15 Celebs Who Were Forced To Lose Weight In Hollywood

It is common knowledge that Hollywood is a very looks-orientated place. For this reason, if a person wishes to succeed here, they will have to adhere to a certain physical standard. But what happens if the pressure placed upon these stars reaches an unjustifiable level? One of the main issues in instances like this is celebrities being forced to lose weight in order to look good on-screen or on the runway

Oftentimes, movie producers will make outrageous demands, expecting actors to be able to shed 10 or 20 pounds with only a few weeks’ notice. When demands like this are made it can turn serious very quickly. Many stars do not want to face losing their parts in a movie, so feel they have no other choice than to try and shed weight, regardless of the effect it may have on their health. This leads to stars starving themselves or taking part in extreme exercise routines. This is clearly not something a person's body can put up with for an extended period of time and makes it hard to comprehend how anyone could demand this from another human being. Take a look at some of the unfortunate celebrities on our list who fell victim to Hollywood’s depraved expectations…

15 Sienna Miller

14 Kylie Bisutti

13 Margaret Cho

12 Jason Segel

11 Anne Hathaway

10 Tina Fey

9 Nia Vardalos

8 Christian Bale

7 Haley Atwell

6 Cara Delevingne

5 Amy Schumer

4 Margot Robbie

3 Jennifer Lawrence

2 Gigi Hadid

1 Judy Garland

The most extreme case of celebrities being forced to lose weight comes in the form of Hollywood icon Judy Garland. The conditions the star faced throughout her career are quite harrowing. It did not emerge till many years later, just how much suffering Garland endured. When Garland was just 14 years old she was cast in her first feature film, Pigskin Parade, a musical about college football. It is claimed that while filming her scenes, Garland was told by MGM that she looked like a "fat little pig with pigtails." Keep in mind this was 1936 and studio contracts were ridiculous, due to the fact producers were given a ludicrous amount of control over actors. This was when Garland was put on her first diet, with food literally being taken out of her hands. Things only got worse as the years went on, like when Garland was 18 and was cast in her most prominent role, The Wizard of Oz. Although things may have seemed fine and dandy on screen, off-screen they couldn’t have been more difficult. It has emerged that Garland was forced to consume only black coffee and chicken soup, along with having 80 cigarettes a day to curb her appetite. Furthermore, Garland was force-fed some type of pill that she was informed would stop her from feeling hungry. This horrific treatment had a lifelong effect, damaging the star permanently as she suffered from eating disorders throughout the remainder of her life.

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15 Celebs Who Were Forced To Lose Weight In Hollywood