15 Celebs Who Vowed To Never Have Children... But Still Did

While the 15 celebrities below never expected parenthood, they had children anyway.

Guess how many children are born per day. If you guessed the number 353,000, then you get the gold star. With so many babies coming into the world every 24 hours, people can hardly imagine men and women childless. Everybody and their mother's having a kid, so who's not giving birth? Well, countries like China or India may be heavily populated, but other countries are choosing their birth control and Plan B pills instead.

According to The Huffington Post, the United States is a prime example. "According to the U.S. Census Bureau's Current Population Survey, in 2014, 47.6 percent of women between age 15 and 44 had never had children, up from 46.5 percent in 2012. This represents the highest percentage of childless women since the bureau started tracking that data in 1975," the newspaper states.

While Americans are opting to live their lives without children, there are a few who have changed their minds, and their pregnancy announcements are definitely a surprise. Just look at the many celebrities who never wanted children but they have them anyway. Whether they planned on giving birth, or whether their pregnancy was a blessing in dis-guise, the stars have at least one thing in common—they're happy to be parents.

Life can work in mysterious ways, and life's just as unplanned as an accidental pregnancy. However, there's always beauty within surprises. While the 15 celebrities below never expected parenthood, they had children anyway. A few have even chosen to expand their families after their firstborn. They just wanted to multiply the love.

15 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a mother to six children with three she's given birth to and three she's adopted. Even though her life now consists of helping with homework, reading bedtime stories, and going to soccer practices, the mother never thought she'd be playing one of life's most coveted roles—a mother.

"It's strange. I never wanted to have a baby. I never wanted to be pregnant. I never baby-sat. I never thought of myself as a mother," she said to CTV News.

She changed her mind when she went to Cambodia to film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The country helped shape the millionaire's perspective, and she knew she had a purpose outside of the film industry. "It was suddenly very clear to me that my son was in the country, somewhere," she reveals.

14 Jackie Siegel

Jackie Siegel, the wife of David Siegel, is one of the richest wives in the United States, and her wealth has allowed her to have and to afford eight children. In her documentary, Queen of Versailles, she told producers that she never wanted children. She was too focused on the fruits of her modeling career. However, when she gave birth to her first child, Victoria, she fell in love. She wanted more children.

She was living her fairytale, and then she was living a mother's worst nightmare.

Her eldest daughter passed away of a drug overdose. "I'm trying to be strong for the kids," she told a People correspondent. Even though mothers can bear their greatest joys, they also have to bear their greatest sorrows. May Victoria rest in peace, and may her family find the peace they deserve.

13 Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt and his wife Heidi Montag, were hesitant about parenthood, especially Pratt. When they were on several reality shows like Marriage Boot Camp and Big Brother, the pair were often distraught over the entire situation. Montag wanted children in the future, but Pratt was quick to reject the idea. The husband and wife were always arguing because of the contentious subject, but they got over the issue quickly.

They just announced that they're expecting a baby. Montag's due October 19, 2017, and Pratt's just as excited as his wife. He says to US Weekly, "Heidi said, 'I'm pregnant', I was like, 'Whoa, that's way more exciting than banana bread!'"

12 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey gave birth to her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, in 2011, but she was just as surprised as the rest of the world. The "Obsessed" singer never considered motherhood as part of her reality. She was just one woman who could live without the hullabaloo. Then she met her now ex Nick Cannon, and the doyenne fell in love. She wanted to start a family with the jack of all trades.

Their babies gave her a newfound purpose in life, and she was so thankful she had them. They're her world. "I never thought I was going to have kids. I remember being a little girl and going, 'I don't think I'm going to have babies,' but things change. [My twins] give me a reason to live," she said to an Entertainment Tonight spokesperson.

11 Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell, a man once known as the infamous judge on American Idol, was hell-bent on never becoming a father. He was just fine being the bachelor with a bevy of beauties by his side. However, life had other plans for the multimillionaire. He got his best friend's wife pregnant, and he's now a dad to his three-year-old son, Eric. He was just as shocked as everyone else, but he was pleasantly shocked. In an older interview, the mogul relayed his excitement.

"Things are changing in my life for the better. [My girlfriend] is a very special girl. Now I know I feel good about it," he said of her pregnancy in a 2013 interview.

10 Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez was in a state of disbelief when she took a pregnancy test. She was expecting a negative sign, and not a positive one. While the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star always thought she would eventually have children, the 30-year-old woman believed she would wait a few more years before giving birth. However, December 2016 was the singer's due date. She welcomed her daughter, Bonnie Bella, into the world. She fell in love, but she was still nervous about being a mother.

"I feel like a kid myself. I'm not ready for kids," she dishes.

9 George Clooney

George Clooney, the womanizer of all womanizers, never, ever wanted children. Ever. He was concerned more so with his career and string of girlfriends than anything else. Then he met Amal, and the human rights lawyer convinced him to have another outlook.

While the actor was always in conflict about the idea of "procreation," he and his wife were expecting, anyway. They were outed by The Talk's Julie Chen, and US Weekly reports that the pair will most likely meet their twins in June of 2017. His priorities now are a far cry from his priorities of the past. In 2010, he told Daily Mail just how serious he was about living the bachelor lifestyle.

"Raising kids is a huge commitment and has to be your top priority. For me, that priority is my work. That's why I'll never get married again," he said.

8 Joe Gnoffo

Joe Gnoffo, known for his appearances on Little Women: LA, could live without having a child or two. His wife Terra Jolé, the protagonist of the reality show, was the one to nag him into the possibility of fatherhood. When she gave birth to their firstborn, Penelope, a couple years ago, he was content. However, she really wanted their daughter to have a little brother or sister.

She was successful in her mission. Last year, she gave birth to their second child, Grayson.

"Getting pregnant a second time was worth all the convincing I had to do! Penny now gets to grow up with a baby brother," Terra says to a US Weekly representative.

7 Tashera Simmons

Tashera Simmons, the wife of rapper DMX, has survived horrific trauma. Even before she met her husband, the woman dealt with a turbulent adolescence. When she was 14 years old, her mother left her father, so her father dove into drugs to cope with his pain.

Simmons was left raising her six brothers and sisters as a result, so her formative years prepared her for her marriage to DMX, a talented yet troubled artist. Even though the pair have four children, Simmons was always against motherhood, in general.

"Because of the trauma that I dealt with as a child, I never wanted to have any kids," she told an online outlet.

6 Scott Disick

Scott Disick has three children, and he's the on-again, off-again boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian, reality star known for her role in several of the Kardashian franchises. While they are parents, Disick never cared to be a father. When Kardashian got pregnant with her last child, Disick made his true feelings known. He was very upset.

While Kardashian seemed happy about her pregnancy, Disick wanted to talk about their newest bundle. He had to voice his concerns.

"You just keep suckering me into these kids. I can't handle all of this responsibility," he said in a Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode.

5 Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel, the star of the television show, New Girl, has made a name for herself as being the cute yet quirky girl on a myriad of shows and movies. However, she's also raised eyebrows by telling people that she'll never be a mother. In an interview with Marie Claire, she basically said that children were meant more so for her sister. While she enjoyed being an aunt, she was never focused on raising a brood of her own.

Her life's changed since then.

She and her husband are expecting their second child now.

4 Eva Mendes

Actress Eva Mendes gave her thoughts on motherhood, and she was planning on never getting pregnant, raising babies, or having the official title of 'mom'. She was too busy with her career, and she wanted to build her brand more than anything else. "I have to be honest, I don't feel the urge yet," she relayed in an interview.

However, the actress had a change of heart. She and her husband, Ryan Gosling, have made the ultimate commitment—parenthood. In April of 2016, news broke that the pair were expecting their second baby.

Congrats to the happy couple!

3 Kanye West

Kanye West and his love, Kim Kardashian, wanted children, and they were ecstatic about starting their own family. While they're already parents to both North and Saint, there were nasty rumors of how their marriage was crumbling, and how West wanted to leave Kardashian. The article stating said rumors was posted in 2014, so the pair have been together since then. However, who knows? Maybe they were really on the rocks.

"Kim has made no secret for her desire to get pregnant right away with another baby. However, Kanye is resisting," a source said to RadarOnline.

Well, the purported insider was on the right track. A newer report surfaced of West and Kardashian in a conflict over pregnancy plans again. Hopefully, the two can work through their issues.

2 Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman was a late bloomer. She waited to have her firstborn, Aleph, until she was 30 years old. She was rumored to only want one baby. "Natalie Portman was probably the best-looking pregnant woman on the planet, but that doesn't mean she wants to do it again! Portman, 31, told an old college friend that she's happy with having just one," an article states.

Nobody knows Portman's wishes. Only Portman is aware of her dreams and desires. While she's a successful actress, she also has goals outside of the gilded screen.

She eventually gave birth to another baby. She proved the hearsay wrong.

1 Scarlett Johansson

Does she even need an introduction? Scarlett Johansson was never the one to dream about having a picturesque family. She was focused on her career, and she wanted to promote her brand and image to the masses. Her goal was to be a successful actress, and a husband and children would've shifted her priorities. She may be a superwoman to her fans, but she's still just a woman. She only has 24 hours in a day, after all. How could she make appearances in television, commercials or photoshoots with a baby in tow? She would probably have to hire a nanny. She opted to just stay childless, instead.

"Scarlett adds that she's 'not having kids any time soon' and the idea of starting a family right now is 'not important to me,'" an article read. The article was written five years ago, and Johansson's reality has done a complete 360-degree turn.

She welcomed her baby girl in 2014.

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15 Celebs Who Vowed To Never Have Children... But Still Did