15 Celebs Who Were Caught Telling Big Fat Lies

“It’s just makeup!”, “I didn’t have an affair with her!”, “There is no tape!” When we tell such lies to friends, lovers, and family, it’s very possible that we get away with it. Or at least the consequences won’t be the size of a deadly earthquake. But when a celebrity is caught lying, it’s another story. Of course, a little white lie now and then is forgivable and can be swiftly brushed under the rug. The famous like to spin the truth in order to attract media attention and to boost their reputation. How else can we explain Kim Kardashian making her way into being one of the most famous women in the world?

But twisting the truth doesn’t always work in their favor. Sometimes the lies get so big and so fat that they can lead even to criminal charges. Remember Martha Stewart and why she went to jail? It’s difficult to grasp why famous people try to get away with their lies in the first place when they are always in the spotlight. And if you have seen even one episode of Pretty Little Liars, you’ll know that the truth comes out eventually, and it is rarely pretty.

The following 15 celebs have told jaw-dropping lies to their fans and to each other. And the fact that they were caught and brought to justice by the public is somehow rewarding, right?

15 Justin Bieber Owns A Private Jet…In His Dreams

When a nerdy friend or some douchebag posts a picture of himself in front of a red Porsche which doesn’t belong to him, we are inclined to benevolently ignore it. But when a high-caliber celebrity like Justin Bieber does the same it’s already pathetic and we can’t help but criticize and ridicule him for that! In 2014, the pop star posted a selfie on Instagram in a private jet. The caption read, “New jet for Christmas, and she’s beautiful!” This certainly made the fans believe he had bought the jet for himself as a Christmas present. Back then, however, Bieber’s net worth was $200 million, and if we do some math, we’ll come to the conclusion that buying a jet for $60 million would have been a really bad investment. So no, Santa didn’t bring THIS present to THIS naughty boy.

14 Shania Twain Lied About Her Native American Heritage

This was not the first time someone famous lied about their ethnicity to make themselves more exotic. Years ago, when Angelina Jolie went publicly like, “I have Iroquois blood running in my veins,” her dad, Jon Voight instantly denied it.

Since the beginning of her career, the Canadian singer and songwriter Shania Twain had been saying she was proud of her Native American background. But the truth eventually came out. Twain had claimed that Jerry Twain, an Ojibway Indian, was her father. This, however, turned out to be only half true as Twain is indeed Indian, but he is not Shania’s biological father. Her real dad, Clarence Edwards, is half French and half Irish. So, sorry, Shan, but you are just a simple Irish girl after all!

13 Tonya Harding Hired Someone To Break The Leg Of A Competitor

Sometimes looks can be deceiving. She was a young, beautiful, and successful athlete. Figure-skater Tonya Harding was the first American woman to complete a triple axel, and the first person in sports history to hire a hitman to break the leg of her strongest competitor. The year was 1994. Harding’s ex-hubby and her bodyguard planned the attack, and they hired some guy called Shane Stant to beat up Nancy Kerrigan. Stant attacked his victim with a tactical baton, but failed in breaking her leg. Harding denied having any prior knowledge about the attack, but the truth soon unraveled. It came out that Harding had lied about everything, starting with her handwriting on a note used as evidence. In the very same year, Harding was banned from the U.S. Figure Skating Association after finally pleading guilty to the gruesome attack.

12 Lindsay Lohan Photoshopped Herself

Through the most turbulent years of her career, Lindsay Lohan kept not only the police, but also the social media busy, busy, busy… Although she claims she has turned her back to her demons and is now living a healthy, scandal-free life, she still seems to be full of surprises showing her in a non-flattering light. Two years ago, she tweeted a selfie which intended to show the results of a waist-training corset. But even to the untrained eye, it was obvious the image was distorted in some places - a sure sign it was poorly photoshopped. Of course, she was hugely ridiculed for this. It seems, though, she hasn’t learned her lesson because now she comes up with another photo of herself in a black leotard, which makes her rear look bigger. And again she’s failed in her Photoshop attempt because the background behind her “curvy” figure is totally deformed.

11 Taylor Swift Lied About Kanye West’s 'Famous'

This has turned into one of the biggest social media scandals in Hollywood in the past decade. It all started with the notorious line in Kanye West’s song Famous: ‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that b**ch famous”. Swift’s reaction to these derogatory lyrics was …well… swift and brutal. She complained about being victimized by West and him taking the credit for her success. But then the Invincible Kim took matters into her hands. She broke the internet by posting a Snapchat video of a conversation between Swift and West, in which Swift was saying she had no problem with the lyrics. That was a huge blow as Swift had been whining for weeks about how she had insisted on being “excluded from the narrative.” Sister, if you really wanted to be excluded from the narrative, you should have said that first thing when the rapper called you to ask for your consent!

10 Tiger Woods Is A Pathological Liar

No matter what it is about – losing his front teeth, sabotaging a competition, or cheating on his wife for many years – it seems that Tiger Woods is just incapable of being truthful. First, in 2013, he was accused of lying and “lacking character” by Players Championship marshal when he intentionally distracted his competitor Sergio Garcia in order to get ahead in a tournament. Two years later, pictures of the number one golfer with a missing front tooth started circulating. He could have just kept quiet or told the truth about what had happened to him, but instead he came up with a totally invented story. He told everybody his tooth was knocked out when he was accidentally smacked in the face by a camera. Of course, no videos or photos of the alleged incident appeared, so we guess the way Woods lost his tooth must have been so embarrassing that he preferred telling a lie.

And let us not start on his love affairs because the list of his dishonesties is as long as his arm…

9 Tyga Lied About His Background To Create A 'Bad Boy' Image For Himself

People usually lie about their discrediting past in order to get a decent job or make a fresh start in life. This infamous rapper, however, did exactly the opposite. He wanted so much to fit in the stereotypical image of a disgraced black boy from the hood that he rewrote his entire childhood.

To start with, his real name is Michael Nguyen-Stevenson, and if you are still wondering, yes, he is half-Vietnamese and half-Jamaican. Secondly, the Californian rapper wanted us to believe that he was born and raised in Compton - a working class city that has become notorious for the highest crime rates in the state of California. The truth is, however, that Michael, a.k.a Tyga, grew up in the Valley, in the suburb of Gardena, with wealthy parents and a Range Rover in the garage. Although he was caught lying about his past, he has stubbornly continued to claim his Compton roots were legit. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

8 Kris Jenner Ironed Out Some Wrinkles

Most people would Photoshop themselves in their Instagram photos for understandable reasons, but they wouldn’t bother to retouch the image of the other people in the photo. But Kris Jenner is not most people, and she certainly thinks about everything… and everybody. In this Instagram photo with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, she took good care of not only polishing her own face, but also helping chef Ramsay get rid of some of his wrinkles. Kris looks dazzling, of course, while Gordon seems as if hot potato mousse has been smeared all over his face. The result wouldn’t have been so hilarious if Ramsay hadn’t posted an almost identical picture on his profile. Only without a filter.

7 Britney Spears Said She Was Saving Herself For Marriage

When she was still a fresh, rising star on the Hollywood horizon, Britney was spreading around the good word that she was still a virgin, and would never, under any circumstances have sex before she got married. We agree that this “confession” went perfectly well with the innocent image she was selling in the early 2000s, but nobody really believed it. It was Justin Timberlake, Britney’s Mickey Mouse Club co-star, who revealed the truth. In 2003, he announced Spears lost his virginity to him. But then Spears’ mom, Lynne Spears, stepped in and claimed Timberlake must have been somehow misled because her daughter had lost her virginity long before she started dating him. The lucky guy was some high school football player from Kentwood, Louisiana.

6 Brooks Ayers Faked Cancer And Medical Bills

He became famous as the boyfriend of Real Housewives of OC’s Vicki Gunvalson. But subsequently, he had more media attention than his notorious TV celebrity partner had ever received. It came as a shock when, in 2013, Brooks Ayers was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. On the reality show and in interviews and talk shows, he openly discussed his illness and the subsequent treatment. However, the City of Hope hospital, the name of which he was constantly mentioning, released a statement that they had no record of Ayers as a cancer patient, and that he certainly did not receive any medical treatment at their facility. It was further disclosed that Ayers also forged hospital bills, probably in an attempt to use his fake illness as a storyline on RHOC. He wanted to demonstrate that he too could “manufacture gossip/fakeness and create a lot of unnecessary drama that simply didn’t make any sense.” Or at least that was the excuse for his actions he presented to the media.

5 Brian Williams Lied About A Helicopter Accident During The Iraq War

Lying to your buddies that you had a hot date with the gorgeous blonde from the carwash is one thing, and lying to the whole world about almost being killed in a helicopter incident just because it sounds like an exciting story is another! Especially if you are not just a guy called Brian, but the NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams! He told a story about the time he was covering the invasion of Iraq in 2003. He claimed he was aboard a helicopter which was hit and forced down by enemies. But the veterans who were also involved in the incident asserted nothing of the kind happened. Williams had no other choice but to apologize on air. He told viewers he didn’t remember many details of the event and that led to his confusion. NBC News suspended America’s beloved anchor for six months without pay.

4 Khloé Kardashian Pretended To Be A Thanksgiving Miracle Baker

Khloé Kardashian is one of the many members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan who has never demonstrated any extraordinary qualities. So, what is a girl to do but try to dazzle instead with completely unexpected talents instead. Khloé posted on Instagram a picture of three gorgeous looking pies and said she baked them herself. The caption read, “I am soooo proud of myself! lol can I say that???” No, Khloé, darling, you cannot. Simply because you don’t deserve to take credit for someone else’s work. We KNOW you didn’t lift a single finger to make those baked goods! An investigative site found out that the pies were ordered from a bakery in L.A. The wanna-be baker only set up an improvised photoshoot and swore to all her fans she had spent hours in the kitchen to produce those heavenly Thanksgiving pies.

3 Sean Kingston Bragged About A Car That Didn’t Belong To Him

Everybody knows the Biebs and Sean Kingston are buddies. Or at least they used to be until Kingston started milking their friendship a bit too much. Back in 2012, he lied to everyone that he was the new owner of Bieber’s sports car - the one that Scooter Brown, Justin’s manager, gave to Justin as a birthday present. “When you’re best friends with one of the biggest pop stars in the world,” the Jamaica-born rapper said, “you get all kinds of gifts.” Or do you, Sean? The truth is that Justin ONLY parked his flashy vehicle in front of Sean’s house, and his bestie took it out for a ride around town. We guess that ever since this “misunderstanding”, Sean Kingston hasn’t been trusted again with other people’s belongings.

2 James Frey Became Famous And Made Millions From A Faked Autobiography

This one totally deserved to be exposed and publicly scorned for what he did! James Frey’s memoir about his recovery from alcohol and drug addiction A Million Little Pieces became a sensation, and the author was hailed as a hero by all those on drugs out there trying to get clean. In 2006, the book was selected for Oprah Winfrey’s book club, making Frey the first living author to be given that honor in more than three years. The autobiography became a number one bestseller on Amazon and was translated into 22 languages. But then, in 2005, an investigative website revealed that Frey made up a great part of the book. America was in shock. And very much infuriated! Initially, Winfrey stood by her hero, but as more disturbing truths about the book emerged, she came up with the following statement, “I feel duped. But more importantly, I feel that he betrayed millions of readers.”

Following the events, South Park created a parody with their character Towelie, entitled A Million Little Fibers.

1 Victoria Beckham Lied Her Head Off About Her "Enhancements"

She is certainly not the only one who has tried to convince us that her chest looks the way it does because of a push-up bra. But Victoria Beckham overdid it with her lies. She had been denying for years that she had undergone surgery for a breast augmentation. But then, one sunny day in July 2009, she slipped up. It happened before an L.A. Dodgers baseball game, where Victoria was given the honor of throwing the first pitch. She walks off the field, and says loudly in her mic that she is a bit worried her pitch would displace her implants. Boom! The truth was out! Her D-cups remained intact, but the damage to her reputation was done. Some years later, the former Spice Girls member had a reduction, and she now claims she regrets of having had the surgery in the first place.

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