15 Celebs Who Spent More Than Beyonce (On Her $900 Nails) For A Beauty Routine

Women–and some men–have always been willing to spend outrageous amounts of money to look good and to stay looking young. In 2015, the beauty industry was worth $326 billion worldwide—an increase of $130 billion since 2005.

So, are we spending more on our beauty products or are the beauty products themselves becoming more expensive? Well, the answer is a bit of both. The global beauty market has grown by 4.5% each year over the last twenty years, with the average U.S. woman spending $300,000 over her lifetime on beauty products.

And celebrities are not immune to expensive beauty trends. In fact, because of the pressure on famous faces to look good all the time, many find themselves spending a small fortune on new beauty fads, including products and treatments with some questionable ingredients. However, the celebrities on this list take their expensive beauty regimes a step further than most, shelling out enough money on their facials, manicures, and hairstyles to support a family of four for a year! Which of the following expensive beauty routines do you like the sound of, and which do you think have taken the idea of looking good too far?

15 Beyonce’s $900 Gold Nails

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In addition to the army of stylists to make sure that the Queen looks fantastic every single time she steps in front of the cameras, Beyoncé is also known for her love of all things gold. As well as blowing $100,000 on a pair of leggings made from real gold for an awards ceremony in 2007, Queen Bey also invested in some more gold, specifically on a set of real gold nails for the video promoting her Mrs. Carter world tour a few years back in 2013. The eye-catching talons were created by beauty company H&H nails, and the full set cost about $900, or an eye-watering $90 per nail! Making one nail cost almost 3 times as much as any civilian would pay for a full manicure...

14 Catherine Zeta-Jones Pays $150 To Have Her Hair Smothered In Actual Beluga Caviar

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Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has got the art of ageing gracefully down to a fine art, but not for any of those crazy creams and lotions to try and recapture her lost youth. She does, however, like to splash out when it comes to keeping her fabulous hair looking in tip-top condition, shelling out $150 at a time to have her tresses smothered in none other than caviar. Not a caviar-based product, but actual Beluga caviar, flown in from Iran to her local salon in South Kensington in London. It may not smell great, but it certainly seems to be doing the job as far as how her hair looks.

13 Victoria Beckham Spends $200 On Bird Poop Facial

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Of course, the Spice Girl nicknamed “Posh Spice,” Victoria Beckham, would have only the best when it comes to beauty routines. Beckham is a big fan of the Geisha Facial, which is a special treatment offered at Hari’s salon in London, at a cost of around $200 at a time. However, this particular treatment has a rather unusual ingredient–the excrement from nightingales on the Japanese island Kyushu–which is mixed with rice bran and water and then basically applied on her face as a facial mask. The treatment is also offered at New York’s Shizuka Spa, where it is given a far less euphemistic name: The Bird Poop Facial. We're not sure we'd pay any amount of money for bird poop...

12 Gwyneth Paltrow Spends $20,000 A Month On A Beauty Routine That Includes A Facial Made With Stem Cells From An Endangered Variety Of Swiss Apples

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Gwyneth Paltrow is infamous for her intriguing and unusual beauty regimes, usually promoted through her (rather controversial) lifestyle website Goop. Through Goop, the actress has told us about v*ginal steaming and being intentionally stung by bees in an attempt to stay young and healthy, but Paltrow herself swears by her own $20,000-a-month beauty routine, including a facial made with stem cells from an endangered variety of Swiss apples and a $2000 treatment designed to make your skin look smoother and plumper. Given that Gwyneth doesn’t appear to have aged in the last ten years, there might be something to all these Goop recommendations. Even though we might not want to admit it.

11 Eva Longoria Spends $200 For A 30-ml Bottle Of EMK Rescue Serum That Contains Placental Extract From The Agave Cactus

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The Desperate Housewives star is considered to be one of the most beautiful and glamorous women in Hollywood. Turns out, you don’t get that kind of reputation without spending some serious cash to maintain your looks! Longoria is one of a number of celebrities, male and female, who swear by EMK’s exclusive line of facial products, including EMK Rescue Serum which costs about $200 for a tiny 30ml bottle. It contains placental extract from the agave cactus, as well as tea tree leaves, shiitake mushrooms, and sea kelp, which all restore damaged skin, keeping you looking youthful. We'll take her word for it...

10 Duchess Of Cambridge Spent $250 On Bee Venom Facial

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The Duchess of Cambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton, is constantly in the public eye and constantly being scrutinized for her looks. Living up to mother-in-law Princess Diana is undoubtedly a tough task for any young woman. But now that she has two kids and a third on the way, it is hardly surprising that she employs some tricks of the beauty trade to make sure she stays looking good and youthful. A few days before her wedding, she reportedly spent $250 on one of therapist Deborah Mitchell’s signature bee venom facials and always has a jar of Mitchell’s $300 bee venom face mask on hand at home to top up her treatments.

9 Angelina Jolie Spends $75 For A Jar Of Dragon Blood

Via her.ie

Fellow actress Catherine Zeta-Jones may put caviar in her hair, but Angelina Jolie goes one step further, using a caviar cream to keep herself looking young all the time. The $250 treatment involves being wrapped in plastic to sweat out toxins, before the caviar cream is then applied all over the body. Jolie is apparently also a big fan of “Dragon’s Blood,” a facial gel made from the sap of the sangre de drago tree which costs about $75 a jar. The product was so popular when it first went on sale in the UK at Harvey Nichols that their entire stock was gone in minutes. If Angie is using it, no doubt everyone wants to try it as well.

8 Jennifer Lopez Does A Human Placenta Facial Weekly, Costing $600

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Placental extracts from plants are fairly common in beauty products, but triple-threat Jennifer Lopez likes her facial creams with something that packs a little more punch—nutrients extracted from human placentas. J-Lo has two placenta facials every week, an expensive habit at $300 a time. These placenta facials, which leave your skin looking younger and firmer, are not the only part of Ms Lopez’ beauty routine. In order to make sure she looks her best whenever she appears on TV or in photoshoots, J-Lo always turns up three hours early to ensure that the makeup artists and hair stylists have enough time to work their magic.

7 Kim Kardashian Spent $2500 On Vampire Facial

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Along with the rumors of cosmetic surgery–including nose jobs, bum lifts, and lip fillers to name but a few–Kim Kardashian also relies on some rather unusual beauty treatments to maintain her image. On a 2014 episode of Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, Kim headed to get an unusual facial. Dubbed the vampire facial, this treatment uses a needle to inject platelet-rich plasma made from the client’s own blood into their skin, to apparently stimulate the growth of elastin and collagen, substances that are plentiful in youthful skin. It looks like torture and the bill is a bit of a shocker too, as the vampire facial costs $2500 a time. Kim does look great, though...

6 Serena Williams Took A Bath In Evian Spring Water, Which Costs $5000

Via businesswire.com

Cleopatra was famous for bathing in asses’ milk in order to maintain her beauty. Perhaps tennis star Serena Williams was taking a leaf out of the Egyptian queen’s book when she decided to bathe her entire body in Evian spring water. The bath is part of the penthouse suite experience at the exclusive Hotel Victor in Miami and costs about $5000 to fill with the natural spring water from Switzerland. To be fair to Serena though, these pricey baths are not part of her usual beauty routine. She took the plunge in order to celebrate the launch of the Evian Experience. We'll give her a pass and assume she does more "normal" beauty treatments on the regular.

5 Mila Kunis Spends $7000 On HD Diamond And Ruby Peel Facial

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Celebrities often get to wear ridiculously expensive jewelry, especially at red carpet events when jewelers will lend them diamonds galore to complete their outfits. However, actress Mila Kunis employs precious stones in a more unorthodox fashion—as part of a $7000 facial treatment. The HD Diamond and Ruby Peel uses precious stones as antioxidants for the skin, removing impurities, reducing puffiness, and leaving your skin looking like a million dollars... or if not $1 million, at least $7000. Mila only has this treatment on special occasions. At that price, even Hollywood stars have to ration their sessions at the beauty salon!

4 Rihanna Spends $23,000 Weekly To Have Her Hairstylist On Call, 24/7

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Rihanna is as well known for her changing looks, as she is for her successful hit singles. The Barbados-born singer constantly seems to be chopping and changing her style, especially her hairstyle. These changes don’t come cheap though, especially when you want to make sure that your favorite stylist to the stars is always available and on hand to style your hair. Rihanna’s hair stylist, Ursula Stephen, charges about $3000 a day (yes, per day!) to be available 24/7 to her clients, and it was reported in 2011 that Rihanna was racking up bills of $23,000 a week to have Stephen at her beck and call. Anything for Rihanna, right?

3 Kelly Osbourne Had A $1-Million Crushed Diamonds Manicure

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When Kelly Osbourne, daughter of rocker Ozzy, attended the 2012 Emmys, her diamonds weren’t around her neck or in her ears but on her fingernails! The star of The Osbournes was wearing black nail polish made by Azature, which contains real black diamonds and is worth about $250,000 a bottle. Osbourne faced something of a backlash after the event, but she later showed off a $1-million manicure made with crushed diamonds from the same company. This time, however, it was all for a good cause. If someone bought a bottle of the $1-million polish, then Azature was going to make a donation to some of Kelly’s favorite good causes.

2 Jessica Simpson Spends $50,000 On Massage

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Singer and actress Jessica Simpson spends most of her time and money on her beauty routine, if tabloid reports are to be believed. In 2014, it was reported that the Dukes of Hazard star spends an astonishing $1 million every year on beauty treatments. Her complex and costly regime includes $50,000 breast massages, $230,000 to have a top hair stylist on call, $1000 per week to touch up her eyelash extensions, and another $1000 per week to top up her tan. Simpson doesn’t just splash the cash on superficial beauty treatments though, but also has three personal training sessions every week at $1500 per session.

1 Madonna Spent $50,000 On A Machine Which Is Reportedly A Miracle Cure For Cellulite

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Every woman faces an ongoing battle with cellulite as she gets older—even Madonna who seems to be doing all she can to put off ageing for as long as possible! As well as a serious fitness regime and expensive facial treatments, Madge has also splashed out on a $50,000 machine which is said to be a miracle cure for cellulite. The expensive piece of equipment uses acoustic wave therapy to destroy the fibers in the skin which cause cellulite—a side effect that was only discovered when the kit was being used for its original purpose of treating athletes.

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