15 Celebs Who Refused To Kiss Their Co-Stars

One of the main things that many actors have to get past when joining the business is the fact that they will be forced to kiss many of their co-stars when they accept roles in movies or TV shows. Romantic movies obviously always include kissing scenes, which the audience waits for for the entire movie.

Sometimes, actors and actresses flat-out refuse to kiss co-stars based on either religious beliefs or out of respect to their spouse. Some refused to kiss one co-star and then went on to give their reasons why, while one star really just didn't want to kiss anyone of the same gender. Society is seemingly much more accepting of these problems now than it once was and many of the celebs have since been able to joke about the problems that they had on set.

The following list looks at 15 celebs who refused to kiss their co-stars. Many of the stars on this list did later go on to kiss their co-stars after initially refusing, while others stood their ground and decided that they were definitely not following through with any planned liplock.

15 Kirk Cameron And Any Other Actress

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Kirk Cameron rose to fame because of his role as Mike Seaver on ABC's family show Growing Pains. Cameron went on to marry his Growing Pains co-star Chelsea Noble, and he promised her that he would never kiss another woman. Kirk is a devout Christian and made this a part of their marriage, which obviously has gone on to affect his acting career ever since.

Kirk starred in Fireproof in 2008 and in the movie, he had a kissing scene with the woman who played his wife. The directors decided to work around this issue and were able to dress up his real wife and then shoot the kiss scene in silhouette. Surely not every director would be as happy to change their film based on this requirement, but Cameron made a commitment to his wife and it seems that he is determined to uphold it.

14 Alyson Hannigan And Jason Segel

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Lily and Marshall have become one of the best-loved couples on TV on How I Met Your Mother, but even a couple who has as much chemistry on-screen as Marshmallow and Lilypad has had their own fair share of problems when it comes to their kissing scenes.

It seems that Alyson Hannigan, who played Lily on the hit TV show, actually had a problem with the fact that Jason Segal smokes. Whenever Lily was forced to kiss her TV husband she said he smelled and tasted of tobacco, something that she found very off-putting. Despite this, it seems that Lily was able to suppress her gag reflex and maintain the chemistry with Marshall, which is a huge part of the reason why the TV show later became one of the most popular shows on TV. Alyson has had her own fair share of strange on-screen kisses over the years, so it seems that she has become an expert at maintaining her professionalism.

13 Kevin Hart Refused To Kiss Men

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Kevin Hart has been well-known as a comedian over the past few years, but he has recently begun being cast in much bigger movies, which have required him to step out of his comfort zone.

Hart was recently seen in Central Intelligence alongside The Rock, and the two actors were forced to kiss at one point. After the movie, Hart stated that he didn't like to play homos*xual characters because he was insecure in that kind of role and he couldn't dive into it one hundred percent. Even though Hart and The Rock were able to get their kissing scene out of the way, it seems that Kevin initially didn't want to do it, but finally managed to get past his issues. It now seems highly unlikely that Hart will ever accept another movie of this type if he knows he will have to kiss another man.

12 Nina Dobrev And Ian Somerhalder

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Fans of The Vampire Diaries will remember the love affair between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder that eventually led to the two being together on-screen as Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore.

The couple had a huge amount of chemistry when they were finally put together on-screen, but following their real-life breakup and the fact that Somerhalder then quickly went on to get married, it seems that the actors were in a position where they could no longer be in the same room together. Dobrev left the show before she was convinced to return for the final episode and the two were then also talked into finally kissing on-screen one last time so that it could be the perfect ending for their characters. It seems that they did lock lips one last time but it was said to have been one of the most awkward scenes the two ever had to film together.

11 Reese Witherspoon And Robert Pattinson

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There was a time when women would queue up around the block for a chance to lock lips with Twilight's resident vampire Robert Pattinson, but it seems that Reese Witherspoon was not one of these women.

The two actors worked together on Water For Elephants back in 2011 and it seems that while their kiss scenes managed to show the right kind of emotion needed for the film, they were forced. Reese didn't actually want to kiss Robert because he had a cold during filming. It was said that his cold got so bad at one point that he actually had mucus dripping out of his nose. Can anyone really argue with Reese's reasoning? Who would want to kiss someone in that state? Reese was probably trying to argue the fact that she didn't want to catch whatever it was that Patterson was suffering from, which is completely understandable.

10 Martin Lawrence And Tisha Campbell

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Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell were one of the most popular couples on TV in the 1990s on the TV show Martin, but it seems that their on-screen romance led to an off-screen obsession for Lawrence and things between the couple reached a point where they could no longer even be in the same room together in the final episodes of the show.

Tisha went on to become engaged to Duane Martin and this was when Lawrence began to make life difficult for her on set to the point where she was forced to file a s*xual harassment lawsuit. Martin and Tisha played a couple for a number of years and were able to kiss on-screen many times before they were part of a real-life affair. When Martin fell in love and Tisha didn't, the two were unable to work together professionally anymore because Martin's jealousy caused a number of issues.

9 Lindsay Lohan And Charlie Sheen

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Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen both starred in Scary Movie 5, where they were part of a famous bedroom scene. The two were scripted to have at least three on-screen kisses throughout the scene, but Lindsay flat-out refused to lock lips with the former Two and A Half Men star.

It is unknown why Lindsay refused to kiss Sheen, but it was reported that both stars had to sign a release form that confirmed that neither had cold sores. Lindsay had objected to the kissing part of their scenes a number of times in the days leading up to filming, but it seems that the scripts weren't changed until the day before with a body double being forced to step in for some parts while others were written out completely. Despite not wanting to get physical with her co-star, Sheen and Lohan were later reported to have become good friends and Sheen even gave Lohan $100,000 to help pay off her tax bill.

8 Brad Pitt And Any Other Actress

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Brad Pitt has become one of the best-known actors in Hollywood over the past few decades. He has filmed his own fair share of love scenes, while dating a number of different actresses.

It seems that Brad's entire outlook on life changed when he married Angelina Jolie. Since Brad then declared that he wouldn't be part of any more make-out sessions on-screen out of respect for his wife. While on the set of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Brad initially refused to kiss the stunning redhead who had been chosen specifically for that scene. The director David Fincher was stunned, and many of Brad's fans assumed that Angelina was the reason Brad hadn't wanted to, since he didn't want to cause any issues at home with his wife. Brad obviously decided to kiss the girl in the end, but these were the first signs that his marriage to Jolie was beginning to unravel.

7 Denzel Washington And Julia Roberts

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Denzel Washington is a legend on the big screen, but it seems that when it comes to kissing scenes in movies, he is another star who comes with a number of problems. Denzel was cast alongside Julia Roberts in The Pelican Brief, but Denzel completely turned down many of the scenes in the film and the opportunity to kiss one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.

Washington stated that this wasn't something that was personally against Julia. It was the fact that he had a huge fanbase of African-American women and these kinds of women were never seen as desirable on screen, so he wanted to remain loyal to his core audience, which means that he refused to kiss any women that aren't black on-screen. It is unsurprising that Denzel is another star that directors are happy to work around.

6 Candace Cameron Bure Did Not Want To Kiss Anyone Other Than Her Husband

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Candice Cameron Bure is the sister of Kirk Cameron and it seems that their loyalty to their spouses runs in the family. Candice was recently seen on Netflix show Fuller House, where she was forced to lock lips with a number of different men.

Candice later revealed that she is reluctant to kiss anyone on-screen who isn't her husband anymore and she hated the fact that her character had more than one love interest. Candice stated that it has reached the point where her husband, hockey player Valeri Bure, won't even come to visit her on the set of the show anymore because her kissing scenes made him feel uncomfortable. Candice admitted that the older she is getting, the harder it is becoming for her to continue kissing anyone on-screen who isn't her husband, so perhaps at some point, she will flat-out refuse to kiss any of her co-stars, like her brother.

5 Vanessa Hudgens And James Franco

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Vanessa Hudgens rose to fame as Gabriella Montez in High School Musical, where she became well-known for her make-out sessions with her real-life boyfriend Zac Efron. Following the success of the Disney inspired musicals, Vanessa has been cast in a number of other movies, including Spring Breakers alongside Ashley Benson and James Franco. 

Vanessa seemingly wasn't too impressed with the fact that she had a scripted kissing scene with Franco. In an interview back in 2013, Hudgens' confessed that she didn't like having to kiss her co-star and that she would rather kiss a girl all over again than have to kiss him again. To be fair to James, his character was quite an oddball, so the kissing scene was never going to be a generic one. Perhaps if the two were cast in a different kind of movie together in the future, then he can prove that he was just playing the part.

4 Neal McDonough Did Not Want To Film Any Love Scenes

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Neal McDonough returned to TV on Desperate Housewives back in 2008, where he played Edie Britt's husband before he was killed off the show the following year.

Neal then went on to star in ABC TV show Scoundrels, but he wasn't part of the cast for very long since he was later fired from the show for refusing to film any of the love scenes. Neal is a married man with three children and he thought that taking part in such scenes would clash with his Catholic views and his reputation as a family man. McDonough was known to turn down scenes of this nature when he was part of Desperate Housewives, but sources close to the show claimed that he even refused to kiss his new co-star, which had producers of the show fuming since he was sent the script in advance and was aware of the scenes.

3 Eric Stonestreet And Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are one of the reasons why Modern Family became such a popular show a few years ago. Despite the fact that Eric isn't gay in real-life, the two manage to make their marriage look believable on-screen.

Following the first season of the show, fans noticed that Eric and Jesse were married on the show but had never actually kissed on-screen. It was said to have been because Eric was straight in real-life and he wasn't prepared to kiss a man on-screen for the first season. It seems that Eric was finally able to get over this and the couple later went on to share a number of on-screen kisses that have only served to help them become a popular couple with the LGBTQ community.

2 Julia Roberts And Nick Nolte

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Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte both starred in I Love Trouble. As far as on-screen chemistry goes, the couple completely tanked but off-screen the tension between them was said to be unbearable, which made the working conditions too hard to handle at times.

The two had a number of issues working together throughout the film and it reached the point where they were forced to film their scenes separately because they just couldn't be around each other anymore. Their on-screen kiss was the thing that Julia dreaded the most and was happy when it was finally out of the way. The two haven't worked together in the two decades that have followed, but it seems that he left a lasting impression since Julia still occasionally mentions him in interviews as one of the worst people she has ever worked with.

1 Carey Mulligan And Johnny Depp

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Despite being part of the acting business for a number of years, it seems that Carey Mulligan is still just like the rest of us and gets somewhat starstruck when she is cast alongside actors that she is a fan of.

This is exactly what happened to Carey when she was cast alongside Johnny Depp in Public Enemies. It seems that Mulligan was so overcome with her admiration of Depp that she was unable to deliver on a number of scenes in the film and was so anxious when it came to the kissing scene that it took her 16 times to get it right. Even then it seems that most of the scene was omitted from the film because she was unable to maintain her composure and the scene didn't seem to work as well as the directors thought it would. Just goes to show that actors are only human too.

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