15 Celebs Who Tried To Hide The Fact That They Were Pregnant

People love to keep up with celebrities and their lives so naturally when one of the most popular stars in the world is pregnant the public wants to know about it. Fans of these celebrities love to follow along with their pregnancy journey but sometimes, these celebs just want this time to themselves.

It is common for many women to wait until they have successfully made it through their first trimester before sharing any news of a pregnancy with friends and family but it is especially difficult for celebrities to keep this secret under wraps because they constantly have eyes on them. Some women are afraid of miscarrying in the first few months of their pregnancy, while others just want to get used to their new and changing body before sharing the news with the world.

Some celebrities choose to keep their pregnancy a secret because they want to have some privacy during these life-changing months while preparing for motherhood, while others decide to hide their baby bumps for television or movie roles. Recently, all eyes have been on the Kardashian/Jenner family with rumors that both Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian are hiding pregnancies from the public and are expected to confirm the exciting news soon. Other stars like Eva Mendes and Alexis Bledel managed to keep their pregnancies a secret for essentially the whole nine months. However a celebrity chooses to handle her pregnancy is her own prerogative but here are 15 celebs who tried to hide the fact that they were pregnant.

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15 Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner pregnant
via: radaronline.com

Kylie Jenner is a member of one of the most famous families in the world, the Kardashians. When her fans first caught wind of the fact that the 20-year-old might be pregnant, the news spread like wildfire. Although the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has not officially confirmed her pregnancy with her boyfriend Travis Scott, it is more than likely that the rumors are true.

Insiders have claimed that the rapper has been “privately telling friends about the pregnancy for nearly 2 months.” Kylie has also been avoiding posting photos of her body on social media, something that is abnormal for the typically showy celeb. Fans also believe that Kris Jenner has hinted at Jenner’s first pregnancy as well as her older sister Khloe Kardashian’s rumored pregnancy in an Instagram photo that showed nine pairs of pyjamas for “every one” of her grandchildren.

14 Kate Middleton

kate middleton pregnant
via: theinquisitr.com

People across the world, and in England, specifically, have an obsession with the Royal Family. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding was one of the biggest events of our time and, of course, soon after the public began to wonder when the couple would start a family. It was not long before the couple welcomed their first son Prince George of Cambridge in 2013, and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge in 2015. This year, Kate and William are expecting their third child and despite their attempts to keep the news quiet during the first few months, the couple could not hide the pregnancy for long.

Kate had to cancel multiple royal engagements because she was suffering from debilitating morning sickness. Her absence caused an almost immediate spew of rumors from the public that she was pregnant once again. Middleton’s fashion choices were also a dead giveaway for many. She usually wears her coats open but has recently only worn coats that have been buttoned up. Kate also got a new haircut in an attempt to distract people from her growing belly.

13 Eva Mendes

eva mendes pregnant
via: tmz.com

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are one of the most private celebrity couples. Not much is known about their relationship in general so it did not come as much of a surprise that they hid Eva’s pregnancy from the public for quite some time. Mendes was pregnant for almost seven months before the public discovered the couple’s secret. Two years later, they managed to keep the news of her second pregnancy quiet for practically the whole nine months!

Rumors ignited after fans thought they spotted a baby bump during a photoshoot but before the couple even confirmed the pregnancy, she had already given birth. Ryan and Eva’s second daughter’s birth was only confirmed after the celebrity news site, TMZ, got their hands on a copy of the birth certificate from the hospital. The only mention Gosling has made of his growing family was when he thanked his wife and two daughters in his 2017 Golden Globes speech.

12 Jessica Alba

jessica alba pregnant
via: radaronline.com

Jessica Alba did a pretty good job of keeping her third pregnancy a secret from the public until she was spotted in Hawaii on a family vacation in a bikini. Her baby bump was clearly visible in the photos the paparazzi captured of her on the beach and shortly after, she and her husband Cash Warren were forced to announce that they were expecting.

However, beforehand, Jessica managed to keep her bump under wraps. A week before the vacation, she was spotted at a beach party where she strategically covered her growing belly. No one would have guessed that she was expecting her third child and that is probably exactly what she intended! The couple announced the news via Instagram with a sweet family photo and a big number three balloon, to signify the third child.

11 Ciara

ciara pregnant
via: usweekly.com

Ciara recently gave birth to her second baby, Sienna Princess, and first child with her husband Russell Wilson this year. Up until she announced the pregnancy, the “Goodies” singer thought that she had attempted to hide her baby bump well from the public but her fans would likely disagree. Ciara is known for her tight and toned body so the minute she put on a few extra pounds during the first few months of her pregnancy, her fans knew something was up.

The musician is also known for showing off her tummy quite often so when she began to cover up with baggy clothes and was photographed in oversized overalls that strategically hid her midsection, it was pretty clear what she was trying to do, but she would not confirm that she was expecting her first child until she had safely made it through her first trimester. After a few months, her fans started to get impatient and wanted to celebrate the good news with her. Ciara finally confirmed her pregnancy on Instagram, sharing a sweet photo of her and Wilson with his hands over her stomach.

10 Blake Lively

blake lively pregnant
via: skinnyvscurvy.com/eonline.com

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' fans had no idea that they were expecting their first child together until the Gossip Girl actress posted a photo of herself holding her baby bump on her lifestyle website, Preserve. The celebrity couple still did not give a lot of details about the pregnancy, simply captioning the photo, “Celebration of Family.” They also included other photos of different pregnant women. She gave a shout out to “all the expecting mothers out there.”

The couple even attempted to keep the news of their child’s birth quiet at first. When Page Six first reported that Blake had given birth, Lively’s representative “repeatedly declined to comment, claiming that actress and Reynolds could not be reached.” Ryan only revealed the date of her daughter’s birth on her first birthday and waited quite some time to reveal her name, which is James. The couple is rumored to be hiding a second pregnancy at the moment but only time will tell.

9 Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian pregnant
via: mirror.co.uk/pinterest.com

Kim Kardashian was certainly not shy about sharing her first pregnancy with the world. The reality star let the world know that she was pregnant with her daughter North from the beginning. However, it was a different story with her second pregnancy. It could be that motherhood taught Kim to keep some things private and in the family or it could also have been the fact that her pregnancy with her son was more high-risk.

Although Kim did not admit her pregnancy at first to the public, she finally admitted it around the fifth month. She tweeted, “I secretly love the rumors that I’m faking my pregnancy because I was so skinny. Well, can’t hide it now. 5 months and 20lbs up!” The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is currently expecting her third child with her husband Kanye West via surrogacy due to the fact that she can no longer safely carry a baby herself.

8 Jessica Simpson

jessica simpson pregnant
via: theinquisitr.com/babycenterblog.com

Jessica Simpson attempted to keep her first pregnancy a secret by combatting the baby weight with extra trips to the gym. The singer has been harshly criticized for her weight over the years so when she began hitting the gym religiously, people just thought she was working hard to get in shape at first. When the paparazzi began to catch on to the fact that she might be expecting, the singer got creative by covering up her tummy in strategic ways for the first few months.

Eventually, she slipped up and the photographers got a shot of her growing belly. Simpson kept both of her pregnancies with her two sons quiet for as long as she could. She even claimed that the news of her first pregnancy was just a rumor at the beginning.

7 Katherine Heigl

katherine heigl pregnant
via: dailymail.co.uk/eonline.com

Fans of the former Grey's Anatomy star knew that she and her husband Josh Kelly had adopted two beautiful girls named Naliegh and Adalaide, but what they did not know was when the actress was actually pregnant herself. After four months of concealing her pregnancy from the public, Katherine Heigl announced that even though her doctor informed her that she was of "advanced maternal age," pregnancy was still "in the cards" for her.

The actress was afraid of having a miscarriage because of her age, which was why she waited to let her fans in on the exciting news. The actress kept a low profile until she was sure that the coast was clear and her pregnancy was viable. Just before she was able to announce her pregnancy to the world, photos were leaked on the internet.

6 Pink

pink pregnant
via: dailymail.co.uk

The singer Pink tried to keep her first pregnancy a secret because she had previously suffered a miscarriage. After hiding it for months, Pink finally shared the news on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in November of 2010. Although, before she had the chance to make her big announcement, another talk show host, Jillian Barberie, accidentally outed her on Twitter.

The Good Day L.A. host said she was "sooooo happy for you, lady!" She also tweeted, "Congrats on baby!" and added that her husband had told her when they were at dinner. She added, "see, I CAN keep a secret." However, clearly she did not know that the singer had not had a chance to break the news to the public herself yet. Pink and her husband Carey Hart welcomed their daughter, Willow Sage, in June of 2011. She was also pretty secretive about her second pregnancy and gave birth to her son, Jameson, in December of 2016.

5 Kelly Clarkson

kelly clarkson pregnant
via: dailymail.co.uk/dailymail.co.uk

Kelly Clarkson has said that her two pregnancies with her children, Remy and River, were the worst moments of her life. She has also said that she prays for other pregnant women and can't understand how any of them love being pregnant. This is probably the reason that the original American Idol winner went to such great lengths to keep the public out of her pregnancies.

Throughout both of her pregnancies, Kelly got pretty creative with hiding her baby bump in the beginning months with things like her dog and a strategically-placed laptop. She also wore loose clothing for months until it was obvious that she had either gained a significant amount of weight or was expecting a child. She announced her first pregnancy in the middle of a concert in Los Angeles and apologized for being so "hormonal."

4 Alexis Bledel

alexis bledel pregnant
via: defamer.gawker.com

The Gilmore Girls star and her husband Vincent Kartheiser not only kept Alexis’ pregnancy a secret but also managed to hide the child’s birth! Bledel and her husband have a very private relationship, even hiding their marriage from the public for quite some time. It was only a comment from the actress’s co-star Scott Patterson that gave away the news that the Alexis Bledel had a child.

Patterson made a comment during an interview with Glamour magazine that he was doing to promote the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival, saying that Alexis had “really blossomed as a woman and now she’s a proud new mother and married and happy.” If it were up to Alexis and Vincent, the public still probably wouldn’t know about their new little family.

3 Zooey Deschanel

zooey deschanel pregnant
via: popsugar.com/hellomagazine.com

The New Girl actress married the Hollywood producer, Jacob Pechenik, in 2015. The couple wed in an extremely private ceremony and just one month later, Zooey Deschanel gave birth to their baby girl, Elsie. Prior to her wedding, few people even knew that she and Pechenik were in a relationship so it was even more shocking when the public discovered that she had actually been hiding a pregnancy the entire time as well.

The couple recently welcomed a son, Charlie, in May of 2017. This time around, the actress remained secretive with her pregnancy but for much different reasons. The actress was in the middle of filming her show New Girl and producers had to come up with creative ways to hide her growing belly. For the last few episodes of the season, Deschanel can be seen hiding her midsection with bags and sitting at tables.

2 Nicole Richie

nicole richie pregnant
via: pinterest.com/hollywoodlife.com

Nicole Richie got crafty when it came to hiding her belly during her first pregnancy with oversized cover-ups and big handbags. The public had no idea that she and her boyfriend (now husband) Joel Madden were expecting their daughter Harlow. However, when it came to her second pregnancy with her son, Sparrow, she was not as clever.

Nicole attempted to hide her belly with baggy clothes but because her fans were so used to seeing her in form-fitting outfits, it was a dead giveaway. She also tried to cover up her growing bump with a giant pillow at the airport. Soon enough, rumors began flying and Richie was forced to confirm the news that she was indeed expecting a child. The reality star has said in the past that she and Madden had not planned any of their pregnancies and were just "going with the flow."

1 Khloe Kardashian

khloe kardashian pregnant
via: radaronline.com

Another member of the Kardashian/Jenner squad, Khloe, is also reportedly hiding her first pregnancy from the public. Khloe Kardashian is supposedly expecting a child with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. Insiders have claimed that Kardashian is “embracing every moment” of her pregnancy and is looking forward to becoming a mother.

Fans jumped to the conclusion that Kris Jenner coyly confirmed both of her daughter’s pregnancies in a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when she said that she “used to pray that one of you would have a baby and now it’s like a faucet we can’t turn off.” Khloe has also been careful to only feature photos of herself from the chest up in recent months, which would make sense if she were attempting to conceal a baby bump. There has been a lot of speculation about when and how Kardashian and Jenner will confirm their pregnancies to the public and many believe that the big news will be revealed in the Kardashians' annual family Christmas card.

Sources: babygaga.com, hollywoodlife.com, dailymail.co.uk, hollywoodlife.com

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