she is today!

4 Paula Abdul Was On Her School's Science Team And Played The Flute In The Band


The actress, singer and TV personality Paula Abdul is extremely talented, not to mention, extremely hot. So it may come as a bit of a shock to learn that back in the day Abdul was a major nerd.

Abdul was part of her high school science team. As if that wasn’t bad enough for her popularity, she was also part of the school’s band – she played the flute. Abdul was also on her school’s debate team. To top it off, she was the class president.

Now, how does one go from this geeky background to becoming to pop-music sensation and reality show judge?

3 Kate Beckinsale Won The W. H. Smith Literary Award For Her Short Stories

The stunning English actress Kate Beckinsale wasn’t always as pretty. Today Beckinsale often appears in sexiest woman of the world lists but it wasn’t always like that. In fact, when Beckinsale was in school she felt like an ugly duckling.

Beckinsale was also a nerd in school – she spoke several languages and wrote short stories and poems that went on to win awards. In fact, Beckinsale won the national W.H. Smith Literary Award twice in a row.

After school Beckinsale went to Oxford University where she studied French, German and Russian and had her nose buried in French and Russian texts. Beckinsale was about to become a librarian when she embarked on her acting career.

2 Zac Efron Was A Singing And Dancing Nerd


Who can dispute that the actor Zac Efron, best known for his role in High School Musical, is a bit of a heartthrob. You’d think that he was extremely popular in high school and had many girlfriends. But apparently that’s not true.

A couple of years ago when Efron was on The Late Late Show James Corden said that school must have been amazing for Efron. However, as surprising as it may be, Efron confessed that he was very nerdy in school and not at all popular – “In actual school I was singing and dancing. It just wasn’t cool... I was very nerdy because of it.”

1 Keri Russell Was In The Mickey Mouse Club

The actress Keri Russell, best known for her roles in Running Wilde and The Americans, is not only talented but also extremely beautiful. She also seems rather cool so of course you’d imagine that she was popular in high school.

However, it turns out that she wasn’t really popular in school. If anything, Russell was a bit of a nerd. In fact, she has said – “Again, this confirms how uncool I am. Most 16-year-olds were, like, smoking pot and stealing cars or something, and I was on the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ singing about Mickey Mouse and doing dance moves to Bell Biv Devoe.”


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