15 Celebs Who Should Dump Their Partners For Their Co-Stars

Many of the steamiest celebs are on our wish lists as a “hall pass,” but they may not be as available due to their “taken” marital status. While we can longingly lust after these famous folks like there’s no tomorrow, they are seemingly happily married and have no interest in hooking up with anyone else, not even their equally hot co-stars. Or at least that is what they claim.

But what if these super foxy celebs would have a better relationship in real life with their on-screen co-stars? Perhaps they ought to ditch their S.O. for the celeb they share screen time with instead? Everyone loves a hot and heavy Hollywood power couple, so these star-studded pairings would be the perfect fodder for supermarket gossip rags and “fluff piece” entertainment news television shows. Sure, their hubbies or wives may not enjoy being kicked to the curb, but that is the harsh reality of life in the public eye. They knew that marrying a star would have its special circumstances, even if they are public figures themselves.

With the sizzling chemistry seen on screen, these 15 celebs need to rethink their life partners. Perhaps they married the wrong person and should shack up with their co-stars. Long-term Hollywood couples are like unicorns, after all. Plus, once their exes get those generous alimony checks in the mail, the initial sadness and anger will subside, and the famous new couples can go on their merry way. Celebrity sure has its perks! See if you agree that the 15 stars below would be better suited when paired with their co-stars than with their current partners.

15 Jamie Dornan – Dump Wife Amelia Warner for Dakota Johnson

The super-hunky actor Jamie Dornan is the object of many women’s desires, especially in his role in the Fifty Shades movie series alongside the pretty Dakota Johnson. He is currently married to Amelia Warner, who is also an actress, but the constant chemistry between Dornan and Johnson on screen is undeniable. Filming all those racy S&M scenes must have been quite the turn-on for them both, and Warner must have been raging with jealousy when she saw her hot hubby getting it on with Johnson, even though it was make-believe. Perhaps Dornan and Johnson could take their on-screen romance and passion into real life if Dornan waves goodbye to his wife. They could make their own videos at home using what they learned on set. Now wouldn’t that be a happy ending!

14 Gal Gadot – Dump Husband Yaron Versano for Chris Pine

Wonder Woman star, Gal Gadot is the “it” girl of the moment. She is so gorgeous, talented, and foxy, and any fella would just love to be her special someone. But too bad for those men, as Gadot is currently hitched to her hubby Yaron Versano, a real estate mogul. But Gadot’s co-star in Wonder Woman, Chris Pine sure is fine. Pine and Gadot would make a superhero real-life duo, if only Gadot would be willing to divorce her main man. The super-good-looking co-stars would be the next Ange and Brad, minus the breakup of course. Fans would go ballistic if these two got together and they would surely snag another movie deal out of it. Versano surely has his eye on Pine, making sure he stays on the straight and narrow while around his beautiful Mrs.

13 Ryan Gosling – Dump Wife Eva Mendes for Rachel McAdams

The handsome actor Ryan Gosling and the attractive actress Rachel McAdams were co-stars in the romantic movie, The Notebook. And at one point, they were a real-life couple as well. But these days, Gosling is married to the alluring actress Eva Mendes, although they tend to keep their relationship out of the public eye. Lots of Gosling and McAdams fans would love to see Gosling and McAdams back together again. Their off-the-charts chemistry on film was red-hot, and when they were an item, it seems they fit together like peanut butter and jelly. Perhaps the two could give it another go ‘round? Mendes would have to take a hike, but she’d surely find another man to be her partner in no time. Who is up for The Notebook Part 2?

12 Kate Winslet – Dump Husband Ned Rocknroll for Leonardo DiCaprio

Who did not love the on-screen romance between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in the epic blockbuster film Titanic? Their love would live on forever, even if “Jack” didn’t make it through the ship’s disaster. But that movie was made decades ago, even though we had all wished that Winslet and DiCaprio would become lovers in real life too. While we hear they remained close friends over the years, they never hooked up. Perhaps that is because DiCaprio only dates Victoria’s Secret models! Winslet is married to Ned Rocknroll, but fans would love to see her with DiCaprio instead. They’d make a great couple if their romance was as strong as it was on screen in Titanic. While they will likely never get together, our “hearts will go on” for the dynamic duo.

11 Blake Lively – Dump Husband Ryan Reynolds For Ed Westwick

Fans of the television hit Gossip Girl loved all the good-looking stars who played rich teens on the small screen. Two of the show’s standout stars were the beautiful Blake Lively and the handsome Ed Westwick. While Lively is now married to superstar Ryan Reynolds and they have kids together, wouldn’t it be so amusing to see her paired off with her ex-co-star instead? They would make a great-looking couple, and fans of the TV show would have a field day following their every move. While Lively is surely smitten with her hunky hubby, Westwick surely must find her to be a gem. And imagine all the gossip that would go around if the two former co-stars were hooking up. That would be even juicier than the storylines on the show!

10 Renee Zellweger – Dump Boyfriend Doyle Bramhall for Tom Cruise

He “had her at hello,” but Renee Zellweger and Tom Cruise were on-screen lovers only. Their chemistry was hot in the movies, but in real life, Zellweger is dating Doyle Bramhall, and Cruise is supposedly single these days. While some say Cruise is a little crazy, we would just love to see what a real-life relationship between him and his former co-star would be like. Everyone loves to see two good-looking celebs hook up, so why not this pretty pair? She’s still super-cute, and he seems to never age. The star power would be dynamic, and she’d be back in Cruise’s arms, for real this time. Bramhall may find this idea to be insane, but if he’s not Zellweger’s hubby yet, she is free to dump him and cruise on over to Cruise. Katie Homes surely won’t give a darn.

9 Sarah Jessica Parker – Dump Husband Matthew Broderick For Chris Noth

Any Sex and the City fan rooted for “Carrie” and “Big” to make it. And even though he almost lost her, the two finally got married and lived happily ever after… although without a Sex and the City 3, we’ll never know how it may have turned out for the foxy on-screen couple. That said, in real life, both stars are with other people – Sarah Jessica Parker is married to actor Matthew Broderick. How cool would it be if Parker was really with the handsome actor Chris Noth though? On screen, they are a match that is marvelous. Sure, they had their break-ups and make-ups, but we always knew they had explosive chemistry. After all those love scenes, the two may have fallen for each other in real life too. But would she still refer to Noth as “Big” off camera?

8 Bradley Cooper – Dump Girlfriend Irina Shayk For Jennifer Lawrence

Moviegoers loved seeing actor Bradley Cooper and actress Jennifer Lawrence together in the hit movie Silver Linings Playbook. Both are incredibly good-looking and terrific actors. They have cool chemistry on-screen and make for an attractive couple. Too bad they never hooked up (or at least that is what they will have us believe). Cooper is with the gorgeous model Irina Shayk, so he surely must be satisfied with his choice in mate, but he must have an attraction to Lawrence… how could he not? She is so beautiful and super-funny – just what any fella would fall for. Seeing those two hotties as a real-life couple would be amazing, especially for their fans. But it seems as if Cooper and Shayk are going hot and heavy. It looks like Cooper and Lawrence are made for the movies only… no silver lining there.

7 Reese Witherspoon – Dump Husband Jim Toth For Joaquin Phoenix

Walk the Line was a great film, and the lead actors – Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix lit up the big screen with their raw talent and attractiveness. While that movie was made a while ago, it is still unforgettable. Since then, Witherspoon married Jim Toth and they had a child together. But say if things did not work out for Witherspoon and Toth. Perhaps she could meet up with her former co-star and get reacquainted. And that just might lead to a romance. They were dynamic on screen, so why should real life be any different? Fans would cheer for the two to be an item, and we’d be interested to see if they would last. Witherspoon won an award for her role in the film, but maybe the real prize would be a romance with Phoenix!

6 Jennifer Aniston – Dump Husband Justin Theroux For Matt LeBlanc

Everyone’s favorite Friends star, Jennifer Aniston, has been linked to some of Hollywood’s hottest men. These days, she is happily married for the second time to the handsome Justin Theroux, but her ex-co-star, Matt LeBlanc would be a great love match for the California cutie. Back in the Friends days, the two stars looked as though they really hit it off, although there has never been any evidence that they ever dated one another. But how adorbs would it be if Aniston and LeBlanc rekindled their “just friends” relationship and took it to the next level? Friends fanatics would freak out over the romance and perhaps it would lead to a Friends cast reunion and show reboot. C’mon guys, do it for the fans if not for yourselves. Sorry Justin!

5 Justin Timberlake – Dump Wife Jessica Biel For Mila Kunis

Singer and actor Justin Timberlake is married to the gorgeous and talented Jessica Biel, but his on-screen chemistry with the attractive actress Mila Kunis in Friends with Benefits was evident. While no man would want to ditch the beautiful Biel, Kunis is no chopped liver. The way Timberlake and Kunis interacted in the rom-com film makes us wonder how they would be in real life. Would their romance be even better than the one JT has with his wife Biel? Sure, Kunis is happily married to the handsome actor Ashton Kutcher and they have kids, but being with the super-cool Timberlake would certainly have its perks. Perhaps the couples could do a gold old “switcharoo” and swap spouses. That would be one for the gossip rags! Friends with Benefits indeed!

4 Natalie Portman – Dump Husband Benjamin Millepied For Ashton Kutcher

Speaking of Ashton Kutcher, the hubby of Mila Kunis, wouldn’t you like to see him hook up with his former co-star, the magnificent Natalie Portman instead? She is married to Benjamin Millepied, but her on-screen work with Kutcher in the film No Strings Attached showed that the two had magnetic chemistry. Both are super-talented and undeniably attractive, so it would come to no surprise if there was a real attraction between the two. All those steamy romantic scenes must have gotten them very well-acquainted with one another, and if they were not hitched to other people, they may have taken their fictional relationship into their real lives. Portman is surely a catch, as is Kutcher, but surely Millepied would like to keep his marriage intact, or attached, shall we say?

3 Matthew McConaughey – Dump Wife Camila Alves For Kate Hudson

The A-list actor, Matthew McConaughey has had many super foxy female co-stars in his career thus far, but his on-screen chemistry with actress Kate Hudson was off-the-charts. They were in the rom-com movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days together, and the mutual attraction jumped off the screen. The two gorgeous actors seem like they were made for one another – not only on film, but in the real world too. Perhaps McConaughey should reconsider his marriage to Camila Alves and give the hot Hudson a second look. They may be just friends, but they seem like they would be even better suited as romantic partners. Sure, Alves is a true beauty and she seems like a nice match for McConaughey, but they do say that blondes have more fun!

2 Will Smith – Dump Wife Jada Pinkett Smith For Eva Mendes

Will Smith has been married to actress Jada Pinkett Smith for a long time, but have you seen the movie Hitch? Smith stars with the gorgeous actress Eva Mendes and they seem to have passion in front of the camera. Mendes is married too, but Smith is a star that many women swoon over. Why would Mendes be any different? We have all heard the many rumors that the Smith marriage has its troubles, so perhaps Smith ought to call it quits once and for all, and make it happen with Mendes. Her hubby, the adorable Ryan Gosling will probably want to convince us otherwise, but Smith and Mendes would make for a super steamy pair. And don’t forget, we have matched Gosling with the lovely Rachel McAdams already, so he’s covered!

1 Megan Fox – Dump Husband Brian Austin Green For Shia LaBeouf

Actress Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and her actor hubby, Brian Austin Green is one lucky fellow. But when Fox was in the film Transformers with actor Shia LaBeouf, the passion was high. Fans wondered if the two were an item, and rumors swirled that the two were hooking up. While it seems like Fox and Green will stay together for the long haul, many folks would love to see her ditch him and get together with LaBeouf instead. Sure, he tends to do some arguably wacky things in the public eye, but that’s all part of his artistic nature, right? He would be an interesting step-dad to Fox’s kids, and Green could find another pretty actress to date. But that only happens in the movies…

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