15 Celebs Who Stink... Seriously

Celebrities don't always smell as good as they look, a fact that most people don't think about since the only time we usually see them is either in movies, on T.V., when they're looking their best on the Red Carpet, or during an interview -- all times after makeup artists have worked their magic. Even in those unsavory, candid paparazzi photos for gossip magazines, when celebs are caught looking their most frazzled after a workout, running errands, playing with their kids, or being otherwise "just like us," no one can tell how they smell. Even the hottest or most beautiful celebs, as you'll see in this article, are more than capable of being unpleasantly odiferous. Some are one-time offenders, of course, but the stars on this list are repeat offenders, and some of them are quite surprising, not people one would expect to find on a list of the stinky.

But alas, the most famous people in the world are, after all, just people, like you or me. And as such, they're every bit as susceptible to body odor as anyone else. They may look a hell of a lot better than us most of the time and have more money and fame than most, but not even good looks or great riches make stars immune from being downright disgusting. Perhaps the most shocking thing of all is how open some of them are about their nastiness!

So just who are these rancid celebs? Read on to satisfy your curiosity about who among the Hollywood elite have been known to be quite foul-smelling. The following are 15 of them.

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15 Kourtney Kardashian

Are you surprised to learn that the eldest sister of the Kardashian/Jenner family made this list? The Kardashian sisters are known for, among other things, being glamorous, fashionable, and beautiful. They've appeared in countless photo shoots and always look gorgeous. They even have their own brand of perfumes and fragrances! So, it's almost shocking that one of them stinks. But Kourtney is one of those all-natural hippie chicks, and she refuses to wear deodorant. Many people actually refuse to because the stuff is allegedly really bad for you. Kourtney is one of those people, and in fact, she only wears natural deodorant that's made out of crystals. However, this "deodorant" isn't very effective, at least according to her longtime partner and baby daddy Scott Disick, who, in fact, says it doesn't work "at all." Even Kourt's sister, Khloe, has called Kourtney out on her B.O. on an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. I'm guessing with motherhood (times three), the situation hasn't gotten any better for Kourtney, and, if anything, has probably gotten worse since moms of little kids often have little to no time to focus on their own grooming and beauty routines.

14 Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson leaving Chateau Marmont after spending the night at the hotel with mysterious man. January 25, 2006 X17agency EXCLUSIVE

Blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson has made numerous lists of famous people who smell terrible. She may look perfect, but she definitely doesn't smell that way, according to several sources. It's disappointing but true. Jess is quite open about the fact that she doesn't brush her teeth daily to avoid them feeling "too slippery" (instead she wipes them off with a tee-shirt), which she told the world on The Ellen Show. She also publicly admitted to farting a ton. But back to the teeth-brushing, she insists that her breath is great anyway and tries to make her thrice-weekly brushing not as disgusting by insisting that she flosses and uses mouthwash (but since she also insists that her farts smell like roses, I'm not sure we can give credit to that argument). Jessica says, "Find me when I'm 60, and [my teeth] will probably be all out, but I literally have these strong, powerful teeth that don't need to be brushed." She's just the perfect example of someone who (A.) looks stunning but is dumber than a box of rocks and (B.) has a great smile but likely the worst breath around -- all proof that not all that glitters is gold.

13 Brad Pitt

Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt is an A-lister who's nabbed himself two of the hottest women in the world (he was married to both Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, although after reading this, it may not be as surprising that neither marriage lasted). He's one of the most fantasized-about men there are, and besides his two wives, has dated women like Gwyneth Paltrow and Christina Applegate. These women likely learned better than anyone about Brad's gross habits that include rarely showering. That's right -- man candy Brad Pitt prefers to just wipe his armpits with baby wipes, and nothing else (is his last name a coincidence? I think not). Brad admitted this to several costars over the years while trying to give them advice, and only made things worse for himself when he also admitted (when his kids were younger) that he was "getting peed on all day," so it was faster and more convenient for him to just use the baby wipes, although it's unclear how only wiping his armpits would help that situation since I highly doubt the babies had that great of an aim. Mr. Pitt can also be found on practically every list of putrid-smelling celebs.

12 Shailene Woodley

Yet another beautiful but smelly celeb is The Secret Life of The American Teenager and Divergent movies star Shailene Woodley. Miles Teller, who's been her co-star multiple times, said that it was challenging to kiss her because of her bad breath, which was caused by her shoving these Chinese dirt supplements into her mouth that he said "smelled like crap." There were also rumors that her stylists were having trouble securing gowns for her to wear on the Red Carpet because "Shailene rubs these essential oils all over her body, and they aren't very welcoming scents. Her smell is totally offensive, and it's gotten so bad that her stylist is having a hard time borrowing designer outfits for her to wear because she makes the gowns stink!" Apparently, the scents are hard to get out of fabrics, so designers didn't want to take their gowns back after she wore them, which is understandable.

11 Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper seen out and about in the West Village in New York City.

Pictured: Anderson Cooper

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And then there was the very strange case of news reporter Anderson Cooper. To be fair, on television he looks like a very clean-cut (and clean in general) guy. But as we're learning, looks can be deceiving. And his fancy suits have led us to believe that Anderson Cooper is a well-dressed, fashionable man. But not only is he the exact opposite, but his actual wardrobe is pretty nasty. He's admitted that he literally wears the same pair of jeans every day, as well as the same gray, white, or black tee-shirt. To make matters worse, he only washes those jeans four times a year -- while in the shower! Apparently, he stank so bad that his staff at CNN used to nag him so much about it, so he bought basil candles to cover up his own scent rather than washing his clothes more often. But that didn't really help since the candles didn't smell so great, either. The staff members compared the scent of his candles to many things, such as a grandmother's house, Woodstock vomit, and dumpster ravioli. Imagine how terrible his clothing smelled if the candles he bought to make them smell better were likened to all of that!

10 Ke$ha

Singer Ke$ha has always had a hobo-esque (ahem, trashy) feel about her and once even openly admitted to smelling that way! In an interview with BBC Radio 1, she said, "I smell like a hobo. One time, someone told me I smelled like a shrimp on a diaper. I thought I could make a fragrance that was little like a shrimp on a Faberge diaper, but I don't know if people want to smell like that." Even grosser is the fact that she drinks her own pee (can you imagine her breath?). Admitting to this nastiness, she said, "I was told drinking my own pee was good; I was trying to be healthy," she explained. "Somebody tried to take my pee away from me and I said, 'That is mine!' So I snatched it up and took a chug, and it was really gross, so I don't do it anymore." Thank God! But still, what other proof is needed to certify that this girl is seriously nasty? I mean, she wore a garbage bag dress to the 2010 VMA's, for goodness sake.

9 Cameron Diaz

The bubbly blonde, Cameron Diaz, once told E! News,"I don't believe in antiperspirant. It's really bad for you. I haven't used it for almost 20 years." Luckily for Cam, this hasn't seemed to hinder her success in Hollywood. But that doesn't mean her rancid smell's gone unnoticed by people. The cute There's Something About Mary star has been photographed by many paparazzi over the years looking none too fragrant. Various photos of Cameron show her with huge pit stains, greasy spotted shirts, and wearing just plain dirty clothing all the time. She's been asked about this, of course, and only responded that she'll sometimes wear things for four days before changing clothes or washing them. Note the pit stain on her outfit in the photo above -- yikes!

8 Robert Pattinson

The obsession with teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson (a.k.a. "RPatz") has seemed to have died down in the years following the end of The Twilight Saga films. But he's still arguably very relevant, so much so that he has to dodge the paparazzi in any way that he can, including only changing his clothes once a week. Besides the added bonus of irritating the paparazzi, he does this so that they cannot sell photos of him (with repetitive attire, it becomes harder to sell photos that all start to look the same). But the man who played Edward Cullen also admitted to Jay Leno that he doesn't wash his hair, and furthermore, his Twilight costar, Ashley Greene, commented on his stench as well. RPatz may be easy on the eyes in that brooding, manly, vampire sort of way, but it sounds like he doesn't smell as good as he looks, unfortunately.

7 Kristen Stewart

A good follow-up to Robert Pattinson is his Twilight lover, Kristen Stewart. Together, the two wowed the world as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, and maybe one reason they had such a natural chemistry both on and off set was because they both shared a lack of hygiene. That's right -- just like her ex-boyfriend RPtaz, KStew also struggles with smelling decent all the time. It's been reported by Now magazine that she doesn't wash her hair often, only brushes her teeth once a day, and rarely wears perfume. Kristen, herself, admits to Stylist magazine, "When I'm nervous, I'm so mindless. I twiddle my thumbs and my hands sweat and I smell bad." Hey, at least she knows it.

6 Emma Stone

This one may be a real shocker to many people reading this list, but it was Emma Stone herself who first called attention to the fact that she stinks. Speaking with Allure magazine, Emma was candid about her own body odors. She said, "I think there's something off about my PH because things smell totally different on me. When you stay at a Four Seasons hotel, they have all this Bvlgari stuff, and if I use the body wash, I smell like pot the rest of the day. It makes no sense. It mixes with my chemistry, and I just smell like I have clam-baked all day." She paints a very detailed picture, but hey, at least she knows it about herself. Looking at her, though, there's no way anyone would ever assume the gorgeous girl smelled like anything other than roses or high-end perfume.

5 Julia Roberts

Yet another surprise on this list is none other than Julia Roberts, also known as the star of Pretty Woman. Well, according to multiple sources, she certainly doesn't smell so pretty. There are several reasons for this, apparently. For one thing, Julia is totally against deodorant; according to her, "It is not her thing." She rarely shaves her body (which we can only assume adds to any unpleasant armpit odor from not using deodorant), but the real kicker is that the gorgeous Julia Roberts is not a fan of showering! She admits that she goes days between showers, although her reasons for doing so are commendable since she abstains from showering daily in an effort to conserve water. It just sucks that the well-meaning hippie lifestyle that she and other stars like Kourtney Kardashian live has to mean that they stink.

4 Matthew McConaughey

Matthew's presence on this list may or may not come as a surprise to you. As he gets older, he certainly has a grungier look, and it's no secret that he's on every list of stanky celebs, ever. But he's such a hunky heartthrob, it's painful to think that in real life, he stinks. But alas, that's the truth of the matter. The dude has not used deodorant or worn cologne in over 20 years! He's well known in the Hollywood world for being less than pleasant-smelling, due in part to costars who refuse to keep quiet about it. For example, while filming the 1998 movie Fool's Gold with Kate Hudson, she reportedly begged him to wear deodorant and even went as far as to buy him some! Matthew declined the gift and Kate had to plow through their love scenes. According to Matthew, he doesn't like to smell like "someone or something else." I get it, but he even stunk up the Lincoln cars he drove for those strange commercials!

3 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera may be a hot blonde superstar with vocals to die for, but there have been some pretty unsavory rumors floating around about her for years. These rumors involve her body odor, which, oddly enough, smells like hot dogs. Normally, hot dogs smell pretty damn good -- when you're at a cookout. I wouldn't imagine any man would want their woman to smell like dead pig, though, especially since it's been alleged that it's her lady parts that smell that way. She's also been accused of not washing her hands after going to the bathroom at the swanky L.A. bar Belly, and the bathroom attendant there then watched her go shake hands with people and eat her fried calamari. Finally, there's the fact that Christina attempts to cover up her hot dog stench with massive amounts of perfume, which, according to a reporter from Arena Magazine, made her smell like "a 12-year-old girl's bedroom on school-disco night."

2 Russell Crowe

Apparently, the Gladiator hunk smells pretty bad. This is a major let-down for those of us that look at his photos and think how gorgeous of a man he is, but according to several sources, his stench is as bad as his looks are good. Reportedly, while filming Cinderella Man, Renee Zellweger begged him to clean himself, as she was made physically ill by his bad breath and body odor. When Russell refused, she demanded a body double be used for any intimate scenes between them. She also said that Crowe's personal gym on set was not to be used by anyone because it smelled so bad. Backing up Renee's claims was the late Joan Rivers, who said, "He has a body odor problem. I prefer to sit downwind of him at awards shows."

1 Megan Fox

Perhaps the most shocking person on this list is sex symbol Megan Fox, whom most men would kill to be with. Well, maybe not after reading all the things she has to say about herself. In describing just how gross she really is, I'll leave it to her own words:

"I'm horrible to live with. I don't clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, 'Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn't flush.'"

"If you eat Chinese food, your farts come out like Chinese food. If you eat Mexican food, your farts come out like Mexican food. And milk, it's like you can smell the warmth in the fart. My wardrobe on Transformers always smells like farts."

Enough said.

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