15 Celebs Who Went From Mistress to Mrs.

Living the life of a celebrity is never dull. The media’s always vying for plenty of juicy gossip, there’s plenty of digging that goes on, and more often than not, lots of scandalous facts come to light. Look at some of the lives these women have led, and they’re as interesting as some of the movies some of them have been in – no shortage of drama, twists and turns, heartache, or love.

There are a lot of really prominent figures on this list, and some that may actually surprise a lot of you. Some of these celebs are deemed to be straight up, solid individuals who are loved by the masses and tend to stay away from controversy. That may be the case, but in their private lives, they haven’t always been the straight-laced individuals they seem to be.

For these celebs, who they’re dating or who they’re getting with is always the media’s favorite topic, and definitely one that draws plenty of tabloid speculation. So imagine when they did some digging, and the news broke that they were actually, for all extents and purposes, mistresses! Mistress – it’s a pretty dirty word, but one that these celebs were labelled with for a period of time before tying the knot and becoming Mrs. Yes, these femme fatales started off their relationships in scandalous fashion, but they stuck it out, managed to deal with the paparazzi tracking their every move, and did it all in the name of love. These are 15 of those celebs, women who went from being a mistress to a Mrs.

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15 Miranda Lambert

Singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert started her rise to fame in the mid-2000s, and it was during this time that she started seeing fellow country singer, songwriter, and now TV personality, Blake Shelton. Their first interactions together was when they were performing on stage at the same gig, the CMT 100 Greatest Duets concert, in 2005. There was instant attraction between the two, love was in the air, and over the next few months, romance blossomed. But there was one problem – a pretty big problem – with all of this, not that either of the two lovebirds seemed to give a damn; love stands in the way of nothing, can’t simmer down for anyone. The problem was that Blake wasn’t available – or shouldn’t have been. It wasn’t even the fact that he was in a relationship with someone else – he was already married! He was married to Kanyette Williams, but evidently, this wasn’t a problem for him, as he continued to pursue Lambert, and she didn’t exactly stop him. He’s said they felt sparks fly, and they fell in love right there on stage. Obviously, Blake and his wife divorced, and then four years later, Blake and Miranda got engaged, before tying the knot in 2011. But their marriage was short-lived, because after just four years, they went their separate ways. Any regrets, Blake? Was it worth wrecking a marriage for a measly four years being man and wife? Only they’ll be able to say.

14 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has been in the news quite a bit recently, due to her much publicized split from Brad Pitt. The two were the star couple of the Hollywood scene, but when they first got together, what seems like many moons ago in 2004, there were plenty of raised eyebrows because when their relationship took place, Brad got with Angelina at the expense of Jennifer Aniston, who he was still married to. Yes, Angie was essentially Brad’s mistress, and Brangelina began to form behind the much-loved Jen’s back. The affair was kept under wraps while the two were filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but everything soon came out, they went public, and things began to progress pretty quickly, and kids – lots of them – started to come into the picture.

Angelina has also done this before, remember Billy Bob Thorton? Ang married him in 2000, to the surprise of a lot of people, especially Thorton’s fiancé at the time, who happened to be actress Laura Dern.

13 Amber Heard

Johnny Depp is renowned amongst the film fraternity for getting around quite a bit. He’s certainly a ladies man and has been in a string of relationships during the course of his time in the limelight, and even before he achieved superstardom. One such relationship, his longest by a country mile, was his relationship with French singer-songwriter, musician, actress, and model, Vanessa Paradis. They were together for the better part of 14 years, and had two kids together, but never ended up tying the knot. That’s a hell of a long time to be with someone and not get married, but that’s because Johnny was dead-set against the idea and vowed he never would, probably due to the failure of his previous marriage. It’s just as well they didn’t, because when Amber Heard came into the picture, marriage suddenly came on the cards. There was a crossover when their relationship started, because Johnny was still with Vanessa at the time. Johnny and Amber met in 2011, began living together the following year, and ended up getting hitched three years later. As you may know, it didn't end well.

12 Julia Roberts

This just shows the effect that Julia Roberts can have on a guy, that he’d be willing to ditch everything just to be with her.

Julia has been in a number of relationships with some prominent names in the industry. No disrespect to him, but Daniel Moder is not really one of those star names. In 2000, while Julia filming The Mexican with Daniel working behind the camera, they began to cosy up to each other in between shoots and romance quickly blossomed. It must have been one hell of a romance between the two because both were with people at the time – Daniel was actually married to a women named Vera Steimberg – and thought nothing of ditching them so they could be together. Daniel was married, and Julia was also with someone – actor Benjamin Bratt.

Daniel filed for divorce and after everything was done and dusted with his marriage, he and Julia tied the knot, went on to have three kids together, and are still going strong today, which makes a pleasant change from the divorces that tend to be happening in the celeb world all the time.

11 Gisele Bündchen

Brazilian fashion model and actress Gisele Bündchen may not be the most famous person on this list, but I’m sure everyone would agree that she’s absolutely stunning, and her popularity has never been questioned. It actually skyrocketed around 2006 when it was revealed that she was dating New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. They were set up on a blind date and instantly hit it off, but the blind date should never have happened because Tom was already involved with someone. He was dating actress and model, Bridget Moynahan, had been for the last three years. Not only did he leave his partner for Gisele, he left her when she was pregnant with his son. Amazingly, on Bridget’s part, they’ve managed to maintain a civil relationship for the sake of their child, although Tom’s off playing happy family with Gisele, as they’re now married and have two kids together.

10 Gabrielle Union

American actress Gabrielle Union started to rise to fame way back in the early 90s, thanks to her TV stints on sitcoms and appearances in teen movies, as well as various other appearances in the media. She has steadily risen through the ranks, and is today one of the best and most recognizable actresses around.

She’s also known for her dating history, for being in a relationship with NBA player Dwyane Wade. They initially got together in 2009 and remained together for quite some time, before splitting up but later reconciling. One person that wasn’t best pleased about all of this was Wade’s wife, Siohvaughn. She was his high school sweetheart, they were married for eight years, and had two kids together. There was a long three-year court battle, after which their divorce was finally granted and he was awarded custody of his two kids.

But things got ugly during the court proceedings, with Siohvaughn even taking Union to court, saying she was the reason her kids were emotionally damaged because of the affair. The ex is now out of the picture and Union and Wade are still happily married.

9 Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith has been around for absolute yonks, but today it’s one of her daughters that’s stolen the limelight. Dakota Johnson has been killing it as of late, due to her role as the submissive in the Fifty Shades movies; millions have seen those movies, but one person who hasn’t and won’t, is her step-dad of 19 years, legendary actor Antonio Banderas.

Melanie had an on-again off-again relationship with Don Johnson. They married, separated, reconciled, separated, and it was during one of these periods of separation – during which she was still married to him – that she fell head over heels for Antonio. He too was married at the time to Ana Leza, but Antonio and Melanie’s love for each other led them to get a divorce from their respective partners, and once everything was finalized, they tied the knot themselves, and ended up having a daughter together during what was a pretty long marriage.

8 Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

This is an interesting one and someone you wouldn’t really expect to be on this list, because she is, after all, royalty. But when she started dating Charles, Prince of Wales, she was actually his mistress. This might surprise a lot of people since Camilla and Charles were both divorced and had been for quite some time before getting hitched in 2005 and becoming future queen in the process.

But they actually met way back in 1970, at a polo match. They began dating soon after, but when Charles joined the Navy, they went their separate ways. Interesting fact: Camilla’s great-grandmother was the favorite mistress of Charles’ great-great grandad! Anyway, they both met and married other people, but rekindled their romance in 1986, while they were both married. Charles actually openly said that Camilla was his mistress, they both divorced their respective partners, got together officially, and then in 2003, Charles moved Camilla into the royal households. Scandalous stuff in the British royal family!

7 LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes is one of the biggest stars in the country music scene today. Pretty much everything she releases nowadays become top 10 hits, and she has had a string of successes since she rose to prominence, picking up various awards and accolades for fun. She also writes books – proper novels and kids’ books – so she’s got plenty of strings to her bow.

LeAnn was in the middle of a major legal battle when she began to find herself in the tabloids for another reason. She was married at the time, but the marriage was done for when it became known that she was having an extramarital affair with actor Eddie Cibrian, whose wife, Brandi Glanville, was filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at the time. Their marriage ended too, so then the path was clear for LeAnn and Eddie to tie the knot, which they eventually did in 2011.

6 Britney Spears

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline arrive for the 2004 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada in this December 8, 2004 file photo. Spears will pay child support of $20,000 to Kevin Federline and will make a final payment of $250,000 to his legal firm, according to an agreement between the couple filed in court on July 25, 2008. The monthly child support payment amounts to a $5,000 increase over the total that Spears and Federline agreed to last year, the court papers showed. REUTERS/Steve Marcus/Files (UNITED STATES) - RTX84RW

Britney Spears is another prominent name on this list who was considered to be a homewrecker, who didn’t think twice about jumping into bed with someone who was already spoken for.

Britney and Kevin Federline got involved with each other around 2004, and things quickly became serious. But the dancer, rapper, and TV personality has said he found everything “overwhelming” and that it was all like a kind of whirlwind experience. If it was overwhelming for Kevin, imagine what Kevin’s partner at the time must have felt. Yes, Kevin was seeing actress and singer Shar Jackson at the time, and they’d actually been dating for three years, were engaged, and had two kids. Jackson has said that Kevin getting with Britney was like “breaking up a family." Oh, did we mention Shar was pregnant at the time, too? Was it worth it? Britney and Kevin enjoyed three years of marriage together, and had two sons, before calling it quits, so you can make your own minds up. Judging by some of the stuff they’ve said about each other since, embarking on the whirlwind romance may not have been the best idea.

5 Liz Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was married a staggering eight times, but has said that it was only her fifth husband who she really loved, that she really wanted to be with. It makes you wonder then, that those who came before weren’t that serious, that she was, in a way, auditioning them to be her hubby so she could have a man by her side. Judging by the superstardom that Liz achieved, there would have been no shortage of guys wanting to be that man.

Liz was married to very different characters. Eddie Fisher was the straight-laced type, who really cared for his wife, but unfortunately for him, the feeling wasn’t really reciprocated, and Liz knew, even after just four months of marriage, that she’d made a mistake. All of that after Liz essentially stole Eddie from her close friend at the time Debbie Reynolds, who he was married to. Liz’s husband had just died in a car crash, so she found comfort in the arms of one of her best friend’s husband – it sparked a major Hollywood scandal at the time and understandably so.

4 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is one of those women whose private lives attract a ton of media attention, and that’s because JLo’s given them plenty over the years, plenty of stuff with which to fill the gossip columns.

In 2004, JLo embarked on a relationship with long-time pal, singer-songwriter Marc Anthony. They’d known each other for quite some time, and thought nothing of tying the knot after just a few months of officially dating. Lopez subsequently gave birth to twins, but in 2011, things between the two had soured and they ended up divorcing, ending their marriage, and it’s safe to say, friendship too. One person who wouldn’t have been consoling the two is Dayanara Torres. The former Miss Universe was married to Marc when he started dating JLo; in fact they were still married until just before Marc married JLo, so JLo was obviously dating Marc for quite some time while he was still a married man.

3 Brittany Kerr

NBA cheerleader and former American Idol hopeful, Brittany Kerr, found herself the subject of plenty of media attention back in 2016, when she was seen out and about cosying up to country singing sensation Jason Aldean. The two were seen hooking up in a bar when Jason was still hitched to his childhood sweetheart, Jessica Ussery, and this prompted a massive scandal which ended up in divorce. Jason has said he “screwed up,” and Brittany has chimed in, saying hooking up with a married man was a “lapse in judgment” – she didn’t think twice at the time, so she’s probably thinking that it was a lapse in judgment to do it out in the open and get caught.

Jason and Jessica were together for 12 years and had two daughters together. It was a true love story of school sweethearts staying with each other as they grew up and eventually getting hitched and starting a happy family, but to put it bluntly, Brittany and Jason then ruined the fairy-tale.

2 Tori Spelling

When American actress, television personality, socialite and author – is there anything this woman hasn’t done? – Tori Spelling, hooked up with Dean McDermott back in 2005, she was hooking up with a married man. Tori herself was also married at the time, to actor and writer Charlie Shanian, but when she met Dean on the set of a movie, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, started an affair which ultimately ended up breaking up two marriages. The affair began the very night they met and soon became public knowledge, much to the shock and horror of their respective other halfs.

Dean was married to actress Mary Jo Eustace, but their divorce was finalized around six months after she found out about the affair. Tori too got divorced, so the two continued their relationship and ended up making it official, getting married in 2006.

What happened next was lead some people to say that Tori got a taste of her own medicine. Dean cheated on her with Emily Goodhand in 2013, and that was that for the couple, and Tori and Dean have stayed together through it all.

1 Alicia Keys

Now, there are very few people in this world who don’t love Alicia Keys. She’s produced a ton of hit singles, has morphed into a TV personality over the years, and mesmerizes people with her voice, not to mention her piano playing. A deserved winner of a ton of awards including 15 Grammy Awards, it’s no surprise that her private life has always been the subject of plenty of media attention.

In 2008, the singing sensation began dating a rapper who goes by the name of Swizz Beatz. Alicia fell for Swizz, and after almost a year of trying to hide their relationship from the prying eyes of the media, they went public, got married, and had two kids together. But at the start of it all, perhaps the reason they tried to hide their relationship was because Swizz was married to Mashonda Tifrere and had actually just had a baby with her.

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