15 Celebs Who Surprisingly Went To Rehab

It's almost a cliche at this point. Celebrities and rehab seem to go hand-in-hand and they always have. How many times have we heard the story where some nobody gets launched to superstardom, makes a million dollars, then ends up penniless and in rehab? Or maybe it's in rehab, then penniless. Rehab is expensive these days. The average cost of a rehab program is $20,000 for 30-days. That is one expensive vacation.

We don't know why celebrities are so prone to excess and addiction. Perhaps it's because they have no self-discipline and just want to self-indulge, maybe some are genetically predisposed to have an addiction of some sort.  Whatever the reason, drugs and alcohol have gotten the best of some epic talent- such as Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Robin Williams, and Chris Farley, just to name a few.

Now, some of these celebs on the list you could likely see going to rehab. I mean, Ozzy Osborne, of course. But what might surprise you is also what they went to rehab for. Let's just say those Hollywood elites are into some seriously weird stuff.

However, when you see one of the celebs you thought was an innocent little starlet on this list, don't come crying to me because you can never look at your Disney Princess again without knowing that she has a huge alcohol and cocaine addiction.

From booze to cocaine, to just being burnt out, sometimes people would be surprised when they find out that their favorite celeb did a couple of stints in rehab. Hey, it's Hollywood. It happens. Here are 15 celebs that you would never guess went to rehab.


15 Ben Affleck

Oh, no! not Benny. Yes, it true. America's heartthrob and leading man has suffered from addiction. In fact, Affleck just did a stint in rehab. Back in March of 2017, Affleck posted on Facebook that he had "completed treatment for alcohol addiction." Actually, our Batman has been in rehab a couple of times. In fact, in 2001, Affleck checked himself into a rehab center in Malibu, CA. According to sources, Affleck was being treated for alcoholism.  During this time his marriage with actress Jennifer Garner was also on the rocks. Hopefully, Ben's most recent trip back to rehab was his last and he gets back to channeling that energy into something positive like making more movies like Argo or Good Will Hunting. Other than that, we wish you the best! Stay sober, Benny. He should ask his buddy Matt Damon for help. According to reports, he's never been to rehab.

14 Ozzy Osbourne


The man. The myth. The legend that is Ozzy Osbourne. There are few rock stars who can compare to Ozzy's insanity. He and his family actually had one of the first hit reality TV shows that showed his son, Jack's, addiction to OxyContin. Addiction may just very well run in the Osbourne family. But it's not just drugs Ozzy is fond of. In 2016, it was reported that the 67- year-old Ozzy was suffering from a sex addiction. Gross, right?! This, of course, came out after news broke of Ozzy's affair with his hair stylist. Ozzy said he has overdosed on several occasions. The Black Sabbath lead singer has no doubt been struggling with addiction for years. Reports suggest that Ozzy is clean today, however for the past six years he has been a sex addict and is currently in therapy with wife Sharron Osbourne dealing with that addiction.

13 Conrad Hilton

The not so baby Hilton has really grown up to be a drug-fueled brat! Brother of party girl Paris Hilton, this Hilton is no stranger to rehab.  In fact, in 2016, a Los Angeles judge ordered Conrad to undergo a residential substance abuse program for 90 days. Back in 2015 Conrad went crazy on a British Airways flight and was caught smoking pot in the plane's bathroom. He later pleaded guilty to disrupting a flight. The residential treatment program was ordered after he violated probation he received from the British Airlines situation. Conrad is only 21, and his sister, Paris, was 25 before she was arrested for the first time for a DUI in Hollywood. However, Paris' antic did land the socialite in jail. Will Conrad follow his sister's path? Maybe this billionaire brat should just fly privately from now on.

12 Jon Hamm


This mad man loves his booze, too. The dapper Mad Men star is not only a great actor but also known to have a drinking problem behind the scenes.  In fact, early in 2015, Jon Hamm went to rehab for 30-days in New Canaan, Connecticut. The 45-year-old actor has since opened up about his alcoholism. Hamm has also admitted that he has been in therapy for years. Hamm had smaller roles before Mad Men launched him to stardom and he became a household name. Now that the series is wrapped, Hamm only has a few upcoming roles. But we sure hope that he stays out of rehab. Will this mad man be able to stay clean or will he be back on the east coast in rehab instead of on set where he belongs?

11 Selena Gomez

Wait, what? It's true. While Selena did spend time at a rehab facility back in 2014, her reps tell sources that she was there voluntarily and it was not for substance abuse. However, we feel that this could be that a lot of Selena's fans are underage, and her "people" didn't want to set a bad example. Nonetheless, Gomez entered The Meadows rehabilitation facility in Arizona. This rehab center is known for treating young people with emotional trauma and addiction. In fact, she even canceled her tour in 2013 to take time for herself. There were reports that Selena was checked in for using the prescription drug Xanax. Could it be her rocky relationship with pop star Justin Bieber that drove the innocent Selena to rehab?

10 Dean McDermott


It's no secret that Tori Spelling's husband is an addict. He checked himself into rehab in 2014. However, he was allegedly checked into the facility for a sex addiction for cheating on Tori. McDermott, who is now 49, is still fighting to save his marriage. We don't know if McDermott went to rehab to save his marriage or if he really needed help, maybe both. In March 2017, McDermott was held in contempt of court for unpaid child support to his wife before Tori.  He avoided going to jail, and McDermott seems to be keeping on the straight and narrow.  Tori and Dean just had their fifth child. So it looks likes things are fixed on the homefront. We wish them a happy and sober life!

9 Chris Brown

"Excuse me, Miss. But I just got out of rehab." Chris Brown aka Rihanna's former boo. That's right. This addict used to kick it with Rihanna and party his pants off. Back in 2013, after Brown was kicked out of an anger management rehab for violent behavior, Brown was ordered to 90-days of rehab and random drug testing.  Brown apparently threw a rock through his mother's car window. Apparently, Brown is also prescribed medications. It looks like RiRi dodged that bullet. In 2016, Brown allegedly broke a guys nose near the White House in Washington, D.C. All off Brown's apparent rehab stints seem to be anger management related.


8 Mathew Perry


No, way. Not Chandler from Friends. I couldn't believe this one either. But as it turns out, Mathew Perry is an alcoholic. It's hard to believe that someone like Perry could have gone to rehab. But Perry has gone to rehab three times over the past fifteen years. Wow. That's a lot! No wonder we haven't seen him in more stuff since Friends.  Perry has reported rehab stints in 1997, 2001, and 2011. Apparently, Chandler Bing's drug of choice is alcohol and prescription pain medications. We hope 2011 was the last time Perry see's rehab and he gets back to making movies. If not, Netflix has the entire Friends series. Re-runs will have to do until Perry gets his stuff together. Although, Perry is playing Ted Kennedy in The Kennedys After Camelot television mini-series.

7 LeAnn Rimes

America's country sweetheart has made her way to rehab. There must be something about show business that makes stars more prone to addiction than others. LeAnn Rimes was only fourteen years old when she came out with her first hit country single, "Blue." She had a few more songs after that, including that one song that she stole from Trisha Yearwood called "How I Do Live?" However, just to prove how sweet and innocent this little angel is, we must say why she checked herself into rehab. According to sources, Rimes claimed that she checked herself into a rehab facility after she read some hurtful tweets and Facebook posts that were directed at her. Who would pick on the sweet LeAnn Rimes? What has she ever done to anyone?

6 Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson was once a name that was revered in Hollywood. He was a superb movie director and actor. Gibson brought us hits like Braveheart. At one point, the Oscar winner had it all. However, like most creative geniuses, Gibson has struggled with addiction. In 2006, Gibson was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving and was then charged with a DUI. Gibson was so drunk that he made some rude comments about Jewish people running Hollywood that were recorded and ultimately blackballed him from Hollywood for ten years.  Gibson checked into a rehab facility around three days after the arrest.  Gibson seems to be doing fine these days. He was nominated for Best Director for Hacksaw Ridge which was also nominated for Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards.

5 Demi Moore

Everyone knows who Demi Moore is. She's Molly from the hit 1990 movie Ghost. Remember the famous clay scene? She also did Striptease, which was just hot. She's also the cougar that swooped up Aston Kutcher before Mila Kunis stole him away. Demi Moore is a legend that dates back way before Mila Kunis was ever thought of. Back in 2012, Moore was hospitalized for reports of anorexia. Moore allegedly had a serious a Red Bull and Adderall addiction. Apparently, she was doing whip-its, which is a form a nitrous oxide that causes a short-term euphoric feeling in users. Moore had too much of these and had a seizure in her home. She was then admitted to Sherman Oaks Hospital. Did Ashton drive Demi crazy?

4 Britney Spears


It's Britney, B*tch! Of course,  she's been to rehab, it's hard to be THE diva. Britney is a legend. Britney is the American dream. Every girl and gay boy in America wanted to be her. But it took its toll on Brit. Back in 2007, Britney lost it. She had to do a stint in rehab to get her life together. I mean, the girl shaved her head. Britney completed a one-month stay at the famous Promises in Malibu. According to sources, Spears attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings after her rehab stint. Spears seems to be doing well and spending a lot of time with her two sons. She has begun releasing albums, performing, and making public appearances again. And she still has all of her hair.

3 Mary-Kate Olsen

Oh no! Not the adorable Michelle Tanner. Well, even though she's worth upwards of $100 million, she still has her problems, too. In fact, in 2004, shortly after she enrolled at New York University,  her family hosted an intervention, Mary-Kate spent six weeks in a rehab facility for an eating disorder. However, this is not surprising when you look at her.  Her sister Ashely doesn't seem to have the same problems that we know of. However, they are twins, so you never know. Mary-Kate hasn't acted since 2011. Her last big role was a recurring character in Weeds in 2007. We assume that she is still focusing on fashion designing. Will we see her again anytime soon?

2 Zac Efron


Okay, if this what rehab does to your body, sign me up! In 2014, Efron admitted that he had checked into rehab in 2013. Efron liked to party hard and he reportedly completed a five-month program for alcohol and cocaine use. Efron told NBC that he felt he needed a "social lubricant." That just goes to show us that even when you have 20 abs, you can still be insecure and have addictions. Efron hasn't let his addictions hold him back. He has starred in many films since his rehab visit and is reportedly doing great. In fact, Efron is set to star in the upcoming Baywatch remakes, which is sure to be a huge hit. Not to mention he has done Neighbors 1, 2, and 3 with Seth Rogan. Look's like Effron is keeping his nose clean for now.

1 Demi Lovato

Yes, even America's sweetheart and former Disney star had a rehab stint in the past. In 2010, Lovato spent three months in rehab. Not only did she have a drug addiction. But Lovato also admitted that she cut herself and had an eating disorder. Would you have ever guessed that? Some say it was the fight with her backup dancer on a world tour. Lovato has also admitted in the past that she could not go an hour without cocaine. However, those days seem to be behind Lovato as now her career seems to be her main focus. Lovato's tracks are on several upcoming soundtracks for feature films. Showbiz kids are crazy, one day they are on Barney and Friends and the next she is doing lines and headed to rehab. They grow up so fast, don't they?

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