15 Celebs Who Should Wear Tank Tops Every Day

Not everyone can rock a tank top. It takes a lot of work for us average, ordinary, everyday ladies to pull off a tank top with true success. Professional celebrities and media icons, who are busy living in the hot spotlight of the world's attention, have an even greater struggle getting (and keeping) a rocking hot bod that can pull off a tank top. It's hilarious how fashion seems to work for women: the less fabric involved, the more work you need to do to pull it off.

Plenty of women try to pull off the tank top look and fail. Olivia Munn, for example, was a recent victim of nasty internet trolls who made fun of her "saggy boob" look when she was photographed wearing a tank top without a bra. Listen up: every boob is different like a beautiful and unique snowflake. Some are going to hang lower and some will hang higher. So stop hating on Olivia -- at least she's trying! Meanwhile, plenty of other celebs wear tank tops as their slum-day clothes, and it really shows, like Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, and Kaley Cuoco.

But on to the women that can pull off the look, that make wearing tank tops look as effortless and liberating as they ought to be! Sure, it takes constant work and vigilance, but these ladies seem to have it down pat, and we want nothing more than to see them strutting their stuff for the world to see as often as possible. Here are fifteen celebrities who should wear tank tops every day:

15 Rihanna

Rihanna. Oh, Rihanna. How we love you.

Rihanna has been up to a lot lately. She just recently landed a role acting on Bates Motel, a very serious show drawing on Alfred Hitchcock's old story Psycho and totally turned an iconic horror classic on its head. She sang in a Calvin Harris song which incurred some heat once Taylor Swift came out as having co-written it, but RiRi still got to reap all the profits from singing it. And she just released a new line with Puma that is actually really hot -- all while looking absolutely stunning and not giving a sh*t. We LOVE it. And we love that she is a fairly buxom lady but doesn't really care to wear a bra when she struts her tank top. Because screw society and all of the standards it imposes on women. She'll do what she wants -- and we are thankful that she does!

14 Sarah Hyland

We love Sarah Hyland even if it's because we love to hate on Sarah Hyland. She plays the sweet but stupid, nasty but loving sister in Modern Family, Haley. Her character has done a lot of growing up over the years, and --spoiler alert -- her character just got proposed to by her boyfriend (played by Nathan Fillion) and she very maturely said no (YOU SAID NO TO NATHAN FILLION?!). If that doesn't prove maturity, we don't know what does.

Sarah has done a lot of growing up as well and she's a very busy young actress. She just got her own series called Dimension 404, and many are eagerly awaiting seeing her as Lisa Houseman in the ABC live musical version of Dirty Dancing. And we're really hoping she gets down and dirty in it because damn, family-friendly programming doesn't allow enough room for Sarah to strut her stuff. Thank goodness she chooses to fly in thin tank tops braless!

13 Alison Brie

Um... actually, maybe Alison should just wear nothing all day every day? Would that be okay?

You know what we love most about Alison Brie? She's a totally cool and down-to-earth person that just also happens to be an incredibly talented and sought after actress. While she's probably best known for her roles in Community, The Lego Movie, and Get Hard, those are nothing like her best roles. If you want to see Alison Brie truly slaying in her work, you've got to check out Sleeping With Other People, Mad Men, The Five-Year Engagement, and Save the Date. She's a truly spectacular actress who wants nothing more than to have a career that makes her feel fulfilled and happy, and she looks so perfectly miraculous that we want to see her succeed. Just look at her thin, toned arms, her vibrant glow, her silky hair caressing her shoulders! Here's to hoping her show G.L.O.W. features her in plenty of tank tops and scanty clothes.

12 Lauren Cohan

Lauren is obviously best known for her role as Maggie Green on The Walking Dead, but she's such an amazing actress that she needs to be more well-known for her other work. If you haven't seen her in anything else, go ahead and check out her work in The Boy, The Mindy Project, Death Race 2, and Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj. While those last two credits might not be the finest programming ever making it's way to your screen, check them out anyways because you will see Lauren in some really sexy tank tops (and less) that will make you love her even more than you already do.

Lauren has really proved with The Walking Dead that she's got some amazing acting chops, and she's taken the course of her career to prove that she's amazingly sexy. Time to up the ante and get Lauren in some leading roles that keep her plastered on our big screens.

11 Nicki Minaj

Um... do we have to say anything more? Does that picture really not speak for itself?

Okay, so this photo shoot with Rolling Stone was a bit exaggerated. You're right, Nicki doesn't wear tank tops like this every day... but it's not that exaggerated and it's not like these tank tops are crazily out of the ordinary. Nicki Minaj has an amazing body -- a lot of which, she paid some bucks to perfect. Why not show it off? There's a lot of sensational, perfectly unique beauty to Nicki Minaj, and she unabashedly shares what she wants with the world. The best part about Nicki and her proud body image is that it sets a wonderful example for her followers and the ladies of the world. Screw conformity and modesty: be yourself and love yourself because damn it -- you are worth it. Snaps to Nicki, being at the forefront of positive body image for women everywhere

10 Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is one of those actresses who is internationally acclaimed and well-loved not because she's this diva who stays in the media's attention and starts Twitter battles, but because she's authentically herself at all times and is completely unashamed of it. Best known for her roles in Rush, In Time, Tron: Legacy, and, of course, her insanely popular role on House, Olivia has always had a penchant for playing relatable women (even when she's not completely the good guy). There's just something about her that reads very calm and collected -- maybe it's her sharp, clean features? Her sexy, prominent collar bones? The fact that she hates wearing bras so just... doesn't? Whatever it is, we love it and it all looks great in a tank top (especially the no-bra part). Now that she's moving more into indie films and shows, we're hoping we get to see a lot more of her tank-topping, free-birding hotness.

9 Megan Fox

It's really easy to make fun of Megan Fox. She's sure had a bunch of roles that have made serious film critics raise their eyebrows and ask, "Seriously?" Her most well-known roles were in the Transformers series, the reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series, and the pseudo-horror film (really more like parody-of-horror film) Jennifer's Body. She got her start being a sexy babe on shows and briefly in movies, so is it any surprise that she's kept her body nice and tone to continue her brand on the screen? You can hate her blockbuster films all you want, but you've got to admit: she looks gorgeous in no matter what role she's starring in. If you struggle to admire her for anything other than her slender neck and the way she rocks a low-cut tank, try checking out her work in New Girl, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, or This 40 -- they should help you see just how awesome Megan can be.

8 Michelle Rodriguez

Has Michelle Rodriguez ever been known for being anything other than a total babe? Well, scratch that -- a total babe AND a total badass. Michelle got her start in an independent movie called Girlfight about a young teenager who takes up boxing as a way to defend herself, keep herself clean, and maintain the path to a better future (and it was freaking awesome). Ever since then, she's been killing it in The Fast and the Furious series, as well as plenty of other hard-hitting blockbusters like Avatar, Lost, Machete, and Battle Los Angeles. Why does Michelle feel so incented to keep her tone physique (which looks spectacular in anything, let alone a tank top)? We think it's simply because she's a badass chick in real life who doesn't care what you think, even if all we are thinking is "Damn, I'd sure like to take her to dinner."

7 Michelle Obama

Everyone shut up and be honest. We miss the Obamas like crazy. Almost as hard as our heartache for them and for Joe Biden (and all of his ice cream cones) is our longing to see more of Michelle and her stunning guns.

Michelle Obama was truly a model of a first lady. She was an amazing mother to her two daughters. She was a supportive and loving wife to the President. She cared about the nation's health and actively influenced as much change as possible to get America off the couch and moving again. And she did it all while being absolutely stunning, totally rocking her own sense of style and setting the bar for women everywhere. She took the stereotype that women had to be dainty and skinny -- and threw it right out the window. If Michelle and Barack ever arm wrestled, our money would be on Michelle.

6 Taylor Swift

We hate on Taylor Swift a lot, but so do you, so it's okay. Taylor has built an empire out of her career, all crushing down her past of when she was a mousey little girl that played a song about a boy named Drew on her guitar. Now, she barely does any of her own work and still manages to reap a fortune by singing songs about heartbreak (a schtick that's gotten a little old, but people still worship her, so whatever). Yeah, Taylor sucks; she's so catty and fake... but also, she's really fashionable. Just look at this outfit, for example. It's hard enough for women to rock a tank top well, but Taylor manages to rock a tank top AND high-waisted shorts AND a weird kitschy hat all at the same time! Does she have a stylist that just lives in her bathroom or something? How does she manage to look this good on her down time?

5 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is kind of one of those celebrities you either love or you hate. Most people have an opinion of Miley and aren't afraid to share it with you. We're going to try to muddle the waters for you as you admire her in those ripped up high-waisted shorts and that sexy nonchalant tank top.

Miley Cyrus loves the attention. She was raised in the spotlight and eats it up, almost raising the stakes for herself every time she's on stage. Everything she does has to be more scandalous, crazier, wilder, nuts! But also, Miley's a really cool person. Sure, she wants to be in the spotlight and the center of attention, but she doesn't want to cater to her audience to get there. She's gonna do what she wants whether that's dress up in sexy clothes, wear no clothes at all, or donate a ton of her fortune to starting a charity organization. So you can think she's sexy all day, but she won't really care.

4 Ariana Grande

A lot of people just know Ariana Grande as the young star that likes to hit insanely high notes on the radio while they're driving along in their car, but Ariana has been around a long time. After having an acting career that started when she was still wetting the bed, she landed a leading role on the Nickelodeon show Victorious, followed shortly after by the children's show Sam & Cat. Then, with assassin-like accuracy, she managed to snap into a career of sexy songs and school-girl objectification. Um, what? How did she manage to go from child idol to sex icon seemingly overnight? (By capitalizing on America's problems, that's how...)

But stepping back, we have to applaud Ariana. For someone so young, she has managed to make a sensational career out of something that could have fizzled out long before now. And she's managed to keep totally tone and fit the whole time. We're glad she's still around, even if it's just so that we can admire her in all of her high ponytail, cutesy headband, and tank-topped glory.

3 Kate Beckinsale

Can we go ahead and preface this entry by speculating that Kate Beckinsale may indeed be a vampire? Or maybe a goddess... some kind of supernatural entity that never ages and somehow manages to get sexier with time and makes us envious with how well she can rock leather pants and tank tops at age 43. (Yes, she's 43 years old. And she has a kid! Isn't that nuts?!)

Kate is best known for her roles in the Underworld series, The Aviator, and Pearl Harbor, though most of her greatest fans just know her for being a complete kickass lady that makes everything look easy and sexy and amazing. And that includes rocking a tank top. Whether she's dropping her daughter Lily off at school or rehearsing on set for her next movie (we are so excited for The Only Living Boy in New York), she does everything with style, class, and ease.

2 Celina Jade

What, were you expecting? All big-name celebs on the list? Psht. Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence were so last year. We're looking to the future, to the stars that have yet to rise -- and we see Celina Jade rising on the horizon.

Celina is currently most famous for her role on the hit CW show Arrow about the DC franchise's hero The Green Arrow, but she is so much more than that. She's gorgeous, stunning really, but also a deadly weapon. A model, actress, singer/songwriter, and highly skilled martial artist from Hong Kong, Celina is sure to make a huge mark on the scene what with martial arts and Kung Fu movies on the rise in the States. And we can't wait to see her strutting her stuff on the red carpet in elegant dresses, not to mention all the paparazzi pics we know we'll get to see of her working out and running errands in her stylish tank tops.

1 Miranda Kerr

Don't know the name "Miranda Kerr"? Well, you'd better learn it. Miranda is one of the top models around these days -- and it's no wonder why! This picture alone of Miranda relaxing and stretching in a simple white tank top is so adorable it makes us envious -- how come we aren't that cute when we're lazing about in our tanks? But if you want to see just how sexy Miranda can be, check out some of her pictures from swimwear shoots, her Obsession ads, or her Esquire shoot -- you'll be speechless for a while. Go ahead, we'll wait.

Okay, you're back. SHE'S AMAZING, right?! Effortlessly flawless! And she's like this in everyday life, too! Gorgeous and radiant, exuding life with a mere flash of her smile! We hope this stunner wears tank tops every day because seeing her in her natural element is somehow exciting and relaxing all at once.

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