15 Celebs Who Should Definitely NOT Go Without Makeup

For A-list celebrities, image is everything. Unfortunately, talent isn't quite enough to make people famous. For individuals with big dreams, good looks are crucial. And sometimes, they need a little help to make them look extra stunning on the red carpet and whenever they go out in public. Sometimes they use plastic surgery, but the most common and easy method is to use tons of makeup. It's been heavily documented how a girl can transform herself from an average-looking woman to a drop dead gorgeous bombshell with ample amounts of cosmetic products. You may have seen girls like this around town, but it's extra surprising to catch top level female celebrities doing this. It just goes to show that even the most beautiful women in the world aren't perfect.

It's a little disturbing to see how fake Hollywood is. There are many things that make it fake, from superficial personalities, fake relationships, and fake stories to drum up drama. And the crazy amounts of makeup some of these Hollywood stars wear is just part of that drama. Some rely on it more than others, some can get by without it, but some of them just can't live without it. The celebrities you're about to see should never even think about going outside without makeup. Please, it's not just for the sake of your career, it's also so we don't feel like ripping our eyes right out of our sockets...


15 Lady Gaga

If you've ever seen Lady Gaga without makeup, you know that she looks very different than she normally does on stage. She gets all dolled up before she does a concert, to the point where her face just looks like one giant slab of plastic. To be fair, it was the only real way she was going to be famous, because she looks pretty strange without makeup on. Let's just say she's not the "classic beauty" type, and that she should really be thankful that there are so many good cosmetic products for her to choose from. She should also be respected for the artistry she exhibits when she does put on makeup, and she usually appears on stage with elaborate wigs, heavy eyeliner, and crazy clothes that make her a very interesting sight indeed.

14 Leighton Meester


Leighton Meester is an extremely hot young actress and a personal favorite of mine, but I had no idea how much she relied on makeup. It's actually pretty hard to find pictures of her when she's not wearing any makeup, and I had to search through Google for quite some time before I found one. Finally I uncovered a picture of her as she was leaving the gym, and as you can see, she looks very different to when she's on the red carpet. Kudos to her for being so disciplined about not letting people see her without makeup on, I guess she knows that she has to keep the makeup on at all costs if she wants to maintain her image. Despite the obvious differences between her face with and without makeup, I still think she's pretty hot in both pictures. Call me crazy.

13 Jennifer Love Hewitt

She's getting a little old these days, but Jennifer Love Hewitt has always been famous for looking completely different without makeup on. Pictures of her without "her face on" are few and far between, but once you've seen her natural face, it's pretty hard to forget it. It requires a few minutes of deep analysis to confirm that yes, that actually is the real Jennifer Love Hewitt. But if that's what Jennifer Love Hewitt really looks like... Then who the hell is this girl here? The truth is that her image has been a fake construction right from the beginning, or so it would seem. Of course, this picture of her without makeup could have been simply taken when Jennifer had a really bad day, or was really hung over, or she hadn't slept for a few days... Let's hope that was the case.

12 Fergie


Fergie definitely belongs on this list. This is one star that has to be very careful about letting people see her without makeup... She looks very different without it. It's not that she looks ugly or bad... She just looks old. As in at least 15 years older than she does with makeup on. I don't want to sound mean or anything but wow, this is stunning. She looks like a perfect blonde bombshell on the right and on the left... Well, let's just say she looks average. That's probably putting it mildly. I guess one of the main reasons we got to see what she looked like without makeup on is because she was swimming when the picture on the left was taken. And we all know that you can't really wear makeup in the water, it just comes off.

11 Julianne Hough

Here is another celebrity whose natural face might surprise you. Actually, the word "surprise" is putting it lightly. Shock would be a better word to use. Looking at these two pictures,  you would never think that they're the same woman. Hell, they don't even look related! Or if they do, one sister clearly got the better genes, if you know what I'm saying. Julianne Hough was just a normal girl when she got famous through Dancing With The Stars, and that's definitely what you see in the image to the right - just an average female. When she got famous, I guess she felt like she had to really step up her image, and that's why she's so reliant on makeup. In a way, that's pretty sad, because it just shows how much pressure there is on women in Hollywood to be attractive.

10 Cameron Diaz


I bet it's really hard to get old when you've previously held the reputation of being one of the hottest women in Hollywood. This is a feeling that Cameron Diaz obviously knows all too well. And when you get more and more old and more and more irrelevant, you tend to rely increasingly on ways to keep yourself looking pretty. And for Cameron Diaz, it's pretty obvious that she's using makeup to that. And judging by these two pictures, she's using a lot of it. In the picture on the right, it looks like Diaz still has that sparkle that made her so intoxicating in her early years. But take away the makeup and you have just an average middle-aged woman, as seen on the picture on the left. Even though her looks might be fading, we still have tons of footage and pictures of when Cameron Diaz was young to keep us happy.

9 Amy Adams

If you're like me, you were amazed when you saw these two pictures of Amy Adams. How in the world can these two women possibly be the same? The answer is simple: Makeup, and lots of it. In the picture on the left, Amy Adams looks like the kind of woman you'd see picking up her kids from soccer practice, or browsing through the aisles at Walmart. But she's instantly transformed into the star we all know and love when you look at the picture on the right. Her eyes look like they're sparkling and her hair looks luscious and shiny. Just a few cosmetic items, and she was changed from Ms. Average to a complete knockout. Her average looks when she's not wearing makeup might actually be a great way to evade paparazzi - they would never recognize her!


8 Kirsten Dunst


Kirsten Dunst is often seen as one of the hottest women in Hollywood. Her role in Spider-Man and even earlier movies made her the heartthrob of the entire world. But you may want to reevaluate those deep feelings for the star actress once you see her without makeup. Because I have to say, she looks nowhere near as beautiful. Once again, we're confronted with the overwhelming plainness of another star actress, and it's almost hard to believe she's even famous with a face so painfully average. I guess if you have the acting talent (which she most certainly does), Hollywood will do whatever it takes to make you a star, even if that means painting on multiple layers of makeup until you look like one of the hottest women in the world. Or maybe it's the fact that Kirsten Dunst is just getting old these days... Wow, now I feel old...

7 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is another celebrity that is getting older, although she seems to be staying just as hot. What's her secret? Some magical serum? Children's blood? Is she a robot? Well it turns out that she's just been getting very good at using makeup. I guess it was pretty obvious to many people, after all she's approaching her 50s and looks like she's in her later 30s in the movies she's been in recently. Ask any guy who's seen Horrible Bosses, and they'll tell you that Jennifer Aniston is still very much capable of being a major turn on. I guess it wasn't really clear to me how much she relied on makeup until I saw these two images side by side. If you look at the picture on the right, Aniston looks like a mom. Nothing special. Compare that to the picture on the left, and it's hard to believe that she's been fooling us this whole time... This just blows my mind.

6 Katy Perry


I think it's pretty common knowledge that Katy Perry has always relied heavily on makeup. When you see her without it, it can be quite a shock. She even once said years ago that she slept with her makeup on. On stage, she's a total sex symbol. But it's hard to say the same when you see her without her face on.

This is a really interesting reminder that Katy Perry had really humble beginnings. If you look up pictures of her from her early days (before she got famous) she looks very average. It seems that there was a point of time when she realized that in order to get famous, she had to completely reinvent her image. And you have to say, she did a pretty good job. She already had an extremely sexy body, but her face had to be adjusted to match. Recently, people have been saying that her appearance is slipping a little, and she's definitely getting more and more reliant on makeup.

5 Madonna

It's actually kind of impressive how good Madonna looks. She's basically an old lady these days, but she's somehow hanging on to her twenties. Obviously, she's not just some kind of superwoman, she's very reliant on makeup (and probably some procedures too). But it doesn't really hit you fully until you see her without makeup. Her gaunt cheeks and withered skin are fully on display and she actually looks like what's she's supposed to look like - a grandma! It's amazing what makeup does to her. I guess in all her long years, she's gotten very good at using makeup. There's just no explanation for the fact that the image on the right looks like a woman in her late twenties. When will she ever give it up? I feel like she'll always be trying to be that young singer everyone loved back in the 80s.

4 Katherine Heigl


I've always thought Katherine Heigl was insanely hot. She looked insatiable in Knocked Up, and she's really established herself as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. There's only one problem - she might not be as hot as you think. The picture on the left really brought me crashing back down to reality, and crushed the illusion of Katherine Heigl's beauty for me forever. I'm almost sad that I've seen this picture, because now whenever I see Katherine Heigl in a movie I'll be reminded that it's all fake. Maybe it was just a badly timed photo. She looks almost like she's just woken up. At least I hope that's the case... Either way, there's a huge difference between Heigl without makeup and Heigl all dolled up for the red carpet.

3 Vanessa Hudgens

Even Vanessa Hudgens, the spunky young star from Disney, is guilty of being way too reliant on makeup. It's crazy how unremarkable she looks like without her face on. You might be in denial, and think that it's not the same girl. But rest assured, this is the same person. On the left, Vanessa Hudgens looks like that nerdy girl from high school. Or maybe she's purposely trying to look average so that the paparazzi don't follow her... That could very well be a possibility. To be honest, she actually has pretty good skin without makeup... It doesn't look like she has a single blemish. It's more her eyeliner and mascara that really make her face transform... That and an ample supply of lipstick, of course. Whoever first noticed Vanessa Hudgens must have been able to see her potential, and past the average exterior that she exudes on a daily basis.

2 Alicia Silverstone


This is one of the clearest examples of what women can achieve without makeup. In case you're wondering, this is in fact Alicia Silverstone. If any guys are reading this, you have to be very careful when meeting women for this very reason. You may meet a girl like this on a night out, only to see her for what she really is the next day. Is it immoral? Probably. But I think there's a clear difference between regular women trying to fool people with makeup and women in Hollywood. The Hollywood actresses that transform themselves with makeup are doing it because they're trying to pursue a career. And I think that's more respectable. Somehow trying to fool the entire world into thinking you're more beautiful than you actually are is more acceptable that trying to fool just one person... Don't ask me why that makes sense.

1 Mila Kunis

We finish off with one of the hottest women in Hollywood... Or is she? Mila Kunis is a woman that a lot of guys fantasize about, but their dreams might turn into nightmares when they're confronted with the truth - She looks a hell of a lot worse without makeup. She not only looks completely unremarkable and average, but she also looks extremely out of it. Saying that she looks like she just woke up would be an understatement... She looks completely dazed and confused... She even looks a little bit stoned! This picture was probably one of those pictures that was taken at the worst possible moment, and makes Kunis looks way worse than she actually does. Even so, it's crazy to look from the picture on the left to the picture on the right and think that it's the same woman. She's clearly very reliant on makeup.

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